May 23

The Secret Sessions Ch. 03

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: Ria: Fantasy

Over the next day or so I scoured the web for the items I required, I had no intention of just having the photo shoot, I intended to mix the two fantasies. Firstly I purchased a full set of restraints, the leather ones with velcro fastenings and two extra items. Getting one of bedrooms in the house ready took an afternoon and I returned to the beach house. On Wednesday morning a courier arrived with my delivery, which pleased me no end and on Thursday Ria called over to tell me that she was ready, it was time. I arranged for Ria to come to my house at 4pm the next day, I could barely contain my excitement.

The next day at 3:55 I left the house got into the car and pulled up outside Ria’s front door, it was a warm day and having the roof down on the little lotus two seater was a must for the drive to the house. Ria opened the door looking slightly puzzled as she peeped around the door,

“Where are we going?” she asked

“Surprise” I replied “Don’t worry, we are still on”

Ria emerged from the house in a flowing full length black evening gown, her hair held up by a decorative clip, I didn’t notice the splits in her dress until she lowered herself into the car, her dress had two splits in the front from the ankle to high on her thighs, when she sat down the dress opened up to reveal legs clad in sheer black stockings with a fine lace top, immediately I could feel movement in my loins.

The journey to the house took about 40 minutes as the little sports car zipped around the country roads towards the house, on arrival I pressed the button which released the gates and allowed me access to the drive, Ria was taken aback, she could barely believe that the house was mine, and the usual questions of how can you afford this etc as we made our way up the drive. Parked in the car shelter I got out a walked around to open the car door. Now getting out of the lotus is a challenge on a normal day, but in a ball gown and high heels it was even more difficult, but Ria managed it with my help and with only minimal glimpses of her stocking tops.

Once inside I poured Ria and myself a glass of white wine, which we sipped as we walked through the house to the appointed bedroom. I stopped at a closed door and turned to Ria

“Through this door are both of our fantasies, once inside we go all the way, are you ready to do this?”

Ria gave me that cheeky smile that I has seen several times before, grabbed at my crotch and replied,

“I’m ready, the question is are you?”

Before I opened the door I turned saying

“At any time you want to stop just say the word ship and it ends instantly.”

Ria turned, pushed the handle down and walked into the room. I watched intently as Ria walked into the room, the dress clung to her curves accentuating them, for the first time I noticed that she has a wiggle when she walked, a slow graceful wiggle that oozed sexuality, how could Lee not be interested in this lady? She turned half facing me as she looked around the room, her neck long and exposed by her hair being up, finally she turned to me and said

“Let’s have some fun shall we?”

The room had a king size bed, with lots of cushions and pillows, in the corner a chaise lounge, off to the left French doors covered by voile drapes doors leading onto a sun terrace, around the bed photographers lamps were dotted and finally at the foot of the bed on a tripod was a large high definition video camera. I had intended to make the most of this session and had quickly realised that Ria’s flexibility could be exploited to get some really hot pictures. I picked up the expensive Olympus camera switched on the flashlights.

At first we both found it a bit awkward, but starting with some simple poses definitely helped, Ria sat on the bed, legs güvenilir bahis crossed, with her hands on her head pouting at the camera, her dress falling open on one side exposing the full length of her stocking clad leg, noticing that I was getting excited had the same effect on her, gradually the poses became more provocative, until the point where her dress was no longer needed, when the dress slipped to the floor Ria posed with her back to me, when she turned around the full impact on what she was wearing underneath hit me for the first time.

Ria was wearing a black lace up basque with open cups which supported her wonderful naked breasts, the matching micro thong barely covering her secret place was over the top of her suspenders which held up the sheer black stockings, as the camera snapped her nipples began to harden as she teased me by playing with them, finally it was time for the thong to go, I pressed the camera close to her groin as she slowly slipped it down the camera shutter on high speed giving me a revealing shot. I snapped her in the leg holding position she held for me the first time we had sex, pushing the camera up close to her smooth pussy, taking in the detail and the droplets of moisture that were gathering, she turned over and repeated her pose from the kitchen table, but she was barely able to contain herself finally she could not resist giving her honey pot a stroke and I was there to capture the moment in all it’s glory.

It was time to move to phase two I put down the camera and moved her to the middle of the bed and laid her on her back, when I had prepared the room earlier in the week I had attached four restraints to the bed frame, one at each corner, Ria purred and giggled as I placed first her hands & then feet into the restraints giving the just enough slack to allow movement, I sucked on each of her nipples before running my tongue down her body to her mound, gently giving it a flick as I passed.

I reached the end of the bed I fastened her ankles before I stripped off and switched on the video camera, it was positioned so it could see up the bed, up through splay of her legs, to her glory hole, up to her breasts with their chocolate nipples and finally to her head. Once satisfied that the camera was running I opened a draw and produced a pot of pussy rub, which I had bought. I sat next to Ria’s head on the bed and showed her the pot, her eyes lit in surprise as I explained what I was going to do.

I moved down the bed and ran my right hand over the top of her pussy, being tied the way she was, access to her clit was easy and my fingers quickly found her hood and inner lips, my experience of her body told me that while her juices were flowing freely she had not yet come and I wasn’t going to let her come for some time yet. Holding her honey pot open with my left hand I spread a generous amount of the pussy rub all over her pussy, the cold cream like substance making Ria gasp, I gave her a gentle rub and removed my hand while I waited for the cream to do it’s stuff.

I moved back up the bed and straddled her leaning forward I kissed her as I pulled gently at her nipples, sitting up I teased her by pushing my erection towards her face, but never close enough for her to take it in her mouth. I asked how her pussy was,

“Tingling.”came the reply,

but I wanted more than that, I applied another coating to her and began to rub gently, this time it had had the desired effect, within minutes Ria was writhing in her restraints, her sensitive area ablaze with intense tingling,

“Please,” she gasped “Do something,”

She was aching for a soothing touch to calm the fire in her loins, instead I once again returned to the draw. This time I retrieved a rabbit vibrator, holding it above her face she gasped,

“God türkçe bahis no, please.”

her plea ignored as it wasn’t ship.

I adjusted the camera for a close up shot of her quim, then kneeling beside her splayed right leg I placed the head of the 7 inch toy at her entrance, the rub had done it’s work her lips and clit were engorged and sensitive and as I pushed the rabbit slowly inside her, legs bent and her back arched as she accepted the invader into her. Not yet activating to buttons I gently began to fuck her with the rabbit, ever so slowly in and out,

Ria moaned with pleasure at the tender exploration, but it wasn’t relieving the intense tingling of her pussy and the need to come, still writhing she begged for relief, finally I pushed the rabbit deep into her, adjusted the ears so her clit was between them and pressed the vibrate button. Instantly Ria cried out as waves of new sensations reverberated through her body, I had made sure the rabbit was deep inside her, no amount of wriggling would free it from her prison, I got up off the bed and began to snap more pictures. Within two minutes I could see Ria’s orgasm building to a crescendo, I put down the camera and climbed onto the bed next to her, as her breathing increased almost at the point of her release, I withdrew the rabbit, Ria so close to coming cried out

“No, please, please.”

Once again her plea fell on deaf ears, I placed my hand in the pot and smeared a third layer of cream onto her labia & clit.

Ria’s back arched at my touch desperate to come she tried to ride my fingers, as I removed my hand she raised her head off the bed and breathed

“You bastard!”

Within seconds Ria was panting as the tingling intensified, she was almost crying for relief but her bondage prevented touch other than my own, once again I pressed the rabbit deep into her causing a loud moan to escape her lips, but this time I depressed the higher speed vibrate. Ria’s began to repeat Oh god! over and over and faster and faster as her climax neared, I had forgotten about the video camera and it’s narrow shot, so I quickly opened it to take in the whole bed, Ria was trying to ride the rabbit bucking her hips wildly up and down as it buzzed deep inside her love tunnel, suddenly the straps holding her ankles went taught as she bent her legs, the ones on her wrists did the same as she moved her arms forward and brought her head up of the pillow, looking down the bed, passed her rock hard nipples and passed her smooth pussy stuffed to the hilt, straight into the video camera she exploded, holding her hips off the bed as if trying to get the rabbit deeper I could see a ring of cum forming at her entrance and around the rabbit, again she came, and again her body contorted at odd angles, her release was total, Ria was spent.

I gently switched off the rabbit and she lowered her hips to the bed, with my camera in one hand I snapped away at her pussy as I withdrew the rabbit, a river of lady cum flowed out of the bottom of her honey pot towards the bed and strings of cum extended from her as the head of the rabbit emerged, before snapping and falling onto the lace top of one of her stockings. After putting the camera down I undid the ankle restraints then her wrists, with some of her composure restored she asked,

“Is that camera still running?”

I nodded, she pushed me over onto my back at ninety degrees to the camera, after telling me to lay still she adjusted the camera and returned to the bed taking my cock in her hand she began to wank me gently, making sure my foreskin peeled back easily, I felt like I had a tower, after few strokes Ria began to suck on my purple helmet, her mouth working wonders as she fondled my balls, returning to my shaft she speeded up her motion until I was ready to explode, güvenilir bahis siteleri she removed her mouth and with two swift jerks a fountain of cum erupted from my cock into the air landing on my stomach, Ria was giggling into the camera as she did so making sure that every drop of my seed was milked from me, before licking me clean.

Ria sidled up and lay next to me,

“Well, fantasy fulfilled?” I enquired

“Hmmm yes, but you were so cruel stopping me from spending, anyway what about your fantasy, did I do well?”

She knew she had

“You were amazing and what an outfit.” I said as I motioned to her basque and stockings

“But I can’t believe we haven’t actually made love I chuckled,” and Ria agreed, the quite suddenly she said

“Come on then lets do it.”

Ria began to play with my member and kissing me, I couldn’t resist squeezing her breast at the same time, within a minute my flaccid member was standing to attention. Ria knew how much I liked to lick her so she manoeuvred me around so the top of my head was facing the camera, as I lay on my back she straddled my face, kneeling up to face the camera she used her hands to spread her lips wide to give me access. Her inner lips were still swollen and flushed, darker than usual, her hood hanging tantalisingly above her entrance waiting to be eaten and I could clearly see into her pussy as the rabbit had stretched her hole wider.

With the lace tops of her stockings beside my head, I was in heaven as I lapped at her like a hungry dog until again spasms ran through her body filling my mouth with juice. As she recovered Ria laid down on her side the opposite way around to me, she motioned for me to move in behind her, when I was laying in an almost identical position behind her, backed into me forcing my manhood between her legs

“Spoon me gently.” she whispered,

I ran my left hand under her neck and around to her breast, my right I held her right hip, for the first time touching the soft lace of her basque, with a small adjustment I slid easily inside her, her honey pot easily accepting me. Kneading her breast with one hand and holding her waist with the other I gently pleasured Ria, the feel of her sheer silk stockings on my skin was soft and luxurious. As our rythym increased

“I much prefer you to latex.” escaped from Ria’s lips.

I could feel my end beginning to burn, first at the tip and then across the top of my helmet, with Ria’s legs effectively closed she was creating resistance in her grotto and each stroke was constantly brushing against her soft insides until I could stand it no more, with final thrust to her hilt I came, Ria cooing with delight as she felt me climax.

We lay motionless for a while and I reached around to love cup to stroke it as I withdrew, in doing so I could feel moisture on her legs, as we had been making love, her juice had been flowing out along her thighs and with nowhere to run, they had coated her inner thighs and the tops of her stockings. Whichever way you looked at it this lady was really hot and in the right hands, an orgasm machine.

Later on we both showered and after finding Ria some shorts & a T shirt I made dinner, with several other bedrooms there was no rush to clear up the other one and we spent the rest of the evening talking over a bottle of wine, with some Dutch courage inside her Ria broached the subject of fantasies again, it was clear that Ria was up for more fun. Firstly we discussed mine, an older woman (clearly not happening with Ria) twins, Asian women, but then it was her turn

“I want to be a total slut, dress like one & act like one, just once.” she exclaimed

“And how far does this go?” I asked

“Multiple male partners? Another woman? A man & another woman? And what would you do and where would you do it?” I continued, Ria just shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said

“Oh I don’t know, you figure it out.”

I will I thought to myself. My mind was racing as we retired to the lounge and another long session of sex.

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