May 23

The Sex Of Our Lives Ch. 1

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Diane smiled as she greeted another of her guests. She repeated the mantra of the evening, “Hello, thanks for coming, so nice to see you,” over and over that it had lost almost all of its true intent. But, it was her eighteenth birthday and this was her big party. Well, big wasn’t exactly the word for it. Her parents had promised Diane a big birthday party at a nice restaurant hall, but what they failed to mention was that the party guests would consist mainly of her large, boring family.

Diane wasn’t allowed to invite too many of her friends to keep the cost of the party down, and those she had considered inviting, Diane mercifully left off the guest list to spare them a completely boring evening. The only friends Diane had bothered to invite were her best friend Elizabeth, whose entire family had also been invited, and Joe Becker. Diane and Elizabeth had been friends since they were 5, so that automatically included her, although Diane would have rather spared Elizabeth the horror of her boring family for the evening, but that was “out of the question” according to her mother, the party planner. Joe Becker had been a man Diane would have invited to the end of the world.

As Diane greeted her arriving Aunt Silvia and Uncle Charlie, she spotted Joe walking in from the other entrance. Quickly shuffling off her Aunt and Uncle to her awaiting parents, Diane ran into the ladies room. Making a quick check of the stalls and confirming that no one was in the room with her, Diane looked herself over in the mirror. “Not bad,” she grinned and ran her hands along her breasts and waist. Diane had been waiting for this moment for just over a month now, ever since her parents mentioned the party to her. Diane had been lusting after Joe since freshman year in high school, but was always afraid to act upon that lust do to her “ungirlish” figure.

At first, Diane was a tomboy, complete with flat chest and no ass. This adversely affected Diane’s self-esteem and she never went out much. But as the high school years flew by, Diane’s body filled out quite nicely. Where a flat chest once was, now stood round B-cup breasts, not too large, but just right. During her junior year, Diane’s ass had filled in nicely, giving her tight jeans and skirts and wonderful round fullness to them. She grew her short cropped hair out and styled it to reflect its current look…wavy, shoulder length blonde hair. During this past senior year, Diane had ditched the glasses and got some contact lenses to accent her green eyes.

But, still Diane could not bring herself to make a move on the fabled Joe Becker. This past senior year, Diane had made up for the previous 3 years of dateless high school in spades. She didn’t consider herself a slut, since she had only had sex with 2 guys during the past school year, a total opposite from the zero guys she had sex with in the previous 3 years. Diane knew that she had what it took to make guys happy. Her two previous sex partners sure stayed happy. But, Joe was different. He was the catalyst for the vast and positive changes Diane had made during high school. He was the reason she stood today, at her 18th birthday party, looking very hot and feeling very horny.

Diane looked herself over in the bathroom mirror again. Her blonde hair hung in styled curls around her shoulders. She wore a stylish white blouse and a matching laced bra, with the top two buttons of the blouse opened revealing a respectable amount of smooth, tanned skin. A tight matching white skirt framed her legs and ass beautifully, and the thong she wore beneath to hide any panty lines under the skirt felt wonderful tucked comfortably up her ass. Diane could already feel her pussy becoming moist at the thought of Joe. When she mailed him the invitation, Diane didn’t really think that he would show up, but here he was. “And here I go,” Diane sighed and walked out of the ladies’ free spin room.

Diane saw Joe standing by the bar, smoking a cigarette and drinking a soda. He was dressed casually in a black T-shirt and a slacks. His brown hair slicked back with just the faint look of gel on it. Diane inhaled deeply and walked over to him. “Hi Joe,” Diane said with a big smile on her face. “Glad you could make it.”

Joe turned and smiled widely as he saw Diane sitting on the stool next to him. “Glad to be here, Diane. Actually, I was surprised that you even invited me.” Joe finished the rest of his soda and stamped out his cigarette. “Surprised,” he continued, “but happy.” Diane smiled in return. “Well, I always wanted to spend some time with you Joe, but never got the nerve to ask. So when my party came up, I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity. Sorry that its so boring. My parents wouldn’t let me invite many friends because of my large family.”

“So that just makes my getting an invitation an even bigger honor that I originally thought, huh?” Joe laughed.

Diane grinned in return, closing her legs together tightly as she felt the wetness begin to flow from her pussy.

“So Diane,” Joe continued, “you look great. That outfit really makes you look hot.”

Diane’s face turned forty shades of red as she smiled a thanks. Diane and Joe spent the next few hours getting caught up on all the things they had missed from not being good friends during high school. Diane talked about how she wanted to go to the local college here at Edgewater Cove and study Biology. Joe talked about heading out to California and UCLA to learn about business and meet some California girls. Diane found herself very comfortable with Joe, and began telling him all about her high school insecurities and how Joe’s presence made her change herself for the better. Joe laughed at that in a friendly manner and spoke about how he had admired Diane from afar during their senior year and even considered asking her to the senior prom if he didn’t already have a girlfriend at the time.

“So Joe, since you are set on going to UCLA, do you wish we all could be California girls?” Diane asked sarcastically, smiling as she took a sip of her soda.

“Wow, the Beach Boys,” Joe laughed. “I didn’t think you were educated in that type of music.”

“Actually,” Diane said, “I was thinking of David Lee Roth, but the Beach Boys will do.”

“Honestly Diane, if all those girls out in California look half as good as you do right now, I’d wish every girl was a California girl.”

Diane held a shy smile on her face as Joe’s eyes looked her up and down in a manner that was slightly more than friendly. “Come on,” Joe said, grabbing Diane’s hand. “I have a birthday present for you.” Joe pulled Diane from the stool and led her through the crowd of her relatives, down a hallway in the back of the restaurant. “Where are we going Joe?” Diane asked, allowing herself to follow Joe into the back of the restaurant hall. “Right here,” Joe replied opening up a small door and leading Diane through it.

Joe and Diane now stood in a semi-lit electrical room. “How did you find this place?” Diane asked, still holding Joe’s hand. “I use to work in a restaurant hall like this and knew it had an electrical room. All these halls are pretty much the same,” Joe replied.

“So,” Diane whispered, knowing exactly what was going to happen between her and Joe in this room and wanting it fully. “Where’s my present?” Diane slid up against Joe’s side and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I don’t know, Diane,” Joe replied, sliding his hand down Diane’s back and resting it on her full ass. “You’re gonna have to force it out of me.”

Diane grinned and stepped back from Joe. She had never felt like this before, never! Her body was so hot, she felt like it was 100 degrees in this bonus veren siteler room. Her nipples had hardened to the point where she knew Joe could make them out straining against her bra and her blouse. And her pussy! It was like a fountain now, Diane feeling her juices dripping slowly down her thighs. This was four years of pent up high school lust coming though now. This was the reason she felt confidence in herself and her body now. Diane knew she didn’t need a man to be happy now, but she sure as hell wanted this man. Diane slowly backed away from Joe, her hands toying with the hem of her white skirt, teasing Joe by lifting it higher to expose the white flesh of her thighs, then quickly lowering it again.

Diane swayed her hips to an invisible music, running her hands along her breasts, cupping and fondling each one. “Please Joe,” she whispered in the best seductive voice she could muster. “Please give me my birthday present.” Diane stopped moving and lowered herself to the floor. She knew that the dust would make a stain on her clothes, but at this point Diane really didn’t care. She slowly spread her legs apart, raising her skirt into a bunch around her hips and revealing her soaked, white thong panties. “Please Joe,” Diane murmured, running a hand slowly along her thighs, letting her fingers trace across her wet pussy. Diane grabbed her thong and moved it aside, letting Joe see her wet pussy. Diane slide one finger along her slit and moaned as she did so, moving the finger up to her mouth and sucking it.

That was all Joe could stand. At the bar, Joe had realized how hot Diane really was and formed a quick plan to fuck her. He figured that she was hot for him as well, but never imagined anything like this. Joe felt his pants tighten from the swelling of his cock as he moved and knelt before Diane. Joe ran his hands along her thighs and up under her ass, a large smile coming to his lips when he found she was wearing a thong. Joe slowly lowered his face between Diane’s thighs, and smelled her musky scent, mixed with a slight aroma of perfume. Yes, Joe smiled to himself, this girl was totally hot. Joe took a long lick with his tongue, starting from Diane’s asshole, past the little patch of hair above her pussy, all the way to the belly button ring she wore. Diane let out a soft moan when Joe’s tongue touched her dripping slit.

“Mmmm Joe,” Diane purred as Joe ran a finger along her wet lips up to her hard clit, which he pulled free with his other hand. Joe gently flicked Diane’s clit with his wet finger, causing her to wriggle in pleasure. “Oh yes Joe,” Diane moaned, moving her hips beneath Joe’s oral pleasure.

Joe’s tongue slid along her pussy, its tip sliding in and out of her moist lips. Joe slid 2 fingers inside Diane and moved his tongue to her clit, which he eagerly sucked between his teeth. “Oh God Joe, Yesss, Finger my pussy,” Diane moaned, grinding her pussy against Joe’s fucking fingers. Diane grabbed Joe’s hair and pulled him hard against her pussy, and Joe knew she was ready. He slid in a third finger and bite down gently on Diane’s clit, his tongue grazing its tip. “Fuck, Yessss, Make me cum baby, MMMMMMM,” Diane screamed as her orgasm coursed through her shaking body, her thighs clamping hard around Joe’s head as her pussy spasmed around his fingers.

Diane’s legs shook uncontrollably for a few minutes as Joe removed his drenched fingers and softly licked her juices up. Finally, Diane pulled Joe’s head away and sat up next to him. “Joe, that was everything I’ve ever dreamed it would be with you.” Diane kissed Joe passionately, her tongue lapping up her juices covering Joe’s face. “Was that my present?” Diane asked, her hand softly squeezing Joe’s hard cock through his pants. “That was part of it, Diane,” Joe moaned softly in reply as Diane unzipped his pants and took his hard shaft into view. deneme bonusu veren siteler Diane looked down at Joe’s solid 7″ shaft and squeezed it hard in lust. “Suck it,” Joe groaned running his fingers through Diane’s blonde hair and gently pushing her head down to his cock.

Diane went willingly, lashing her tongue out at the head of Joe’s cock. Quickly, Diane slid Joe’s cock into her warm, wet mouth, sucking it hard while her tongue ran softly along the underside of the shaft. Joe’s moans were becoming louder now, as Diane began sucking just the head, while one had stroked the hard shaft and the other hand was fondling Joe’s quickly filling balls. “Oh shit Diane,” Joe moaned, holding her hair tightly in his hand, pushing his cock up into her, fucking her mouth. “That’s it baby, suck it. Suck my cock Diane, yeahhhhh.” Diane began taking all of Joe’s cock into her mouth, gagging a little bit as it slipped into her throat. Joe continued fucking Diane’s mouth and when she started rolling his balls between her fingers, he knew he was going to come.

“Mmmmm, not yet Diane,” Joe smiled and pulled Diane’s mouth from his cock. “I have some other place I want my cum to go.” Joe kissed Diane hard and his hands began roughly fondling her tits through her blouse and bra. “Mmm,” Diane moaned into the kiss and followed Joe’s lead as he stood her up and bent her forward. “Lean on the wall Diane,” Joe said, sliding Diane’s thong off. Diane bent forward, holding herself up by bracing her hands against the wall. “Oh yes, Joe” Diane cooed, looking back at her lover. “Fuck me, fuck my pussy baby.” Joe reached forward hungrily and grabbed Diane’s hips, sliding his rock hard cock inside her pussy in one thrust.

“Fuck ohhhhh,” Diane cried out as Joe buried himself to his balls inside her. Joe began a quick rhythm, thrusting his cock in and out of Diane’s dripping pussy. “Oh yeah, you are so fucking tight Diane, just the way I like it baby,” Joe was moaning now as he shoved his cock hard against Diane’s pussy, the slapping sound of his pelvis hitting her ass sounded seductively throughout the electrical room.

“Oh God, Fuck me Joe, mmmmm, shit yessssss, baby, ohhhhhhh,” Diane was crying out now, rolling her head from side to side as Joe reached around and played with her clit. Diane made a disappointed sound as Joe suddenly stopped and pulled out. “Oh Joe baby, what happened, I was so close,” Diane pleaded. Joe turned her around and gently lowered Diane onto her back. Grabbing his slick cock, Joe once again slid it into Diane’s pussy and started fucking her once more. Joe took long strokes this time, pulling all but his head out, then slamming it fully back into Diane’s clenching pussy. Joe placed his hands above Diane’s head and started fucking her as hard as he could, his balls slapping hard against Diane’s ass.

“Mmmmmm lover, fuck yesssssssss, FUCK MEEEEEEEEE,” Diane was screaming now in the throws of another orgasm, her body shaking in pleasure, as her pussy contracted tightly around Joe’s cock. That was all the pressure Joe need to finish. “Diane, shit baby, ahhhhhh, I’m fucking cummmmmminnnnnnng!” Joe cried out and buried his cock inside Diane’s pussy, letting all his cum flow freely into her. Diane moaned softly as she felt a man’s cum shoot deep inside her pussy for the first time. It was a feeling she knew she loved.

Joe and Diane stayed on the floor like that for some time, kissing each other softly, feeling Joe’s cock soften inside Diane’s pussy, then with a soft ‘plop’ fall free followed by a river of cum. “I guess I’d better start taking the pill,” Diane smiled.

“Oh yeah,” Joe laughed, rolling off Diane and pulling his pants back up, “especially if I’m gonna keep coming inside you.” Diane stood and put her panties back on and fixed herself as best as she could.

“Listen Joe,” Diane said, running her hand along Joe’s now flaccid cock. “I want you some more. Come over my house later tonight and I’ll sneak you inside. Then you can play with these,” Diane grinned, cupping her breasts.

Joe smiled, “Sure, how’s about midnight?” Diane gave Joe one last squeeze before leaving the room.

“See you then.”

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