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The Rumor was True Blacken

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The Rumor was True BlackenI started working at a new job and was being introduced to the people in the building when I was introduced to Marcus one of the salesman, Marcus was tall and very dark and handsome black man. The man showing me around then told me Marcus was an asshole. I asked what made him an asshole and was simply told that was just who he was.I started working there and as time went on, I noticed that all the men did in fact think of Marcus as an asshole. I got along pretty well with him and he really got along well with the white secretaries. It was not a company secret that he had found his way into more than a few of their pants.A few months down the road and Marcus invited me to a party he was having the upcoming weekend. I knew Marcus and a few others attending the party so I said that I would come. The weekend came and it was party night. The party was fun with games, people, food, drinks, and all the items a proper party should have.Marcus found me after being there for an hour or so and we chatted and hung out for most of the evening. He was being cool and a completely different person than the person you would see at work. I am not oblivious to what was going on and I was sure he was doing so in the chance he might get to have sex with me. I was not completely opposed to this but I had never been with a black guy before and it made me very excited.It was later in the night and Marcus wanted to go smoke a cigarette and asked me if I wanted to go with him. When I am buzzed, I do smoke from time to time, so I said yes and we went to his room. Marcus had a deck outside of his room that was better than going out to smoke in the back or driveway. As we entered his room, it was obvious he had a camera set up to record his bed. I brought it up and he said he did like to record sex sometimes as well as make videos for women online. He was an amateur porn star and I told him as much laughing it off. He informed me that women did not like him for his personality.At this point, I was curious. Marcus had the confidence to make his own porn, he had a resume with women and the men hated him. I wondered if he really was that good. This is where the coin flip appeared. Marcus must have sensed my curiosity and asked me to make a bet. The bet would be a simple coin flip. If the coin came up heads, then Marcus canlı bahis would show me the goods and that would be that. If the coin came up tails, I got to see the goods as well but also was going to be fucked by him. With my buzzed courage and good odds, I agreed and the coin went into the air.I do not know if I honestly thought this through as the coin began coming back down to Marcus’s black hand. I had just agreed to a bet that may put me to having sex with a black coworker while my boyfriend was out camping. Maybe I just thought I had the luck to win it. The coin landed with the tails side up. I looked up to see Marcus smiling as he put out his cigarette. Unsure what to say I simply took the last pull off mine before putting it in the ash tray.We went back into Marcus’s room and he took his shirt off tossing it aside. He then undid the drawstring on his shorts before dropping them and his boxers to the ground. There was a naked black man standing in front of me with what should have been a third leg hanging down. Honestly, this thing looked like one of the outrageous dildos you see at adult stores and you joke about. Marcus simply smiled and said it was my turn.I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks because you have to start with the sexy stuff. Then my pants next followed the shirt. I was standing there in my thong and bra for a second. I then undid my bra, which actually felt good and tossed it to the side before sliding my thong down to the ground. I then went over to Marcus and stood in front of him. He was at least six inches taller than I was. He leaned down and started kissing me. As he did so, I reached down and grabbed his dick. The damn thing was actually heavy to pick up. He paused kissing and told me to stroke it before putting his tongue back into my mouth.We stood there making out, as his black dick got hard in my hand. I had to stand off to the side of the monster. I then felt his hand on my shoulder and he applied pressure pushing me down. I understood the signal and dropped to my knees. His dick was actually higher at this point than my mouth was but I could stick work with it. I opened my mouth to what I usually did and found that was not going to cut it. As I took his head into my mouth, I could feel my draw stretching. Deep throating was going to be out of the question, as I doubted bahis siteleri he would ever fit down my throat without tearing something. Marcus was aggressive. As soon as my mouth was around his black dick he grabbed my hair and began fucking my face. I gagged as he was going back as far as my throat would allow. He would fuck my throat for about ten seconds before taking it out long enough for me to fill my lungs with air and then back in it went. More and more saliva began to come out with it covering my chin and the end of his dick. He used me like this for several minutes before pulling me to my feet.I was turned on by him fucking my face even though I was breathing heavily now trying to catch my air. Marcus and I met eye to eye before he pushed me back to the bed. I landed on my back and went to look up but that was ended as he grabbed the inside of my legs and pushed me back. As I had mentioned Marcus was more aggressive so there was no going slow. He put the head of his monster at my pussy and slammed it into me. I am sure I cried out but then again I was making many sounds. Marcus got into position and began thrusting away hard and fast. I felt an orgasm coming through me like a flood. Normally there is a good build up but not this time. I was going from zero to full speed in an instant. Mt body tightened as the orgasm hit and Marcus did not even hesitate fucking me through it.My orgasm one was beginning to calm down somewhat and get out of the way for orgasm two when Marcus pulled out and rolled me over. He lifted my ass and like a drill the monster dove into my pussy and began slamming away deep and hard grabbing my hips and smacking my ass . I do not think the wave of pleasure I was riding ever had a second to dull down. Normally I pay attention if other people are in the house as to be quiet but I was not being quiet at all with this assault. Marcus’s slamming against me pushed me flat on the bed. Orgasm number two was rolling through when he began to grunt hard. He told me to beg him to cum inside me. He then almost ordered me to do it. My body was bouncing with each thrust and I was moaning and trying to breath. Somewhere in between all that I told him to fucking cum in me. He started slamming my body even harder and then pinned me down as I felt that monster spurting and pulsing all through bahis şirketleri me. He even gave me a few more thrust to make sure every string was going into the intended place.We were lying there together on his bed and I was exhausted. I was breathing as if I had just ran a mile. I was sweating and my muscles felt on fire. I had gone through two huge orgasms and had loved it. I was enjoying the small amount of time relaxing as I felt Marcus roll to the side and remove his black dick from my pussy. I was taking a moment thinking we were done and going to return to the party when I felt it. Marcus’s monster was now pressing on my back door. I enjoy anal sex so it is not as if I am unused to something in my ass but this was beyond something. Once again, Marcus was not known as a gentle man and even with my ass objecting it gave way to the monster as it stretched me open and fed into me.My mouth opened as if I was going to scream but no noise came out. Marcus buried all of himself in my ass and I had never felt this full ever. Lucky for me he was going a little slower as he began to thrust away. I did not know how with as big as he had cum minutes ago he was ready to go again but he was in full fucking mode. I tried biting down on the bedding but Marcus wanted to hear me. He demanded I tell him how I liked it in my ass. Then he grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back. I gave him some small answers but they were not doing the trick. Finally, I told him I loved his super cock spreading my ass open and fucking my slut hole. He told me I was a good slut and fucked harder. I actually felt another orgasm building from him fucking my ass. He fucked away and both of us made a****listic noises until he began his hard deep thrust again and then pinned me down. The last thrust did it for me and orgasm number three hit me tightening my entire body. The pulsing went through my ass and up into my body. I felt the warmth spread with each squirt.Marcus took a minute or so before standing up and telling me I was a Hell of a fuck. I tried to push my body up but everything hurt. I decided to just roll over. As I did so, I noticed the red light on the camera. At some point Marcus must have turned it on. Maybe I should be mad but honestly, I was too tired and worn out to care. Marcus got dressed, then came over, and helped me stand up. I told him no one was to ever see that video and he said for personal use only. I got dressed as my body objected every time I moved. We shared another cigarette on the patio before heading back down to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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