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The prude and my girlfriend

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The prude and my girlfriendChapter 3For the first time I was living in this town I went to church that next Sunday. Not many people were visiting the service, but I stayed at the back of the church. I could see Marjory sitting somewhere in the front of the church. The service didn’t take that long, maybe 45 minutes. Afterwards they always drink coffee and I attended this coffee meeting. I knew some people and just mingled somewhat, until Marjory came up to me. She wore a nice skirt with low heeled pumps. I Gave her a compliment on her clothing and said it looked very nice on her. She gave me an eye wink, “Thank you… I might wear more skirts…” I knew what she was referring to… “Is this the first time you are visiting our church? Let me show you around and tell you about it.” She showed me around and pointed at some things, telling me about it. We passed a door and I asked her where it was going. “Oh, thats the door to the church tower, there is a magnificent view from the bell tower. It is not for public, but I will ask the vicar the key.” A few minutes later she came back with the key and we entered the bell tower. She locked the door behind us and went up the stairs. She went up in front of me and I had a good look at her legs. About half way up I touched her leg and she stopped… I went up with my hand and found she was not wearing any panties.. “I thought you might wanted to check it….”, she said and continued going up. From the top we had a magnificent view over the whole town. Marjory was leaning against the balustrade when I grabbed her waist. She turned her head and gave me a kiss. She grabbed her skirt and pulled it up… “I want you to fill me up…. but we have to be quick, otherwise people start to ask questions.. “I ran my hand over her her pert little behind as I slid my finger into her bald snatch which peeked out from between her thighs. Marjory moaned, “Ohhh, God! Fuck me,.. I’m so hot! I need your cock in me!” I dropped my own pants and stood behind her with my throbbing hardon. “Just bend over the balustrade and hang on!”,positioning the head of my cock between the cheeks of her little ass, pointing at the entrance of her well-lubricated cunt. Marjory moved her legs wide apart and bent forward, bracing herself for the penetration. I could see her pink-lipped cunt. It looked hot and wet and ready for my hard cock! Marjory groaned as I pushed forward and buried the fat tip between her clinging cunt lips. “Oooh, God! Mmmmmmm, yes! Stick it in!”, moaned Marjory. I grabbed her by the waist and lunged forwards, thrusting my huge cock balls-deep in her steaming cunt.Marjory screamed at the sudden penetration, arching her back and clutching madly at the balustrade for support as I fucked my cock into her tight little cunt frombehind. “Unnnnnnhhhhhhhggggghh! Ohhhhhh, God you’re so fucking big!” I grunted and pulled my massive erection out of her, until just the fat cock head remained clasped by her tight cunt. My long cock glistened with her juice. Her tightly stretched cunt lips were pulled out, clinging to the thick shaft. Before she could say or do anything, I lurched forwards again and fucked the full length of my cock back into the vice-like grip of her cunt. “Arhhhgghh! bitch! Jesus, you’re tight!”, I moaned, feeling her little cunt contract around my cock. “Yesss! Fuck, yess!… Ohhhh, Jessssssuuusss!” My cock was sliding in and out of her horny pussy like a piston… oiled and hot… My hands left her waist and traveled up to squeeze her jiggling tits as I fucked her savagely. “Ooooooh! Yessss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard…!”, screamed Marjory. “Shhhh! Don’t make so much noise…! Do you want everyone to hear us?” Increasing the speed and depth of my strokes. “Uuuuuhh! Just shut up and fuck me….”, she replied. Her little cunt was on fire, rippling around my lunging cock. Marjory felt the heat spread outwards from her crotch to her tits and ass. I pinched her little nipples between thumb and forefinger. “Uhgggggnnuuughh! God, what a hot, tight little cunt! Uhhhhh! Arhhgghh! Yeahhhhh, twist it! Twist it around my cock, you little fuck!!!” I was fucking her like a maniac, driving my cock into her juice covered pussy until my hips smacked loudly against the wriggling cheeks of her ass. When I began to grunt and moan fucked her harder, she must know I was close. Marjory spread her legs as wide as she could and bent low over the balustrade, thrusting her open cunt forcibly back against my cock with every powerful stroke.She was throwing her juicy little pussy back at me like a whore. My balls were aching, it wouldn’t be long before she got a cunt full of my hot cum. Suddenly, my body stiffened and my cock istanbul escort jerked and swell inside her. Just as the first jets of hot thick sperm left my deeply buried cock, my cock jerked madly, injecting spurt after spurt of hot jizz into her squirming pussy. Marjory screamed as my full, hot load gushed against the walls of her cunt, and responded in kind, coming suddenly in a rush. I continued to fuck her even after my balls were empty, my throbbing cock drawing every last, delicious spasm from her cunt. I pulled her upright with my cock still buried inside her and kissed her neck and shoulders. “Fuck, that was fantastic..!”, I panted, “Was it good for you too?” Marjory looked back at me, “This is more than I could wish for…”My cock slipped out of her juicy cunt, a load of my sperm ran down her legs. She pushed her skirt down, “Come let’s go down before anyone misses us..” When we got down, nobody seemed to have missed us. Marjory walked up to her husband and started chatting with him and a few other people. If her husband only knew she was standing besides him with a cunt full of my hot sperm, running along her legs….I slowly walked towards them when Marjory turned around and asked me to join them, “Isn’t your girlfriend coming to church?”, she asked. I told her she had to work and would join me this afternoon. “Why aren’t you two coming to our place this afternoon? I probably have some nice clothes for her.” I told her I would give her a call if my girlfriend fancied it. I have to tell you about my girlfriend. Sometimes when we have sex she fantasized about having sex with another woman. Maybe I could persuade her into something… When she arrived at my place I told her that we were invited for coffee and she could have a look at Marjory’s new collection. She was enthusiastic and agreed immediately, “Let’s have a shower first before we go…” My girlfriend was very frisky during the shower.. “Noo…. not yet… I want you to save your energy for Marjory… You always fantasize about another woman…..” My girlfriend turned around, “You don’t mean that… Marjory!!?? That’s the most prudish woman I know… ” I slipped a finger into my girlfriend’s pussy…”I’m sure it makes you wet… I think Marjory is hot.. Imagine Marjory eating this pussy of yours…” I could feel her pussy contract around my finger.. “Ohw fuck..!! This would be something…… You make me hot with your dirty talk… Let’s fuck our brains out..!” I pulled my finger out of her pussy, “Nooo…. not yet… I want to see you as you’re seducing Marjory…. We’ll sure have a good fuck afterwards…” My girlfriend laughed at me, “Well… I don’t give a fuck what people think of me… I’ll give it a try.. This could be exiting…”One hour later we were sitting in the lounge at Marjory’s house. We talked small talk and had coffee and some bites to eat. At a certain moment Marjory proposed to go to the shop and look at her new collection. Her husband said he didn’t want to come, because he had to study organ. I thought he was a bit of a weirdo.. He had the chance to see my girlfriend… Any man would have come.. Marjory and my girlfriend were on their way and I followed them to the shop. Marjory closed the door behind us and told my girlfriend that her new collection was not in the shop yet and she had to go upstairs.Once upstairs I sat on the bed and relaxed. I was wondering how this would end…. While Marjory was rolling a few clothing racks, my girlfriend pulled her dress over her head. She didn’t wear a bra or panties, and a few seconds later she stood there. I saw Marjory had a look at my girlfriend and I could see her blush a bit… “You have a good figure…. I have a few things which might look good on you…” Marjory showed a lot of clothes and my girlfriend tried all of them, like any woman, she was enjoying it. She had put some dresses and pants on the side which she really liked. At a certain moment she said, “I like the dress you wear Marjory, it’s really nice… I think we have the same size, can I try it..?” Marjory’s face went red.. “EEuuh….. yes… of course.. But eeuhh…. You have to wait a second, I have to change it first…. ” My girlfriend had a quick look at me and I slightly nodded ‘no’ to her…. “Come on Marjory, I have seen other women before… You don’t have to go and change… I’m sorry for asking…” I think Marjory didn’t know what to do…. She looked at me with a flushed face. I just smiled at her… Slowly she brought her hands to her back to unbutton the skirt and slowly she pulled it down… Her bald pussy came to view. My girlfriend laughed, avcılar escort “Now I can see why you were hesitating… Don’t worry… I am naked too.. Who cares..? Besides that… Your bald pussy looks good..” With a beat red head Marjory stepped out of her skirt and handed it over to my girlfriend. She tried it on and decided she wanted it and put it on the pile of clothes she wanted to buy. “I like the top you are wearing too…. Can I try it…?” My girlfriend really pushed it now…. She was going for Marjory…. She stepped up to Marjory and grabbed the hem of the top and pulled it up. Marjory’s tits came into view. My girlfriend grabbed her breasts and fondled them.. “I like your breasts… they feel nice and firm…”, and pulled the top further over her head. A moment later Marjory was completely naked except for her pumps. She really didn’t know what to do next. My girlfriend dropped the top on the floor and took Marjory’s face in her hands, “You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself… You have a really nice body..” She stepped behind Marjory and with her hands she pushed Marjory’s breast upwards. She asked me, “Doesn’t she look good? What do you think?” Marjory’s mouth opened a little.. “I think she looks hot….!”, I answered her. My girlfriend took Marjory’s nipples between her fingers and pinched them softly… A soft moan escaped Marjory’s mouth…” OOhhmmmmmmmm….” My girlfriend got bolder… Her hand went down…. until it cupped Marjory’s pussy… “OOhhwmmmmmm……” Almost unnoticeable her legs widened a bit. I could see my girlfriend pushed a finger in Marjory’s pussy… “Hmmm….. I can feel you’re wet…” Marjory said nothing, just looked at me. She must be feeling embarrassed… She pulled her finger out of Marjory’s pussy and sucked her finger in her mouth.. “You even taste good….!” That said, my girlfriend pushed her finger in her own pussy and made it wet with her juices. Her hand came up again and held them in front of Marjory’s mouth…, “Taste me……..” Marjory slowly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and carefully licked my girlfriends fingers. She pushed her finger in Marjory’s mouth.., “I think you like it… don’t you…?” My girlfriend laid her hands on Marjory’s shoulders and pushed her down. Marjory got on her knees, facing me… I could see her eyes begging for some help. I didn’t say anything, just smiled at her.My gf stepped in front of her and pulled her pussy lips open with both hands. “Come on…. Taste my pussy.. ” I couldn’t see what Marjory was doing from where I was sitting and walked up to them to have a better look. Marjory slowly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.. She moved her head towards my gf’s pussy. My gf was not satisfied and grabbed Marjory’s head and pushed it between her legs. She grind her pussy over Marjory’s mouth.. “Come on… start licking it..! Ohw… yes… that’s it..!” My gf pulled Marjory’s head back and looked at me, “Can I come on her face..? I thought she was prude… but she apparently likes a bit of pussy….” I could see Marjory’s face was beat red, hearing my gf talk about her that way. Again she pushed Marjory’s face against her pussy and started to grind her pussy. Marjory opened her mouth and started sucking on it. “That’s it… you learn fast… OOHHHhhhhhhmmmmm…….” I winked at my girlfriend and pushed my thumb in her mouth. She sucked on it and made sure it got covered in saliva. I got on my knees behind Marjory and pushed two fingers in her cunt. Next I pushed my thumb in her asshole.. “AAAghhhhhhhhhhh…….. OOhhmmmmmmmm……..”, Marjory almost cried out. I could feel her cunt and sphincter contract on my fingers. I looked up at my girlfriend, “I told you she is hot…… she is dripping wet!” My gf was on the brink of an orgasm and used Marjory’s mouth to get it..”Fuuck…. yesss….. I’m going to come………. OOHmmmmmm…….” She really mashed Marjory’s face now and started coming… Her hips jerked.. “AAhhhhhhmmmmmmm…….. comingggggg………” She really exploded… After her orgasm had subsided, she let go of Marjory’s head, “Fuckkk…. who would of thought this about our prudish Marjory… I want more of you… Come!” With my fingers and thumb still in her holes I pulled her up her feet. “OOOhhwwwww……..”, she moaned. I pulled my fingers out and pushed her towards the bed. My gf didn’t want Marjory second thoughts and pulled her with her on the bed. “I want to eat your pussy while you eat me….” She guided Marjory on top of her and attacked Marjory’s pussy. “OOhhmmmmmmm………”, Marjory started moaning… My cock started twitching looking at the two and I dropped my şirinevler escort pants. My hard cock sprang out and pointed at the the two. My gf saw me standing there and pulled Marjory’s labia apart… This was an invitation I couldn’t refuse…. My gf tilted her head and opened her mouth… I don’t think Marjory needed lubrication, but I shoved my cock into my gf’s mouth.. I pushed it further and entered her throat. She can give pretty good head and swallowed it with ease. When my cock was covered with saliva I pulled it out of her mouth and aimed it at Marjory’s pussy. I pushed the head in with ease and waited a moment. My gf sucked on her clitoris when I drove my cock into her moist cunt. Marjory started screaming.., “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhwwwwwwww…….. Fuuuuuuuckkkkkk….!!!! Oh Yessssss! Oooooh, your cock is so big and so hard! It feels so good in my little pussy! Unhhhhhhhhh…! It fills me up so good!”I moaned as her hot cunt mould like a vice around my huge cock. “You want cock?… I’ll give you cock!”, I jabbed a few more inches of long, thick meat up into her willing cunt. Marjory began to move her saturated cunt frantically, trying to widen her tight little cunt around my huge cock.. there was still more to go, and she wanted it all, “Yessss…… give it to me… all of it…..!!!!”My gf was fanatically sucking on Marjory’s clitoris and wanted to make her come as quick as possible… I hit Marjory’s ass cheeks a few times, which took her over the edge… “AAAGgghhhh…… yes……. I love it..!!! I’m commmmminggg…!!!!” I kept on slapping her buttocks while she was coming… Juices were squiring from her cunt.. My gf eagerly swallowed it all. Marjory’s body jerked and spasmed.. I started to pull my huge cock out of her cunt. Looking down I could see it was covered in her cunt juices. I got up from the bed and walked to the other side. I took a handful of Marjory’s hair and pulled her head up. She instinctively opened her mouth and I pushed my with juices covered cock into her mouth.. I didn’t wait for her to adjust and pushed it straight into her throat. Her body was still jerking from her post orgasm.. She almost choked in my cock.. “MMfffggrlllllll………” I didn’t want to spoil my load yet… my gf was running the show now.. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, I thought I saw a disappointed look on Marjory’s face. My gf rolled over, she got on top of Marjory and looked back at me, “I want you to fuck me now.. fill me up..! She can eat me out afterwards..” My gf pushed a finger in Marjory’s tight asshole. “Oooooh, God, yes! Your finger feels so good up there, so dirty! I want you to lick my pussy! I want to be dirty!”I could hardly believe my ears. I was surprised at the sudden change in this prude woman. She looked like a real lady, but she acted and sounded like a whore, and I loved it!I looked at my gf’s hot pussy and aimed my big cock at her entrance. She is used having my big cock and I jammed it in her in one stroke and started to fuck her fanatically. The orgasm of my gf took me by surprise, and all I could do was hang on as she bucked and jerked in ecstasy. Her cunt muscles went into a frenzy of movement, flexing and relaxing around my hard cock. I almost pumped the jizz right out of my balls. I continued to screw her without resting, determined to make this the best fuck she’d ever had. My gf’s pussy gushed heavily, leaking out between the lips of her pussy and down in Marjory’s mouth. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and shot her pussy full with sticky cream. It seamed like gallons of cum coming from my balls. It started to come out of her drenched pussy, dripping into Marjory’s opened mouth. She swallowed it all, it looked like she couldn’t get enough of it. I pulled my big cock out and a huge load of cum came out at the same time. It almost filled up Marjory’s mouth… she couldn’t swallow with her mouth opened, but she was determined to catch all the cum. I looked at her closely when she closed her mouth and swallowed the whole load… My gf pushed some more of the sperm out of her pussy.. it landed on Marjory’s face.. My gf pushed her pussy onto her face, “Come on.. eat me out… you seemed to love it..” Marjory pushed her mouth back onto her pussy and started to suck it clean. Wow!!! Who would of thought this prude would of sucked a pussy clean… Slowly my gf rose from the bed and looked at Marjory, “Marjory… your face looks a mess… let me clean it up..” My gf bend over and started licking all the cum of Marjory’s face. Finally giving her a passionate kiss, exchanging all the fluids… When she broke the kiss, she took Marjory by the hand and pulled her from the bed. “I hope we can repeat this some time… I always fantasized about being with a woman. I’m happy it was you… “Marjory smiled and said we better get dressed and return to her husband to have a drink. We agreed with that. “You don’t have to pay for the clothes.. this one is on my account.. I really enjoyed you two…”To be continued……

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