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The Shower Block

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Female Ejaculation

The Shower BlockThe Shower Block.——————————————————————————–You both decide to take a walk to the shower block just after the sun set, of a hot day,.you both have caught the sun, and with it your libidos have also been well topped up, with the stirrings in both of you that come with the outdoor style, of chilling and enjoying quality time together.Your wife has only her skimpy bikini on, and you admire her ass as she walks ahead of you, thoughts of your wifes hot pussy beneath that thin strip of material start to cause stirrings……. you glance down to see the familiar bulge starting as you imagine your wifes hot moist pussy thats waggling just ahead of you.In the distance, the sound of happy people, echo around the park, as you follow that sexy ass along the long walk to the showers, as your mind starts to think playful thoughts….You dare your wife to walk to the shower block topless as the dim light was getting darker, she tells you to unfasten it, stopping for a moment, you can see she is very horny, by the size of her nipples popping out of her top as it falls away.You cant help but strum the those bullet shaped nipples standing proud , you hear her breath start causing her to shiver, knowing she was on fire inside and could well be more daring, so you ask her to remove her bikini bottoms and hand them to you, you bursa escort inhale her musky sweet smell, from her warm moist gusset shes been wearing, your cock rises to the sight of her stood in the middle of a campsite naked and wanton, your cock exploding from its restraints, bulges out of the top of your trunks, seeing this,your wife tells you to hand her your trunks, a moment later both of you make your way to the block thats well lit in front of you.Deciding to push the fold, you walk to the end of the cubicles finding the group shower, as you look into her lustful eyes, and start the hot water cascading over your tanned sun drenched skin causing that warm glow, that makes you both feel so alive and sexy.You both kiss passionatley under the stream of water, soaping each other up without being too risque, as your bodies rub together you feel her bullet like nipples pressing into you, you cock poised upright as you hug together tightly she feels its hardness pushing into her, her moistness causing her to squeeze her legs together to help feed the urgency.In full view of anyone coming into the shower rooms. you start to caress her soft full breasts, as she finds your hardness both of you get engrossed with your play, you didnt notice me walk into the block, i stop mesmerised by your horny get together under the shower, watching , as my cock bounced up with the view of you both bursa escort bayan making love in the open, not caring who sees you as you start massaging her moist pussy, you turn and notice me stood watching whilst stroking my cock through the material of my trunks.You smile and wink to me to come closer, as you thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, well aware i could see everything, you spin her around as she gasps at the pleasure youre giving her, you wink and encourage me to play with her taught excited nipples, as your pace quickened with your fingers, i reach around and start to feel her soft ripe breasts , with those buttons standing proud, having stripped from my trunks, i press into her back so she can feel two cocks rubbing at her body, from both sides, a large one pressing into her back, and your s pushing her venus, brushing her clit as you guide it up and down her moist puffed lips, i guide mine up and down her buttock cheeks causing her to grid her self up and down against the urgent feel of two hard cocks wanting to push into her hard and deep as waves of pleasure flooded her head, sandwiched between two guys in the site showers, in full view of anyone entering.She guides your cock to her wet hungry pussy, you slip in easily as her juices flow from within. then she rears back to guide me into her eager flower, fill her body with hard cock, she screams escort bursa and wails as wave after wave of pleasure shoots through her body as we both push our cocks deeply into her . making her legs give way as the gasps of her orgasms echoed through the block to a now , quiet and peaceful night. she grinds her well fucked body into the raging cocks, as we both erupt into her, filling her with our cum flooding her to the limit.we guide her to the shower floor gently, as she grasps both of our cocks stroking them and pulling us both to her mouth wanking us both in front of her eyes, making us hard again.she sucks your cock first then across to mine, back and forth as we both get fully hard again.we both catch each others eyes and smile, before turning our heads to see about six younger guys stood there watching us having our cocks sucked as your wife spreads her legs for all to see her swollen pink pussy lips part beneath her dark hairs, to draw her new voyeurs closer. without any hesitation the guys disrobe and stand there wanking their hardening cocks to the sight of your wife daring to be the wanton harlot you love her to be.She smiles and beckons one of the guys to the shower, we back off to allow the thirty something guys to enjoy her charms, she is faced with six hard cocks as she gets to her knees in front of the gathering grasping and playing with two at a time, one in each hand. as hands stroke her neck and feel her aching breasts at the excitement of all these guys who came to hear what the moans where so late at night on the campsite………………………………………….?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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