May 23

The Shower

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We are at your house and have the place to ourselves. It’s hot and we’ve been out most of the day. As we enter the house you tell me to watch some TV while you take a shower. I ask you to sit for a minute and you do. I take your hands in mine look into your eyes and begin to go into this long explanation of the crisis in our environment and how water is a resource that we need to conserve.

I am able to get most of this out with a straight face. With only the slightest grin you ask, “Should we conserve water by showering together?” I agree that it seems like a good idea for the environment. And with that we walk hand in hand to the bathroom together. Smiling again!

As we enter the bathroom I begin to unbutton my shirt, but you stop me, and say ‘allow me!’ You unbutton my shirt, and slid it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. You then grab the bottom of my t-shirt and I have to bend over to help you get it over my head. You place your hands on my chest and begin to rub. I then say ‘my turn!’

I pull your shirt over your head. Placing it on top of mine on the floor. I turn you around and unhook your brassiere. I slid the straps down over your shoulders and let it join the growing pile of clothes on the floor. I pull your back to my chest, reach around you and begin to massage both of your breasts at the same time. I then reach down and unsnap your shorts. I unzip them and pull them down over your hips. You kick them off and into our pile.

You then turn around – kiss my chest and undo my belt. You unbutton my shorts and unzip me – being careful of my growing erection. You then slid my boxers down exposing my erection to the air. Before you can do anything else, I reach down and grab the top of your silky smooth panties and pull them down.

As I straighten up I say ‘We’d better get in the shower while we still can’. You agree and you turn on the water, waiting for a minute while you adjust the temperature. I move up behind you and rub your fanny making it hard for you to adjust the temperature. Finally the temperature is just right and you hop in and turn to me and ask, “aren’t you cuming?” I quickly follow!!

I put your head under the stream of water and find some shampoo. While I’m getting the shampoo and just beginning to lather up your head, your are stroking my penis. I realize that I will have a hard time concentrating on shampooing so I turn you around pulling your back into my chest. I now begin to shampoo and massage your head.

I know I always find it somewhat luxurious to have someone else shampoo my hair and finger my scalp. So I try to treat güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you to that luxuriousness and work over your head massaging around your temples, all over the top and then around the back of your head concentrating on working my fingers over your scalp. You are moaning in delight and rubbing your fanny against my cock – keeping it at attention. After I finish with your head you get back under the water and we work all the soap out of your hair.

You then turn me around and have me sit on the shelf in your shower. You bring the hand held part of the showerhead over and wet down my hair. You then return the favor by giving me a shampoo and head massage. It’s wonderful and at times you pull my head to your chest and I’m able to lick your breast while your massaging my head. Eventually you finish and rinse the lather out of my hair.

I start to get up and you push me back down to the seat. You grab the soap and lather up my chest, rubbing my nipples. After rinsing you put your lips on my wet nipples and kiss and lick and start to bite. Using your teeth to pull on them. “Oww, that feels good.” As you are working on my nipples with your teeth, your hand picks up the soap and you begin to wash my penis. O MY GOD!!!!

After working up some suds, you wash the length of my straining penis. You seem to pay particular attention to its head washing all around from front to back. You take one of your hands down and gently soap, and massage my balls. After I’m good and clean you take the showerhead and rinse me off. I again start to rise and you again push me back to the seat.

You grab a towel from outside the tub and throw it on the floor in front of me. You rest your knees on it and SMILE at me. You take my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. While gently massaging my balls and the sac containing them, you stroke my penis with your other hand and then lower your head to its tip. You use your tongue and lick it – soaking up the precum gathered at the top. You look up and again smile. I moan!

You again lower your head and this time envelop my head. You use your tongue and swirl all over the tip. You move you mouth and lick the length of my penis like it was a lollypop. I am moaning with delight all the while the shower is beating down on us. Marie, you use your mouth moving up and down over my penis. Your tongue is adding texture to the movement adding a lick every once and a while. I am moaning in ecstasy. You continue to move your mouth faster and faster. I grab your face and tell you that ‘I’m almost there.”

When you hear güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that you lift your eyes to mine, and I can see that they are smiling. They you look back at my crotch. You lick the head all around with your tongue, and then again engulf my penis. Moving up and down faster and faster until . . . I explode with a loud, satisfied groan. You continue to suck my penis and use your hand to milk all of the cum out of my body. As my penis begins to go limp, you lift your mouth off my penis with a plop. You look at me, smile, and lick your lips. I pull you up into my arms. We hug and KISS and after a while – I catch my breath!

There is something very sensual about being locked in an embrace while we are both soaking wet. You skin feels so soft and smooth next to mine. I am hugging you and don’t want to let go. Then I remember that we are supposed to be showering and you still need to be washed. I grab the soap and lather your back. In doing so I keep your body touching mine.

Eventually I work my hands down to your bum. I lather and squeeze your cheeks. I then run my soapy fingers up and down your crack. You seem to shiver and pull into me even closer – if that’s possible. I grab the showerhead and rinse you off. Then reluctantly I push you away (already missing the feel of your chest on mine) and have you sit on the shower seat. I kneel in front of you and wet you down and then begin to wash you.

I wash your neck, your shoulders, your arms, and hands. Rubbing and touching you with my soapy hands. I move back up your arms to your pits and you kind of giggle. I guess it kind of tickles. I then move to your breasts. I wash all around the left breast and then concentrate on your left nipple. Soaping it up and watching it tighten and get hard as I pull it out to wash it. Your groans tell me that you are enjoying it. Then I repeat the process on your right breast. You bend down and kiss my forehead.

I then wash your belly, giving special consideration to your cute appendix scar and then your bellybutton. I then move down to your thighs going very close to your crotch but bypassing it . . . . for now. I continue down your legs, find a spot behind your knee to pause and give attention to. Then down your calves finally arriving at your toes. I soap them up and wash each one individually.

I then take the showerhead and rinse all the soap off your body. After giving your squeaky clean toes a KISS, I take the soap and move back up to the top of your thighs. I rub the soap through your public hair and gently move down to your glistening pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri lips. Using my soapy hands I rub all over your lips the smoothness of your lips becoming even more slippery from the soap.

You are groaning and your hands are now running through my hair. I reach and find the showerhead and again rinse you off. I then remember something you once said in an email. I adjust the temperature of the spray, turning it up; making it as hot as I think you can stand it. I then turn the dial on the showerhead and turn it to a pulsing stream. I aim it first at your breasts. The water is throbbing on your nipples. I move it from one nipple to the other and back again. You are moaning and just repeating “Yes . . . yes . . yes!”

I then start to direct the showerhead lower and you start squirming in the seat. Your legs are already spread wide and I take one hand and open your pussy. With the other hand I direct the throbbing stream right on your pussy. You almost jump out of your seat. I move the jets of water up and down the length of your pussy and now you seem to almost be pulling my hair out. (Be careful I’ve lost enough already) I move the showerhead closer intensifying the jets, still moving up and down slowly.

Eventually I put the showerhead down and jam my face to your southern lips. I start to lick for all I’m worth, moving my tongue as far into you as I can reach. I replace my tongue with my 2 fingers and continue to move in and out. I slid my lips against yours, and lick, and suck on your swollen clitoris. My other hand is playing with your pubic hair. Moves up past your scar to rest momentarily on your breast.

I then start to slowly massage your breast while my tongue and fingers work on pussy. I rotate my fingers in your vagina as they continue to glide in and out, in and out, in and out, increasing the pace. My tongue, lips, and finally, gently, my teeth stimulate your clit. Your moaning has gotten much more intense, and you seem to be pulling my head even closer into you if that is possible.

As I pull on your nipple, pulling it out, out, and out from your chest. Your body begins to convulse, and you kind of snap your legs together. Or as close as your can get them with me in your middle. You bend down and kiss my forehead. And then collapse into the corner of the shower seat. I sit at your feet, my head resting on your lap, with the spray still streaming down on us. Eventually, we recover and stand and just hold each other in a long hug. We finally rinse off and step from the shower – clean but spent.

As we are drying, I notice that almost an hour has past and say that “I guess we better start recycling cans if we really want to save the environment – I don’t think we saved all that much water. You reach up put your arms around my neck, smile and kiss me.


I hope you enjoy the story. Please vote and I would love to see a comment. Thanks!

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