May 11

The Ring of Truth Ch. 11

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

This story has taken a huge curve. I wanted to see if the ring could be used for good versus evil. It is no longer a simple sex story. This chapter was a challenge to write. I have never written of coerced sex to this degree before nor have I written of homosexual activities. But once I had figured out the punishment, the writing came easily enough.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

I watched their bodies arch, their legs tighten around each other, and they began their own climaxes. Nalini was fast but it did not take much time or effort for Mom to catch up. By the end, they were both pretty much screaming.

They untied themselves from each other and laid back. Mom was flat on her back with her soaking wet cunt aimed directly at me. Nalini joined her, lying on Mom’s boobs. The entire room was scented with her erotic aroma.

This seemed to be the perfect cue for me. My eyes fluttered close and I fell asleep. I only woke up when Mom shook my shoulder and told me to go up to bed. I followed her instructions as usual.

Here we were the next morning, Mom and me sitting at the breakfast bar with our coffee and jalapeno cheddar cream cheesed bagels. Mom was looking her usual stunning self, wearing only her silk robe, loosely tied, most of her tits on display for admiring eyes. Like mine.

“Ricky, you don’t look well this morning,” said Mom. “Are you ill?”

“No, Mom, just thinking.”

“What’s on your mind, Honey?” she asked.

“The Pastor,” I replied. “I have a meeting tonight with all the fathers of the underage girls he raped. He needs to be punished for that.”

“You’re right,” said Mom. “What are you thinking of for his punishment?”

“I’m not really sure, Mom. I want him to pay a high price for his crimes.”

“He deserves it. Why not report him to the police?” she asked.

“If I do that, the young girls as well as all the other women and girls in the congregation will be outed. Their lives will be ruined. I don’t want to punish them for his transgressions.”

Mom drank a sip of her coffee. “Again, you’re right,” she said.

“I would love to have fair payback.”

“Ricky! That would be proper!” exclaimed my mother.

“I know, right,” I said. “Maybe I should have the fathers beat the shit out of him. What do you think?”

“I don’t think you want to be that type of monster,” replied Mom. “Besides that could mean police involvement as well.”

Silence reigned in the room while we finished our breakfasts. Mom cleaned up the few dishes and I poured us each another cup of coffee.

When we were both sitting again, Mom tried to renew the conversation. My mind was exploring various paths which meant I was ignoring my mother.

One of my mother’s pet peeves was being ignored by someone, especially me. Although my mind was not in that kitchen at that time, I’m sure she was waving her arms or trying other things to bring my focus back.

The djinn and I had quite the conversation in my head while this was going on with Mom. I think I worked out what the Pastor’s punishment would be. But, I needed the djinn to tell me whether or not I could achieve those particular goals. He assured me it was possible due to the sexual nature of the punishment.

I snapped out of my almost trancelike state to find my mother sitting on my lap facing me while trying to make me focus. I smiled when I saw where she was sitting.

I never could pass up any opportunity with my sex goddess of a mother. It was more than just the taboo of our being together being incest. It was the close emotional bond we had developed over the years. Having my mother as my lover only seemed natural to me despite the unnatural way things started sexually between us.

I sometimes wondered where we would be today if I took off the ring. I had asked the djinn once and his only answer was for me not to need to find out. He told me I should never ever take off the ring. I am really not sure if his response was for me or him. Without the ring on my finger, he would return to his state of suspended animation.

In the long run, this was not a truth I needed or wanted to explore. Mom seemed content with our sexual status and, of course, so was I. I love my mother and I love fucking her.

And, in the meantime, my nearly naked mother was sitting straddled across me wearing nothing but a silk robe. While my mind was in no man’s land, with Mom on my lap, I had already started building an erection. Although I was wearing boxers, I could feel my prick rubbing against Mom’s vulva.

She did not seem to realize güvenilir bahis my focus was back and on her. I leaned forward to give her a kiss. My kiss was a reflection of my horniness and sexual attraction to my mother. Mom returned my kiss with an equal amount of passion. We began seriously making out when my hands drifted up to her, in my mind, perfect breasts.

Although I had never dreamt of kissing my mother like a lover and not just as my Mom, I was proud of being able to share this experience with my mother. Mom’s oral skills were extremely highly developed. Especially as a cocksucker.

“Mom, we have time for a quick fuck before school,” I said.

“Let me get your pants off,” she responded.

With both of us flexing and contorting, my dick was released from its captivity and my boxers were on the floor. Mom must have been thinking the same thoughts as me since she was already wet when we maneuvered my staff into her pussy.

Mom’s cunt always felt truly wonderful wrapped around my rod. It just seemed so natural to slide my cock into the hole I had once travelled in the opposite direction. It was just like coming home.

My hands glommed onto Mom’s tits as she began to rock her pussy up and down my stiff cock. Gawd, it felt great to be inside my mother’s cunt like this. No matter what, my mother would always be my favourite lover.

Time was against us this morning. I would have liked to have been fucking my mother’s pussy like this for hours but school was also waiting as she reminded me.

“C’mon, Ricky, fuck your mother hard. Squeeze my tits. Faster! Harder!”

“Mom…mom…mooooom!” I cried out as my cum began to splatter her pussy walls. I don’t know how many ropes erupted inside her as I was beyond counting. I groped her tits and squeezed hard, Mom moaned in pleasure as my climax overcame her.

Finally done cumming, I just wanted to sit there with my cock buried deeply in my mother’s pussy. Unfortunately Mom had other ideas though as she quickly climbed off me.

“Go get showered and ready for school,” she said.

It was extremely difficult to concentrate on my schoolwork that day as there was so much sex pouring through my mind. Besides the Pastor’s upcoming soiree of sexual abuse and torture, there were all the fine women in the school. Ms. Walker always looked so sexy and seeing Jennifer admiring our teacher as well reminded me the teenaged student and I had unfinished business.

Tabi was in my next class surrounded by her clique of stuck up girlfriends on the cheer squad. She must have been watching for me though as once I was through the doorway, a sly smile flitted across her face. The teacher in this class was male so I was free to daydream.

At lunch, sitting with Jaime in the cafeteria, we were approached by Margot. She was one of the foxes in our senior class and had seldom spoken to me and never to Jaime. My best friend’s eyes almost popped out of his head when she asked if she could sit down for a moment.

“Rick, I need you,” she began.

The djinn laughed his ass off and I fought back my open laughter seeing Jaime’s mouth drop open at Margot’s statement.

I understood his reaction though. Margot was a petite five foot one beautiful girl of Afro-American heritage. At the time, she was wearing golden braids that hung down past her shoulders to almost her waist. I don’t usually like black women with gold coloured hair but it fitted Margot.

She also had what rumours say are D cup tits. Rumours also say that she had them augmented as a birthday gift from her father one year. I have known of Margot for over five years now and she has always had good sized boobs. I tend to doubt the rumours. I would wager a guess that Jaime held more belief in the rumours than I. He could hardly tear his eyes away from her tits.

“What’s up, Margot?”

“I need tutoring. Can I call you later to talk about it?”

“Sure. Today isn’t good but you can call me anytime tomorrow.”

“Thanks. Seeya.”

Both Jaime and I stared at her fabulous backside as she walked away.

There was no time for Jaime to discuss this turn of events as the bell sounded signaling the end of lunch break. We went our separate ways.

What was going on with me today. The school nurse, Tracey Tong, five foot two, 105 pounds maybe, C cup boobs maybe, and ravishing stopped me in the hallway before I got to class.

“Rick, you need to see me this week. It’s time for your annual physical.” She nodded and moved on.

Thankfully, my next class had a male teacher. Damn! No such luck. There was a gorgeous, older woman, maybe my mother’s age, substituting today. I had been in classes with her on other days she had substituted for sick or absent teachers. But, I had never seen her look at me, smile a welcome, and then lick her lips.

Looking over the rest of the students as I made my way to my desk, I remembered most of the cheerleading squad, all Tabi’s friends, were also in this class. They were huddled together türkçe bahis with Tabi whispering to them. Suddenly they all looked towards me with smiles on their faces.

After that, I only had one more class. Then I could escape this sexual hell I had found myself trapped in.

The djinn had been making strange sounds in my head all day long. He finally erupted into outright laughter. The bastard had been teasing me all day long.

Finally the last class of the day was over allowing me to pull myself together and head for home. I noticed Ms. Walker standing in the hallway outside her class scanning the faces in the crowded hallway. She smiled when she saw me and beckoned me over.

“Hi, Rick, how has your day been?” the teacher greeted me.

Without waiting for a reply, she continued speaking. “I’d like to see you after school. Will you and your mother be home in an hour or so?”

“Sure,” I said. “We’ll be at home.”

Ms. Walker turned back into her classroom without a further word.

WTF?, I thought to himself. The djinn was silent this time so it must not have been his doing.

Mom was waiting in the car for me as usual. I gave her the traditional kiss on the cheek before she pulled away from the curb. On the way home, we discussed the day’s events, with me telling her that Ms. Walker would be over in an hour and that I didn’t know what she wanted.

After changing into sweats and a T, I joined Mom on the couch. I wanted to relax after experiencing all of the sexual tension of the day. Making out with my mother seemed a prime method of relaxation. She agreed with me so we did.

Of course, as always, Mom had me swiftly turned on and an erection doing its best to tunnel its way out of my pants. Before we could go any further though, the doorbell rang.

I went to get the door while Mom pulled herself together. Opening the door, I found the homely teacher with the knockout body. I invited her in but before I could close the door, I heard someone call out.


I looked back to see Tabi walking up the pathway from the sidewalk. She also looked super sexy wearing leggings and an off the shoulder top that hung down just enough to cover her ass. And, she was wearing her usual stilettoes.

As soon as I had the door closed behind her, this little nymphette was in my arms and we were making out. Tabi was grinding her crotch into the hard on that had magically reappeared when my hands found her extremely squeezable ass.

I pulled away from her so we could go into the livingroom. There we found my mother and teacher making out, both sets of hands wandering the other’s body.

Tabi had not seen Ms. Walker on her previous visits. I think she assumed that her mother, Mrs. Howard, and herself were my only sexual playthings. Seeing the duo on the couch almost made her gasp out loud.

I held my finger to her lips in a shushing gesture. We moved to the big, over padded armchair in the living room. I sat down first and Tabi took her seat on my lap with her bum on one arm of the chair and her feet on the other.

In silence, not wanting the other two women to stop what they were enjoying, we watched my mother and teacher doing their thing. Mouths pressed together, hands fondling and groping, they were obviously pleased with Ms. Walker’s spontaneous need to visit our home.

Although Tabi was no stranger to lesbian sex, she had never seen my mother and our teacher in this kind of relationship before this moment. Never taking her gaze away from the two older women, Tabi began to fondle and tease her own tits.

I just sat there watching all three in sequence. Ms. Walker may have been homely looking but her body was absolutely. So was my mom’s body, I thought to himself.

Tabi worked her top up and off, putting her own D sized tits on display for me to admire. Admire was a great word if the definition included groping and fondling her big boobs. Which I began to do after moving Tabi’s own hands out of my way.

Still watching the two older women, Tabi reached down to do her own fondling and groping. My erection had gained some of her attention but she was not looking at it. She wriggled her hand under my waistband to become up close and personal with my dick. I took my hands off her tits for a moment in order to push my pants down enough to free my cock completely.

Tabi slid her hand up and down my cock in a lazy manner since most of her attention was not on me but on the other two women. To be truthful, my hands were still on Tabi’s tits but my gaze was locked on my mother. And, Ms. Walker, of course.

The lesbian acting couple were naked by this point. Ms. Walker had her mouth trapped against Mom’s pussy as my mother pulled her in tightly. Mom’s body, particularly her pelvis, was arched up against my teacher’s face. And, Tabi was devouring them with her eyes.

Thinking about the evening’s activities, I found it difficult to maintain my own focus on either Tabi or Mom and Ms. Walker. Tabi seemed to sense güvenilir bahis siteleri my unease as she leveled a quizzical look at me. I simply shrugged at her unasked question.

With a pout on her face, Tabi climbed off the chair. Standing directly before me, she pulled her leggings down and off followed by her top. Then, with a haughty look, she trounced her way close to the other two women.

On her knees beside them, within touching distance, Tabi watched closely while again fondling her own big D’s. My own gaze kept cycling from her to my mother and teacher. Although fully clothed and without a female partner at the moment, I still enjoyed watching all three women.

Of course, I enjoyed watching Mom the most. Her lesbian antics with my teacher were so fricken hot. But the thing that appealed to me the most was seeing my mother’s smile whenever she came up for air.

By this point, Tabi was sitting native style with her legs crossed. She was enjoying herself as well even though she was not touching the other women, just herself. One hand fondled her big boobs, squeezing them, and tweaking her nipples. The other hand looked to be buried in her own pussy.

Although I enjoyed watching all the activities occurring in front of me, I was not hard. I guess my mind was too focused on the upcoming punishment of Tabi’s father, the Pastor.

I waited as patiently as I could for my three ladies to accomplish their climatic goals. I smiled seeing my mother climax hard and hot. It was time to move on.

“Tabi, call your mother and have her pick you up, please. I want both of you at the temple tonight at seven.”

“Is there something special going on at your temple tonight, Honey?” asked Ms. Walker.

“I guess you can call it special,” I said.

“Can I come?” she asked.

I took a moment to ponder the question. Ms. Walker might know some of the underage girls from school and I did not wish to publicize their exploitation. But then again, she was already unable to broadcast all of our adventures together. I guess it was safe enough and I could use, I hope, her moral support for what I was going to have happen with the aid of my djinn.

“Okay, you can come too.”

A few minutes later, the livingroom was empty leaving me and the djinn alone to finalize the details of the ensuing punishment. Tabi was waiting outside for her mother. My mom and teacher were upstairs getting cleaned up and ready to go out.

Finally six thirty was struck on the big grandfather clock in the hallway. I called upstairs telling those women it was time to go. Soon enough we were all in Mom’s car and on our way.

The three of us walked into the building through the side door just a few minutes before seven. Mrs. Howard and Tabi were waiting for us.

Mother and daughter were dressed in their usual church approved clothing, showing very little skin, with their boobs and asses hugged only somewhat by their clothes. If I had to call it something, I would call it the “school marm” look. Both women looked apprehensive. Neither greeted me with our traditional welcoming kisses.

Before I could say anything, Mrs. Howard told me most of the fathers were in attendance. She had them waiting for me in the lounge. One had brought his daughter but she had sent her home. The Pastor was waiting in his office. “Scared shitless” was the term his wife used.

I asked all the women to accompany me to the tabernacle in order to assist me in getting it ready. Mrs. Howard told me there were sixteen fathers in the lounge so we gathered that many chairs and placed them on the stage in a diagonal row. In order to accomplish that, we had to roll the altar and the lectern off to the side.

Once everything was set up, Mrs. Howard went off to invite the fathers to join us. Tabi went to fetch her father.

While they were doing that, Mom and Ms. Walker set up another four chairs, also in a diagonal line, so that they were aimed towards the fathers’ chairs. I made sure the fathers could not see the chairs without looking over their shoulders in our direction. And, the djinn was going to make sure that did not occur.

Finally, everyone was present and seated. Except for the Pastor standing in front of the fathers immersed in a cold sweat of fear. I swear I could see his knees knocking together. I spoke softly to the crowd, not allowing my personal anger and discuss leak through.

“Gentlemen, thank you for coming. Tonight is not for a celebration of any sort. Far from it,” I announced.

The fathers looked at each other, all bewildered by my statement.

“I am sorry to tell you that your Pastor is a child predator and not a man of gawd. In fact, he has forced or manipulated all your daughters into having sex with him.”

Silence reigned over the group. Then, as a group, all the fathers growled, muttered obscenities, or screamed in rage at the Pastor. Also, as a group, they attempted to get to their feet, eyes blazing. Fortunately I had planned for this and the djinn made sure they were physically locked to their seats.

“It’s true,” I said. “Pastor, tell them.”

He hemmed, and words gurgled in his throat as he attempted to keep his mouth shut. The djinn worked his magic again.

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