May 30

The Shy Wife becomes a Hot Wife

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Alice glanced at her mobile phone and saw that it was her husband, Kyle, calling her. It was somewhat unusual for him to call during the middle of the business day, so she was a little concerned that something might be wrong.

“Hi, honey, what’s up?” She asked with trepidation in her voice.

Hearing his wife’s tone, Kyle quickly moved to assuage her seeming worry. “Everything is fine. I just wanted to give you a heads up that we have a last-minute opportunity that has just come up, so I wanted to let you know ASAP.”

“OK, thanks for being so considerate. What’s the opportunity, honey?” She pressed.

“We can travel down to Miami this Friday afternoon and spend three nights in a beachfront cottage that the company has rented, but cannot make use of as they had planned. Rather than let it go to waste, they offered it to you and me, all expenses paid, including airfare.”

It had been a particularly rough winter this year in Minnesota. Alice and Kyle lived in Minnetonka, which is located just to the west of Minneapolis. They were both weary of the huge snow storms and sub-zero temperatures that had hit their area repeatedly this past winter, so the idea of a warm break in Florida was welcome news for them. It was March though, and Alice raised her only concern, “This is spring break down there, honey. It’s going to be packed with college kids that are our son’s age.”

“Yeah, I thought about that too, but the cottage is on a piece of property that is private and is at least a hundred yards from the nearest hotel where the kids are likely to be while we are there. We can be as social or as private as we want to be.”

“Well, OK then. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Let’s do this. I don’t think I have a bathing suit that I want to wear down there though, and I doubt I can find one up here this time of year,” Alice worried.

“If you can’t, we can buy one in Miami. I’ll bet you can find one, or maybe two, that I’ll like on your sexy body, babe.”

“OK, we shall see. Maybe not as skimpy as you want one to be, but appropriate for Miami Beach. Remember babe, I am a 38-year-old mom — not a college coed anymore.”

“You left out the part about you being a HOT 38-year-old MILF, babe.”

“You are such a perv, Kyle. But, I do love you so.” With that, Alice ended their call and immediately set about the process of rearranging their schedules for the upcoming weekend.

Kyle followed up their call with an email that contained their flight information, the Collins Ave. address on Miami Beach where the cottage was located, and local transportation from Miami International to the cottage. His employer provided round-trip, first-class seats on the flights, as well as a private limo service once they landed.

Alice dug deeply into her closet to retrieve summer clothes that would be suitable for the climate down south and was able to find a few items that she was OK with for their time in Florida. When Kyle arrived home, she showed him what she had set out to wear and received a lukewarm reaction from him. “What is wrong with the things I have picked out, honey?” She asked, simultaneously annoyed and disappointed.

“That stuff is OK for here, I guess, but we are going to Miami Beach during Spring Break. You need to wear clothing that is much more hip and sexy down there. I don’t want you looking like a mom. I’d prefer that you dress like the hot-wife that you are, sweetness.”

“Kyle, I AM a mom — not a ‘hot-wife,’ despite what you might imagine me to be, my love. I dress appropriately for my age. Plus, I remember you telling me about ‘hot-wives’ before. They do sexy stuff with other men to please their kinky husbands, don’t they? That’s not me, babe.”

“Maybe not, but you could be, honey. Come on — its Miami Beach! Throw me a bone and, at least, let me show you off to those party people down there. Please?”

Alice finally acquiesced and agreed to a wardrobe enhancement that better fit Kyle’s wishes for her. She only had one full day before they left, so she traveled to the Mall of America the next morning to try to find clothes that would make her husband happy.

To her surprise, there was a women’s beachwear shop that had just received their initial spring supply of bikinis and coverups, so there was a lot from which to choose. She told the young girl that worked in the store where they were headed and what Kyle wanted her to look like when they got there, including his hot-wife desire.

“You are such a lucky woman,” the clerk told her. “Most men are way too insecure to deal with their wives dressing sexy, much less being hot-wives to boot. You’ve got a great body and we have several options that I am sure will make bahis firmaları him happy.”

Alice did, indeed, have a great body. She worked everyday at keeping herself fit, the result of which was a trim 5′ 6″ frame that was narrow at her hips with a pert butt and 34C breasts that were still standing up against the effects of gravity. Her shape was enhanced by her flawless face, striking, ice-blue eyes and light brown hair that fell between her shoulder blades.

After she tried on a few bikinis, the sales girl offered her opinion and talked Alice into two different solid colors of a sexy, yet classic, two-piece bikini. Both the red and the white versions featured a very small triangle bikini swim top with detachable soft padding, adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps, a gold clasp closure on back. This was paired with matching, cheeky fit bikini bottoms with elastic strings on sides. They showed more of her ass than she was used to and barely covered her small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair, which made her a bit uncomfortable, but she was sure Kyle would approve. She also purchased a couple of very short denim skirts, one in red and the other in blue, and topped them off with tight-fitting tank tops that showed off her luscious breasts.

“The things I do to make that man happy,” she thought with a smile on her face.

They traveled the next day, going from temperatures in the 20s to 80-degree Miami weather. Shedding their coats as soon as they deplaned, they headed to baggage claim to meet their driver, Javier. After greeting them, he retrieved their bags and escorted them to the limo. “Give him a nice panty shot when you get in the car, babe,” Kyle almost begged.

At his insistence, Alice had worn the very short, white denim skirt and red tank top, paired with white sneakers. She had kept her coat on for the duration of the flight, but now her outfit was on full display and her husband wanted her to display even more of herself to a stranger. She rolled her eyes at Kyle, but did as he asked and, as she slid onto the seat, presented Javier a full-on up-skirt view of her white, lacy panties. Javier smiled in acknowledgment of the favor.

“Do it again when we get to the house, OK?” Kyle asked from the privacy of their seat at the back of the stretch Lincoln vehicle.

“Sure, why not? He’s already seen everything there is to see, but I have a question. You keep saying you want me to be a hot-wife, right?”

“Yes, that’s true, so?”

“Well, I did an internet search and it said that cuckolds want their wives to be hot-wives because they want to watch said hot-wife have sex with other men and then eat the cum that the other man left inside her. Are you a cuckold, Kyle? Do you want to watch me having sex with another man? Do you want to lick me after another man ejaculates inside of me? I can’t do that. I’m sorry, I just can’t do that. Why do you want that, anyway? Aren’t I enough for you as just your faithful wife?”

Kyle heaved a heavy sigh and looked his wife in her eyes. “You are everything to me, baby. You are my life and, as such, I want you to be a part of every aspect, including my more kinky side. If you can think about sex outside of our marriage as just adult fun, then the issues that come with one partner fooling around on the other do not arise. There is no tenderness, no secrecy, no real affection or connection. The people use each other for their mutual and individual pleasure, much like sex toys.”

“I still don’t get it. You want me to dress sexy and flash a guy… fine. I sort of understand that because you are showing off your wife as a trophy of sorts. But, for it to go beyond letting guys look and leer at me, I just don’t get.”

“I’ve looked into this a lot to better understand what is driving my desires in this area. First, there are different types and degrees of cuckolds. One on end is the masochistic cuckold who enjoys humiliations, degradation, and other demeaning activities, such as licking another man’s cum out of his wife. The alpha cuckold, on the other hand, lies at the opposite end of the spectrum and does not enjoy any form of humiliation and often has a direct say in who his wife sleeps with and when. I expect that I would fall under the alpha category, however, it is possible that I am not a cuckold at all. I won’t know unless we explore this area and I get to find out if I am or not.”

“But, if you ARE a cuckold, what do you want to have happen, Kyle?”

“I want to control the situation as to where, when, how, and for how long. I want to watch a cock go inside your pussy and fuck you. I want the guy to cum inside of you and I want to watch his cum leak back out of you. Most of all, I want to fuck you kaçak iddaa after you have been fucked. It may be the ‘wrongness’ of the act that turns me on, I’m not certain, but I know the prospect of it leaves me breathless.”

“So, you are losing interest in having just me and it being just us having sex with each other? Am I not enough anymore?”

“No, honey, you are missing the point. I love you and you are my be-all end-all in life. I love making love to you and I never want us to lose what we have in our lovemaking. What I want is to add spice to our relationship by stretching the limits to which we have constrained ourselves up until now. It is entirely possible that, if you ever agreed to what I want and do what I ask, that I may find that the reality of the act is not the turn-on that I expect. I may, in fact have a real problem with it if it really happens. But, I have told myself that, if you should ever give this to me and it’s not what I hoped for, I have to chalk it up to a bad idea on my part and drop the subject forever.”

“What about you? Are you doing this so that you would have free reign to have sex with other women?”

“No, not at all. You are the only woman I want to have sex with for the rest of our relationship. I just want to watch you having sex with another man because I think it will bring a heat to my libido that I have never before experienced. I know that, when I fantasize about you doing it, and I do that a lot, it drives me crazy in a good way.”

Alice was silent for several moments and then, “So you would not blame me or hate me if I granted your wish and it turned out to be a bad idea?”

“Nope, if anyone, I would blame me. You would have simply been trying to please me.”

She went silent once again as she processed the unprecedented discussion they were having. “If I agreed to try to give you what you want, could we ease into it at first?”

Encouraged, Kyle leapt at the question, “Of course we can! We can move at whatever pace you are comfortable with. You flashing our driver and agreeing to do it again is a perfect first step and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing that.”

“So, me doing that was a real turn-on for you, honey?”

“Absolutely, babe! He is going to go home after driving us today and masturbate thinking about what you showed him and I like that you did that to him.”

“I must admit, I kinda like that. I never think about guys jerking off while thinking about me, except you, maybe. So it turns me on to think getting a look at my panties can do that to a man.”

“Oh, you have no idea, sweetheart. No idea at all.”

Their conversation came to a halt at that point as they were arriving at the beach house. Alice waited for Javier to open her car door while Kyle exited from the other side. When the driver opened her door, she made a slow exit out of the car and afforded him a wide-spread look up her skirt as she did so. Her finishing touch was to look him directly in his eyes, which had been laser-focused on her crotch, and thanked him for opening her door. He tore his eyes away from the luscious sight that was being presented to him and looked up to her to acknowledge her thanks.

Alice smiled at the man as she pulled her skirt even higher up her thighs as if she needed to do so to exit the vehicle. “Will you be our driver when we go back to the airport on Monday?” She teased.

“I will make certain that I am ma’am. I would love to see you again before you return home.”

The sudden butterflies in Alice’s stomach let her know that she was excited by the behavior she just demonstrated and the response she received. She would never have dreamed of being so blatant until today, given what her husband had just revealed to her about his wishes and desires. She was somewhat amazed at how excited she was by exposing her panties to the driver, as she never would have even considered doing so before her talk with Kyle.

As soon as they were inside the house and Javier had departed, she turned to her husband and said, “I think I need you to fuck me right now. I did what you suggested when I left the limo, and the experience has really got my motor running.”

Noting that she had asked him to “fuck her,” rather than make love to her, was significant to Kyle. He couldn’t remember the last time she had used that word and, to him, it indicated that she was beginning to grasp the whole concept of being a hot-wife. “There’s my bad little girl! I knew you were in there somewhere and I glad that was exciting for you.”

“I am amazed at just how much it set me off. If I had it to do again, I might have sat there for quite a while longer while a stranger stared at my panty-covered kaçak bahis crotch.”

“There will be other opportunities, honey. Lots of other opportunities, I assure you. Now, let’s go fuck.”

Their lovemaking — rather fucking — was intense and more urgent than it had been in a long time…maybe ever. Alice kept playing the scene with the limo driver over and over in her mind while they fucked and the replays drove her passions to new heights. Kyle kept imagining where things with his wife might go and pounded his cock into her with a force heretofore unknown to either of them.

“Wow, babe! That was hot. You really pounded me hard!” Alice noted after they finished.

“Sorry — I was just so turned on by what you did today and how positively you embraced it,” Kyle said.

“Don’t you dare apologize, sexy boy. I surprised myself at how much I liked it, too. If I had known you were keeping that bottled up inside of you, I would have flashed my panties to some dude well before today.”

“Well, there is plenty of time to make up for lost opportunity, wife,” Kyle said with a smile.

They had moved to the bedroom so quickly that they did not have a chance to explore the house until now. They were amazed at what they discovered when they did. “I’m not sure I could call this a cottage,” Alice commented when they had completed their tour of the house and its grounds.

The two-story “cottage” had four bedrooms and five bathrooms along with a very large gathering/media room on the main floor that had a fully stocked liquor rather, it was a hidden panel in the ceiling that opened and a swing suspended by nylon ropes began to descend. He held the switch until the swing reached a point about 30 inches off the floor where he stopped it.

“What is THAT?” Alice asked with amazement in her voice.

“I’m pretty sure it is a sex swing,” Kyle responded. “A girl sits in the basket seat and then puts her feet in the stirrups out here, leaving her in a perfect position to be fucked. The neat part is that the swing can be raised or lowered to accommodate guys of any height.”

“Damn, Kyle! Who the hell owns this thing and why would your company executives rent a sex dungeon?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘sex dungeon,’ honey. Although, the swing is a bit over the top for a rental property I guess and we can’t be certain that they knew this was here. If they didn’t, they would have been as shocked as were are. If they did, then they are cooler people than I imagined. “

“You think? In any event, we might have to try it out while we are here, right?” Alice suggested slyly.

“Of course! I’m not one to turn down an opportunity like this,” Kyle agreed with a smile. “OK, tour is over, I guess. Let’s get our suits on and head to the beach while we still have some afternoon sun, OK?”

“Great idea,” Alice said as she turned to leave the room.

They both changed quickly and were about to leave the room when Alice notice a frown on Kyle’s face. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like my bikini? I am showing as much skin as I can without being naked, sweetheart.”

“The suit is great, I just didn’t realize it would be so padded everywhere,” Kyle answered with a slight whine in his voice.

“You mean over my nipples, right?” Alice asked with a sigh.

“Yes, there… and in the bottoms as well,” he answered.

Sighing again, Alice pulled the padded inserts out of the cups of the bikini top and removed a similar one from the crotch of the bottoms.

“Better?” She asked as she stood facing him.

Her nipples were now clearly visible beneath the thin material of the bikini top and the separation between the lips of her pussy could be discerned through the fabric covering it.

“Now, that’s more like it, hot-wife! I can’t wait to see how guys react to you when they see you!” Kyle said approvingly.

They left the cottage through the sliding glass doors and bypassed the pool to leave the property through a gate in the fence. Picking a spot a few yards from the water’s edge, they laid out the two beach towels they had brought with them and settled in to enjoy the warm Florida sun on their bodies. A steady stream of young people walked past them, usually in groups of 3-5, and Kyle noted with pleasure that Alice was drawing admiring looks from the men as well as some of the women as they noticed her stretched out on her towel.

After a hour or so, Kyle returned to the cottage to get drinks for the two of them. When he returned with drinks in-hand, he found two guys talking with Alice, who looked up as he approached.

“Hi babe, these guys are here with a large group of classmates from Indiana. That’s Mick and the other is Roland. Guys, this is my husband, Kyle.”

The men shook hands and Alice caught Kyle up on their conversation. “They chartered a bus with 48 other guys to spend two weeks down here and they’ve been on Miami Beach for 10 days.”

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