Eki 19

The Ranch Hand Ch. 03

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This will be the final story in the First Timers category. It isn’t the end for Clay and Dannie, but they will be headed in a different direction from here on out. Hope you enjoy where I take this, and Thank You for reading!


They joined hands and departed from the kitchen. Dannie felt like she was floating on a cloud after their talk in the kitchen. Clayton had a way of easing her fears like no one else that she had ever met, and that they had turned out to be so compatible sexually made it all the better. The thought of them enjoying each other in more ways had her stinging pussy pulsating with hunger. She was unsure of what else he was going to show her, but she was certain it would be something she would enjoy.

Lightning lit up the living room as they passed through, and she jumped when the thunder reverberated through the house hard enough to make it shutter. Clayton laughed, “Whoa that was fucking loud. Let’s see if we can make you scream loud enough to make the house rock like that.” Dannie snickered, “You’re good, Clay, but I don’t think I’m a match for that.” She could have sworn she heard him say ‘We’ll see about that’, but once again the thunder boomed loud enough to drown out the conversation.

Once the couple reached the bedroom, Clayton’s demeanor changed. His voice was harsh, “Get on the bed, face down. Not another word, understand?” She only nodded, and did as commanded. Dannielle had never heard that tone from him before; in regards to her anyway. It frightened and thrilled her at the same time. He sounded like the boss instead of her friend, but it was more arousing than it was frightening. It fed into the fantasies that she’d been having about him lately.

Dannie mounted the bed, doing as she was told, and turned her head to see what Clayton was doing. “Turn your head away from me, Dannie. Close your eyes, and wait. I don’t want you to look at me or what I’m doing until I tell you to. Understand?” She silently nodded, turned her face away, and squeezed her eye lids tight. Once her eyes were closed her hearing picked up, and between the noise of the storm outside she caught shuffles, a drawer closing, and then only the thunder. Something was at her eyes, a soft fabric encased her in total darkness. Now only her other senses would be allowed.

As Clayton tied the black satin mask over her eyes he let the dark side of him take over. The side that wanted to ravage Dannie, take possession of her, and show her who her master really was. He made sure that the mask encased her long brown hair so that none of it would get in the way of her lovely mouth. He knew that the mask would require no permission, but since she was new to everything it thought it might be a good idea to ask if he could tie her up; this time. From this day forward, though, he would be her master. No other man would touch her as she belonged to him, and what they did now would seal her to him forever.

He leaned into her ear, “I want to bind you, will you let me?”

“What do you mean by bind?” He could hear the hesitation in her voice.

“I want to tie you up. May I? If you let me do this to you I swear to you that this will be the last time I ask you. Next time I will just do it, and you will obey. Do you know where this is going, Dannie?” He was gentle but firm in his final question.

“I…I think that you want to be ankara escort my boss. Is that the right word?”

“Master, I want to be your master. You will belong only to me from this day forward, can you handle that?”

She hesitated. She knew that he was very possessive of what he owned, and she silently asked herself if she was ready for that. As she thought it filled her mind that she had only wanted him to be her first. She hadn’t even considered another man, or any boy that she had gone to high school with. Dannielle had only wanted his cock inside of her, and so what was the difference if he was her master or her lover. Either way she only wanted him.


Her one word reply was met with a primal growl of approval. He carefully wrapped the harness that he had brought to the bed around her slender throat, fastened her hands in the straps that would hook to her ankles, and finally strapped her ankles in last so that her legs were bent at a 90 degree angle at the knee. Dannie’s arms were extended fully back behind her while the way that her ankles were tied to her wrists meant that her legs were forced to spread wide while her head was pulled up and back. It wasn’t tight enough to be cruel, but enough so that every orifice was easily accessible with his cock. The sight of her like that made his flaccid length begin to stiffen. If this time with her was any indication, it was unlikely that he would grow tired of her any time soon.

He slipped from the room to go warm some oil, and she heard his footfalls grow distant. Part of her wanted to panic. What if he left her like this? Would he share her with other men? Did she make a mistake in trusting him? Then the newly awakened erotic part of her brain kicked in, and she liked the idea that he would leave her bound like this all the time. She felt the cool breeze of the overhead fan wash against the wetness welling up out of her pussy. She slowed her breathing, and let her mind wander. Images of him coming up behind her with force, his cock rocking in and out of her. Would he penetrate her ass? From what she’d seen in the movie, the actress had enjoyed it. Would she? At this point, she was sure that everything that he could do to her would bring her pleasure.

She heard his footsteps return, and quieted her mind. Her only focus was her master, and the erotic promise of what he had done and would do to her.

Clayton saw the glossy sheen of wetness on her pussy, “Were you thinking about me, love? I can see it all over your beautiful pink pussy.” There was a welt of blood where he had broken her maidenhead, and his heart swelled with pride once more that he had been her first. He slid her down the bed so that there was room for him in front of her mouth. He positioned himself so that his half hard cock was in front of her lips, and began to pour the warm oil down the curve of her spine into the cleft of her ass. This time he wanted her ass, and he wanted her to beg him for it. She moaned as he poured the oil over her, and with one hand he began to massage her while the other rubbed his cock against her young, pouty lips. She opened wide, greedily swallowing every inch; freeing up his hands to work her skin. He worked himself in and out of her eager mouth; in on the down stroke and out on the up stroke. Each time he worked closer to his goal. It wasn’t long before his fingers found ankara escort bayan what they sought, and first one oily digit slid into the tight knot of ecstasy. She moaned hard around her mouthful, and convulsed as he penetrated her. He abruptly pulled out of her mouth; if Clay hadn’t he was afraid that he would erupt in her mouth. She whimpered at the absence of his thick, pulsating cock, but not for long. She became focused on what he was doing with his hands.

Clay moved down Dannielle’s body so that he was in a better position to see what he was doing to her. Also, so that when he was sure that she was ready he could slip deep into her ass without giving her a chance to think about what he would do to her. Little did he know that she welcomed what he wanted. As his finger plunged in and out of her he used his free hand to work her clit. The rough pad of his thumb found her slick silken nub; it was hard with arousal. She moaned harder when he made contact. She wanted to grind against his hand, but being restrained kept him in control of her pleasure. She started to see why being bound was so erotically delicious. He truly was her master.

Clay slid another finger in with the first, and before he knew what had happened he was three fingers deep in her asshole. The tight knot flexing in time with his thrusts; grabbing and pulling at the intrusion. It was time for him to replace those fingers with a cock; “Do you want my cock in your ass, Dannie?”


“Beg me for it.” He was as cool as could be while he waited for what he wanted to hear. His cock was so hard that the fucker could have cut glass at this point, but he wasn’t going to enter her until he got what he wanted.

“Please, give me your cock.” She was writhing and whimpering.

“Not good enough. Try again, Dannielle.”

When he said her full name she nearly had an orgasm, “Oh please, master, fuck me with your big fat cock. I need you inside of me, now.” She nearly screamed the “now”, and that must have been enough because she felt him at her asshole. The thick head of his cock pressing at her tight entrance. He worked the tip in and out, not really penetrating just teasing her. If she had been free she might have impaled herself on his cock, but the way she was bound forced her to move at his pace.

It was all he could do to not just shove in balls deep to the tight space she was so willing offering up to him. He wanted her to enjoy this as much as he was going to, and so that meant going slow this first time. If he rushed her then the next time all she would concentrate on was the pain of the first time. He only pushed hard enough to let her know that he was there. He held himself still, letting her do the work to get his cock inside of her. He wanted to laugh as he sensed her frustration with her restraints as they were keeping her from reaching their goal of cock in her ass. He let her struggle a few seconds more before he increased his pressure, as he felt the familiar pop as her sphincter muscle stretched and closed around the tip of his cock, Clay stilled completely.

As Clay’s cock head pushed through the barrier, Dannie felt the familiar twinge of pain. Instead of a sting, though, it was more of a sharp shot through her whole groin. She was glad that he stopped pushing as she caught her breath while the pain subsided. He was definitely escort ankara an expert at this because she felt his thumb brushing against her clit again. As little electric shocks of ecstasy began to build in her pussy she felt him begin to slide his hard length the rest of the way home into her asshole. She knew he hit bottom as she felt his balls brushing against her pussy lips. Between the thumb, his cock, and the brush of his ball sac she felt that familiar rise of tension in her body as the orgasm built. Clay knew it too. He pressed his weight onto her and whispered hard in her ear, “Don’t cum until I tell you to, understand?” She nodded as best she could then focused on stemming the rising tide within her.

Her muscles tensed and flexed as she fought hard to keep from breaking over the edge into the abyss. Clay felt her tighten around the base of his cock, and he began to pump slowly in and out of her while he flicked his thumb back and forth across her clit. He became more aroused as he felt and watched her struggle against her own orgasm. He knew that she was in blissful agony, and after a half dozen strokes he spoke again. “Dannielle, when I snap my fingers you can cum. Are you ready to cum, love?” She couldn’t speak, but she gave him a weak nod. Clay snapped his fingers and she exploded. Her screams drowning out the clap of thunder that echoed through the night sky. Her convulsions sent his cock in and out of her tight ass, and he was forced to grasp her hips to hold himself in place. She nearly bucked him right off of her so forceful was her orgasm.

As he watched her cum on command he nearly lost it right there; having such a willing student made him have to focus to keep from pumping her full of cum right then and there. Watching her orgasm gave him more pleasure than when he came, he loved that he could do that to her beautifully young, lithe body. Once she had started to slow down and calm down he resumed his assault on her ass. Pounding in and out of her like this was their last night on earth. He felt her tension rising as the familiar tingling rush began tickling his balls, and just as he was ready to go over the edge he snapped his fingers once more.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” She screamed and writhed as she rode out her orgasm while he pumped her ass full of semen. She could feel his cock twitch and jump deep within her ass. In fact, Dannie came so hard that she felt a stream of liquid eject from her. She was afraid that she had gotten so excited that she had peed herself until she heard Clay. “Holy fucking shit! You squirted! Now that was so cool!” To her ears he sounded like a little kid who had woken up to the best present ever on Christmas morning. Dannie thought that she should be embarrassed, and Clay was enthralled. “You haven’t ceased to surprise me today, Dannie. I am gonna have fun with my new toy.”

“What toy?”

“You, love. You are my new, and quite possibly the greatest toy that I have ever owned. Now, I’m gonna untie you so that we can scrounge up some food. How does that sound?” He was smiling so hard that it was starting to make his cheeks ache, but he couldn’t help how happy she had made him in just a few hours.

Dannie was glad to be free. Not because it bothered her being tied up, but because her joints where starting to ache from being stretched that long. Clay was quiet as he untied her, and so was she. Lost in her own thoughts, thinking that somehow she should be ashamed of the things that they had done. She wasn’t. In fact, she was looking forward to the rest of the summer and all the things that her new “master” was going to teach her.

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