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The Scheme

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The SchemeThe SchemeOld and YoungCash for AssMarla watched the little boy as he peeped her from across the room. She knew she wasn’t exposing anything more than some high side leg. She had gotten lucky. Less than an hour ago she had fucked an Uber driver for a ride and $10 to get to this homeless shelter. Her panties were soaked between her crossed legs. He must have had boyish curiosity. The boy moved through the sign in and sat beside Marla. It was then that she figured out, the boy was a girl, hidden in the pants and loose shirt. Talking to her, she realized that Kim actually was a 20 year old dwarf. Passing the night, they became friends and decided to team up.Marla had spent the night thinking through a survival scheme. She wasn’t sure that she could convince Kim but today she would try. Kim knew the area and suggested a place where they could kill time since the shelter emptied during the day. “City Park” had shade trees and benches, so they went there. Sitting and chatting, Marla convinced Kim that they needed to visit the homeless free clothing center. She told her that she turned a few “tricks” when she was lucky to find one. She also added that being 37 and plump, they didn’t come often. Kim told her that if she could have some of her 38 double D’s, maybe she could get attention and turn a trick or two. Marla asked her if she actually would and Kim replied “yes”. Marla pounced, gave her insight into her scheme. They went to the clothes shelter and Marla picked everything for the both of them. That night in the shelter, Marla tweaked and finalized the plan. They spent much of the night with her explaining and coaching Kim.The next morning, Marla left the shelter in a Summer Frock and Kim in a p*****n Jumper. They returned to City Park, got a bench and Marla assumed to read a book. Kim fidgeted, then ran around frolicking, with Marla calling out to her often. Kim sat beside her, put her feet on the bench, wrapped her arms around her knees and pouted. With her knees up, Kim’s plain white panties were in full view. In minutes Marla whispered, “got one”. Across from them nearly 100 ft away, a late 40’s business type man, had leaned over to tie his shoes three times. Kim let one knee drop toward Marla and made a ruckus about getting a vendor hot dog. Marla argued that she couldn’t afford one. She rummaged in her purse as a shadow came over them. The man had walked over, gave them $10 offering them lunch on him. Kim ran with it as Marla apologized. By the time Kim returned, “Howard” güvenilir bahis told them if he’s at the Park tomorrow, he would buy them another. By days end, 8 men had approached them. At the shelter that night they devised phase 2. Kim was amazed that they had been fed all day and with nothing but excuses, Marla had conned $67. Marla told her that men will buy anything female but a real pervert will “pay”. She also added that the right one will wine her, dine them and most likely pay $100 to drop a load in Kim. Kim replied that she had been fucked often but mainly because she was a last resort. She said that she would take all loads that paid, because she was genetically infertile.The next morning they arrived at the Park wearing matching Denim Skirts and blouses. Marla was pantie less and Kim in her cotton whites. By noon, Marla had cell numbers from 3 for dinner dates. After lunch she got 2 more but Howard hadn’t showed. Minutes before they were preparing to leave, he walked up very apologetic. He explained that his time in the city had been shortened. He usually stayed a week but a afternoon rush meeting had tied him up and he would fly out tomorrow. He offered to take them to his Hotel, have dinner and they could spend time if they chose? Kim popped her thighs wide open, jumped up and took his hand. Marla got up slowly letting the bench seat drag her skirt back until her hairy crotch was slightly exposed, saying “sure”. Walking out of the Park, they were met by a Limo belonging to a Posh Hotel. Kim was the first in. She played amazed, crawling the seats, opening the bar, turning knobs. Howard’s eyes followed her every move. Kim’s white panties were like head lights flashing, in the Limo’s darkened interior. Marla told Howard to pay Kim no attention, she was still a tomboy. Marla apologized that she had been slack on her proper training. Howard just smiled saying, she was still a k**. Marla patted his leg and left her hand laying.Kim literally put on a show as she road a couch seat facing them. She rolled around on it with her skirt crawling above her ass cheeks. Her legs flopped side to side revealing open crotch views. Marla could feel his leg tremble. For the next 30 minutes, Howard got a show that had him so hard he almost didn’t feel Marla’s fingers trailing his cock. Marla told Howard that she would need to give her a pill after supper as she was often “hyper”. Getting out of the Limo at the hotel, Kim said “I think I tore my panties”. They ate on his suites balcony, türkçe bahis followed with Fine Wine. Sitting on a plush, over sized couch after, Marla excused herself to freshen up. Just as she expected, Kim was on Howard’s lap tussling. She let them play until she made Kim get herself a cup of water. As she climbed off his lap, Marla noticed Howard’s cock was standing, tenting his pants. Kim returned, Marla faked handing her a pill which she took with a frown. Kim sat beside Howard as Marla whispered, “she will be completely out for over an hour, then you can arrange to get us back to the shelter”. Marla put on her sad face.Marla chatted giving her hard times story. She held his hand, patted his leg and finger stroked his thigh at times. They felt Kim getting cozy, laying on her side with her ass toward Howard. Captured in Marla’s story, he didn’t see Kim slide her skirt upward and pull her panties to the side to expose one lip of her cunt. Marla laid it on thick, dropping her head into her hands and facing forward. Howard took the opportunity to peep at Kim. His breath caught when he saw Kim’s bare lip, pink and plump against the white of her panties.Marla turned again to face him, saw Kim and said, “see I can’t even afford panties for her” and faked crying. Howard looked with her then said, “I’ll buy them for her, don’t worry”. He struggled his wallet out and gave her $50. She said she couldn’t take his money for nothing in return. That he had done so much for them already. The said, “wait”. She moved around him, slid her hands under Kim’s skirt and ripped her panties off saying, “take these she won’t miss them”. She snatched the $50.Marla sat to face him, kissed his cheek, as she groped his crotch. She then dropped her face into his lap saying, “please let me help you”. Unzipping him, she fished out his cock, sank her mouth on him then jerk sucked his cock. Howard was staring at Kim’s cunt as his cock blew inside Marla’s mouth. She held him a minute more, then quickly withdrew to sit beside him. There was no pretense now as he continued to stare at Kim.Marla grasp his still hard cock saying, “it is a pretty thing isn’t it”? Howard grunted “yeah”. “Cute, little, unused girl pussy”, she spoke. He nodded his head, ‘yes”. Marla crawled onto his lap, sat on his cock saying, “fuck me and look at her”. Slowly he rocked upward never breaking his stare. “You can’t fuck her”, she whispered. She rode him building his sexual tension. “She wouldn’t even know you fucked her, she is so completely güvenilir bahis siteleri out”, she whispered. Howard whined. “Fresh, new, tight pussy, is too valuable”. Howard grunted, “how much”? “No Howard, I can’t. What would you think of me”? Howard wheezed, $100. Marla reeled him in saying, “please Howard, I really need the money, but I can’t”. “$200, he snorted. “You’re so wrong Howard, don’t shame me into doing it”, Marla cried. “$300 is all I have left. Please Marla, let me have her”, he cried.Marla stopped moving saying, “you have been good to us. Are you close to cumming? I’ll let you in her for a few strokes but you have to cum. I don’t want her worn out, OK”? “I’m so close I can cum right now”, Howard replied.She climbed off his oozing cock, made her way to Kim. As he eased toward Kim, Marla rolled her to face up, gathered her small legs under one arm and folded them back. Kim’s little pussy peeped through her legs, aimed upward. “Lick her wet, then slow and easy, enter her. You pump slow and cum quick, don’t force her to wake”, Marla said.He followed orders and held his self above her. Slowly he sank in and pulled back. His cock d**g her inner pussy walls outward He sank back in and hissed. Marla could see his stomach muscles pulsing as he shot his load. He held his body above her, shaking as each glob of cum shot out. “Get it all out Howard, fill her up”, Marla whispered. He slumped, then straighten up and continued squirting into Kim. Marla watched his cum breaking Kim’s meaty seal around his cock as it coated her outside. Howard groaned, pull out slowly, then laid back on the couch. Marla looked at Kim as Kim winked up to her. She laid her legs down, crawled over to Howard and lapped his soft cock clean. Marla looked at Kim saying, “I need to clean her”. She leaned between her small thighs and ate her softly. Lifting her legs, she sucked her open hole drawing Howard’s cum out and lapped her outer labia clean.Howard was composed when Marla finished. He handed her $500 saying a bonus in hope of a return visit. Marla actually kissed him. He told her that he had a few friends that would be interested in meeting her. He grasp her hand and said he probably knew a few more that would pay plenty to visit Kim. She played shame saying that he was special and didn’t know if she would allow that for anyone else. Howard put on his business man’s approach and told her that life was a business. The right benefits paid well. He wouldn’t think anything less of her, if Kim helped them both out. He told her to think it out and let him know. He would arrange it with a few. Guaranteed $500 to cum and go.Riding back in the Limo Kim and Marla were ecstatic! Kim threw money up saying, “I can’t believe I’m a fucking girl”!

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