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The return of Gina part 7,, The end

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The return of Gina part 7,, The endI had Lucy followed me to the family room down stairs. What do we see, both Lisa and Bonnie were both naked on the floor getting the hell fucked out of them. This time Bonnie was getting hammered by the same guy I saw fucking Lisa earlier tonight. Not sure who was banging Lisa, but she was enjoying it. The both saw me and said hey stud. Lisa looked and Lucy, hope your ready for the ride of your life. We went on to the spare bedroom and closed and because Lisa was out there I locked the door.I decided I was going to be in control of this. I said take off all of your clothes now. Lucy gave me a look as to say no one orders me around. I said lets go, get fucking naked or my next move is to head out the door. Here let me show what you will miss out on if I leave each those steps I am gone and you will miss out on this.. I reached in my pants and pulled out my semi hard dick. She looked at it and said shit!! From there she started removing in clothes. After she was nude I looked her up and down, I thought to myself, for a big girl she is put together well, kinda like a bar winch for long ago. Her cunt was baby smooth and she had fat pussy lips, the kind that were made for sucking and chewing on. I told her to come over here and let me get a closer look, I stopped her when she was about three feet away. I told her to turn around and let me see that fat ass, she did. I stepped up close and grabbed and ran my hands over it and said very nice I am going to love fucking it, then I stepped back. Then I told her to come closer and take off my close and don’t touch my dick at all.Other than at work I don’t get into being over dominate, but in this case I am enjoying and I can tell because of my rock hard cock that is moment going to be slapping Lucy in the face. When she got to my pants I told her to got on her knees to remove them and not to take my underwear down with them. After she gets my pants off she is eye level with my cloth covered dick. I said play with my cock over my underwear and get it even harder, Lucy looks shocked and asks, it get bigger and harder. I told her yes it does. I said to her, now suck it the same way. because of my underwear it was hard for her to get very much of me in her hot mouth, but it still felt good and even better that it was driving her crazy with lust.I asked, are you ready for my bare cock to destroy you cunt? She practically screamed yes. I told her to take them down with her teeth, which she was more than happy to do. When they cleared my dick it slapped her under her chin. She said it looks like a baseball bat from here. I said you wanna taste it. She said yes. I said beg for it. Daddy let me suck your big black cock, I need it deep in my throat. I said sure go for it. I laid back on the bed and had her climb on it and between my legs. This lady is a good cock sucker, not as good as Gina, but still good. I put my hand on her head and started fucking her face and down her throat causing her to gag, but she didn’t give up.I was ready to fuck, but again she had to beg for it and god did she ever. Please Bruce put your fat cock in my dirty wet cunt and fuck me like the whore than I am. I said are you going to stop me from taking your fat ass, no daddy take whatever you want, how ever you want. I laid on her, held her legs back, took one of her huge tits in my mouth and shoved my dick balls deep in you pussy as hard and as deep as I could reach. For a big girl her pussy was really tight. She screamed out fucking hell, you cock is splitting my my pussy wide open. I took her nipple out of my mouth and said stop being a whiny slut and take it, or I take it out, she pleaded with me not to. I said good answer and continued to fuck her like a machine. She starts cumming and like her friend she is a big squirter, I thought she pissed on me. Her pussy clenched my dick like a vice, it was so tight I could barely pull out until her orgasm passed. Then I got up and to her to get on her hands and knees, I want to fuck you like a bitch in heat. I grabbed her fat ass and without mercy, I jammed my cock balls deep in her and again she started cumming from my first stroke. She groaned out holy fuck, I am cumming again. With my cock deep in her, she is shaking with pleasure. I took both of her massive tits in my hands for leverage and try to make her feel my cock in your gut. She is groaning and grunting for more. This bitch has the wettest pussy. I am loving seeing her fat ass jiggle when I jammed in her. I tell her that I want to fuck her ass and I am going to do it now. She says, please take it easy master, I have never had anything close to being as big as you are. I actually felt a little bit bad for the way I abused your pussy so decided to start out easy on her ass. Because her cunt was so wet, I didn’t need any lube. I got a lot of resistance, so I had to push hard to the big head of my dick into her super tight ass. Lucy grunted out in pain. I let it stay there until she got adjusted to me then I slid in really slow until my balls were resting against her cunt. I couldn’t stay that way any longer, so I started fucking her nice and slow and then sped up until I was fucking her at full speed. By this time she was moaning loud and begging for it harder and I did just that. About 15 minutes in her ass I felt myself getting ready to shoot my load, so I pulled out and shoved it back in her cunt and fucked her hard until I painted the inside of you pussy and caused her to cum again milking my dick. When I thought I was done, I pulled out with some of my cum flowing out until she clamped her legs shut. I made her I turn around and make her suck my cock clean before I laid down beside her panting body. I said to her so do you still doubt Gina, she said fuck no, thanks for the best fuck of my life. It is one thing that you’re hung like a horse, but you know how to fuck like a pro. While we laid there, I saw Lisa standing in the doorway with a ear to ear smile. I waved for her to come in. I asked her how long have you been watching. She said long enough for me to make myself cum. I said to her, be a dear and lick my cum out of her sloppy cunt, I do want to send her back upstairs with it running down her legs. Lisa said, I’d love to. Will Lisa sucked and licked pussy I sucked on her huge fucking tits which caused her to cum all over Lisa’s face. Lisa said fuck, she squirts like a fire hose.We went back up to the party. Found Gina talking to other friends. She looked at Lucy and bursa escort said, so how was your tour of the house (code for fucking)? Lucy said, your have a lovely house, Bruce, thanks for showing me around. I was walking are talking to some of Gina’s friends when I saw Sharon near the make shift bar. I walked over to her and could tell that she has had a lot to drink. She said with a drunken slur, how my handsome black man doing tonight. I told her I was doing fine, how are you. She replied, drunk and horny, just the way I like to be. With that she hugged me with her almost bare tits pressed against my chest, gives me a wet tongue kiss while grabbing a handful of my dick. She whispered in my ear, I can’t wait to feel this deep in my tight ass fucking me as only like you can do. I told not to worry, I am going to do that and a lot more. I told her that I’d be back, I have to use the bathroom.When I get to the bathroom it is lock and I could hear that some slut was getting fucked and from the sound it sounded like she was getting it good. I went up to the master bedroom to use the bathroom there. when I came out there was Mary, laying her tiny body on the bed naked. she looked at me in a unsure way. I thought to myself, fuck, well at least I can get Gina’s list of friends out of the way. She said hello, I am Mary, one Gina’s best friends. She told me all about you and what you do for work, also that you have a monster cock. I was going to talk to you down stairs, but I saw you making out with and groping that half dressed lady. I said yes, that was a friend of mine. I said to her, so seeing you naked on the bed, I would guess you are here for me to fuck you. She said, yes you would be right, that is if you can fit in my tiny pussy. I said when we get it wet enough, we will make it fit, might even fit it in your tiny ass. Mary told me that she have been fucked in her ass and she loves it, but not sure about a huge BBC.I told Mary to come over here and undress me, which she did without question. She removed my shirt first and then started running her hands over my chest and sucking on my nipples. She said lay down so I can do a better job.Mary straddle my hips with tiny naked body. she moved up to give me a full wet kiss, rubbing he small tits against me. She might have small tits, but she has big hard nipples. She moves to kissing my ears, then my neck, working her way down my body. When she get to my waist she looks up at me with total lust. I said, Gina told me you were shy. Mary tells me that normally I am but with more than a few drinks and a the thought of having my first black cock, let alone on that from what Gina tells me you are three time bigger that anything I have ever had before. She went on to say that she almost left when she got here but decided to get naked before I came out, to stop me from leaving.She starts nibbling on my dick through my pants. Then she she slowly pulled down my pants leaving underwear in place. When she gets them off, she starts nibbling on my dick over my underwear from the base to the hard thick head. I told I have had enough of this, I pushed her back and told her to close her eyes. I got naked and then slapped her face with my dick causing her to open her eyes to see me dick just inches from her lips. She said fuck, it’s as big as a bat. I told her yep and I plan on beating your tiny cunt with it, so lay on your back and spread those legs. I got between her legs and slid my big cock into her until I push through into her fertile womb. Mary was moaning the loudly the whole tile saying it so big, I love black cock, black cock is the best, fuck me baby fuck me hard, fuck me deep. It looked almost unreal looking down at her small tight body impaled on my fat black dick, and she was taking every big in and crying for more. My heavy pull balls were slapping off her tiny ass. I wanted to fuck her from behind, , deep in her so I put her on her knees and slammed balls on the first thrust, causing her to scream holy fuck baby, that hurt but I loved it, Give it to me more like that. I grabbed her tiny hips and gave her what she was begging for. I took a hold of her small tits and pinched her big nipples. She screeched loud and started cumming all over my dick, it last almost a minute. I stood up taking her with me, turned her around while picking her up. I lowered her down on my cock, fucking her standing up. It was a first for both of us. With her hands around my neck and legs around my waist she bounced herself up and down on my dick. As good as it felt, we couldn’t fuck like that forever, so I laid on the bed keeping her on my dick. Mary didn’t leave any coaching, she began riding me , hard, fast and balls deep in her wet pussy. this little lady fucked like a pro. She bent over and fed me her big nipple tiny tits. I sucked and bit them hard. I really wanted to fuck her tight ass, but I don’t think she would enjoy it. I was getting that tell tell feeling that I was going to cum. I said, where do you want my cum slut, I am ready to give you a big load. She said cum in my dirt,s all it took y cunt, fill my fertile up with you baby maker juice. That,s all it took. I pushed deep in her and began painting her inside with my load, making her cum for the third time. When we were done she cuddled up to me and said thanks for the best sex ever. She had stroking my dick, she asked how can you still be hard after fucking me so hard with a big load of cum. She said well, no reason to let it go to waste so she climbed back on me and fucked me until she had three more orgasms, she finally had enough. I left her naked on the bed trying to recover. I found my dear Gina talking to a group of women and of course all hot and just short of being naked. She introduced me to all of them but the one that caught my attention the most was Verna. Verna was a black girl with long black hair and pretty. About 5’9″ all legs, Nice bubble ass and full figure with firm D tits. She looked at me and said, hello, you must be Gina’s hot chocolate that she has been bragging about. I looked at Gina with a crazy look, she knew what it meant. I asked if I could take her away for this slow dance, it’s our favorite song, it was a lie, we don’t have a favorite song.I got her to the middle of the floor, held her close grinding my dick into her stomach. I said my dear, what are you doing. I just finished fucking the last of the three women you asked me to and seems like their are more. As she squeezed he nice tits into my chest, escort bursa she kisses me deep with lots of tongue and then says, I am sorry baby, it’s just that you have rocked my world with your personalty and your monster black dick, I can’t help myself. I asked am I supposed to be fucking them also. She said no. i told her great, because if you keep this up, I will be to worn out for you and Sharon. She looked and me and said, never going to happen, I know you to well, you could fuck twenty time tonight and still keep going. I said ok my love. She also added, after tonight, I will never share you again, unless we talk about it first. We finished our dance, making out the whole time, then we returned to her friends. Vera says, you two make such a great couple and since Gina says you have a huge cock and fuck like a champ, she better keep you close or I may try to move in on you. All the ladies had a laugh out of that. I told Gina that I wanted to find Sharon, she was pretty drunk the last time I saw her. She gave me a kiss and said ok.I looked all over the house for her until I decided to check outside thinking she may needed some air. Well I did find her but it was air that she was getting. She had that poor excuse of a dress beside her on the deck. So she was naked bent over a chair and had a black doctor fucking deep in her tight ass. She saw me and motioned over. The guy fucking stopped. Sharon said it’s ok, just keep fucking me. I get close and see her nice tits swinging because of the hard fuck she was getting. She asks me to give her a kiss. After the kiss she said that when I et drunk, I get horny and since you weren’t around I had to settle. She looked over her back and said no offence. He was balls deep in a hot white ass, he could care less. All he wanted was to fill this sluts ass full of his cum and walk away. She said, put that big dick in my mouth and fuck my face until he cums. I pulled my pants down and fed her my dick. Even though she was choking, she never let up. The guy, who’s name I didn’t know, grunted out loud and shot his cum into her tight ass. this sent over the edge and she came with him. He zipped up and walked away. We sat next to each other, with her still naked and my dick still out and talked. Of course she was still stroking my cock and me playing with her tits. Bonnie came out and and saw us there and sat beside us. I introduced her to Sharon. She looked a mess, still hot, but a mess. Sharon kissed me on the cheek and said see you later.Bonnie leaned her head on my shoulder and let her hand replace Sharon’s. She said, I am going to miss you. I said ditto. She went on to say that Lisa will also miss you, but it will be your dick more than anything. She also went on to say that Gina is going to miss you the most. She said I know her well enough to know that she is falling for you, and just just your body. I said well I feel the same, but I don’t know how it will work with my career choice. Bonnie says, I don’t believe she wouldn’t mind. She said enough about Gina for now, I want some of this as she squeezed my dick.She leaned over and took my dick in her mouth and swallowed me whole. when she had enough of blowing me, she pushed me on my back. She pulled the scarf that was covering her nice tits. They were covered with hickeys. I said what the fuck happened. She said that bitch Lisa did it when we were having a foursome. She pulled up her short skirt and climbed on and started fucking me hard. she was cumming over and over until she was worn out. I really need a break. I snuck up stairs to the bedroom and fell on my back. I must have dosed off, because I was woken up with my dick in someones mouth. When the fog cleared I saw it was Vera. She looked up at me and said she was looking for the bathroom and found me laying on my back with my semi hard dick showing through my short. She went on to say that she didn’t think she would fish my cock out without waking me. She said that she honestly just wanted to see it, but she she did, she had to have it in her mouth. At this point I have thrown in the flag. If I have to fuck all of Gina’s friends before this night is over, I will. I am going home in a few days. After tonight, the only pussy I will be in before I leave is Gina’s. I sat up, took the rest of my clothes off and said well since you just wanted to see, now you see the whole package. I lad back spread my legs so she can see my huge balls hanging there. I said lets finish what you started. She was climbing up between my legs when I stopped her, I said get naked like me. She stood and removed her skin tight dress, so she is nude for the waist up except for a thong. Her nipples were hard as rocks and their was no sag in her tits, especially so with how big they are, my dick is going to feel great and look great between them. She starts to continue with the blowjob, I stopped her again and said, I want you naked. She looks at me with worried eyes and says I’d rather keep them on. I said either you get naked or I get dressed. She looks at me with the same eyes and says OK. Verna pulls the back of the thong out of her ass as though she is teasing me and then stops. I said come on, I don’t have all night and start to get up. She says no please don’t go. She pulls the rest of the thong away from her body and I expect to see a baby smooth cunt, but instead I see a sizable baby smooth dick. I looked at her cock and say, WTF!!She says I am sorry, I never expected for us to get this far, so their was no need to tell you. I asked, does Gina know? She said yes. Looks like she getting ready to cry. I move to the edge of the bed, so I am eye level with her hard cock, trying to figure out how she hid it. It was about 7″ long, not real thick and normal size balls. I looked at her in the eys and said I am not mad, I just was shocked. You won’t be the first guy I have ever fucked, but you will be my first Tranny.I said get on your knees and get me harder and wet so I can pound your man cunt. With a smile she says yes daddy and continue to suck my hard fat cock. While she is sucking me off I reach down and play with her big tits, I can’t believe how real they feel. I told her to lay down and spread your legs. I get on top of her and ask her if she is ready for the best fuck of her life, she say yes daddy, fuck me as hard and deep as you want, treat me like a dirty whore. I slam into her hard, causing her to grunt and fuck daddy I love your fat long dick, make me feel it for a week. I pounded her as hard görükle escort as she could take. I bent over to suck and nibble on her hard nipples making her moan. Her hard dick is pressed between us and is leaking pre-cum onto both of us, if I didn’t know, I would have thought she shot her load. I told her to get on her hands and knees so I can fuck you like a dog. She yes daddy I am your bitch of a dog. I slid back into her and fucked her harder than before. I pulled out again and told her to ride my dick. She straddles my hips and buried my cock deep in her hot wet hole. I told her to bounce on it hard, make me breed your man/pussy. She is riding me hard when I grab her dick hard and stroke it fast. She pleads with me to stop, before she cums. I told her not to cum before I do and continue to play with cock and heavy full balls. I can tell she is going crazy while fucking me and trying not to cum at the same time. I let her know that I am going to cum and start breeding her tight ass. When she feels the first shot of my hot cum in her, she starts cumming too. Not sure where it came from, but I bred her with a huge load and she covered me with a big load of her own. When she finished, she licked her cum off of me and my load off of my cock. She said thanks. Like Mary, I left her there naked and went to locate my lovely Ginda.When I find her, I said why didn’t you tell me that Verna was a guy. She said, well I didn’t expect you to fuck her so I didn’t think it mattered. I told her how I came to be fucking her, she could only laugh at me. I said, I haven’t spent much time with you tonight because I have been to busy fucking your friends. She said I know baby, I am all yours the rest of the night. With that I took her hand and dragged her to the nearest bathroom. As soon as the door was closed and locked I took off my short and sat on the toilet with my dick standing straight up. Gina stripped naked, she didn’t to ask what I wanted. She dropped her tight wet pussy down on my fat black cock. When she was balls deep and rocking on my dick, she says is this what daddy needed, you needed to buried in mamma’s wet cunt. MMMM daddy you feel so fucking good, make mamma squirt on your cock. Come on daddy fill me up, breed my pussy, put a baby in me. That’s all it took, I grunted and started shooting blasted after blast in her womb and it set off to a screaming orgasm. While still buried on my dick, we start making out, her tits feel nice against my bare chest. She says thanks baby that was great and needed. We got dressed and when we walked out of the bathroom their was a crowd standing there and started cheering to us. Lisa, Bonnie and Sharon were in the front of them so we knew they were behind it. We just went along with it and bowed. Soon the party was ending and with Lisa, Sharon,Bonnie and one of Gina’s gay friend help we were able to get it clean enough. Lisa And Bonnie stumbled to theirs rooms. Gina’s friend Carl was to drunk to drive so Gina offered for him st stay in the guest bedroom. Gina took Carl to the room to help him get settled, while Sharon went to Gina’s bedroom. As soon as we walked into the room Sharon pushed me onto the bed and let her outfit fall tot he ground. She I have been waiting for this all night. She only took time enough to pull my shorts off, Climbed on me, line my dick up with her ass and dropped down taking the whole thing at once. She had no time foreplay. She was bouncing on my cock while fingering her wet cunt and moaning loudly. Then I heard Gina”s voice as she said you just couldn’t wait. I looked over and in the doorway was a naked Gina and beside her was a naked Carl, with a hard white cock. With Sharon still riding me, I asked Gina why was he here. She said that they heard us from down the hall. Carl had said to her that it sounds like he is fucking the hell out of her. Gina told him that with a cock that big, that’s all he does. Carl told Gina that she was a lucky girl and that he has never had a black cock, nor a big one of any color, she felt bad for him and invited him to play with us.Before the night was over I had fucked all three of them several times and Sharon was able to make Carl fuck his first ever cunt and cumming in her. The next morning I was woken up to Carl fucking Sharon again. Sharon said that Carl is going to move in with John and her, so John has a playmate and she has another slave. She gave Gina a hug goodbye and told her not to be a stranger. then she hugged me with tears in her eyes and said I am really going to miss you. You’re a perfect lover, but a better man. She whispered in my ear, don’t let Gina get away from you. She the total package and I can tell she’s in love with you. with that they left. Gina and I fell back to sleep naked in each others arms until after noon. We spent the day alone doing all kinds of fun things before heading back to her house for our last night together. We actually didn’t have a wild fuck session, yet instead made love well into the night until we fell asleep.The next morning we had to leave to get me tot he airport. Lisa and Bonnie was there to say goodbye and like Sharon they were teary eyed. I thanked them for letting me stay with them I enjoyed every minute of it and that I will try to get back as soon as I can. Gina and I didn’t say much on the drive. I had her stop at the rest stop just outside of the airport. We got out and found a bench to sit and talk. I said just six months ago we met at place just like this, did you think it would have turned out like this. She said never. She looked at me and I could tell she was trying not to cry and I was doing the same. she said I didn’t mean to but I have fallen in love with you and I am sorry for that. I know that being so far apart and you having the job that you do, I can understand why you can’t feel the same way. I said first, you couldn’t be more wrong, I also tried not to but have fallen in love with you also. The distance apart is easy to overcome. But it wouldn’t be fair to ask you deal with my career. Their is no emotion involved in it, just physical. She said baby I think I can handle it. But lets agree to this. Since the most sensual part of sex in kissing. you try to avoid taking these women to bed, but if you do, you don’t kiss them. From this point forward I am the only woman that you can kiss and the same goes for me. Also I want to know every time you sleep with someone and I will do the same for you. I said I can work with that. I said Gina I love you. She returned the sentiment. We returned back tot he car and headed tot he airport. I had her drop me off at the curbside because it would be difficult to leave otherwise. I told her That I would call as soon as I got home.

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