May 23

The Runaways

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Authors note: This story has two endings. I wrote the story and then my proofreader said it needed a different ending. Actually what she said that she saw the possibility of multiple endings, but I’m too lazy for that. But, since I have the screaming hots for the lady and want nothing more than to have her sit on my face I thought I’d better give her something to keep her happy. I do hope you enjoy.


Mindy stood in front of the mirror and adjusted her veil for the tenth or eleventh time. She hated to admit it at this late date, but she wasn’t at all sure she should do it. She wanted to do it, God knew that she loved Rob with all her heart, but the question was, “Should she do it?” Should she start her marriage to Rob on a lie? Rob was going to slip his ring on her finger believing that she was a virgin when the truth was that she was anything but. There would be a least – at least! – a half dozen sitting in the church and watching her walk down the aisle who had beaten Rob to what he thought he would be the first to get.

She knew that Rob was the one the first time she laid eyes on him. Halfway through their very first date she was planning on how to fuck his brains out when he took her home. She would give him the best sex that of his life – so good that he would never want to leave her side. By the time they got to her apartment she had done a complete one-eighty. She dared not let him see how good she was in bed; he would think she was a slut and he would never see her again. All he would get on that first date was a quick kiss on the cheek and he didn’t get much more on the next two.

They did do some heavy petting on the fourth date, but when he put his hand on her breast she pushed it away even though her pussy was flooding and it was all she could do to keep from reaching for his cock. By the sixth date she had convinced herself that Rob would prefer a virgin bride and she reluctantly kept her legs closed to him. After he had asked her to marry him she had let him play with her breasts and she had even let him suck on them a couple of times. She had given him several hand jobs, but she had never let him get his fingers into her for fear that she would lose it and he would find out just how big a slut she was.

Her pussy had been dripping all morning in anticipation of consummating the marriage and now here she was having serious doubts about whether she should even go through with the wedding. What would happen if Rob found out that she didn’t go to his bed a virgin especially after she had denied him all these months? The more she thought about it the more certain she was that he would find out. She could think of two of her ex-lovers who were assholes enough to find some way to let Rob know that they had fucked his woman.

Shit!!! She had built herself a cage and she was getting ready to step into it and have the door lock behind her. She couldn’t do that to Rob, she just couldn’t. She tore off her veil and threw it on the floor, grabbed her purse and headed out the back door of the church. She crossed the alley, putting a row of houses between her and the church, flagged down a cab and two hours later she was in her car and on her way out of town.


Rob looked at his watch, took a deep breath and let it out. Forty minutes to go and he and Mindy would take the vows that would bind them together for the rest of their lives. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find her. She was beautiful, sexy looking, intelligent, had a great sense of humor and she was a perfect match for him. He had known she was the one when he first was introduced to her. He hadn’t thought he’d had a chance with someone that perfect and he had been both surprised and overjoyed when he asked her for a date and she said yes.

He had spent almost all of that first date trying to make up his mind on how to handle the end of the evening. Should he try to score or not? He wanted her so bad that it hurt, but what if he made a move and it upset her? No, he couldn’t take a chance on driving her away. He settled for a kiss on the cheek and the promise of a second date. He hadn’t pushed it on the next two, but by the fourth date he felt he could try. As soon as he touched her breast he got shut down. After that they moved into doing some serious necking and that was about it until he asked her to marry him.

Mindy was perfect and he was overjoyed that she was going to be his. Yeah, sure, overjoyed. So why was he so nervous and jumpy? Hell, he knew why. It was because she was a virgin. She was a virgin and that fact made him nervous as all hell. He remembered what happened to his cousin George. His wife Amy was one hot looking bitch and she looked like sex oozed out her pores and she had been a virgin when George married her and then when it was too late George found out that Amy believed that the only reason to have sex was to make babies and she wouldn’t make love unless it was her fertile time. Then she got pregnant and said, “The job is done” and that was the end bahis firmaları of sex for George.

And then there was his buddy Tom. Marge was a virgin when Tom married her and according to Tom, even though she was always ready and willing she would only do it missionary, with the lights off and wearing a nightgown. Tom said the only time he even got to see her tits was when he caught her in the shower.

George and Tom could have avoided all of that if they hadn’t gone along with that, “I’m going down the aisle a virgin” story. Mindy was one hell of a sexy looking lady, but was it just sexy looking? Was she going to be sexless in the bedroom like George’s wife Amy had been? It had taken him months before he got to play with Mindy’s tits, but it never seemed to turn her on. She had given him a couple of hand jobs, but that didn’t really tell him much. Once when she was stroking him off he had tried to gently push her head down toward his cock and she had come unglued. Did that mean that she wouldn’t give head after they got married? He loved head, both giving it to his partner and getting it. No way he could see a marriage without oral sex. And what about anal? If she wouldn’t do oral there was no way in hell she would even think about anal.

He looked at his watch again – twenty more minutes. He thought of all the sex he’d had and how much he enjoyed all of it. Damn it!!! This was his future he was gambling on. No! No way! He couldn’t do it. He loved Mindy, but he wouldn’t live in a sexless marriage and since he had no way of knowing what might happen he wasn’t going to chance it. He snuck out the back door of the church and when they came looking for him to tell him it was time he was in his apartment packing.


Mindy was tired. She had been driving for almost five hours; add to that the emotional trauma of the last six hours and she was exhausted. She saw the sign that said there was gas, food and lodging at the next exit and she put on her turn signal and aimed her car up the exit ramp. The sign said food and gas to the right and lodging to the left and she figured she better get her a room first so she made a left turn and a hundred or so feet down the road was a Super 8 Motel.

After she checked in she asked where the best place to eat was. She was told she had three choices. Bud’s Bar at this end of town, Millie’s Caf‚ in the center of town and Benny’s Tavern on the other end. Bud’s served half pound ground rounds and steamed hot dogs, but that was all. Millie’s was a regular restaurant, but didn’t have a liquor license. Benny’s Tavern was also a pizzeria. Mindy felt like pizza so she drove through town to Benny’s. The place was packed. The guy at the motel hadn’t mentioned the dance floor and the live band.

She saw an open seat at the bar and she headed for it. As soon as she was seated the bartender was there asking what he could do for her. She ordered a Coors’s Light and then asked if she could buy pizza by the slice. Told she could she ordered four slices of cheese and pepperoni. When he set the beer down in front of her he asked:

“Are you alone tonight or are you with somebody?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Tonight is what we call “Doe’s Night.” Unescorted ladies get their drinks at half price.”

“What’s the reason behind that?”

“It draws the single ladies and the single ladies draw the males – the Bucks.”

“Cute. Well I guess you can put me down as a Doe because I’m all alone.”

The bartender smiled at her as he said, “But you won’t be for long. Not a pretty lady like you.”

She took a sip of her beer and looked around. There did seem to be a lot of single guys sitting at the tables. She wondered if one or two would hit on her. The thought almost made her cry. By rights she should have been five hours married and getting ready to slip away from the reception so she and Rob could consummate their marriage. Just the thought of what she had done to Rob made her feel rotten. He deserved better than that. God, she had so looked forward to being his wife. She doubted that she would ever find another man as perfect for her as he was.

She wondered how long he had stood there waiting for her to walk down the aisle toward him. Steady girl, she told herself, just remember that you did what you did for him. You loved him enough to spare him the anguish he would have gone through when he found out that you had not come to him a virgin.

The bartender came back with her pizza and she ate them and ordered another beer. When she got to her destination she would write him a letter of explanation of why she ran and hope that someday he might be able to forgive her. She was taking a sip of her second beer when a soft voice from behind her said:

“Excuse me miss,” and she turned to see a man about her own age standing there.


“I hope you won’t think me to forward, but it certainly would be a crime to let you sit there and let all that good music go to waste. Would you dance with me?”

She kaçak iddaa smiled as she thought that if she weren’t in Benny’s she would certainly be dancing at her reception. Why not? She needed to do something to cheer herself up.

“I’d love to” she said as she got off her barstool and then followed him out onto the dance floor. The dance turned into three and when he invited her to join him and his friends at their table she agreed. There were three guys and two girls at the table when she and Jim went to sit down. Charlie was the odd man out and he and Jim kept her on the dance floor most of the night.

Six or eight beers later she had decided that since this was the night she was supposed to go to her marriage bed and that she had gone six months without sex (and was as horny as a billy goat) that either Charlie or Jim was going to get lucky that night. It was going to be hard to choose. They were both good looking and they were both trying hard to score. By midnight both of them knew she was going to pick one of them and both were pressing hard to be the chosen one.

By mid-night fifteen everyone else who had been at the table had gone and just three of them were sitting there. Mindy was ready. Her pussy was dripping from the anticipation and she needed to make a choice and get on with it. Her indecision must have shown on her face because Charlie jokingly said:

“You could flip a coin.”

She knew he meant it as a joke, but the idea suddenly appealed to her. “That’s a great idea,” she said as she dug in her purse for a coin. She came up with a quarter and said, “Okay, who gets to call it?” The two guys looked at each other but before either one of them could say anything she said:

“I’ll do it. Jim, you get to be heads and that makes Charlie tails. I’ll flip it up in the air and let it hit the floor. When it comes to rest we will look at it and see who won.”

She flipped the coin up into the air and the three of them watched as it turned over and over and over as it rose and then fell. It hit the floor on edge and rolled away. The three of them looked all over, but couldn’t find the coin and Jim jokingly said:

“You know what that means, right?”

“No,” Mindy said, “I don’t know what that means.”

“It means you get both of us.”

Charlie laughed and said, “Now that is one hell of a good idea” and both men were caught flat-footed when Mindy, who was no stranger to threesomes, smiled and said:

“You’re right. That is a hell of a good idea, let’s go. I’m in the motel at the edge of town.”

“Our place is closer and more comfy. Plus we have a kick ass stereo system if we want to dance and a refrigerator full of beer.”

“Okay, your place it is, but the only dancing I intend to do is horizontal


The gas gauge showed less than a quarter of a tank and Rob decided that it was time for a pit stop anyway so he took the next exit that had a sign indicating that services were available. The sign at the end of the exit ramp had an arrow showing that he should turn right for gas stations. As he cruised through the small town he saw a neon sign that said, “Burgers and Beer” and he decided to stop in there after he gassed up.

As the numbers rolled on the pump display he wondered again, for the eleventh or twenty-fifth time, if he had done the right thing in leaving the church. For all he knew Mindy could have been an absolute tiger in bed. Yeah, but she also could have been like his cousin’s wife Amy. It was too big a risk for him to take. As much as he loved and craved sex there wasn’t anyway he could stay in a sexless marriage. He needed someone with the same hungers he had and if Mindy would have had them they would have shown, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t there have been some indication, even a small one?

He loved her, God knew he loved her, but love alone couldn’t hold a marriage together. He knew that. He had seen that happen to family and friends. You needed love AND a good sex life. Everyone he knew who had a failed marriage had said that sex was the reason for the failure. Anywhere from not getting enough to getting it someplace else. No, he was convinced he made the right choice, both for him and for Mindy. If she were anything like George’s wife or Tom’s wife he would be making her life miserable with the frequency with which he would be trying to have sex. He would constantly be pushing for oral and anal sex as well as regular conventional sex. Looking back he realized he should have been more aggressive in trying to score, especially after she had said yes to his proposal. He should have explained his feelings and fears. She might have said she was looking forward to learning about and enjoying sex in all of its many forms. She might have even made love to him to put his fears to rest, but he never gave her the chance.

He wondered how long she had waited in the room before they told her he was gone. He would write her and explain when he got to where he was going, not that it would matter to her. She kaçak bahis would probably fly into a rage whenever his name was mentioned. He couldn’t even crawl back to her and beg forgiveness. How could anyone forgive what he had done? He finished filling his tank, paid and then headed for the place where he’d seen the “Burgers and Beer” sign. A couple of burgers and a beer to wash them down and he’d get on the road again.

The place was bigger than it looked from the outside. A small dance floor in the center of the room, a bar along one wall, booths along the wall opposite and tables between them. There was a pool table in the back and a jukebox against the back wall. He took a seat at the bar and looked at the menu hanging on the wall behind it. Only hot dogs and hamburgers and a note across the bottom that said, “We don’t do fries!!” The special was a half-pound ground round with a slice of Bermuda onion and he ordered one – well done – and asked the bartender what was on draft. He settled for a Bud Light and as he sipped it he looked around and saw that the place was fairly full.

There were several couples on the dance floor dancing to the tunes from the jukebox and he thought of how that was what he was supposed to be doing right then. He was supposed to be dancing at his wedding reception. He remembered the way Mindy had felt when she was in his arms and it was all he could do to keep from crying. God damn it! How could he have been so stupid! Why hadn’t he used his head? Why hadn’t he just gone ahead and married the woman he loved and given them a chance. He would have known before the night was over what he had to look forward to in the way of sex and if it looked like it would turn out the way it had for George and Tom he could have kissed Mindy goodbye and gone for an annulment.

His burger came and he ate it as he sipped his beer. When the burger was gone he noticed that the pool table was empty so he picked up his beer and headed back to it. He put the money in, racked the balls, broke the rack and started shooting. He had half the balls off the table when a soft voice from behind him asked:

“Like some competition?”

He turned and saw a very nice looking redhead standing there.

“I wouldn’t be any competition I’m afraid, I’m lousy at pool. I’m just killing some time.”

“Then we are evenly matched since I can’t shoot for beans either.”

“Okay then, I guess we can mess around for a bit.”

“Ooooh, that sounds good to me?”


“Messing around sweetie. I’m Brenda” she said and stuck out her hand. “Rob” he said as he took the offered hand and shook it.

He put more money in the table and when the balls dropped he racked them. “Eight ball?” he asked.

“Sounds good” she said and he handed her a cue stick and said, “Ladies first” as he pointed to the rack. She gave a throaty laugh and said, “I’m no lady sweetie, not even close.”

She broke and nothing fell on the break and he missed on his first shot. She screwed up her next shot and he thought that she was indeed as bad as he was, either that or she was trying not to hurt his ego.

“I haven’t seen you in here before” she said.

“First time.”

“What brings you to this bustling metropolis?”

“Just passing through. Stopped for gas and a quick bite to eat before getting back on the road.”

“Where you headed?”

“Don’t know. Have a couple of weeks off, pointed the car north and started driving.”

“So you aren’t in any real hurry to get anywhere?”

“No, not really.”

“Well, how nice for me.”


“You are here, not in any hurry to get anywhere and I need someone to shoot pool with and dance with. You aren’t going to refuse me, are you?”

“Why me? The place has a dozen guys who appear to be here alone.”

“I’ve lived here all my life sweetie and I know most of them and they are for the most part losers and I don’t want anything to do with them. You on the other hand are new and therefore interesting.”

“I’m interesting? I’ve never had a sexy looking redhead tell me that I was interesting before. Maybe I shouldn’t get back on the road.”

“Good sweetie, how about we forget about pool, I want to dance.”

Brenda felt good in his arms and he was reminded of the fact that he hadn’t had any sex since he started dating Mindy. That thought triggered the thought that he was supposed to have made love to Mindy that night. He wasn’t sure if it was the thought of Mindy or the way Brenda felt in his arms that brought on the erection, but whatever caused it Brenda felt it and she didn’t pull away from it. In fact, she moved in closer and whispered in his ear:

“I did mention that I found you interesting, didn’t I?”

Half a dozen dances and a couple of beers later Brenda said, “We need to get out of here sweetie.”

“I don’t have a place to go to.”

“Sure you do sweetie, my place. Come on, let’s go.”


Mindy looked around and said, “I didn’t expect a house. I thought that a couple of single guys who were roommates would be sharing an apartment.”

“The house is cheaper than an apartment. It has three bedrooms so three people splitting the cost makes it less expensive than an apartment.

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