May 11

The Scion of Shyamgarh Ch. 01

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[ This story is set in in the vicinity of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, a state in India that has some of the most beautiful deciduous forests spread across the low and rolling hills that are a part of the Chotanagpur Plateau. Locations and characters are obviously fictitious. ]

The late night train for Ranchi had just pulled out of Howrah station and Rajesh and his mother Radha were settling into their first class coupe.

Rajesh was a tall and thoughtful looking lad with a shock of unkempt hair and the beginnings of a straggly beard that he trimmed occassionally, ever since he started college a year ago. In fact he had just come back on vacation today morning and had his carefully laid plans upset by this sudden trip. Radha was in her early forties, tall and fair with a face and figure that would more often than not cause a second glance. She had been a single mother to her son ever since her husband had died when Rajesh was just about a toddler. It had been a brief but very happy marriage and those pleasant memories –and the substantial life insurance cover that her husband had purchased — had kept her from from falling into any other substantial relationship. As a child she had dabbled in painting but in her initial loneliness, she had turned to painting first as a hobby and then as a profession and had achieved a degree of success.

“Mum, where would you want to sleep? upper or lower?”

“Obviously, lower. Dont even ask me to climb up there.”

“OK, do you want me to make the bed now? Or would we have a snack?”

“Snack? are you still hungry after that hefty dinner that we had in the restaurant?”

“True, I am actually full”, he tapped his tummy, and then with a sudden mischievous grin, “It is not always food you know!”

“Meaning?” Radha was perplexed for a moment and then, “I will give you one smack on the head” as she caught on to what her son had implied.

“I am OK with that if you follow it up with a yank of the …..” Rajesh deliberately left the sentence unfinished.

“You naughty boy”, Radha pummeled her son in mock anger, “I will teach you a lesson that you will …” but before she could finish her words, Rajesh had engulfed her in a hug and had planted one big kiss on her lips!


Which was of course not the kind of behaviour one would expect from a grown up son unless you knew something about the background.

Radha and Rajesh had a unique relationship which had been long in the making but had crystallised just after Rajesh’s eighteenth birthday. But even before that Radha had realised that with approaching adulthood, her son had started to view her as a woman as well. Perhaps she should have been more circumspect but the lack of a physical relationship had left her with a burn in her body. So a lot of childlike hugs, kisses and cuddles between mother and son had actually meant a lot more to both of them and neither of them had consciously tried to stifle the pulse of pleasure that each felt in each other’s intimate physical contacts.

Things had matured over time! A few items of clothing had been discarded now and then, when for example, Radha had asked her son to massage her back and Rajesh had taken it further along by pulling down her panties and squeezing her butts! Then of course there had been times when they had curled inside a blanket on a cold winter evening and Radha had felt the hard prod of her son’s erection grinding into her back, but in all such cases the interaction was was implicit — neither mother nor son had had the nerve to try anything explicit.

But all this had changed on that fateful night when Radha had had an attack of allergy that had caused a rash of red weals to erupt and the doctor had güvenilir bahis prescribed an ointment that had to be applied all over her body. Perhaps both mother and son were looking for an opportunity to take the next step but the urgency of the situation had allowed Radha to drop her inhibitions without any accompanying sense of guilt. Rajesh had not lost this opportunity to lay out his mother on the dinner table, stark naked, and with great enthusiasm had gone about smearing the ointment all over her body — and with particular emphasis on her tits, cunt and other more interesting parts.

The ointment was good and had killed the rash but the incident had taken their relationship to a new level altogether. Rajesh’s open ogling of his mother’s total nudity had left him with a raging hard-on that had proved irresistible for Radha. She had started to stroke her son’s erection through his pants and then, when Rajesh had obligingly dropped them to his ankles, she had lovingly run her clenched fists along its throbbing length — her first touch of a hard penis in nearly 15 years — until, horror of horrors, Rajesh had ejaculated big globs of cum right into her hands!

Since then mother and son had moved into a very open relationship that went all the way with kiss, hug, squeeze, rub and mutual pleasuring but Radha had drawn the line on actual penetrational sex.

“Kiddo, I know that we have crossed almost all social norms but allow me the privilege of this one lakshman rekha, this inviolate boundary, please do not fuck me.”

So that is how it had been for the past one year, but neither of them knew that this was going to change soon.


“Hey Raju”, Radha used her son’s pet name, “dont tell me that you are all that hungry”

“I am, I am. It has been nearly six months that I have had my mother in my arms”

“There are so many pretty girls in your college, and all so young too”

“But none as ravishing and sexy as my beautiful mother.”

“Wait …” as Radha felt her son’s hand on her belly. “Shut the windows at least”

They were in a first class but non-airconditioned compartment which meant that they could open the windows. Raju pushed up the glass pane but pulled down the the shutters so that they would get the breeze and yet not be visible from outside. Being a two berth coupe, there was no other person in their booth and so their privacy was assured.

“Hey mum, we have never fooled around in a train like this.”

“Right and I like this sway of the train”, falling forward into her son’s arms.

“Now, now, now, it is all so hot”, even though the fan was whirring and the breeze was coming in strong through the shutters.

“So take off your pants — and I said it first!” It was a standard game between the two of the them — who would be in the buff first.

Rajesh stripped off his shirt and vest and stepped out of his trousers to reveal a huge tent in his briefs. His mother teased it through the fabric but then put him out of his misery by freeing it from its constraints.

“Your nuts have become bigger.” She fondled his balls, “Have you been yanking off too often?”

“Difficult without you being around! But you still have your clothes on and that is not fair”

“Well, why you don’t you help me Kiddo”

Radha had dressed rather conservatively in a salwar suit and Raju lost no time in pulling her kameez off, over her head and then loosened the cords of her pyjamas. Dumping them on the berth above, he admired his mother in her bra and panties.

“Look, not an ounce of fat” Radha was rather proud of her slim and trim figure but Raju was getting impatient. With a quick flick he unhooked her bra and pulled türkçe bahis down her panties to reveal ..

“Mum, have not shaved your jhaant? your bush?”

“That is difficult without your help”

“Now let me untie your hair” and he loosened the clip and allowed her hip long tresses to cascade across her delicious breasts.

“Come mother, come into my arms” and with that Raju sat down on the long seat and pulled his mother into his lap. Radha threw her arms around her son’s neck, locked her lips on his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She felt her son gripping her hair at the nape of her neck while his other hand squeezed her tits and teased her nipples.

And as the train rattled on, Raju’s hands travelled down to her cunt and she moaned with pleasure as her son’s fingers pressed in and found the nub of her pleasure.

It had been months since mother and son had had an opportunity to make each other happy but the night was still young and Ranchi was more than eight hours away …


Rajesh had been curious about the purpose of their visit. Radha had told him that a wealthy patron, a former zamindar, or feudal landlord, had commissioned her for a series of paintings and they would be staying there for a couple of days. The train was a little late and it was mid-morning when they reached Ranchi but much to their relief, just outside the station they found a liveried chauffeur waiting for them.

“Are you Ms Singh?”

“Yes and you?”

“I am Chintan and Thakur-saab has sent me to pick you up and take you to Shyamgarh. Please come with me.”

Chintan picked up their luggage and led them to big Land Rover parked alongside.

“Chintan, how long would it take for us to reach Shyamgarh?”

“It would be about an hour madam.”

“And how is the road Chintan bhai” Rajesh was curious.

“It will pass through the hills and the ghats and there is very pretty scenery”

Actually the road was quite spectacular, winding through the hills of Chotanagapur and at one point it actually went through a tunnel and emerged in a lush, green valley.

“This madam is where we enter Shyamgarh and from now on it is all Thakur-saab’s property.”

“Thakur-saab must be a very big zamindar”

“His father, Thakur Bhupinder Singh-ji was the Maharaja of Shyamgarh and had a 5-gun salute from the British but after the abolition of the zamindari system and the privy purses, Thakur Ranjan Singh-ji has disposed most of his assets except for this very private ghati area that he retains as his personal property.”

“And he lives alone?”

“There are branches of the family scattered across India but he lives alone here.”

“Alone? but he is quite aged?”

“Oh we are there, members of his staff. We take care of the household.”

They reached the magnificent Shyamgarh palace in a few minutes and were met by a retinue of staff members who showed them to their personal quarters.

“Where is Thakur-saab?” Radha was eager to meet her patron.

“He has gone out on business but he will join you for lunch.”

Lunch was sumptuous but more importantly Radha and Rajesh met Thakur Ranjan Singh for the first time and he was impressive. He had been a big man but age had taken its toll. His hair was white and even though he still walked upright, there was a visible sign of tiredness around him. But despite his obvious physical debility, he had a razor sharp mind and a lively interest in the world around him, including — very surprisingly — Facebook and Twitter! Thanks to mobile broadband, you need not get a grain of sand to see the world in, the Firefox browser was good enough! After lunch, all three of them, Radha, Rajesh and Thakur-saab retired to a magnificent drawing room where Mantran, the butler, güvenilir bahis siteleri had set up an elegant bar.

“We have some single malt and also some lovely red wine … what would you have madam?”

“What is Thakur-saab going to have?”

“Oh he will have Mahua, the local firewater brewed in our villages.”

“Then I will have the same.”

“I have had Mahua in college.” Rajesh was excited, “I will have the same”

Mantran served them and retired out of sight and that is when Thakur-saab dropped his bomb.

“Radha, thank you for taking the trouble to come all this distance but I think that before you spend any more time here, I should tell you something important”

“Like what?” There was hint of alarm in her voice.

“You could still go ahead with your commission for painting but that was not why I have brought you here”

“Mr Singh” Radha turned formal in her indignation, “I hope you do not have any funny tricks up your sleeve.”

“Not at all, only a proposition, that if you turn down will allow you to walk out of the door and back to Ranchi, right now but with a significant sum of money in your purse.”

“But tell me what is that you propose?” Radha’s tone had lost her stridency, she was intrigued.

“I wish to marry you”

“And why do you think I would agree to that?”

“Because you have nothing to lose! You carry on with your life as you would like to and you get half of this wonderful estate today .. and if we are lucky the whole of it when I die … which, as you can figure out, is not too far away”

“Why would you do it? And what is this luck part?”

“I have my reasons that, if you agree to my proposition you will understand, and this luck part refers to you bearing me a male child.”

“At this age?”

“I am sure that you are still capable of child bearing and if you can bear me a male child then in terms of the laws of Shyamgarh, the child — with you as the regent — gets to keep the throne”

“And if there is no male child?”

“Then the throne goes to someone else but this palace and the estate remains for you and your son Rajesh .. no questions asked.”

“What about him? How does he fit in?”

“For the world at large he remains your son and a step brother to the child that I hope you will bear — but I am sure that he will find it more worthwhile than that.”

“What if I say to no?”

“Well I hope you would not, but if you do then as I said, you are free to leave now or whenever you want. You will get the money that I had promised you –whether you paint your pictures or not — and Chintan will drop you at the station with a ticket back to Calcutta — and no one will know anything about this proposal.”

“I suppose I cannot ask for anything more … except for some time to consider this unusual offer.”

“Take your time .. but I would be very eager to have a positive decision by dinner time. And if you would now excuse me, I need some rest. My staff would also be away till tea and you too could relax till them.”

Thakur Ranjan Singh left and Radha and Rajesh were left alone in the vast stillness of the opulent drawing room. Mother and son were spellbound by the shock and awe of this unique proposal.

“Mum?” Rajesh was the first to break the reverie. “Do you think that this is a good idea?”

“It blows my mind kid, to have a marriage proposed again after all these years and that too a man who is as old as my father.”

“I am sure that it feels good?”

“It sounds attractive no doubt but then a marriage is a matter of the heart.”

“Do you not like the Thakur?”

“I know nothing about him .. and then there is this twist in the tail”

“But even if you don’t have a son, you would still be well off.”

“Logically it is a fantastic proposition — to be able to inherit this massive property — but somewhere down the line I hate to be used as breeding machine .. to give him an heir. What do you think?

[ continued in Part II ]

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