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Subject: The Rock vs Stone Cold This is erotic gay fiction featuring the wrestlers of the WWF This story is fiction and is not intended to suggest anything about the sexual orientation of any of its participants. This story can be reproduced on the condition that the story is left in its entire form and my email address is left attached. The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin are registered trademarks of “Titan sports Entertainment” The Rock vs. Stone ail By mighty mouse 1 ~ The rock was sitting in his dressing room that night the match seemed to go on Forever it was like the crowed never wanted it to end. They would chant “ROCK, ROCK, ROCK!!” one minute and “STONE COLD. STONE COLD!!” the next. It became a case of show boating more than anything else doing the most high risk attacks the 2 could come up with, but during the last leg drop he fell on his arm badly and the match had to be cut a little with “stone cold” preforming a quick stunner and then a pin. All the time Steve was asking “You ok Buddy?” And the rock always gave the same response “yeah just get the match over with quick.” The Rock now sat in his dressing room with ice on his arm and waiting for Shane to show up with his check so he could go home. Suddenly a knock at the door. “Come In!” The Rock called. Since he was expecting Shane he left the door unlocked. Instead of Shane Steve Austin entered a hot stud with a body to match totally bald on top but a cute orange goatee and moustached mouth. “Hi I just wanted to check to see if you’re ok?” Smiled Steve still wearing his trademark black “shorts” that was more like underwear than anything else. “Does everyone know about you?” Rock asked. The smile dropped a little from Stone Colds face “Know what?” “That underneath that gruff exterior you’re just a little pussycat?” Rock said smiling and giving Steve a playful punch in the arm. Smiling again Steve and Rock shared a laugh. “Listen Steve I really want to take a shower but I have to wait for Shane to show up with my cash and I don’t want to risk not hearing him knock, could you wait here till I finish bursa escort my shower just in case?” Rock asked getting up knowing the answer would definitely be- “Yes, sure I can do that for you buddy.” Steve smiled broadly and Rock returned it. “I’ll be like 5 minutes.” Rock reassured Steve “Take your time.” Steve shot back. Rock stood up and peeled his shorts off right there in front of Steve who immediately got hard and had to use his hands to cover his boner rock tossed the shorts over to Steve and smiled. The rocks ass was big, totally hairless just like his legs and a lighter shade than the rest of his body tan lines Steve guessed. And the cock he possessed was beautiful medium sized about 5 – 6 inches, cut and 2 large balls hung below and the pubic hair was stripped all but a small triangle above the cock, but the thing that caught Steve’s eyes so many years ago was those thick thighs that were so inviting. Steve so desperately wanted to reach out and rub those thighs but resisted. For some reason the rock seemed to liger around for quite a while just in the nude and it got Steve thinking. “Maybe he knows about me and wants me to make a move?” The rock now bent over to undo his shoelaces his ass was right in stone colds face and that was the last straw for Steve who stuck out his tongue and thrust his face forward jamming his tongue on Rocky’s open asshole. “YAHHH!!” was the noise that rock let outstanding up immediately leaving Steve’s tongue in the open air with the sweet taste of the rocks sweaty butt on it. “What the Fuck are you doing!?!? I’m Fucking Straight!” The Rock yelled at Steve. “I thought you wanted me to!” Steve shouted back. “What the fuck would make you think I wanted that!?” The Rock getting angrier and angrier asked. Stone cold very calmly stood up and pulled down his shorts to revel his throbbing 8-inch dick; He grabbed the rock and pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “Because we both know you need it.” And Forced a kiss onto Rocky’s mouth deeply he placed his tongue into rocks mouth and the rock turned to jelly escort bayan in his arm never experiencing a kiss so deep before. Stone cold took one of his hands and began to massage the rocks ass and with the other arm pulling rock in harder the hand he was using to rub rocks butt he then placed on the rocks semi hard cock. But that made rock pull back out of the embrace and kiss. “No I can’t I only like woman” the rock said softly. “Who are you trying to convince?” Steve questioned “Bend over.” The rock could only nod assuming the position he was in before with his legs straight and his hands on the ground. Steve sat down on the bench and began slowly to resume what he was doing before slowly licking the ass of the bronzed stud. With each lick he could feel a small shudder from Rocky and tasted the sweetest ass he had ever tasted in his life. The only sound in the room was the lapping of rocks ass and the small escapes of ecstasy from the rocks lips. Steve squeezed and rubbed Rocks thighs. After about 5 minutes of rimming Stone Cold wanted more he stood up and positioned himself behind the rock. “I may not be able to turn this side ways but I am going to stick it up your candy ass” Steve joked and the rock couldn’t help but laugh as well. As the cock head of stone colds cock entered the rocks well licked asshole the rock still couldn’t help but feel pain but in total contrast to Steve’s absolute bliss. He didn’t want to but the rock in pain cried out “I don’t think I can take this.” “It’s like at the doctors it’ll only hurt for a minute OK?” The Rock could get out a few nods and Steve rammed the entire length of his cock into rocks ass. The rock screamed as Steve pumped in and out always-gaining speed but soon the scream turned into a yell and the yell turned into a moan. “Oh Fuck oh god yeah Steve give it to me ohhhhhh!” the rock was begging. Steve was so horny he could already feel himself getting ready to cum. “Fuck I’m gona cum man turn around and face my cock.” Steve completely withdrew his dick and rock turned around just to get a face full of bursa escort cum from Steve’s shooting organ. “Open, open” Steve commanded as he was still shooting, The Rock opened his mouth and tasted a little of the cum that was shot into his mouth and Steve took great pride in looking at this “Straight” boy with a face and mouth full of his semen. Rock stood up and kissed Steve rubbed his body against Rocky and had some of his own cum rubbed onto his face. “Your turn now boy sit down and spread your legs” Steve ordered. “Yes SIR!” Rock said and sat on the bench and spread his legs as far as they would go. “After I put your dick in my mouth I want you to close your legs as hard as you can so I can really feel those thighs” “SIR YES SIR!!” Steve placed his face over rocks cock and inhaled deeply the wonderful aroma licked rocks cock head and soon engulfed the entire thing with his mouth and just as requested the rock firmly pressed is thighs against stone cold’s head tightly. Stone cold was in heaven since he could bob his head up and down he had to rely on tongue technique and sucking Rock loved every second and could tell soon stone cold would get a little surprise in his mouth. A voice came into the room that belonged to neither of them “Hey Shane was just handing out the pay slips I picked your up for-” Just then the door opened Rock shocked turned his head and saw Jeff Hardy entering “You. What going on?” Rock couldn’t answer his orgasm hit with such force he let out a small yell and released Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head who immediately saw Jeff Hardy Stone Cold got up and smiled again. Jeff and Steve walked towards each other and kissed briefly Steve letting some of the rocks cream enter Jeffs mouth. “Well Steve i owe you five bucks” Jeff said still looking at The Rock “I see you have welcomed The Rock into the flock. “When you fuck other guys a whole new world opens up to you here.” Jeff said and handed The Rock his pay “Later.” Jeff said as he left “I better go too” Steve Said as he quickly pulled on his shorts and left The rock was left alone in his dressing room and he wasn’t sure but he thought he is going to like this. Well at least I’ll give him something to do between matches. The Rock stood up and left to find Jeff Hardy. To be continued……. if you want any wrestlers teamed up drop me a line

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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