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The Razor Blade

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The Razor BladeI had a wonderful experience with a disposable razor and a neighbor that I just have to share with you. First, let me describe her. Christina is 24-years old, has shoulder-length blonde hair, and measures 34D-22-33. She has an athletic build and a beautiful face highlighted with a small beauty mark on her cheek and subtle makeup. I’ve had the hots for her for a while, and come close to fucking before, but nothing happened until last night. I invited Christina down to taste a new bottle of wine I’d hoped to add to my collection.After a few glasses of wine, we started having one of those drinking conversations about body hair. I told Christina how much I detested it, especially around sex organs, and she asked me if I shaved mine. I told her that my ex and I used to shave each other once in a while to spice things up, and I asked if she had ever done it. She said no, but that she always wanted to try.Well, before I knew it, we’d dared one another into shaving each other and found ourselves filling the bathtub and stripping down. I took tuzla escort the razor and said, “I’ll do you first.” I examined her glistening thatch of sex fur, and decided it was too long to shave comfortably, and should be trimmed with scissors first. I dipped the scissors in the hot water, so it wouldn’t feel too cold against her skin, but she spasm a little anyway as the metal brushed her labia. To make Christina hold still, I slung my arm around her small tight ass and held her steady. Starting at the top of her black bush, I cut a swatch from corner to corner so I could be sure to see her now passion-swollen love lips. The clipping really got Christina juicing, and I watched her pink lips turn red with excitement. As I continued downward near her cleft, I noticed that Christina was pinching her nipples and emitting little sighs of pleasure with every snip.Her breathing became heavier as I lathered her freshly trimmed muff with shaving cream, and her sex-plumped clit popped up from beneath the lather like a little periscope. I deliberately brushed tuzla escort bayan it with the ridged handle of the razor, and a shiver of ecstasy jolted through her.“Oh god,” Christina moaned. “This feels fantastic!” I knew she’d love it, they all do. I gently eased the razor across her mound in slow downward strokes toward the water, and smooth pink skin that had been hidden for years was revealed. As I finished each section, I took a wash cloth and squeezed warm water on to the freshly shaved area so the delicate skin wouldn’t dry out. I took my time to insure that not a single hair remained, but I guess I took too long because her fingers kept finding their way to her love button. Taking the sensitive skin around her labial folds between my thumb and forefinger, I pulled it taut and shaved it clean with a surgeon’s steadiness to make sure I got every single hair. This was sheer delight for Christina who was now orgasmically withering in my grip, breathlessly moaning “I’m gonna cum.” I put the razor down and pushed two fingers into her soapy slit, escort tuzla fucking into her depths and twisting them from side to side. I rubbed my other palm along the inside of her thighs, and soon her body went rigid with ecstasy. I clamped my mouth around her half-bald muff and feverishly raked my tongue across her clit. Christina cried out, and her silky cum flooded out. I finished her up and patted her beardless clam dry. To insure that her skin stayed soft, I lathered a generous amount of lotion on the freshly shaved area. I then hopped into the tub and prepared for my turn. As soon as she moistened my pubes with some water, my prick bolted straight out. Since I’d been shaved before, the hair had grown back thinner and came off quickly. As Christina carefully shaved my wrinkled nut sacks, she noticed that my stalk was begging for attention. “Your poor cock is just dying for some tongue, isn’t it,” she said as she sucked its bulging, spongy knob into her mouth. Her thin silky tongue worked my cock like it had not known for years, and it wasn’t long before I blew my spunk. She gulped it down like a real woman should. It was the best suck I ever had, and I’ve got my razor to thank for it. I’d recommend to everyone to try shaving their mate to spice things up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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