May 23

The Sample

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Female Ejaculation

I was out of college about a year and living in a distant city on my own for the first time. As such, my parents worried about me, especially my mom. So when my mom heard of a couple guys about my age developing testicular cancer, she encouraged me to get a physical.

I sat in the examination room, none too excited about having to submit an exam. A nurse came in and took height, weight and a history of my health. I was fortunate to never had any major health issues, and at 6’3″ and 190lbs, I had stayed in reasonable shape during college. After about 10 minutes the nurse left and said the doctor would be in shortly.

Five minutes later doctor Karen Lambert knocked and entered the room. It was the first time I had met her. She was young and appeared to be recently out of residency. Dressed in light green scrubs, it was difficult to see her figure, but she appeared to be in shape, above average height and was definitely attractive. She smiled as she said hello, introduced herself and shook my hand.

I explained what prompted me to schedule an exam. She went over the history the nurse had taken and then asked that I go behind a curtain to undress for the exam. She handed me one of those gowns that you can’t get closed in the back and I went to undress.

When I came out from behind the curtain, she directed me to sit on the examination table. She went through the basics, listening to my heart and lungs and checking my eyes and throat. She instructed me to lay back on the table which was a little short for someone my height.

“Ok, let’s take a look at those testicles,” Karen tried to say in a light hearted way.

She lifted the gown, slid her hand up the inside of my thigh and lightly touched both testicles. As she examined them she asked, “What can you tell me about this bruise?”

I explained that I was a catcher for a town ball baseball team and had been hit with a foul ball just above the cup a couple of days before. It had left a nasty looking baseball sized bruise just above my cock and extended down along my scrotum.

“No lumps or anything like that to be concerned with, but I am concerned with that bruise,” Karen stated.

“Have you had an erection or ejaculated since that happen?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

“This should really be looked at closer. You will need to get an erection and provide an semen sample. We can do that here, or if you would feel more comfortable you can have a male physician take a look and provide a sample in a lab room.”

Not wanting her to think this was an awkward situation for me, though it was, I agreed to let her do the examination and provide the sample there.

“I will go get a kit for the bahis firmaları sample and give you a few minutes to get erect,” Karen stated as she left room.

I laid back on the table and began to stroke myself. Given the surroundings, this was very uncomfortable at first. I closed my eyes and thought of a woman I had had sex with a few times in college.

There was a knock at the door. I opened my eyes and pulled the gown over my erection, not that it was really hiding anything. Karen walked in again and laid the sample kit on the desk.

“Ok, let’s take a look.”

She pulled back the gown and took my cock in her hand. She squeezed and stroked it, starting near the tip and working her way down to the base. What she was looking for I had no idea. I was glad I didn’t cum right there.

“Looks good,” she said after examining me for a minute. “Now for the sample.”

She placed some sort of cloth cover over the cushioned bench where I had been sitting earlier.

“You can sit here to masturbate and remove your gown if you like,” Karen stated as professionally she could. “Here is the sample container, make sure you capture all of the ejaculate.”

I removed my gown and sat down on the bench. It was an awkward situation, but surprising I was still erect. I waited for a moment but she leaned up against the examination table and it was clear she wasn’t leaving.

I tried to ignore her presence and began to stroke myself. I was very tentative at first, hoping that I would some how cum without having to full out jerk off. After a couple of minutes though, it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

I looked up at Karen to see her intently watching me. She smiled and this allowed me to relax. I began to stroke more aggressively and give attention to the head of my cock.

This seemed to excite Karen. I looked up again to see her untying the draw string on the pants of scrubs. Her hand dipped into pants and it was obvious she was playing with her pussy.

I wasn’t so desperate to get it done and over now. I began to tease my cock more, drawing it out as we watched each other for several more minutes.

I felt a tingling sensation in my balls as they began tighten and knew I would cum soon. I grabbed the sample container and stood up. I jerked harder as I placed the tip of cock into the container. I felt the first wad of cum erupt from my cock and continued to jerk through the second and third waves. I drew in multiple deep breathes as I came and leaned back against the bench to maintain my balance.

I looked over at Karen once I regained my awareness. Her left hand against the table now for balance, her right was still in her pants and she was kaçak iddaa rubbing her clit with a purpose. She gave me a faint smile as she worked her way to her own climax.

I milked the remaining cum from my cock into the container and sat back down on the bench. I watched Karen rub her clit intently, taking quick breaths as her head leaned back. Eventually her hand slowed and it appeared as if she switched to slowly massaging her pussy.

She pulled her hand from her pants as she regained her composure, smiled and said, “It looked like you needed some help.”

I screwed the lid on the container filled with my cum and handed it to Karen as she finished tying the drawstring on her scrubs. She placed a label on the container, filled out a questionnaire and placed both in a paper sack.

“I will have that sent to the lab. That will give us a baseline,” she explained.

“Now,” she continued, “you will need to give another sample in three weeks. And you will need to ejaculate at least 10 times between now and then. From that, we will be able to determine if there is any change in your ability to produce sperm.”

I wasn’t exactly thrilled just yet about having to give another sample, but this was better than I expected. The follow-up was scheduled and I was on my way.

Three Weeks Later

A nurse called me back to the exam room and asked some preliminary questions. As she left, she stated that Dr. Lambert would be in shortly. The anticipation of seeing Karen again left me hard.

There was a knock at the door after a few minutes and Karen walked in holding what appeared to be another sample kit. I was trying hard not to react, but I couldn’t help but smile. I had been waiting three weeks.

“How are you doing?” Karen asked as she shook my hand.

“Good,” I replied. I didn’t really know what to say. “I can’t wait to cum for you,” seemed a little too forward.

“Ok, do you want to go get undressed?” she asked, pointing to the curtain. She didn’t hand me a gown this time though.

When I returned, there was a cloth covering the bench and a sample container. Karen was leaning against the examination table. I went and stood by bench, smiling shyly at Karen.

“Looks like the bruising is gone,” she noticed as she looked up from my semi-erect cock.

“How many times did you ejaculate in the last three weeks?”

“12,” I replied.

“Over achiever,” she smile “Go ahead, you can begin.”

I sat down on the bench. It was a little more difficult getting that initial erection while being watched. I closed my eyes and thought about the last time. Shortly I was hard and began working the full length of my shaft.

Karen walked over kaçak bahis to the desk where she had initially put down the kit and picked something up.

“Put this on,” she instructed as she handed me a condom.

“Ok,” I responded, taking it from her.

I wondered why I needed a condom this time as I tore open the package. I removed the condom and used both hands to roll it down the length of my cock, then returned to stroking.

I watched Karen untie the drawstring of her scrubs, expecting her to slide her hand inside of them. Instead she turned, her back to me, and dropped her scrubs and panties halfway down her thighs. Her shapely ass pointed directly at me, she leaned over and rested on the examination table. He legs slightly spread, I could see the shaved, pouting lips of her pussy. She turned back, smiled and motioned for me.

I wasn’t sure if I believe what I saw at first, but then again, none of this was really believable. I stood up, walked over and stood behind her. I really wanted to reach between her legs and feel her slit. Or kneel and taste her. Both seemed too personal for the situation.

I spread her ass cheek with one hand while I pointed the head of my cock at her slit with the other. She let out a light whimper as the head slipped between her lips. I slid the rest of the way in and stopped, enjoying her warmth.

I grabbed her hips and started to pump in and out. She was tight, and I wanted it to last a while so I took it slow. The quiet, periodic moans let me know Karen didn’t have a problem with this.

Karen’s hand slipped between her legs and I felt it brush against my cock. I could feel her playing with her clit. I spread her cheeks with both hands and saw her sweet little butt hole. I couldn’t resist and massaged it with the pad of my thumb.

The intensity of Karen’s rubbing increased. She covered her mouth with her other hand as I felt her spasm around my cock. I pumped faster, pushing her through her orgasm, her ass now slapping against my thighs.

It was all I could take too. I felt my cock throb against the walls of her sleeve as I filled the condom with cum. A burst of quick strokes into her and I was spent. Still inside of her, I leaned over as we both rested for a moment.

“Be careful pulling out,” Karen warned, “that’s needed for the sample. Empty the condom in the container.”

As instructed, I carefully removed the condom and dumped the contents into the sample container. She pulled up her scrubs as she turned to face me, pointing to another container marked “Biohazard” where I could dispose of the condom.

I quickly dressed as Karen packaged up the new sample.

“I will give you a call later today with the lab results,” she said.

She handed me a business card with a hand written number on it, “Maybe you would like to give another sample this weekend?”

I took the card with a big smile, “Yes I would.”

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