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The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 19

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***** Writer’s Note: I believe Chapters 18, 19, and 20 are tightly linked. Many of my chapters can be read as singles. These three are not like that. The three chapters are a complete story line. You will still enjoy this one if you don’t read Chapter 18 but you will not understand Chapters 19 and 20 without it as a basis. Nuff said! Enjoy.


Sometime before dawn, that time of deep darkness before a new day in which all men seek the peace of dreamless sleep, Spencer’s bed shifted as two young women climbed in and slid carefully under the covers. Dark desire on one side and elfin sin on the other. The two little sirens were there to awaken the sleeping dragon.

He never felt their hands exploring the hairs on his chest. He never heard the giggles, the whispered encouragements. He didn’t wake to the covers sliding downward. He didn’t wake to the two hands that reached into the opening of his boxers. Like men with teenage daughters all over the world, Spencer slept in his underwear. He hated underwear; but, it prevented accidental exposures.

“He’s even bigger than my dad,” Nikki whispered. It’s pretty big to still be soft. I wonder how big it gets?

“Of course, it is. I told you so,” MacKenzie replied smugly.

“How big does it get? I wish I could see it.”

“No lights, remember what we agreed.” It gets big, girlfriend. Really huge!

“Yeah. Is it okay with you, Mac? I mean, if you say ‘no’, I’ll understand. He’s your dad. And, I know you guys are almost ready to ….”

“We’re not. He won’t, not with me anyway.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure; he’s getting hard just listening to us talk about it.” Nikki giggled as Spencer’s cock began to lengthen, even in his near-sleep state. “Uncle Spencer, are you awake?” Spencer never


“I thought you wanted to?” Mac probed.

“Oh, I do. Very much.” I would have if you hadn’t interrupted us!

“But, I interrupted you and your dad just when he was putting it in,” Mac said with regret.

Both hands wrapped around him and twisted gently in opposite directions. “So, what do we do now? I mean, he’s still asleep.”

“Kiss it.”

“You kiss it.” I’m not gonna kiss it!

Then, after a moment’s indecision, a set of lips engulfed Spencer’s cock head. And, a wicked tongue wrapped itself around the crown and swiped.

Spencer came fully awake as a pair of warm lips started down the length of his shaft. What he didn’t know was who’s mouth it was. Shit! Is that MacKenzie or Nicole?

“Now, you try.”

Another set of lips rendered the question moot. This one was hotter. He felt his nuts lift. Whoever was holding them squeezed gently, rolling them in her fingers. His cock surged to fullness. Now heavy and thick, it began to raise itself from his stomach.

The set of lips, encasing the head of his rapidly filling shaft, followed it in the darkness. As they did, his piss-hole got probed by a tongue in a way that was way past naughty.

His cock was now hard enough to stand unassisted. Their hands released him. He made a tentative thrust. Unexpectedly, he half-sheathed himself in a small hot mouth that didn’t pull back.

“Mac? Nikki?” He reached for the light switch beside the bed. A petite hand intercepted him, restraining his hand. A young woman’s body leaned over him and a finger pressed across his mouth in a ‘Shhhhhh’ sign. “No lights!”

“Don’t talk, just feel.”

He felt a small braid of hair with a bead at the end of it, trace first up his chest and then across his lips. For a moment, he was twenty-four years old again and back in that creaky old bed with Kayla–Mac’s mom. Well, damn, that sure as hell brings back the memories.

Before he could stop, his wife’s name was on his lips. “Kayl…?”

But, he never finished; a delectable nipple dropped itself onto his lips. He took it, sucking just like all those years ago. Then he smiled, Not Kayla, because it isn’t a woman’s nipple. He ran his tongue across it, then teased the center. A gentle bite brought it to something resembling a point. This is a young woman’s or maybe even a girl’s nipple. But in the dark, a nipple is a nipple.

He gently released it. “Jesus, MacKenzie, so much like your mamma. And, so different.”

His hips lifted, feeding the young woman at his waist another couple of inches of heavy black dick. She choked a little, but he felt her throat start to open. He withdrew most of his cock to let her catch her breath. “So little experience. Well school is out, baby.” He thought of Nikki and that red hair.

He had his cock seated almost to his balls. There was no way she could breath around that. He could feel her lips trying to inch themselves down his thickening shaft.

“A little more to swallow than your dad, huh, Nicole?” he teased.

He nearly came unglued when a tiny voice beside him, next to his head said, “I’m up here, Uncle Spencer.”

“MacKenzie?” Fuck! Now I’m pendik escort totally confused!

“No. Nikki.”

“But …” He reached out into the darkness next to him, finding the small braid with his fingers. He followed it up to her head to the ponytail and long hair. “Shit, I thought. I mean, the cornrow and braided strand?”

“We both got the extensions and beads, Uncle Spencer.” She took his hand in hers, guiding it downward till he had it in his daughter’s Pixie-cut short hair. Their hands never left MacKenzie’s head as he lifted his hips almost involuntarily.

He felt Mac’s lips settle against his balls. She had all of him. She was having a hard time with it, but she had it all. Together, he and Nikki held her head there. Mac panicked. She swallowed hard. Oh my god, there’s so much spit! He’s just too fucking big. How the hell can Tammy do this?

“Fuck yeah, baby. Throat that fucker!”

Did my dad just moan, ‘Throat that fucker’? MacKenzie swallowed again.

It takes some women years to learn what this does to a man; Mac had just figured it out by accident. He moaned again as the contractions of her swallow sucked him in. His abdomen went rigid; his whole torso arched. Nikki felt his hand pull Mac’s head in tight. Mac’s throat opened around him. There had been no choice; he’d opened it.

Suddenly, Spencer felt her small fists beating insistently against his thighs pushing against him.

MacKenzie gagged as she came up off his shaft. She coughed, gasping for air and backed off reluctantly. His fingers released the back of her neck.

Exhausted, she laid her head on his thigh in the dark and a small trickle of saliva fell on his leg; she took a ragged breath, deep and needful.

He heard Nikki again, just beside his ear. “My turn, Uncle Spence. You thought she was me, huh?”

“Nikki, your dad will kill me.”

She whispered in a voice that sent a shiver down his spine, “My Dad’s not here. So, I guess I better make it worth dying for.” And then, like a shadow, she was gone.

Immediately, MacKenzie switched positions to cover his mouth with his; her tongue was halfway down his throat before he could stop her. He pulled her back a little. “That was so fucking hot. What you did to me. You made me throat you. You had your cock all the way down my throat. God, Dad, I’m so fucking wet.” I almost choked to death on your dick; but, it was still fucking epic! I could feel your balls full resting against my chin! Whoa! That’s deep.

She kissed him again, her small beaded-braid of hair tickling his neck and chest.

“MacKenzie, I thought we agreed,” he protested weakly.

“No, Daddy, you said you hadn’t decided if you’d use my mouth. Now, you’ve decided. I just wanted you to know what it would feel like. Was I as good as you imagined? Sorry about the gagging thing; but, you’re kinda big down there.”

He felt Nikki’s hand lift his ebony shaft, bringing it to her lips. She licked it like an ice cream cone. She was cute; but, she didn’t have his attention yet as he continued to talk with MacKenzie.

“MacKenzie, I can’t imagine anything as good as your mouth.” Jesus Lord, I’m just a man. This kind of temptation isn’t a fair test of a man’s resolve. Not fair, at all.

Closing her eyes, Nikki made a silent vow to herself, I am to die for.

She tongued him in one continuous lick from his balls up to the tip of his cock; then, brought her thumbs up along the shaft forcing his desire into the head of his cock. Probing, she found his piss hole, inserting the teasing little pointed-tip of her tongue. She twisted, licked wider, and slowly dropped her head, taking his knob with her tightly-stretched lips and mouth back down the length of his erection.

It was a hell of a distraction! Caught up in the sensations, Spencer completely lost his train of thought.

He briefly lifted his head only to find MacKenzie pushing a nipple into his lips. “Suck it, like you sucked my mom’s”

Surrounding it with his lips, he latched on like a baby and sucked. He twisted his head on the nipple, rolled it between his lips, and sucked. Mac felt like he’d hot-wired her nipple to her clitoris. She exploded.

Without letting his mouth slip from her chest, she grabbed his hand and brought it to her sex making him cup her.

“Finger me, Daddy! Finger-fuck me while my best friend blows you.” Pretend that doesn’t turn you on, Daddy.

She hadn’t lied; she was so fucking wet and it was indeed hot. His fingers slid in. Damn, that’s a wet little kitty!

“You may be bare, baby, but you’re as wet as your mom ever was. You’re wet like a woman who needs a dickin’.”

Nikki reached down and lifted Spencer’s balls in her hands. Pulling them forward, she used them to slowly and agonizingly feed the meat into her small throat. Spencer could sense how tight she was. He felt the head of his cock nudge her tonsils, push them aside, and start to bend downward into her throat.

She maltepe escort was eager; that was part of why she was so good. But that was only part of his surprise. It was abundantly clear she knew more than MacKenzie. How the fuck can Nikki know how to do this?

It was also clear she was anatomically smaller. “Nikki, mine is a pretty big cock to learn on. I mean it’s big for your first blow job. It may be too big for you to throat.” Don’t hurt yourself, baby girl.

Nikki backed off, until her mouth barely covered the head. She released him just long enough to get out, “Uncle Spencer, I heard what you did with MacKenzie; do it to me too. Throat fuck me!”

She recovered the head with her lips and took his hands, placing them on her head and pushing down gently. He got the message. These two are just a little bit competitive. ‘Throat fuck me?!’ We’ve come a long way from ‘Pick me up, Uncle Spencer. Catch me, Uncle Spencer. Find me, Uncle Spencer.’ Now, it’s ‘Throat fuck me!’

“Nikki, is this your first blow job?” he demanded, burning with curiosity. If this is your first blow job, I’m going to freaking ask Jack if I can marry you.

Her mouth still around him, her head shook, No.

“Was it as big as this?” He flexed his cock.

Her head shook side-to-side, No.

“Nicole, was it your dad?” Did Jack teach you to suck cock?

There was a long pause, then Nikki started to nod her head. MacKenzie put her hand in Nikki’s hair to stop her. “I think, if you want to know, you should ask Uncle Jack–not Nikki.”

“Fair enough. Nicole, listen! If it gets too much, if you can’t breathe or if it hurts, push against me with your hands, and I’ll pull back. Okay?”

Nicole nodded her head up and down, Yes. Delighting in the realization: Nodding with your mouth full is kinda sexy. Look up at him and nod.

During the pause, Spencer had softened marginally; now he wasn’t fully hard, but still thick, turgid, heavy, and stiff enough to get it started in a mouth. His eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness, there was just enough light that when he looked down an absolutely adorable teenage girl was looking up at him and his cock was halfway into her mouth. Sweet Lord! Nothing sexy about that.

“Get ready, Nicole.” He hesitated, then thrust up off the bed sending half of his semi-erect meat into Nikki’s waiting mouth. She took it.

“Just lay still and don’t move, Nicole, I’ll do most of the work.”

She released his cock and rested on her elbows between her Uncle’s spread legs, her head accepting the thrusts of his pelvis.

His hips began to lift off the bed slightly. His hands held her head. He moved it closer and closer as his hips moved. He had a small part of her throat open now. The only sound was the soft ‘gnk … gnk … gnkkkk’ her mouth made each time his knob hit the back of her throat.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” MacKenzie asked.

“Kiss me, MacKenzie, while I face-fuck your little elfin friend,” he commanded.

“You’re using her mouth, like it’s a girl’s pussy!” You’re mouth-fucking my best friend.

“No, MacKenzie! I’m using it, like it’s a woman’s pussy!” Goddamn, that’s good, Nicole!

Nikki was confused, but on fire. His cock was surging in and out of her mouth, flexible one second and like steel the next. She could feel it get a little longer, a little bigger, a little thicker, and a little firmer with each stroke. There was no end to it. She heard Mac ask her dad what he was doing. What he said drove Nikki to push her small mound into the bed, pressing and gently rubbing it against the sheets.

She moaned from the feeling; her moan could be felt by Spencer through his cock.

“Daddy, will you do that to me, too…fuck my face like Nikki’s?”

“No, baby, I’m teaching Nicole how to suck. When I’m done with her, I’m gonna teach you how to swallow. But then, if I hold your head just right, maybe you won’t have to swallow. Just open your throat and let me fill your tummy.” Filling my young daughter’s tummy with hot cum straight from the source. Jesus, thank God you can’t go to hell for the contents of your imagination.

“You okay down there, Nicole?” As he lifted his hips, his balls slapped gently into Nicole’s chin. As she drooled a little they got wet. Then the sound switched to a wet, slapping sound.

Nikki lifted her feet up crossing them above her cute teenage butt. Still on her elbows, she nodded her head, Yes.

His hands pulled her in as he rotated his hips up off the bed. He entered her throat, sounded it, seated his cock against her lips, stretched her small throat open. He held it for a second; but, as her throat started to spasm, he pulled quickly back.

She didn’t cough; she didn’t choke. She did drool in a decidedly unladylike manner around the retreating shaft. She was desperately trying to get her breath back.

“Nicole, breath when I pull it out. When I tell you, take a deep breath and hold it. That kartal escort means, I want to hold it deep for a few seconds. The rest is trust. Trust me if you can; I won’t hurt you. Remember our signal?”

A head nod, Yes.

“Put your hands on my ass-cheeks, and pull or squeeze them when you want me to move into you.”

She slipped her hands under his ass. She squeezed. He laughed. He moved into Nikki, deep into her mouth, then deeper still.

Spencer began to move his hips less tentatively, waiting for Nicole to pick up the rhythm. She did. He began to move for real. The room was quiet save for the sound of lips sliding over a very hard cock, a whimper now and then, and the occasional moan. MacKenzie listened. She watched, eyes-wide. At one point, she even put a palm on her dad’s abdomen. It was like feeling someone exercise. His abs were busy with movement. Her palm slid lower. His pelvis lifted and fell.

MacKenzie was fascinated. She moved away from her Dad, coming to her knees next to Nicole. She put a hand on Nikki’s head, forcing it downward. Her other hand eased lower, surrounding the base of his meat. She could feel Nicole’s lips against her fingers. It was like she was feeding Nikki Spencer’s dick. She moved her hand up to Nikki’s throat. She could feel it stretch under her hand each time her Dad thrust home.

MacKenzie tightened her hand slightly. Her dad groaned as Nikki’s throat tightened around his meat. MacKenzie could feel the ridge of the head, then the widening shaft flow under her fingers. That’s totally freaking awesome hot! It’s like using Nikki’s throat to jack my Dad off.

When Nikki felt her best friend wrap her hand around her throat, she lost her mind. It was totally absent from the process. So slowly that she didn’t even notice, she felt herself fall away in the darkness. Nicole was a mouth, then mouth and throat, then lips around cock-meat, open mouth and open throat. She breathed when she could. She quit thinking, then she quit learning. Nicole became an open vessel. She submitted to a father’ needs. It wasn’t her father but at that moment, that didn’t matter. A father’s a Father!

Finally, she simply closed her eyes. There was nothing for them to see anyway. She relaxed into stillness. She stopped trying to move onto Spencer. She let him do the work. She waited: open, empty, merely waiting to be filled.

She forgot he was her uncle. She forgot he was black. She forgot MacKenzie was there holding her head. Then, she forgot she was his goddaughter. Spencer felt her relax. He picked up the pace. He was surprised. Somehow, she kind of had it; she just seemed to ‘know’ how to do this. Then it hit him. That made Spencer’s cock even harder. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Jack taught you this?

Finally, in the pitch-black darkness, he felt his balls against Nikki’s lips, tight against her lips. He stayed there. She didn’t move back. “Are you okay?”

No answer.

“Is she okay, Daddy?” Mac asked, tightening her fingers in Nicole’s hair.

“Yeah, I think she is. God, what a mouth. It’s all I can do, not to cum.”

“Then do it, Daddy. Cum! She wants it. Let her have it.”

He laughed. His hips began to move again. Each thrust was full length. No foreplay. No tentativeness. Just face-fucking. Throat fucking. Nikki took it.

He forgot she was his best friend’s daughter. He forgot she was his daughter’s best friend. He forgot she was his niece. He forgot she was white. He forgot her name. He forgot his daughter was there. He forgot to be gentle.

He speared her throat with his cock to the balls, again and again. He twisted his hips, trying to get a better seal of a deeper stroke. Nikki moaned. He felt it.

“Jesus, I’m fucking close.”

“Listening to you guys is really hot, Daddy.”

“Nikki, are you sure you want this?”

Nikki placed her hands on his. He stopped, disappointed; but, he knew a few seconds more and he wouldn’t have been able to stop at all. He started to pull back, but her hands held his.

Her mouth came off the head. “Uncle Spencer, I love you; I’d do anything—anything–you tell me to. But,” she squeezed him gently, eliciting a moan. She lifted his balls, weighing them. “I think what’s in these isn’t for me.”

For the first time, Spencer’s moan was not pure lust. It was lust with a strong hint of desperation.

His cock was hard. He was not thinking at all at this particular moment. Mac kissed him as she moved to straddle his waist. He felt Nikki move from between his legs.

“MacKenzie, Nikki! You’re killing me here,” he groaned.

From somewhere on the bed, Nikki murmured, “I said I’d make it worth dying for.”

In the dark, he felt his daughter moving down his waist. Lifting her hips, she straddled him.

“MacKenzie, you promised me I could trust you. Don’t, baby: I need to get off so bad. Nikki has me … so? You have me…so? MacKenzie, Daddy needs to cum; but, baby, don’t you do this!” Fuck me gently! No man can resist this shit!

Spencer sensed her leaning forward, felt the small beaded twist of hair on his neck. Felt her kiss, so gentle this time. He felt a finger against his lips, “Shhhhhhh, I won’t break your rule, Daddy. I promise.”

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