May 23

The Seminar

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You and I have been enjoying “cyber-sex” for many months. We are geographically too far apart and both have family responsibilities that make taking our feelings from the virtual to reality impossible. Our correspondence has become increasingly hotter and more graphic in our sexual desires.

Fate steps in, bringing a gift. We are in the same industry and there is a seminar we are to both attend. As we write, apologizing for our future absence, we learn we will be attending the same seminar, which is to be held in a hotel where we will both be staying. Suddenly, the trip away from home is something to be looked forward to, not avoided. We each fly to the distant city from our own. We travel with others from our company.

Obviously, business must be attended to. But the first one to check in would inform the front desk of the other one’s arrival, and ask for adjoining rooms.

Then down to the business of why we are there. Maybe that first day, one might arrive early and the next one might be later. There are afternoon sessions and we probably have to attend a dinner.

But later, as each group and person is left to return to their rooms, we would each notice a certain urgency about our walk. Perhaps you get to your room first. I wonder, what you would be wearing, knowing I would be in the next room. I would get to my room, and remove coat, tie, shoes, and take a deep breath. Then I would walk over to the door that joins the two rooms. I open my side, and find your door already open. It was waiting, just as you are.

I step inside and say “Amy?”

You turn, rush over to the door. Even though we have never met, we hug and kiss like old sweethearts who haven’t seen each other in years.

You are hot to get started, but I am old fashioned.

I push you out of the embrace, and grab your right hand with mine and say “Hi, I’m David”.

You say “Hi David, I’m Amy. How are you?”

“I’m fine, and you?”

You answer that you are fine too, and we walk nearer to the bed.

I grab you arm and say, “Now that that is over….” and push you onto the bed, and fall on you. We kiss, over and over again, enjoying the rupture of being together.

You move me to your side and open your robe. You were expecting me, and so you dressed comfortably, but you have nothing under the robe. I sit there, staring at casino oyna a body I have longed for. As I stare at you, you move to me and I watch your body as you move. Still staring, barely able to breathe, I am so enamored with what I am looking at. You startle me as you start unbuttoning my shirt. You slide it back, off my shoulders. As it slips off, I reach over and hold your left breast. With the slightest of pressure, I push you on to your back and kiss you, while holding and now squeezing your breast.

We kiss again and again, our tongues playing games with each other, my palm is now pushing against your breast. Our breathing becomes shallow and quicker. As I move closer to you, my belt buckle comes in contact with your abdomen and you twitch. We stop and I stand up.

I pull you up and say “Wait just a second”, and I pull back the bed sheets. I turn to you, laying my hands on you shoulders, inside your open robe and step in to kiss you again, as my hands drop your robe behind you. Then, taking your hand, I put you in bed. I unbuckle the offending belt, unzip and drop my pants and underpants. I move to join you in the bed, but you hold out you hand to my stomach and stop my approach.

“Not yet you don’t”, you whisper. I look quizzical, but you lean over and take me into your mouth. A moan slips out of my mouth.

You are happily moving your head back and forth, allowing my dick to move in and out of your mouth. You hand comes up and begins fondling my balls. I stroke your hair. My dick is in Heaven, in your mouth. Both my hands are on your head, not forcing you, just going along for the ride. My pent up desire for you did not have the patience for the quality of your mouth. I explode into your mouth. You confidently and gently stay on me, sucking me clean. After sucking all I could give, you lick my shaft, it flutters a bit.

“Mmmm”, you say, and you begin licking my balls and back up the underside of my dick. You notice after a few licks, there is more for you to lick.

You pull off me, and grabbing my hand you say “Get into this bed right now!”

I never disobey a woman.

We lie in the bed, embracing by each other, soaking each other in with our eyes, gently touching lips, talking some but not about anything too intense. Of course I have one hand on your breast, playing and teasing gently. slot oyna You can feel my hard cock pressing against your abdomen as we kiss. You roll back and pull me onto you and I pull your legs up and off to the sides to allow me entry into your dark moistness.

I tease you with my hardness, rubbing it on your clit, down to your hole, about to enter, back to your clit. You can’t take the teasing because you want it so bad.

You wrap your legs around my ass and pull me into you deeply, your arms around my neck, pulling me down for sweet kisses and then allowing me to trail kisses down to your breasts as I start to thrust myself, first soft and slow but growing harder and faster.

I pull myself away from your breasts to get positioned better and pull your legs up over my shoulders and I thrust into you hard and deep.

You hands find your nipples and twist and squeeze while you moan in pleasure from my thrusts.

Your body begins to shudder, your moans become more intense, and I turn my head to place kisses on your leg as we both explode.

Our eyes meet, I put your legs down, pull out, and lie next to you still looking at you with intense passion and we kiss. You lie in my arms and with my hand on your breast, we sleep.

A couple of hours pass, our rest was peaceful. I wake up, for no apparent reason and begin to recall where I am. I find myself next to a beautiful sexy woman, my hand on her breast. I take a breath and assure myself this is not a dream, the woman next to me resembles every woman I have fantasized about, yet she is real, and I’m laying here copping a feel. This thought is immediately translated to a “call to action” down below. I am becoming erect by merely being in your presence, well, that and holding your breast. The sheet is starting to tent up and I begin squeezing your breast, not sure of what to do next.

You wake up about the same time. But you are content to leave your eyes closed, and enjoy the feeling my hand is giving you. As if by magic, you seem to know what I am thinking. You know I am unsure of what I sure do. I only want to please you, but how?

Without letting me know you are awake, you trap my hand onto your breast and roll on to your side, your back toward me. I am pulled to you. Still clinging to your breast, my hard dick moves between your thighs and canlı casino siteleri buttocks. With only the slightest movement on your part, the head of my dick rests on the outside of your anus. You lay there, silently, not moving. But your head is whirling. You sense I don’t know if you are awake or asleep and sense a certain reluctance on my part to take you unknowingly. At the same time, you are trying every bio-feedback trick in the book to relax your opening to me. It works, your hole is relaxed and actually opening. I feel a tingle on the tip of my dick that propels me to inch just closer. The head meets minimal resistance and enters you. You push my hand harder on your breast and whisper “Drive it home, Lover”.

I move gently forward while you flex a bit, sticking your butt back, and I am in to the hilt. I lay there, unable to move, soaking in the joy and pleasure I am feeling. I move my head and begin kissing your neck, starting in the middle of your back, where the neck joins the back. I move up slightly and begin kissing the side of your neck. Your head move back in pleasure, but this also allows access to more of your neck. I begin moving in and out of your ass while kissing your neck. Goosebumps are on your arms. With a slight strain, you move your face towards mine and I move up to kiss your lips. My hand leaves your breast to hold your face as we kiss. I stroke your face and hair. I kiss you once more and then drop my hand back to your breast and move my body down, for deeper penetration.

You lock my arm again and roll onto your stomach, with me pushing off the bed and staying with you and in you. You lay spread eagle on the bed. I reach around you with my hands until both breasts are firmly held. I move them slightly to pinch your nipples. I start pumping in and out of your butt. You prop yourself up onto your elbows. This affords me better access to your breasts and I hold them tighter and thrust into you harder. Then harder and faster. Grabbing your breasts, pulling them, squeezing them, pinching them, I am pumping in and out of your ass like a piston. Suddenly, I hold your breasts tightly, pushing them into you, and pushing into your ass, moving slightly, I push into you again and erupt into you. You have been rubbing against the bed, and the feeling of my being in you, and coming in you, drives you over the brink. You are washed over and over with the warm feelings of orgasm.

Our motions subside, I release your breasts, and you return your head to the pillow. I pull out of you, and roll onto my back. Sleep returns swiftly to us both.

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