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THE sis WHO LIKES TO WATCHShe knew for certain there would be a surprised reaction from her little brother, as she gained the courage to push open his bedroom door and reveal her voyeuristic self; but nothing prepared her for the startling yelp that leapt forth from the very core of his being when she did just that. Nor was she even remotely prepared her for the sight that followed. It was as if he had tried to jump up, but became immediately paralyzed by the moment of his orgasm: his young body all-at-once tensing and jerking up to a position of mid-crunch— eyes wide— shocked and in utter panic to be so suddenly and helplessly exposed by his sister. Instinctively, he tried to clamp down on his little dick as hard as he could, but it proved to be too late; and the timing of being caught at that precise moment was simply too much. His howl, or bark, or yell (or whatever it was) startled both of them. And no sooner had the sound erupted from his lungs than he became frozen and muted in that position as well— bug-eyed and mouth open, agog in disbelief of her throwing open the door— and then he came. All over his sheets. His cum, profoundly and soundly hitting the pillow beside his head. She had no idea! It was a tremendous sight: the cum that shot out of his jerked-to-pink penis, arcing in a series of long roping ribbons that shot over and past his young torso, over and past his shoulder, to splatter audibly on his pillow— *splat, splat, splatter, splatter*— for a moment (both of them) frozen in time, with his cum-spewing little cock uncontrollably shooting its white stuff five or six times, and then it was over.Well, almost over, of course. Unclenched from his orgasm nearly as quickly as it had seized him, next came the mad scramble for him to cover his blatantly exposed, cum-drooling little penis with something. The closest thing he had at hand was his underwear— a pair of boys’ white briefs discarded casually on the bed beside him— and his sister couldn’t help but (unsuccessfully) suppress a little giggle as she witnessed the comical action of him snatching for such a pathetic piece of cover up. He did, however, next manage to grab the tangle of covers at the foot of his bed and was able to at least get them above his hips. And this time there was no mistaking what he uttered:“What the HELL are you doing?!!!” he screamed at her. “Get the fuck outta’ HERE!!!” he screeched.And his shouting was indeed enough to make her tuck tail and run. Bounding down the hallway, before she even made it to her room, she heard his door slam behind her.It hadn’t gone at all like she had imagined. She had suspected that he would be shocked and probably shout at her; but she had no idea he would immediately start spurting cum from his penis through the air like that! … She had rehearsed in her mind that she would say something like, “don’t stop on my account”— as minutes before she had been spying on him through a door only slightly ajar, gripping her own heated crotch through the tightness of her jeans and basically feeling herself up; her other hand up her baby t-shirt, groping and moving alternately from one small tit to the other, as she stood outside his door and rocked her little body against her hands. She had expected a confrontation, but somehow thought she would persuade him to keep going so she could get an up-close and personal look at his private little jerk off session.Whether she truly knew it for herself or not at that moment, she would have been fully prepared and ready to drop her jeans and panties and show her little brother the shape of her own virginal sex— such was the nature of her intense curiosity as she continued to explore and discover her developing sexuality. She was kind of amazed by the fact that her little brother, two years her junior, would already have such a member between his legs (as it wasn’t exactly “little”) and that he would no less be stroking it to such a full-on cum, and— oh my god, the sudden replay of him tensing-up and cumming like that!In a way, it felt more like she had just been busted. And in a way it was true. How long had she been standing at his door? Her heart was beating a million miles an hour. Behind her own door now, she could hear it throbbing in her ears, and she could see her chest pounding through her thin t-shirt. She listened intensely to hear him make some noise, any noise, from the other end of the hallway— but nothing. She stole a glance at herself in her dresser mirror. It almost embarrassed her. She was glossy with sweat. Her mousey brown hair was a bit of a mess, and her mouth was still hanging open from the stupefying moment of having just witnessed her naked little brother spewing such a remarkable fountain of cum. She had made him cum. A loop tape was playing in her mind, and it just kept playing the scene of her young brother, cinching-up, and shooting those five incredible blasts of jetting cum from his penis over and over again. She looked at her mouth. It was wet and pouty-looking. She shuddered. *Splat, splat, splat, splat, splat*— she could still hear his load hitting the pillow, as if in rhythm with her pounding heart.Her legs were weak, and her mind was racing beyond any coherent tangible thought. Standing in front of her mirror, she noticed how distinctly her erect little nipples were poking through her t-shirt, and she felt the urge to strip her shirt off for a better look. Did she hear him coming down the hallway?— no. Taking her shirt off over her head, her tiny A-cup titties pointed back at her proudly from the mirror. She immediately cupped them with her hands. They had no bounce to them, but she could certainly hiltonbet yeni giriş make them jiggle a little if she shook her shoulders back and forth, or otherwise spanked at them with the flat of her fingers. At this stage of her development, her small tits were dominated more by nipple and areola than any mound of breast, and when excited, they protruded from her chest like little cones— her young puffy nipples an almost imperceptible shade of pink against the virginal whiteness of her burgeoning breasts.With her shirt off, she ran her hands down over her smooth belly and proceeded to unbutton her jeans. One button at a time, until her jeans were flaring suggestively open, exposing her pink cotton panties. Pink panties were her favorite. She loved pink. A chill rushed over her body. She could feel her pointy nipples standing fully erect and only wished that her tongue could reach them. (God knows, she had tried). Was he coming?? … still, no. Oh man, but had he ever cum!!! … The loop tape still played in her mind. Venturing a hand into her unbuttoned pants, she discovered just how hot and wet her virginal pussy truly was. Her little panties were absolutely plastered to her little twat, and she could feel the wetness seeping through them.In this whirlwind moment, she replayed how she had first heard the *fap, fap, fapping* sounds coming from her little brother’s room and the soft moans he was undoubtedly trying to suppress. She had deduced immediately what was going on, but for some reason she just had to see it!— Turning the doorknob had been risky business, but she couldn’t help herself; and when she discovered that it turned easily, her heart had caught in her throat. She had almost backed out, right then and there, but her curiosity was simply too overwhelming. Slowly pushing his door open to an ample crack of four or five inches, she saw him. Her little brother— lying flat on his back, completely naked on top of his sheets, his feet pointed toward the door, and his legs spread just wide enough for her to get a good look at his young dick, as he pumped away on it. Up, down, up, down, up, down, at a feverish blur of a pace. Her heart raced like a drum roll on a snare drum; her eyes glued to the scene. Aside from the blonde hair on his head, he was bare everywhere else on his boyish body, except for the lightest patch of blonde where his pubes were beginning to grow. His balls were tight and round. And he was jerking his dick rapidly.As she replayed all of this, standing in front of her mirror, she almost unwittingly started to wriggle out of her jeans. The house was deathly quiet, aside from the incessant throbbing in her ears. She was kind of frightened by the repercussions that might arise from her intrusion upon him, and she had fleeting fears of what he might be doing down the hallway at that moment— but mostly, she was still consumed by the freakin’ loop tape of having just seen him cum. Recalling his look of utter shock, she caught herself in the mirror with a wicked little grin flirting with the corners of her mouth. Was there a noise? … no. Hooking her thumbs into her jeans, she peeled them on down her legs and stepped out of them. Standing, she was astonished to see in the mirror that her pussy had in fact completely drenched her panties. Her slit— no, the entirety of her hot little teenage cunt— was defined (one might say crudely so) through the pink cotton fabric of her sopping wet panties. They were even glossy on the outside!Dipping her middle finger to the wettest spot of her crotch, she found a slickness sliding around on her panties which she had never known; and touching her clit in the process sent such a surge throughout her young body that she thought she might just pee. She clutched her crotch, as her other hand sought support from the dresser. The feeling subsided. Though she could acutely feel the inner lips of her wet wet pussy desirous to suck at the length of her finger through her soaked panties. She brought her finger up to examine it. Slick with her juice, it was slippery, yet clear. Very slippery. It smelled really interesting(?) … good even— like a flower— so she tasted it. She looked at herself in the mirror. Topless, her pointy little tits jutting saucily out from her, sucking on her finger, her hair disheveled, with her sopping wet little cunt suspended in her pink wet panties.“mmmmm …” she softly hummed on her finger.She stood and reached with her other hand down toward her pussy— only this time, she slowly ventured her hand inside her panties. She was immediately greeted by her extraordinary wetness. Slippery-slidey. It even coated the backs of her knuckles. Her pussy felt like it was absolutely melting around her fingers as she slowly pushed three of them through the wet creases that defined her young labia. She had a tight little pussy, and firm, but with little effort she could pressure her middle finger to dip between her juicy lips and tap at her tight virgin hole. For the time being however, she was wrapped in the sensation of her steamy wet vagina, wetter than it had ever been, seemingly wanting to suck her finger in. She could feel it flaring open. Pulsing. Everything sliding around. The panties had to go.She flashed to her little brother. [Silence]. He was surely freaked. He might be furious. He had yelled at her. And god!— why was that funny?!! … (She didn’t think for one minute that he might be embarrassed out of his skin). He hardly ever cursed. Maybe that was it. The way he screamed “get the fuck outta’ here” with his boyish voice cracking to a dog whistle pitch. The look of shock on his face hiltonbet giriş was priceless. And that incredible cum!Was there a noise?! … no. She was so nervous.Unnerved was more like it. In reality, as with most sibling relationships, she had the upper hand as the older of the two. Forever two years older than he, having wielded her power of seniority over him since his birth. But this was simply the natural dynamic, and she never really consciously thought about it— much less in this situation, nor in this precise moment.She retracted her hand and looked at it again. Her fingers were simply slimy. She pulled the waistband of her panties away to look down into them. The same glossy puddle that was streaking the outside of her panties was nothing short of a slick shiny pool in the crotch of them. And when she pulled them away, she saw a little spittle-strand of sticky juice roping away from the smacking wet lips of her cummy little pussy. It was as if she had had a wet dream in her panties; and yet she was fully conscious.She thought maybe she better get a grip on herself. It was risky what she was doing right then. All hell could break loose from down the hallway. (But then too the danger somehow made it better). She was riding on a tremendous wave, a rollercoaster, peaking between nervousness from the heart-pounding incident just moments ago and the havoc the replay of it was wreaking upon her mind and between her legs. She just couldn’t shake the image of her naked little brother shooting his cum so uncontrollably.She slowly peeled her panties down her thighs, looking at herself all the while in the mirror. Her green eyes. Her perky little tits. Her panties were so wet that they rolled into themselves as soon as she started pulling them down, and she felt their wetness sliding along her inner thighs. At a certain point she let them fall, and they fell with a plop around her ankles. She stepped one foot out of them and used the other to lift them to her hand. She took them up and smelled them. She had certainly made wet more than one pair of panties before, but never had she so u*********sly creamed them to this extent! She couldn’t help but lick them. Her girly cum had a slight tangy taste. She leaned in toward the mirror and watched herself as she licked out the crotch of her nasty little panties. Enough of her juice had collected in them that when she licked at the slippery mess, she brought a fair amount of her nectar onto her tongue and into her mouth to taste. Her tiny panties were noticeably heavy with their wetness in her hand— and still savoring the feel and taste of her own cum, she ground her face into them. The slick crotch coated her freckled nose, and she inhaled deeply as she smeared them around, practically making love to them. Her mind jumped to the image of her brother shooting that cum. She then wondered what he might taste like— what his cum would taste like! She felt her pussy clenching.She could still see him jerking that pink little dick of his. His thin, naked blonde body stretched out before her. His hips bucking up occasionally in an alternate rhythm to his hand. The crack of his little butt peeping from between his legs. His soft moaning and grunting. His face cast toward the ceiling. His young bare chest and tiny pink nipples. She liked all of it. Maybe she should have left well enough alone. She had probably just blown any chance of ever spying on that again!But, considering the situation, she had made him blow too. And the continual replay of it may very well have just made the whole experience worth it. She tossed her panties behind her on the bed. She leaned in toward her mirror, bracing her hands against the edge of the dresser. She gave herself a long hard look, looking directly into her own eyes. She felt the cool air of the room between her legs, and on the wetness of her pussy. She had truly never been so wet before. Her inner thighs were still wet from the trail her panties had left behind. She was still nervous, and her heart was still pounding; but moreover she was horny as hell. And standing naked before her mirror made her even hornier. Again, she reached with her right hand to grip and feel her dripping wet little cunt. Her middle finger slipped right into her juicy slit. She moaned with pleasure.Was she too loud? The house was still so eerily silent. She certainly didn’t want to get caught! Or did she? — She didn’t know … (And she really wasn’t even thinking about it to that extent). All she knew was that she couldn’t get over the idea of her naughty little brother down the hallway jerking his cute little penis to make it cum like that.She felt the tip of her finger at the opening of her pink virgin hole. Her tight little teen fuck hole— contracting, opening in a way, and sucking at her finger. She shuddered. She felt her sweet girly juice leaking out of her and coating the entirety of her pussy. Spreading her lips with her adjacent fingers, she sunk the tip of her middle finger into her hot little hole. Her knees buckled slightly. She caved to the feeling of it. Still bracing with her other hand, she bent her knees a little more and dropped her tight round ass down a bit to force her finger further up her horny pussy. Up to the second knuckle. Again, she felt the cool air rushing between her semi-squatting bum. And then she felt a trickle of her juice slowly making its way to her butthole. It made her quiver violently, and she almost lost her grip on the dresser. She had to stand up quickly before she fell on her ass.Backing away from the mirror, she looked at herself full-length again. Her conical little titties hiltonbet güvenilirmi were as hard and erect as ever, and her lithe young body looked glossy in the light. Her pubic hair had only just begun to grow in the past year or so, giving her fresh virginal pussy the appearance of a light bronze peach; and at that precise moment, her tasty little peach looked like it was sweating. Reaching down with both hands, she tilted her small hips forward and spread her lips as best as she could. Her young girlish vagina looked like a glistening red teardrop between her legs; and her tiny round pussy hole— glazed and bubbling with her fragrant juice— looked too small for even a pinky finger. Though she certainly knew better.Spreading her wet slit open, she had the flashing thought of what it might feel like to have her little brother shoot his cum on it. At which instant she felt her pussy contract again— only this time her naughty little hole actually squirted from it a surprising spurt of her juice. It sprinkled her inner thighs, with a tiny splash reaching the floor. She clapped a hand over her pussy. She thought surely she was about to pee. But as her fingers made contact with her wet little mound, she realized that the dripping wetness between her legs was just more of the same. More of the slick slimy juice that had soaked her panties earlier, and which was now dripping down her legs. Nevertheless, it was a first for her. Her pussy had never been so wet; much less squirted and dripped like that!She felt utterly naughty at that moment. Almost bad. She ran her fingers the length of her slippery little slot, and then brought them to her mouth to suck and lick them clean again. Opening her mouth, she put three fingers in all at once and looked at herself in the mirror, as she grabbed one of her protruding tits with her other hand. She realized then that she absolutely and unequivocally looked like a dirty little slut. (A “tramp,” her mother would say). And she liked it. Her shaggy short brown hair. Her thin pale body and erect pointy tits. The soft peachy fuzz growing on her light brown mound. It all foretold of her journey into womanhood. And yet there she was, still very much a girl, jaybird naked in front of her mirror, with her wet little pussy dripping between her legs, as she sucked her own juice from her fingers. It turned her on immensely. A bad girl she was. And a bad girl she had been— minutes ago, spying on her little brother through his door.… *fap, fap, fap, fap* — *fap, fap, fap* …Oh what a sight.She had known since the age of 10 the reason and purpose for the difference between a boy’s and a girl’s genitalia. And, at the time of learning about the birds-and-the-bees, it had been kind of weird and embarrassing to think about. But now— (and especially after the sight she had just witnessed)— her curiosity was taking an upward turn. Wondering what it would actually feel like.She reached for the hairbrush that she used to curl her hair under. Its black handle was nice and round and smooth. And narrow enough (she had found) to insert it in her tight young pussy. Taking it in hand, she crawled up onto the end of her bed. (This wasn’t the first time). She enjoyed the position of being on all-fours on the end of her bed, because it put her up just high enough that she could look over her shoulder and view what she was doing to herself in the dresser mirror. Otherwise, she would have to stand to see herself frontally. Which she did too. But there was just something about looking back at herself with her small ass and pussy pointed at the mirror. In this position, her little round ass would naturally spread, her peach of a pussy looking nice and fuckable; and seeing her pink little butthole just made her feel naughty and horny as hell.On her bed with hairbrush in hand, she reached over her back to position its handle in the crack of her ass— her wet teen pussy hugging one side of the shiny black phallus. A quiver ran through her body. She wondered truly what it would be like if her improvised hairbrush were indeed a boy’s penis. A nice hard dick. Fleshy, and attached to horny young boy who was about to put it in her. The cool air of the room reminded her just how wet her pussy was; and seeing herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but realize how nakedly exposed she was. Her lithe young body jacked up for the fuckin’. Her white ass spreading, with her pink little holes— just waiting!Turning the handle of the brush to point its tip at her tight young cunt, she slowly eased it into her wet hole. She felt the slight bulge of it spreading her pussy open as she sunk it in deeper. She let out and open-mouthed moan. She caught herself drooling, and sucked her saliva quickly back into her mouth. Deeper. Slowly. Almost there. The handle almost completely in. She felt it stretching and filling her vagina up. Sliding in with little resistance, her tight little love tunnel was so slippery and wet. Another half-inch, and it was all the way in— the bristly end poking out and brushing roughly against her smooth pale butt. She took her hand away. The brush was stuck in her, and her tight pussy was holding it there. She wagged her small round butt at the mirror. She felt so utterly naughty.Her wet pink panties lay in front of her on the bed. She could not resist the urge to pick them up and shove them in her face again. The saturating smell of her young pussy was amazing. She poked her panties into her mouth, cramming as much of them into her small mouth as she could fit. And then she sucked. She felt like such a raunchy little slut. The hairbrush filling her up, as she sucked the fragrant juices out of her panties. She turned her head to look at herself in the mirror again— her panties hanging from her mouth as if she were some little wild a****l.… And then she saw him!— in the reflection of her mirror!— peering through her cracked-open door! …OH GOD!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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