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The Rebecca Chronicles Story 01 Pt. 02

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The Rebecca Chronicles


Even though I have used names and map locations of actual American cities, the rest of the details, including descriptions of cities and other locations, in these stories are 100% fictional.

Story 1: Moving to Philadelphia, Part 2

“Did you like that?” Jake asked.

“Uh huh,” Rebecca nodded.

“You just had an orgasm,” she heard him say as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Rebecca woke to the sound of Jake in the shower. Covered in sweat from the August heat, her nightgown clung to her body. As She heard the shower turning off, she got out of bed and gathered her clothes.

“Another sad dress?” Jake said behind her..

“I have three of them,” Rebecca giggled before turning around with her armful of clothes heading for the bathroom..

“Hey hey! Where’s my morning kiss?” Jake stood in front of her wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. As Rebecca began kissing him back, they both started breathing heavy. Rebecca’s groin began to tingle and she gave his lips a quick flick with tongue. Jake smiled then pulled back.

“We better not get carried away,” he said, catching his breath. “We still have a drive ahead of us.”

“Okay,” Rebecca said with a teasing pout before heading into the bathroom for her shower.

Once they were sitting in the car, Jake turned to her. “We have time to stop for brunch. What do you think?”

“Definitely,” Rebecca replied, enthusiastically.

A short while later, they were seated at a pancake house next to the motel.

“Short stack, bacon, and a coffee please,” Rebecca told the waitress.

After placing his order, Jake looked at her in amusement. “What happened to salad and water?”

“Sunday Brunch was a weekly tradition,” Rebecca replied. “After church, Doris and her church friends would go for brunch at a local diner.”

Rebecca loved Sunday brunch. It was the one time she could indulge herself in various brunch foods. Her favourite indulgence being coffee. As soon as the waitress brought her coffee, Rebecca added a good dose of cream and several teaspoons of sugar before taking a long slow sip. The familiar wave of pure caffeine-induced euphoria washed over her.

“Ok, ” Jake said, changing the subject. “We’ll need to go to the cafeteria Friday as school starts Monday. And I need the weekend to get ready. But today is Wednesday. So once we settle in we’ll have tonight and tomorrow free. What do you think?”

“Sure,” Rebecca replied, her cheeks flushing with excitement. Jake smiled back.

It was just about supper time when Jake unlocked the door to his apartment.

“After you,” he said as he held it open for Rebecca. Rebecca walked into a square entryway. Upon entry, Jake opened one of the mirrored sliding doors on the opposite wall and kicked his shoes onto a mat on the floor underneath jackets and various outerwear handing on a rod in the closet. Rebecca, copying Jake, kicked off her own pair of brown crocs and placed them on bursa escort bayan the mat.

At the end of the entryway, turned down a hallway. Jake motioned to the first door and said, “that’s the laundry room and storage room.”, before continuing down the hallway. They approached a second door that was opened into a bedroom. It had a double bed underneath a large bay window.

“This will be your room,” Jake said, as they walked into the room. There was a large closet with two bifold doors nearly covering the one wall.

“And that’ll be your bathroom,” Jake said pointing at another door on the wall on the other side of the closet.

“It’s nice,” Rebecca enthused. The room was much bigger than her room at Doris’ house. And there was only one bathroom which she shared with Doris.

“Why don’t you unpack while I run out for some groceries?”

Rebecca set her suitcase on the bed before opening it. She planned on this being a fresh start, therefore she tried to pack as little as possible. Besides the three summer dresses, Rebecca had brought a few items from her school uniforms. They were required so Doris couldn’t object. Nevertheless, Rebecca still had to go through a lot of effort to acquire hand-me-downs. She opened the closet doors to reveal a simple closet with a rack at the top and a bar with plastic clothes hangers. For extra storage, someone had put in a small dresser. She hung up her clothes: A navy uniform dress; a red plaid skirt; three white button-down shirts, and two burgundy sweaters. Plus, the third summer dress she hadn’t yet worn. She put a handful of black tights, white knee socks, white bras and panties in the chest of drawers. And placed a pair of chunky-heeled single-strapped shoes on the floor next to the hamper then threw her dirty laundry in the hamper. At the end of the closet, she noticed a few items of clothing hanging there.

“Those belonged to my former roommate,” Jake said. He’d already returned from buying groceries. “You’re welcome to have them. She won’t want them. Why don’t you freshen up while I make us some supper?”

Rebecca stood in her bathroom looking at herself in the mirror that hung over the bathroom counter. She was fresh from a cool shower in the shower-tub combo and had dressed in a dark green polo dress from the abandoned clothes. It had a collared V-neck and fit her body snuggly. The hem was cut just above her knees. Taking care while she showered to keep her hair as dry as possible, she had brushed out making it bit frizzy. It hung in a poofy cloud over her shoulders and down her back.

Rebecca walked out of her room and walked down the hallway that made an L-turn into a kitchen. She immediately saw a large stainless steel fridge at the end of a counter. The counter continued along the wall, breaking for a stainless steel stove that matched the fridge, before wrapping around along another wall under a large window. There was a large double sink under an equally large window. The counter wrapped around again into an island with two bar stools. Past the counter, there was a dining room table with four seats.

Jake had made two place settings, nilüfer escort one at the end of the table and a second to the left. Jake, himself, was already seated in the spot at the end of the table. He motioned for Rebecca to sit to his left. As she sat down, Jake put the open bottle of wine over an empty wine glass..

“Would you like some wine?” He asked Rebecca.

“Yes, please,” Rebecca smiled. She took a sip.

“You’ve had wine before?” Jake asked curiously.

“Yes, I’ve had wine at weddings,” Rebecca replied. Jake smiled as he poured some red wine into the glass. He’d made grilled steak and asparagus spears. As she chewed on the perfectly cooked steak, Rebecca saw Jake look shamelessly at her breasts.

“That dress looks good on you, Rebecca.” Jake as he continued to stare.

“I decided to go braless tonight,” Rebecca said with a slight seductive tone.

“I can see your nipples,” Jake said. Rebecca giggled blushing.

“Don’t worry. They’re tight and perky,” Jake said.

“All of a sudden, I’m full,” Jake said. He got up from his seat and held out his hand for Rebecca. “Let’s go!”

Rebecca extended her hand as Jake pulled her to her feet. He then walked with her, holding her hand firmly, as he lead her to her bedroom. He stopped at the foot of her bed and turned her around so she was facing him. Her loins were tingling and his eyes were on fire. He then pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor. He looked at her for a moment as she stood in-front of him in her white cotton panties. He then slid down her panties before dropping them so they fell to the floor.

“Lay on the bed, honey,” Jake said in a sensual voice. Rebecca laid on the edge of the bed placing her feet on the bed.

“Come on, hunny. Spread your legs so I can see that beautiful pussy,” Jake growled teasingly as he placed his hand on her knees and Rebecca let him spread her legs wide. He then looked shamelessly at the triangle of black hair between her legs. “Oh there it is.”

Wasting no time, Jake parted her pussy hair. Rebecca let out a pleasurable gasp as the cool night air brushed against her clit that was already a red swollen mound sticking out between her pussy lips. Jake looked at her clit and smiled.

“Oh hunny, you look like you’ve been needing to cum all day,” Jake said with a sultry voice. Rebecca nodded so overcome with excitement she was unable to talk.

She let out a gasp as she felt his finger brush gently against her swollen clit. She let out another gasp as she felt a spark of pleasurable sensation as his finger began rubbing gently. Rebecca began moaning softly as he rubbed a little harder causing her pelvis to tighten. He rubbed a little harder and faster as her pelvis relaxed and a wave of pleasure washed over her before she felt her pelvis tightening again. He rubbed a little faster and Rebecca moaned a little louder as her pelvis reached a new level of tightness before relaxing into a bigger wave of pleasure that washed over her. He continued rubbing and she felt herself getting ready to orgasm. She let out a loud moan. Suddenly, Jake stopped türbanlı escort rubbing her clit. Rebecca stopped moaning and looked at him with surprise as she felt her pleasure start to wash away.

“I have something new you’ll like,” he said. Placing his free hand on the top of her pussy to keep her hair and lips parted, Jake slowly inserted his finger inside her vagina. Rebecca moaned, her pleasure returning as his finger pushed inside her vagina walls.

“Oh honey,” Jake said, salivating. “You’re so tight.”

He began moving his finger slowly and gently in and out of her vagina. Rebecca continued moaning as she felt his finger move smoother inside her vagina.

“That’s it. Your pussy juices are lubricating my finger,” Jake said. His finger continued to thrust slowly but steadily in and out of her vagina, Rebecca started to let herself relax in her wave of pleasure when Jake’s finger brushed against the top wall of her vagina. She let out another gasp as she felt his finger brush over a sensitive spot. Jake smiled wildly.

“This is your g-spot,” Jake said as he stopped thrusting and began circling the spot with his finger. Feeling overstimulated, Rebecca instinctively tried to pull away. Jake held her.

“Don’t worry,” Jake whispered. “It’ll feel good in a minute.”

“Okay,” Rebecca nodded. He held her in place while his finger slowly and gently circled her g-spot. Again Rebecca felt herself trying to pull her away, but Jake held her in place as he continued to rub.. He continued to circle her g-spot with his finger, Rebecca felt herself relaxing a little and a sensation wash over her. It was a pleasure she had never felt before. She closed her eyes and moaned as Jake continued to rub and Rebecca felt an urge to push against his finger. He continued to rub and she continued to push.

“That’s it,” Jake said, excitedly. As he continued to circle her g-spot, Rebecca felt herself pushing stronger against his finger. Moaning loudly, she felt herself release and her vagina walls closed around his finger.

“That’s it,” Jake said as he switched to thrusting his finger in and out hard and quick. Rebecca felt another massive release of pleasure and an explosion of fluid engulfed his finger. She became engulfed in a haze of euphoric bliss. Rebecca felt Jake’s finger slide out of her vagina. She heard him undo his belt and unzip his pants. She felt his hard thick cock slide inside her vagina. It pushed pleasurably against her tight pussy walls.

“Sorry, hunny. I had planned to go slower, but I have to fuck you,” Jake said in a breathless frenzy as he thrust his hard cock in and out. “I’ve been sitting in a car with you for three days.”.

“It’s okay,” Rebecca whispered between moans. “I like it. It feels really good.”

With that, Rebecca felt Jake thrust hard and fast. She felt his cock hit hard against her g-spot and her vagina walls squeeze around his cock. She felt his cock get harder. And harder. He thrust faster and faster. She felt herself tightening getting ready to cum. She whimpered in pleasure as she started to cum. She felt his cock explode and her vagina fill with warm fluid. He gave a couple of thrusts while his cock softened and shrank before he pulled it out and he collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Jake said breathless. They both moved so their heads were on the pillows and immediately fell fast asleep.

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