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The Rustic Cabin

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“Amy, my schedule is all screwed up. I know we were all supposed to leave for the cabin on Friday but my boss has just scheduled me for a trip to Paris to attend some damn conference in his place.”

“Mom, don’t tell me our vacation is cancelled. I have been looking forward to it for some time. I kept picturing it as our “On Golden Pond” family time together.”

“Not at all. I’ll tell Dad about the problem and I know he will insist you two go and I’ll join you in a couple of weeks. I know he has been looking forward to it as much as you and I have.” she answered.

Well, that was the start of it.

I’m Amy, nineteen, and just started college last fall. My mom, JoAnn, and dad, Phil, both have great jobs enabling us to have a wonderful house in the city in addition to a fantastic log cabin in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. The cabin is my favorite with its seclusion and lakefront views and a high mountain to the rear. I love it. . Mom and Dad are both in their early forties and take unbelievably good care of themselves. They each jog more than fifteen miles a week and workout almost every morning in the well-equipped exercise room over our two-car garage. At only half their age, I wish I had their energy!

That evening dad and I talked about everything we would need to take to the mountains. We were planning to be there for roughly a month and we liked to bring as much as we could with us rather than have to shop in the town nearest the cabin. I made out a huge grocery list I would shop from, the day before leaving. Dad suggested we take the Volvo wagon since it would give us the most room and mom could fly up to a nearby town where we would drive over and pick her up.

The drive was wonderful. We live in Maryland and once we got over to Interstate 81 it was clear sailing all the way up to Watertown, NY where we turned onto a small state road. The trip is just under five hundred miles and considering the way my dad and I each drive, we manage to get there in less than eight hours; nine if we stop for a big lunch.

We arrived close to 5:00 PM and it didn’t take us any time at all to de-winterize the place. Dad had called ahead and got one of the men who look after places like ours over the winter months to arrange to have the water, electric and propane all turned on and the dust covers removed from the furniture. He also had the little speedboat lowered from its winter storage cradle and de-winterized to be ready for our use.

It had been a while since lunch and Dad had the gas grill going with a couple of sirloins on it that we would soon enjoy with the glasses of wine I was pouring. I had set the table out on the deck with the plates and silverware and placed a couple of candles in the center. This was to be our maiden dinner for the Spring. After this visit we wouldn’t be back until late summer and then we also enjoy the place at Thanksgiving.

The conversation at dinner was the usual….’How I was doing at school, who was my latest boyfriend etc., etc.’ Same O, Same O every time we got together after any separation at all. I guess it’s the same with all parents and their children who have gone off to college.

As soon as we had finished, dad asked if I would like to go for a spin in the boat. I quickly agreed and moved to clean up the table.

It wasn’t ten minutes later he had the engine running smoothly and we were pulling away from the pier. The lake is wonderful in the early evening. Fish are jumping and the sounds of the birds carry a long way. We sped around for a half-hour before returning to the pier. At this time of the year it is still cool in the evening so dad had thrown a few logs in the big walk-in stone fireplace and soon had a fire crackling. The fire always holds my attention and I find I can lose myself when myself staring into it.

“Amy, I’m going to go up and shower. I feel sort of cruddy after being in these clothes all day.”

Twenty minutes later I went up to my own room to grab a brush and comb. As I walked past my parent’s room I noticed the door was cracked open a few inches and I could see my naked dad just coming out of the master bathroom into the bedroom

Holy shit, he had one great body and a rather long thick soft penis.

I was still a virgin and had only read about the sex act and men’s bodies but my imagination was always in high gear. I rushed past the door in case he caught me staring.

I was sitting in front of the fire, combing then brushing my long hair when he came back downstairs.

The cabin is a typical log cabin design. The lower level has a huge combination great and dining room with a big kitchen off to one end and a laundry and pantry off the kitchen. The upper level is a balcony overlooking the great room with three bedrooms off the upstairs hall. My room was at the far end of the walkway and had windows on two walls. I loved it.

Dad was only wearing a pair of running shorts and an athletic T when he plopped down onto the sofa next to pendik escort me. He must have also shaved for I could smell the lotion. It was turning me on a lot.

We had a couple of more glasses of wine before he announced he was going up to hit the sack. I stayed down for a few minutes longer before finding my way up to my own room.

It was a terrible night. All I could think of was my dad’s perfect body and that gorgeous cock hanging between his legs. As soon as I hit the sack my hands dove for my crotch. One hand searched out my clit while the other was gently sliding up and down my pussy lips. I soon had the hood slid back off my clit and my fingers were teasing the tip of it while my ass was squirming so furiously I was afraid I was making so much noise my father would hear me. I have always been able to bring myself to orgasm but tonight was something special. My mind was wildly thinking about dad’s cock and how it would look when it was hard and even how it would feel inside of me. Whew, I knew all of this was forbidden fruit but I couldn’t help it. I could feel the pressure starting to build deep inside me and my heart was soon racing. I lifted my legs up so just the soles of my feet were still resting on the mattress when I felt the rush in my crotch telling me I was almost there. The orgasm came over me unlike any I ever had before. It felt as if I had let the air out of a big balloon as it came rushing from deep inside of me and out of the lips of my pussy. It wasn’t a minute or so later before I felt my bed was soaked with my juices. Wow, I never had one like that before.

It took me a long time to come down from the high of that awesome orgasm. The lips of my pussy were still quivering for a long time afterwards and I let my hands slowly circle my pussy lips and down between my legs to my asshole. My crotch, never mind the bed, was soaked.

Sleep didn’t come easy that night but my dreams were wonderful.

The next morning I was up a little earlier than usual. My bed needed changing from the mess of last night’s orgasm and I wanted to get it done before dad was up. No such luck. My arms were loaded with the sheets as I went through my bedroom door and was walking down the hallway when dad’s door opened and I bumped directly into him.

He said, “Hold on big lady, I’ll bring them down for you.”

I noticed he had lowered his face to the sheets and was smiling, smelling my pussy juices.

He carried the laundry down to the washer and dumped it in. My face must have been beet red with embarrassment but he never said a word.

I offered to cook us up some bacon and eggs before we went for our normal morning but he suggested we wait until after our run. It was a couple of miles out to the end of the lake and back so off we went. I could match him stride for stride for this distance but would fall badly behind if we went much further. We were both soaked by the time we were up on the front porch again and he told me to hold off with breakfast. He wanted to shower first. I was just as sweaty so I went up for mine as well.

Halfway through my shower I got very brave or very stupid. I rinsed the soap off, dried most of the water from myself and went down the hall and opened his bedroom door. He was just stepping out of the glass stall shower when he stopped and looked at me standing there nude. We were both almost paralyzed and each just stood there motionless. I figured I had come this far I so might as well go the rest of the way. I walked over to him and opened my arms wide as I hugged him. I was only a few inches shorter than him and my large breasts were squashed against his chest.

“Amy, this is wrong. We can’t do this,” he said.

But I noticed his cock was starting to rise as he was speaking. “Shhh dad, I know you smelled my pussy juices on my sheets this morning from the huge orgasm I had last night thinking about something like this. I want you to teach me about sex for real.”

I pushed myself back from him a few inches and slid one hand down between us and wrapped my fingers around the now hard shaft of his cock.

He released one huge gasp and wrapped both of his strong arms around my back and asked, “Honey, have you honestly never had sex before?”

“No, and I want you to teach me everything. We will have enough time since we are going to be here alone for a long time.” He undid his arms from around my back and reached down and picked me up and carried me out to the bedroom and laid me gently down on the bed. By now his cock was rock hard and standing straight up in the air.

“Well, honey relax and let’s talk about what you know and what you don’t. I think you know all about masturbation for I am sure that orgasm you had last night didn’t just happen. Your devilish little fingers had a lot to do with it….Right?” he joked.

“Oh yes, they were very busy all the time my mind was thinking about your lovely cock.” I said as I gave the head of his cock a little squeeze.

That maltepe escort prompted another gasp from him and him saying. “Stop that before I match your orgasm of last night and then I am not going to be able to teach you very much. There are many ways for us to please each other but perhaps we ought to start with the basics. Let me get a condom and some lube.”

He was soon back beside me and was unrolling the condom on his cock. When it was on him he squirted some lube on his hand and smeared a lot of it on the head of his condom and then took the rest of it and smeared it up my pussy as far as his fingers could reach.

It was my turn to gasp. “God that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

“Hush now.”

As he was saying that he had lowered his face to take one of my nipples between his lips and used his free hand to massage my breast as he was sucking it. God if his fingers going up my pussy with the lube was great, this was awesome. He just lay like that for a while before reaching around to find one of my hands and moved it down to slide up and down the shaft of his lubed up condom. This was too much. I never wanted it to end and couldn’t imagine anything that would ever feel any better.

He then turned and lay on his back and lifted me around so I was straddling him.

“Honey, I could slip my cock into you with you on your back but since you are a virgin if you lowered yourself onto me you will be in control of how deep and how fast is comfortable for you. Now, I am positioning my cock directly in line with your pussy lips. Lower yourself slightly and you will feel it.”

I did and could just barely feel something touching them but it sure didn’t feel very erotic.

“Now start to lower yourself as fast and deep as you want.”

It wasn’t long before I had three or four inches of his cock in me and I could feel it stretching my vagina a little. I had felt some resistance to his cock an inch or so ago but figured that was my cherry.

“Dad, how big is your cock? I think I have all of it in my now.”

He laughed saying, “Amy, you don’t even have half of it inside you. Keep lowering yourself.”

The lube was helping for I could feel him slide in a little more without much pain.

“Amy, you have a few more inches to go. I think it would be best if you just did it in one big move. I’ll be holding your breasts and massaging your nipples and that will give you something to think about while you feel me bottom out in your pussy.”

Damn, it already felt as if I now had a baseball bat in my pussy and I was wondering how it would feel with any more. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and lowered myself until I felt his stomach touch my pussy lips. Holy shit, this was terrific. His cock was stretching my pussy all out of shape but I never dreamed a cock in me would feel so good.

I lifted myself up a few inches and then let myself down. I did that a few times and then I could feel that he was matching my movements with his hips. He was coming up as I was going down. I then started to lift my self higher and higher and then lowering myself all the way down again. Once again he was matching my movements. My pussy felt as if it was on fire and he was sticking a long fire hose in me to cool me down. It wasn’t working. I was getting hotter and hotter with each up and down movement. He was massaging each of my breasts and that was making me even hotter. I was remembering the feeling I had with last night’s orgasm and this was even more overpowering. The walls of my vagina could feel every ridge in his cock. I found I could actually tighten my pussy and when I did that he would gasp even louder.

The feeling started way down inside of me. Something like that of an orgasm I could give myself but this was even deeper inside. It wasn’t just his cock that was causing the feeling but it was the whole act of fucking that was turning me on so much. I had only dreamed of this and here I was actually getting laid. I started to move faster and faster and so did he and that did it. The rush came from deep inside of me and out through my vagina and I went a little wild. I couldn’t control my movements and I was shouting something but I didn’t know what. I could feel him moving exactly the same way and with the same intensity before he was shouting, “I’m cumming baby.”

Holy shit. My father and I had just fucked and he had taken my cherry.

I let myself down on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and then lifted me a little and held my face in each hand and then kissed me long and deep. I was so excited I couldn’t catch my breath.

We lay like that for quite some time before he laughingly suggested that perhaps another shower was in order. This time we could do it together in the large walk-in shower in his bathroom.

The showering itself was very erotic. He would lean down to kiss me on the lips while his hands were going wild all over my chest.

“God, I can’t get over how beautiful kartal escort your breasts are. I’ve watched you mature over the years but these are nicer than I ever dreamed.”

We came out of the shower and he wanted to dry me off, which was fine by me. He paid particular attention to my breasts and then dropped a towel between my legs and patted me very dry. He then handed me a new towel and told me to do him. Hmmm. What was he asking for?

I dried off his chest and back and then went down each leg and came back up to his crotch where I let the towel wander all around his balls and cock. I had it dry as a bone but kept going to see how long it was going to take me to get him hard again. It wasn’t long before the swelling started. As soon as it was noticeable he dropped his arms under mine and lifted me up to face him, saying, “Let’s go back to bed for lesson number two. Honey, lesson number two is Oral sex. I am going to use my mouth to give you an orgasm that will hopefully be more erotic and powerful than one you can give yourself with your fingers on your clit.”

With that he lowered his face to my crotch area and spread my legs with his hands. He then let his tongue open the lips of my pussy spending time with each fold of my pussy lips. When he finally had me completely open he used his tongue to get my clit out from under its hood and then started to slide a couple of fingers up and down each side of my clit while his tongue was flicking the tip of it ever so softly.

Whew, his tongue was soon having me climb the walls. He wasn’t rushing at all. He would flick my clit and then let his fingers slide down the sides of it before touching it again with his tongue. He kept this up over and over and then finally removed his fingers from my clit and put some of them together and slipped them into my pussy. Holy shit. That was like magic. My pussy started to quiver and the walls of my vagina clamped onto his fingers as he started to move them in and out as if he was fucking me with them. It didn’t take long before I was throwing my hips hard against his mouth and wrapping my legs around the back of his neck. Damn, it seems as if each orgasm he makes me have is bigger and more intense than the previous one.. This one was terrific and he just stayed there while I was coming down from it.

He climbed up onto the bed and lowered his love-juice covered mouth onto my own mouth giving me a long, deep soul kiss. I was tasting myself for the first time and it was kind of strange. Nice, but strange.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said.

“Is this what I hear referred to as a blowjob?” I asked.

“That’s it my dear. You are going to take my long lovely cock in your mouth and move your mouth up and down in such a way that I will be shooting my load way down your throat in a short time. If you don’t think you will be able to do that I will pull out when I am cumming and shoot off to the side. It’s your call.”

“Dad, if you can swallow my love juices I can darn sure do the same for yours.” I volunteered. His cock was still half-hard and I stroked it a bit until I had it as hard as steel. I had never seen a cock before so I was looking it all over close up, from the purplish knob to the veins running up and down his shaft. I was mesmerized by it and had forgotten what I was supposed to do.

“Amy, open your mouth and take as much of me in as you can without gagging.” he ordered.

I did and found I could get the head of it and about three inches in my mouth without too much trouble.

“Great. Now move your mouth up and down and use one of your hands to play with my balls.”

I had never touched a man’s balls before and they were something totally different than I expected. To tell the truth I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t the way they felt. I guess I thought they would be smoother. My hands hadn’t moved very much before he was gasping and when I moved my mouth up and down on his shaft he really went nuts.

“Amy, I can’t help it. I’m going to cummmmmmmm.” I then felt his cock pulse as it was shooting warm liquid in my mouth and some went deep down my throat. It tasted salty but it didn’t make me sick. I stayed right where I was as his heart returned to its normal rate and then I started to lick up every drop until I had his cock as clean as it was before I took him in my mouth.

“Dad, did I do it right?”

“Right, you were terrific, Sweet thing!”

I rose up to face him and once again he lowered his face to kiss, lick and suck on my breasts.

I said, “You sort of like them don’t you?”

“Amy, I have watched these things develop on you over the years and always wondered just how wonderful it would be to have one in my mouth. Now I do and I love it.”

We lay like that just chatting about a million things before one of us mentioned we ought to get up and have some breakfast. It was damn near lunchtime.

He said laughingly, “Well, I have some other ideas as to what we can each eat if we run out of food in the place.”

“Smarty, let’s have another shower and I’ll scramble some eggs and throw some bacon in the microwave.” I offered.

This time we really showered with no extra action and were dressed and downstairs in a little while.

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