Haz 01

The Prize Ch. 05

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Oh had he just told her to stand still, Melissa asked herself when all she wanted to do was move her body against his, even though it hardly seemed fair that he still had all his clothes on.

While she stood in front of him dressed only in a camisole and panties, and the dampness in between her legs reminded her of what she wanted. She folded her arms as he stared at her, watching him carefully too. If she took her eyes off of him for one second, would he choose that moment to sweep her off the ground and take her to the bed?

“So what do we do now?”

He just smiled at her.

“Because I’m just about naked and you’re still dressed.”

He sighed taking one step closer to her.

“Not nearly naked enough,” he said, “but I want you to do something for me.”

She tried to keep her voice calm, to see nonchalant, though her heart pounded in her ears.


“Touch yourself…”


“You know where…but start with those tits I know you’ve been hiding beneath that camisole. Make me see those nipples through the fabric.”

That she could do, because she did it enough in private mostly while she fantasized that it was him touching her. But now that they were together…she didn’t have to rely on getting herself off did she?

“If you’re man enough, you’d do it yourself.”

He chuckled again clearly amused rather than offended.

“Oh I plan to do that, but ladies first…”

She snorted.

“I’m not a lady…”

“Oh I know that Melissa. It’s just an expression.”

She shrugged and she reached to touch her breasts with her own hand, with the camisole rubbing against them. But she stopped.

“This is hard with you standing there and watching.”

“Then close your eyes until you feel you can’t any longer.”

So she did that and she relaxed as she stroked her breast through the material and felt the tingling reach beneath as her breasts firmed and when she cupped them, she arched her body to increase those sensations.

She thought she heard him groaning but continued, playing with the lace as she moved her hands over her breasts pretending they were his hands and holding onto his promise that they would be later on. As she continued, she felt turned on not just by her own touch but knowing that the man she had used in her fantasies was watching her, just a few feet away.

“Oh you’ve got nice ones I can see that,” he said, “now move those fingers of yours a little lower.”

So she flirted with her abdomen, the strip of it that showed between the camisole and her panties and then she slid one hand over the fabric that hid her pussy from him. She took deep breaths as she began with circular stroking almost tender in how she rubbed herself. When she tried to slide her fingers beneath her panties, he put a stop to that pretty quick.

“No…only mine will touch you there,” he said, “now see if you can make yourself come keeping your hands over your clothes.”

She exhaled at that because she had felt the stirrings of tension winding up deep inside of her pushing her close to the abyss but only teasingly so.

“I don’t know if I can…”

“Oh yes you can,” he said, “just think about how primed that pussy’s going to be for what’s coming later on…the more wet you are, the better you’ll feel.”

Okay, she could handle that so she intensified the pressure of her fingers, stroking where the silk panties rode over the cleft between her pussy lips. Oh god, she felt that and the familiar vibrations began to spill over and she bit her lip.

“Don’t hold it back,” he said, “I want to see your face…oh god…you look so fucking beautiful right now.”

That made her body swell with even more pleasure and she released it, the pulsations in her pussy causing her to cry out and then she leaned against the wall. He walked towards her then and by the time she withdrew from her panties, it felt slick from her dew which had soaked the fabric. He took hold of her hand and tenderly licked her fingers, suckling at the droplets and oh god, that threatened to send her over the edge especially when he slid his mouth over her fingers, sucking them. How could she guess that her fingers were somehow connected to the pussy that they had just fondled until just now?

Then he did something that really shook her up. He slid his hand underneath her panties while looking straight at her. She felt his calluses rubbing against her lips, guarding her entrance and after a moment, he brought his hand out again and then gently prodded her mouth with his fingers drenched in her dew.

“Taste yourself,” he said, “Come on just a little bit…”

She opened her mouth and his fingers slid inside and she tasted her arousal while he stroked the inside of her mouth with those fingers. But the power he held over her with that one single act threatened to overwhelm her, she couldn’t let him have it.

“So now I get to watch you jack off right,” she said, “because I bet your cock’s about to explode illegal bahis right now.”

He grimaced, his expression belying anything he might say otherwise. She wanted to reach into his pants and release that erection and to do it for him. But she’d never even seen it before and she wondered what it would look like, how it’d feel in her grasp. And how quickly could she control the pace of what was happening if she made him putty in her hands?

Because she wanted to skip all this foreplay and get to the main event…her orgasm had just taken the edge off of the fullness in her groin.

“I need you Buck…”

She didn’t even try to hide her emotions that fed that statement and he looked at her thoughtfully as his hands rode over her breasts which caused a gasp to escape her lips, but he didn’t remain there nearly long enough. He moved towards the hem of her camisole and then he tugged it upward and she realized what he was doing.

So she helped him by lifting her arms off so he could slip it off of her, leaving her dark curls brushing in front of her shoulders and her full breasts exposed to him for the first time. Oh god, when he saw them what did he think…she liked her breasts once she stopped fearing the response they elicited in the men around her. The only way to do that was to look at their abilities to entice them like the one in front of her. Then he moved his hands to his own shirt and whipped it off more quickly, exposing that magnificent chest of his that rippled with muscles from a life of hard work, and sprigs of dark hair she longed to twist around her fingers to see if he’d like it. But what heightened her anticipation were the coppery discs which were his nipples, oh she definitely wanted to taste them. His abs were hard and taut and she saw where a stripe of dark hair disappeared beneath his jeans. Oh, they definitely had to come off soon, so she could follow it all the way to his cock.

He pressed her against the wall then, his weight preventing her movement but the way the hair on his chest teased her breasts before flattening them, she didn’t care and his mouth assaulted her neck…coaxing the skin inside, just enough to fit between his teeth. A gentle nip or two nearly made her jump.

“So what do you want now,” she said, breathing hard.

He smiled lazily, though his eyes looked as charged as she felt.

“I want to taste you…”

His mouth traveled down her neck and in between the hollow of her breasts lapping at the beads of perspiration while she tried not to hyperventilate. If she fainted, would he catch her?

But he slid his mouth around her breasts kissing them while he palmed them and god, if she didn’t arch against him begging for more, she’d go crazy. He flirted with her nipples as she braced herself for when he’d slip one in his mouth. He tongued them first, tracing the edges of the aureole all the way around…she tried to clench the wall with her fingers but it proved too slippery.

Then he popped a nipple in his mouth and suckled on it, and she had to fight to keep stil for him. Not that she wanted to, but his hand pressed her against the wall and she fidgeted while he sucked her nipple, twirling his tongue around it in his mouth.

Far from hard and fast he was intent on playing with her at first like he did now. She felt so on edge that one nudge would send her toppling and that’s when Buck’s mouth left her breasts and descended even lower. Some kisses on her belly, a tongue lick in her navel that sent an electric charge through her and then she sensed him at mouth level with her pussy.

Still encased in silk, it remained out of his reach or so she thought until she felt the gentle tug…which meant that he had taken his mouth to her panties, and then his tongue stroked the cleft where…she felt the excitement build up when he’d been tonguing her breasts. He nipped at her panties and continued to tongue her through the already dampened fabric and then she felt his fingers on the elastic as he lowered her panties down just enough to give him access to her pussy.

He sucked in his breath when he saw it for the first time. Nestled within soft dark curls and the lips looked like pink rose petals that might turn scarlet later on, emphasizing the passion inside of her. He wanted to stroke in between those lips with his fingers and thrust one inside of her to feel her tightness, how snugly she would wrap around his cock. But he used his tongue to lap in between the delicious folds, tasting her earlier arousal and sliding it back and forth while she cried out above him. Gripping the muscular globes of her ass, he mouthed her lips, tugging at them gently and she tensed in his grip.

“Oh Buck…”

“Like that don’t you…”

Like didn’t even begin to describe it, but it scared her too. When he had his mouth on her pussy, she was powerless against him. She had never let a man have any kind of control over her and she wasn’t going to start now. The pleasure that threatened to rip her inside illegal bahis siteleri out all over again just fed that fear. Oh god, what had she gotten herself into here, how did she ever think she could handle a man like Buck? When he took her on that bed a few feet away, she’d be even more powerless, as he coaxed her to embrace even greater pleasure. No, she had to find a way to keep control, to let him know that even when he rode her, she’d hold the reins.

But right now when he mouthed her pussy, all she wanted to do was scream and then melt in his arms while he took care of her. No, she rejected that almost immediately. After all, she had raised herself.

He nursed her pussy patiently with his tongue, changing his licks and his nips just enough to keep her guessing, to keep her from feeling complacent in his grasp. He wanted her on edge, on her toes and ready when he wanted her to be. The shards of pleasure intensified and the way he used that to increase the torment as he thrust his tongue inside her for the first time.

She’d arch her back if she could because that just nearly made her pass out.

Buck tongued the pussy in front of him marveling in its exquisiteness. Like snowflakes no two were alike but hers was soft pink in a way that made his cock twitch in his pants and he knew if he stroked it enough, it’d turn darker and its lips would swell and part making plenty of room for his cock.

He felt her tense up even as he pleasured her and knew she warred with herself. Women like Melissa who grew up working alongside only men had learned not to rely on them. And considering how aware most of them were of a young woman in their midst, not to trust them either. He knew she would give him a hell of a ride but she’d have to win her own battle with herself first. To experience great pleasure, she’d have to surrender a part to him she hadn’t to anyone.

And he’d have to help her.

Tying her up on the bed while he sunk his cock inside of her, taking her virginity with it might be one idea but she’d probably fight him on that and he’d rather coax this filly than fight her.

“Melissa…just relax and go with it…”

He sucked gently on her pussy and she cried out, and he knew the pleasure that had been pushing against her resistance would overwhelm her with one…two…and a third slide of his tongue along her pussy before thrusting it inside of her.


She cried out then and he felt her orgasm against his mouth, the taste of her dew coating his lips…succulent as he licked his mouth. She threatened to melt in front of him but he felt her fight it.

He stood up to where he was at eye level now and he saw a kaleidoscope of emotions in her face.


“Yeah, most women love when a guy goes down on them…”

She furrowed her brow tightly as she tried to slow her breathing. It had been much better, beyond anything she could imagine when she stroked herself off but…way too powerful. Her eyes glanced towards the door and then at Buck and he looked at her.

Was she about to leave him, was what they shared too intense, he knew that if she felt she were weak in front of him, she’d bolt.

She’d leave the cabin even barely dressed. Reaching down for her panties, she pulled them back up, her fingers trembling while looking at him. The bravado had left her face and what replaced it, flashed by too quickly for him to keep up.

Maybe it was time to find some rope…but before he could move away he had a better idea.

Buck looked at the woman who had just pulled up her panties in front of him and decided to forget the rope tonight. All she needed was a little bit more coaxing, to give her enough rein so she’d think she was in charge right up to the moment he thrust his cock inside of her. Then she’d settle down and take what he had to give her and she’d take him where he wanted to go.

She looked him in the eye, the man who now held her between a wall and his even harder body. Her pussy still humming from the orgasm he’d given her with his mouth but she still eyed the door.

“Don’t go…when you came here with me, you knew what you wanted.”

“So did you when you won that poker match.”

“Stay the night and we can both get what we want.”

She shook her head.

“No…you’ll get everything.”

He pressed his body against hers knowing exactly what she meant but long enough in his arms, she wouldn’t care.

“Don’t go.”

She sighed, her breath still uneven.

“You’re in my way.”

He braced himself by placing his hands on the wall on either side of her and he looked intently into her eyes, searing a pathway there.

“We’re not done.”

Oh she knew that was true but she’d ceded him too much control over her already. She never wanted any man to think he owned her even for a moment and when she had been writhing under his mouth, she sensed his possession and now, she knew it hadn’t been enough for him.

“There’s so much more I want canlı bahis siteleri to do with you.”

She felt heady from the intensity of his words and she felt her body tense again.

“But you still have your pants on,” she said to keep it light.

“I can fix that,” he answered with a smile.

He watched her carefully while he unsnapped his pants, lowered his zipper and pushed his jeans down his thighs sculpted by years in the saddle not to mention hiking through every kind of terrain. He wore black briefs which sheathed the bulge of his erection and now with most of his clothes off, he looked as magnificent as she’d imagined in her fantasies.

She thought he’d discard his briefs as well but he reached for her again, his hands settling on her shoulders and he kissed her mouth, more intently than earlier. Her own lips felt invigorated and responded, her hands touching his bare chest. His muscles there twitched beneath her fingers and she marveled at the warmth of his skin.

She knew he wasn’t the only one simmering inside with heat.

He reached his hands in front of her and palmed her breasts while he slipped his tongue in between her lips. His hands nearly spanned their roundness and he massaged them gently while tonguing inside her mouth. The pressure of his hands there felt wondrous and she sighed as he used that to pin her against the wall again while he explored her mouth again. She felt the reverberations of pleasure from what he did to her threaten to overwhelm her again and she pushed the feeling of losing herself away. He just felt too damn good right now.

She felt a thigh wedge in between her legs as Buck parted them gently enough to stand in between them. His erection pushing against her panties in ways that made her gasp…and then recover.

“It’s all yours if you want it,” he whispered.

She tried to breathe through the whirlwind of feelings that pulsated from her pussy. It felt so damn good the friction he built up between them, enhanced by their clothing. If she weren’t careful, she’d climax again in front of him adding to his sense of control and power.

It’d be better for her if she could just focus on the pleasure and not keep score on what they did to one another. But it didn’t feel safer to just bow to the pleasure building up again inside her. It made her feel uneasiness interlaced with the passion he evoked in her. His lips worked hard to convince her otherwise, and slowly she felt her resolve melt away.

“So where do you want it to be…right here or on the bed?”

She felt at a loss for words as his lips moved down her neck and he moved his erection even closer as he reached down to grab her ass, lifting her up slightly to rock against it. Damn her panties slid across her slick pussy from his movements and almost made her cry out.

But she couldn’t find the words.


Buck watched her closely, his erection driving him crazy by now, needing release inside of her. Her pussy felt good against his cock even with their clothing between them but it’d feel much better when they stripped the last barriers between them away. Just the walls of her tight pussy being stretched by the penetration of his cock, while he thrust it inside of her at last. To go where no man had gone before.

Tonight had been a long time coming for him because he’d been waiting for it since she’d been 15. He’d just turned 25 back then which made him a dirty old man who needed to rein in some of his more primal thoughts when he first laid eyes on the first female hand his boss ever hired. It hadn’t taken much to focus away from her looks because he’d been assigned to take her under his wing to train her in her new job and to protect her from too much attention by the other men. His boss thought enough of his professionalism to trust him not to even try to get into her pants and trust was a hard thing to come by.

That protective nature of his and his affection for her had always superseded his lust until lately when her beauty became too much of a distraction.

Now his libido had moved to the forefront. Standing in front of him dressed only in her black panties, he couldn’t walk away from her without her virginity. But the way she looked at him now, he knew he’d have to coax her into trusting him not to take more out of her than that when he got her into bed. Some of the other men might have called her a tease at this point and either walked away or tried to break her. But not him, he knew she had an issue with control and parsing it out, even as she ached for him.

And he couldn’t take his eyes off of her at this point.

The way her pussy sculpted her panties, like her breasts had her camisole left him with the task of trying to hold onto his self control. He reached out to caress her lower face and she actually leaned into his caresses, looking at him.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience Melissa…”

Her eyes knit in concentration but her body relaxed a bit, enough so that when he kissed her this time, more softly, like warm breath on her lips, she let him. His body pressed her against the wall again and damn, he felt rock hard against her. She felt her pussy ache for what it needed and what she wanted.

“Take them off…”

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