May 11

The Saga of A Family Ch. 05

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Group Sex

YESTERDAY – The Woman & The Boy

It was Sonia’s idea. It was the idea that laid the trap and the trap was sprung.

“Mom’s got to know about it, dad. Sooner the better for everyone”

“Have you told about us to Vinny?”


“How did he take it?”

“He had little choice. At first he acted sort of jealous. But when I began telling him the details, he ended up horny!” she laughed.

“The two of you share a very special relationship, don’t you?” he tried to keep the envy out of his voice, and failed.

“Oh c’mon, dad! It’s just like between the two of us. Now, what’s wrong if you tell mom?”

“I don’t know, doll. She might hit the roof or she might get buried. There’s no telling”

“If you tell her like you told me, you can pull it off.”

“I wish I felt as confident as you sound.”

“It’d rather be you to tell her than her finding it out on her own or being told by some body else…”

“What do you mean somebody else?”

“I mean, maybe she’d suspect…maybe we might get careless…”

“What do you suggest?”

“Dad, supposing you push her to Vinny?” she sounded hesitant.

“Wh-what???” he roared.

“Oh dad, you are doing it to me, Vinny is doing it to me, and you think that if mom were to get it on with Vinny, that did break rules?’

He flushed, feeling guilty. At the same time, he felt terrified at what his wife’s reaction would be if he she was to find out that he were fooling around with their daughter.

“Tell you what, dad, why don’t you give her a show?”

“Come again?” he was confused. He had realized, that not only was Sonia blessed with a body that should belong to a mature lady, her mind too was just as developed.

“If the sight of Vinny and me got you to raise a hard on, and if you were to play your cards right, I bet mom too would get horny if she were to see Vinny and me get it on together. After all, what you have told me about mom so far, is enough to prove that I get my genes from her in that department.”

He smiled. “Maybe you are right. And if Vinny gets to see us doing it, or if he watches your mom and me together, that would break the ice.”

The more they talked about it, the more plausible it seemed to them that they were thinking along the right track.

And so it was on that bright Tuesday afternoon that he told his wife about having watched Vinny and Sonia playing with each other.

As he had guessed, she was stunned. “What the hell? Are you serious?”

He had nodded solemnly.

“And what did you do about it? Wait till I get hold of them…the, the bloody perverts…”

“Now, now, darling…” he was placating her, trying to control the situation. “You can’t really do anything about it. Just think about it for a while. Vinny and Sonia have grown, and he has become so big, he could pick you up in one arm and throw you down…let us try and think straight, OK?”

“How can you think straight? Oh my god, I have given birth to a pair of fucking perverts…my god, what has that boy done to her?”

He wiped away the tears from her eyes. “Look, honey, think about it this way, I have. What if some other nasty punk were to get into our daughter’s panties, screwed her and vamoosed? Telling the whole world that he’s laid one hell of a babe, and that she was great as long as it lasted? Sonia’s grown up, faster than you and I would have liked her to. We couldn’t possibly have prevented her from meeting up with another guy to satisfy her curiosity, could we? Besides, from what I saw and heard, they aren’t actually fucking each other, I mean, he hasn’t and yet got his dick in her pussy…”

“Stop it! How can you speak like that? In this kind of gutter language? What the hell has got into you?”

“So, OK.” He was frustrated. They had been at it for almost an hour. “Tell you what, you handle it yourselves. Let us see what happens. Don’t blame anybody if the two decide to cut loose.”

She stopped weeping. They were in their bedroom. The kids were out, probably college. Finally, in a weak voice, she said, “What do you think we should do?”

He congratulated himself. “First things first. I say, let us watch them over the next few days and conclude whether this is a regular thing between them or it was just casual. Let’s first get to the extent of their involvement. I am certain that the boy’s got a good head on him and he won’t actually fuck her…”

“Your language!” she exclaimed.

“You don’t mind it when we are fucking together,” he shot back.

She blushed. “But honey, they are our children.”

“Yeah, that they are. And what they are doing isn’t exactly playhouse either. I saw them with my own eyes. He was sliding his big boner up and down between her monstrous tits.”

She blushed again, an image of Vinny doing it to Sonia. She felt a chill run up her spine and a sudden gush of wetness between her legs. She cursed herself; she was being dirty for thinking about them in such a way, she thought.

“Besides, honey,” he continued. “I told you that güvenilir bahis among my first experience was getting jacked off and sucked by Sanika. And if I remember right, your brother and you were also into it pretty heavy.”

That ended the conversation.

Plans were made to stay up on one of the nights, with the lights off. They would creep to the guest room next to the kids’ room. He would install a one-way mirror in the guest room. That would take less than a day. Those kinds of mirrors were available off the shelf.

It did take him less than a day. In fact, the opening in the wall was made in an hour and a half by a locally available mason. The mirror was delivered to them when the opening was being made. And he had managed to complete the installation within an hour. The mirror had delighted the kids, and he had not told even Sonia about the fact that by removing the painting hung in the guest room, it was possible to see the entire room on the other side. He had only told her that the day of reckoning would be arriving soon.

Plus, he had planted a couple of low-cost microphones, which would pick up the sounds and transmit them to a small speaker concealed in the back of the painting.

A brilliant job, he though to himself, and said so much to his wife. She was apprehensive throughout all this time. But he was rushing her now, scared that she might back out.

That night, when they were seated around the table, having dinner, the kids had no idea what lay in store for them.

“Gee, dad, you should have seen his face when the ball uprooted his stumps!” Vinod told them wolfing down his dinner. “The guy had no clue where the ball landed and how it went past his bat. It was perfect!”

“Yeah, and boy! Was I delighted! That guy was hitting you all to all the parts of the ground!” Sonia joined in.

He smiled watching his children and then stealing a quick glance at his wife.

“Something wrong, Dad?” Sonia asked, “I mean you seem to be quiet, today”

“Uh, its nothing, kids. Had a very busy day at the lab today,” he replied hurriedly. From the corner of his eyes, he saw a faint blush crossing over his wife’s face.

He was pretty tired. Sonia had come earlier than his wife and Vinod had. As soon as she realized that he was alone, she had locked the door, pulled down her blouse, yanked up her bra and knelt on the floor in front of him. Before he knew it, she had unbuckled him, pulled his trousers and underwear down over his hips and wrapped her tits around his cock. “Quick, dad, fuck my tits,” she had breathed. “Mom’s having a talk with a friend of hers down the lane. She’ll be home any minute.”

In fact, Mom had gone out to pay the guy who had delivered the mirror. But the sight of his daughter, blouse down to her midriff, bra up her tits, had given him an instant erection and he had obliged her by thrusting in and out of her cleavage with amazing speed.

“I’m tired too,” their mom was saying, rising from the chair.

The kids continued their idle chat, ignoring the parents. He finished off first and rushed to his room, murmuring his goodnights to his wife and kids; a few minutes later his wife joined him.

She switched off the main light and keeping on the night lamp, slid into the bed beside her husband, after slipping into her nightie.

“They are going up,” she whispered to him. He was lying on his back, smoking his cigarette.

“Good,” he muttered. “Let’s give them five minutes and then crawl into the guest room.” He was getting hard just at the thought of spying on them with his wife.

“Do you think they will do it?” she asked him, lying on her back beside him, and her voice was small and scared.

He reached over with one arm and patted her shoulder. “Relax, baby. There is no other way. Trust me on this, ok?”

Five minutes later, they were in the guest room, door locked behind them, the painting on the wall lying on the floor. They sat on the bed looking into the one-way mirror.

There was a sound of splashing water and that explained why Vinny was seated alone behind his study desk. Sonia was in the bathroom.

Vinny was dressed in shorts and nothing else. No vest. He was running his hands through his long hair, rocking to and fro on the low chair, humming tonelessly.

They watched their daughter enter the room, losing the bathroom door behind her. She was dressed in a plain short green robe.

She gasped when she realized that her daughter had not buttoned up the robe; instead, it was open and swung back as she walked to her brother. Under the robe, she was naked!

She clutched her husband’s arm and he patted her thigh. Her nightie had risen above her legs revealing her naked thighs.

“Hush, be quiet, I think they are going to do something.”

They continued to gaze through the mirror at their children.

“Hi baby,” he greeted her. His voice sounded tinny coming through the tiny speakers.

“God, Vinny, I am wet!” she whispered to him, sinking to her knees. He spread türkçe bahis his legs and she wiggled her way in between them.

“Yeah, so I notice,” he laughed, reaching down to grab her large tits even as she eagerly began to unbutton his shorts. “I’m feeling fucking horny myself, have been feeling so, ever since that game ended.”

“Take my wicket,” she grinned, pushing down his shorts.

“I’m gonna ram my stump in your hole,” he answered, raising his hips so that the shorts could be slid down over them.

She gasped involuntarily when she saw her son’s cock. My god! He was almost as big as her husband!

“Ahhhhh, shit,” he groaned, as without much ado, she bent down and slid his cock into her mouth.

He fondled her tits as she sucked his cock. She made loud sucking and slurping noises as she sucked him. She drew back and licked the underside of the shaft, and then slurped his balls.

“Oh yeah, baby, get me all wet,” he muttered, pinching her nipples.

She licked the inflamed head, holding herself in balance by clutching his knees. Abruptly, she opened her mouth and jammed him inside, making him squeeze her tits harder.

As they watched, he noticed his wife pushing her knees together, clenching her fists. She was breathing quite heavily and he could see her braless tits, covered by the nightie, rise and fall. A film of sweat stood on her forehead and she nervously licked her lips.

He was in no better position himself. He felt his cock erecting inside his pajama. Slowly, almost tentatively, he put one arm around his wife.

“Fuck my tits, baby,” Sonia breathed.

Vinny laughed and scooting to the edge of the chair, he allowed her to maneuver his cock till it nestled in her alluring cleavage.

Perhaps she knows we are watching, he thought. She knew he was a sucker for tit fucking, and with her, he always insisted on one before doing anything else.

His wife gasped again when she saw their daughter beginning to move her entire body up and down. She could see his cock sliding back and forth between her tits. Sonia was holding her tits by the sides, pushing them together, and wrapping the flesh around the thrusting cock.

She felt her husband’s hands on her own tits, cupping the firm flesh, and idly stroking it. She wanted to run out of the room, wanted to shake off his hands, which was so brazenly fondling her tit. But something rooted her to the spot where she was.

She knew she was getting turned on. Her daughter’s astonishingly big tits, her son’s enormous young and hard cock and the thing that they were doing were finally getting through her. At the back of her mind, she slowly realized that her husband had been enamored by this very act only since recently. She wondered…

Suddenly, she felt her husband’s palms grasp her rounded tit and she shuddered. Through the mirror, they watched their son getting up from the chair and lying down on the floor, urging his sister to get on top of him. For a moment she thought that he was going to ask his sister to fuck him, but then, his voice croaked through the speakers.

“Get on top and fuck my cock with your tits hanging over them.”

Sonia began to climb on him. He stopped her.

“The other way, honey. Put your cunt on my face and wrap my cock in your tits.”

She was amazed and shocked at the language that her son was using. She saw Sonia turning around and lowering her cunt onto his face. She then bent down and gathered her tits up, sort of bunched them around his throbbing cock.

The boy began to fuck her tits from below, raising and lowering his thighs, sliding them up and down the floor. He lifted his head and put his open lips over her cunt and his tongue flicked out, licking the slit.

By now, she had surrendered to her husband’s groping, allowing him to shove the top of her nightie down to her waist. He gripped her wrist and guided her hand towards his bulge in the pajamas. Without thinking, she squeezed his crotch.

He was suddenly standing on the floor and fumbling with the pajama. She saw the pajamas fall to a heap on the floor around his knees, his naked cock jumping out, almost hitting her face. She looked up at him and saw the lust in his eyes.

She rose, and then knelt on the floor. It was as if he had issued an order. They were sideways to the mirror and they kept glancing through it to watch their children in the adjacent room.

She pulled her breasts apart and felt his cock touching her flesh. She grabbed it and pressed it into her cleavage. She wasn’t as big as her daughter, so she had to pull her shoulders together to squeeze her tits against each other. It was as if the size of her cleavage had increased. Even then, she had to clasp her fingers together over her tits to prevent his cock from slipping out.

As they watched Sonia jerking back and forth over her brother’s cock, he bent down and commenced to fuck his wife’s tits.

“Finger your cunt!” he told her and blindly, she pushed her nightie up over her thighs and began to rub her güvenilir bahis siteleri clit.

It was strange, she thought, that they came together just as Vinny exploded all over his sister’s tits.

* * * * * *

SHE RAISED HER FACE TO THE SHOWER AND LET THE WATER cascade over her naked body, two fingers of one hand probing away at her cunt. She was sliding the middle finger up and down between her tits. Her eyes were closed and she couldn’t keep the image of her son’s cock away from her mind.

Ever since the day her husband and she had watched their children together, she was like a woman possessed. She began to get impatient, waiting for her children to get into their room. She would literally drag her husband to the guest room so they could watch.

The kids got their gratification in every which way except the actual act of fucking. And she had to agree that they were inventive.

Though their favorite was tit fucking, they played a variety of other games. She would often trap his cock between her legs, just below her cunt lips so that the cock head peeped out from behind and between her legs. They would imitate the act of fucking with his cock sliding back and forth across her pussy lips.

At other times, he would stand behind her crouched body, placing his cock in her armpits where she would grip it between the side of her arm and the side of her breast. He would rock in and out and she would bend across to lick the bulbous head every time it appeared in front.

Sometimes they merely masturbated, watching each other. They would squat on the floor, or the bed, facing each other. He would start to stroke his dick and she would begin to rub her clit. Most of these times they would keep a steady flow of conversation going.

Then there was a time when he had asked her to bend her knees so that he could wedge his cock in the crevice formed between the back of her knee and the back of her thigh. Or she would lean her head to one side, allowing him to slide his dick between her shoulder and her cheek.

They had an amazing repertoire and they were very, very inventive.

As she showered now, the images flashed through her mind, arousing her to such an extent that she suddenly realized that she had pushed two fingers inside her cunt and was kneading her tits till she was hurting.

She was just beginning to feel the first wave of her impending orgasm, when she heard a knock at the door.

She jerked off her hands, feeling flushed, breathing in short and heavy gasps, suddenly embarrassed. Her heart thudded against her ribs; there was no one in the house when she had entered the bathroom. Her kids were away as was her husband. Who could it be?

“Mom, you there?”

It was Vinny.

* * * * * *

She had told her brother that their mom had also watched them and continued to do so from behind the one-way mirror. Strangely, he had been scared when she had revealed about Dad having spied on them. But when she told him about mom, he had felt his cock getting hard inside his trousers. Especially when Sonia revealed to him that their parents did to each other while watching.

He desperately hoped that his mom would begin to get horny for him. And so it was that he had started playing those sexual games with Sonia. He took every opportunity to remain naked when he was in their bedroom.

His dad had still not confronted him. They had kept up their normal ways, going through their daily routine as if nothing had happened. Often, they would glance at each other and Vinny would be the first to look away.

This day, Sonia had managed to enter the house without announcing herself, using the back door. She had crept silently up the stairs and had peeped through the parent’s bedroom. Her mum was in the bathroom, vaguely revealed through the glass cubicle. She had not locked the door; there was no need because she knew there’d be no one home.

Sonia had called up Vinny on his cell and had asked him to rush home; mom was getting horny while she showered and this was an opportunity for him.

“I heard her muttering your name, Vinny!” she had informed him.

She had slipped out when he had entered, also through the back door.

“All the best,” Sonia giggled, skipping away.

And so it was that he found himself staring at the diffracted vision of his naked mother in the shower, rubbing her cunt and tits, moaning and groaning as she did so.

He had already become erect; he could feel his cock straining inside his pants, staring wordlessly at his mom’s nude figure behind the glass. He could see the tips of her nipples, the bush between her legs as she continued to play with her cunt and her tits. He knocked sharply.

“Mom, you there?”

There was a brief silence, and then her voice, unsteady and harsh came through the door, muffled, “Vinny, what are you doing here?”

“That nut of our professor is on leave and Rohit preferred to take in a cinema. I was feeling kinda bored and decided to come home. I thought I heard noises; didn’t know you were home,” he explained.

“Okay, Vinny. I’ve no music classes today and watching the TV. Decided to have my bath late, so here I am.”

“Cool. You want some coffee? I’m making some for myself.”

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