May 12

The Sister-In-Law

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Note: This story covers over 5 years. Some of the back story is a little disjointed as I wanted to include the history that lead to the final event, but as that history got too long I kept removing parts for brevity.

Lisa and Gary met cruising the strip. Gary was in college, home for the summer while Lisa had just moved south from a small town in Michigan. She was a cute brunette with a more petite figure than he was used to, but it was just cruising and she had an equally-cute friend, Tracy, who liked his copilot. That night Gary learned Lisa was about to start her senior year in high school where should would have over 2,000 public-school classmates – a far cry from the 34 very close friends in her private school up north.

At the end of the night she wanted to exchange phone numbers. He was hesitant but single – and she she was younger than he wanted to date seriously. But it was just summer and he could date college girls again in the fall. Besides, her flirty, outgoing personality made it worth trying a few dates.

Their second night together he got her naked in a hot tub, and even though she didn’t have the curves he normally liked, she was very sexy naked. She was also very outgoing once naked and very willing to ask for him to do things for her. For the first time in his life, not everything that happened between them had to be initiated by him.

Within a few weeks he had met her family. Lisa had a brother, two sisters, a fairly normal dad, and mom who was a short drive from totally crazy. Mom could be fun at times but was constantly in to some new self-exploration that seemed to be at the expense of everyone else in the family. The older sister had started college up north and always wanted to discuss the infinite ways Michigan was better than their current home. The brother was the youngest and training to be a juvenile delinquent. The younger sister, Kristy, was taller than Lisa, blonde with a curvy body and excellent, full tits. Dad was a regular guy who just tried to keep food on the table while not going insane.

The rest of that summer went by fast. He learned she was on the pill, and and for the first time in his life got to have sex without condoms. He could enjoy the intense pleasure of being inside her while cumming instead of the frenzied panic of pulling out and worrying if it was on time. He also learned the joy of sneaking in her bedroom window and having sex in a real bed instead of the back seat of his car. When it was time to head back to school in the fall, he didn’t care that she was a senior in high school or that she didn’t have the voluptuous body of previous girlfriends – he loved her nice, tight ass and willingness to spread her legs at any time.

Their summer fling quickly became a relationship. She made the trip to visit him at college and he made the trip home to see her. The first year Lisa taught Gary what incredible foreplay it was watching her masturbate with her finger or a vibrator. Their second year she gave him his first (and second, and third, and…) sixty-nine. The third year, in a time before digital photography, she would pose nude for him and let those pictures go through the Walmart film developing lab. The fourth year she showed him the incredible pleasure of having his cum flow into her willing mouth and down her throat while sitting in the jacuzzi tub in the house they had bought together.

As they went from being a fling to being a couple the older sister graduated, got married, and distanced from the rest of the family. Mom was always taking a class or at some women’s retreat, and dad worked as much as he could to stay away from home. As a result, the two younger kids mostly raised themselves. Brother stayed in trouble in school and Kristy ran away from home more than once. The family eventually enrolled her in a boarding school to keep her supervised, but on her 18th birthday she aged out and the school sent her home.

When Kristy got home Gary and Lisa went to visit. Kristy was taking a shower and called out to Lisa to come talk to her. Lisa stood in the doorway of the bathroom and chatted with her sister while Gary was in her bedroom just a few feet away. She got his attention and did a discreet “come here” motion which he willingly followed. From just outside Lisa’s bedroom door he could see the bathroom vanity mirror reflecting Kristi’s naked body in the shower. It was only a couple of blissful seconds, but he got to see her amazing tits, small waist, long legs, and excellent ass. When Kristy turned toward the bathroom door she saw him looking and covered up, so Gary pretended he was just walking by on the way to the den.

Gary never really paid much attention to Kristy, and never once said anything about her to Lisa, so he was surprised at this treat she gave him. That night they went to his parents old house that was mostly vacant while it sold. Gary volunteered to stay to make sure the house was safe from vandals, so he had a partial bedroom, and bath, a microwave and some bachelor food. It was also closer to Lisa’s house than their new home and gave them a secluded place to have unlimited güvenilir bahis sex.

“Why’d you call me over while Kristy was in the shower?” he asked her as he opened the front door for her.

With visions of naked Kristy so fresh in his mind, Gary was desperate to cum. Even though his bedroom was just a few steps from the front door, he had Lisa naked before she entered it.

“I’ve seen you looking at her before,” Lisa said as she crawled in his bed and laid on her back.

Her boobs were smaller than her sisters but still more than enough to rise proudly up as she laid naked on her back waiting for him. Her legs were shorter but spread wide waiting for him, and her bush was dark and curly compared to Kristy’s very blonde tuft. Gary’s erection was already busting out of his boxers and eagerly sprang out when he hurriedly ripped them off.

“Did you like?” she teased as she looked at his erection bobbing as he came toward her.

At 24, Gary’s dick got hard when the wind blew. Having briefly seen his sexy sister-in-law naked a few hours earlier, and now looking at his naked, very-willing (but less endowed) girlfriend waiting on him in bed, he was about to explode. But he also was reasonably smart enough to know how to not ruin the mood.

“She was OK, but all I could think about during dinner was getting between your gorgeous legs…”

As he crawled in bed she giggled at his comment and opened her legs giving him willing access to her womanhood. He normally loved foreplay and spent much time probing her wetness with his tongue, but tonight he needed relief sooner rather than later. She pulled her knees up, grabbed his hard dick and placed the head at her opening. She was already wet with anticipation, and as soon he felt her wetness he pushed it inside her.

“…and there’s no way her pussy is as amazing as this!” Her smile grew as she glowed in his desire for her. He pulled out then quickly forced his hardness deep inside her again. When he hit that special spot her eyes opened wide and she screamed in pleasure. Motivated by her screams and the house empty of any possible parental intervention, he did it again and again.

“Oh my god this feels so incredible!” she screamed as she spread her legs as wide as she could. “Fuck me HARD!” she screamed as he rammed his erection in her with even more intensity.

They were both experiencing a frenzied passion fueled by a sexy game of voyeurism. With his eyes closed Gary fantasized it was Kristy’s longer legs spread on either side of him, and her sweeter voice begging him to fuck her hard. He imagined it was her larger breasts bouncing inches away and her wetness taking his furious pounding. And when Lisa’s body tensed he pretended it was her cumming as he shot stream after stream of cum inside her. And when he thought he was done he pulled out and shot even more cum on her stomach and even was so excited he was still able to get some on her chest.

“Wow, you must be really horny,” she teased tracing a tiny line in one of the globs of his sperm on her stomach.

“Couldn’t help it seeing you naked in my bed,” he responded. “You always make me hot – and I’m ready for more, NOW!”

Lisa was also ready also for the next round and didn’t even bother wiping the cum off her body. She pushed him off her, rolled him on his back, and immediately took his softening dick into her mouth, enjoying the taste their combined sexual fluids. Early in their relationship hurried, passionate sex showed them how pleasurable it was to share this intimacy.

In just seconds she felt him getting hard again. Instinctively, she spun around where her legs were near his head then straddled his face. He loved the way she smelled when he had fucked her and briefly inhaled her sexual aroma before burying his tongue in her cum-filled pussy. Even though his dick was deep in her mouth, she still managed a lustful moan as she felt him lap up their combined juices. Gary gripped her hips and maneuvered her for best access then alternated between sticking his tongue deep inside her and then lightly flicking it across her clitoris. Each time he switched between the two sensitive spots she ground her pussy hard against his face and moaned in near-orgasmic pleasure. When her moaning and grinding became more pronounced, he concentrated fully on her clit and nibbled harder while also sucking on it.

This was a money move, and he knew once he started she would cum within seconds. Unfortunately, he knew she would no longer be able to concentrate on sucking him. Still, it was worth it to feel her on top of him, cumming.

“Oh shiiiiit, I”M CUMMING!” she screamed as Gary felt the warm wetness of her mouth replace by cooler air.

Her body spasmed as she came for the second time, but instead of collapsing and letting the sexual tension transition into a peaceful nap, she again spun around to face Gary. Still experiencing the bliss of orgasm, she lowered herself on to his erection. She immediately started riding his hardness, using every ounce of muscle in her body to force her pussy hard down on it in search of every türkçe bahis last ounce of gratification.

“Oh my god this feels so good!” she moaned as she furiously rode him. “…this feels so fucking good!!” she added.

Gary could only smile and marvel at the energy she brought in to every sexual encounter. There was never a ‘hurry up and finish’ or a ‘if you think you must’ in her – every time she took him inside her there was an enthusiasm and lust that had to be satisfied. He had had sex with a few girls, and even made passionate love to a couple, but she was the first he had ever fucked – that intense, undeniable, hedonistic physical joining that resulted in unimaginably satisfying, intense orgasms.

As he watched he saw her chewing on her bottom lip with her eyes tightly shut, he knew that if he pulled her closer took a sensitive nipple in her mouth she would cum again. So he did, and like many times before she started to cum. But this time, as she started her orgasm Gary roughly flipped her on her back, and with an intensity powered by seeing her sister naked earlier that afternoon he drove his rock-hard dick deep in her over and over and over. She screamed in unbridled pleasure as she came harder and longer than she ever remembered cumming. And then he pulled out and straddled her chest, and as she continued her most momentous orgasm ever, Gary put his dick to her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth and took his full length in as he started to cum as well. She wasn’t used to him cumming as hard as he did that time, and even though she was able to swallow most of his load, some spilled out on her cheeks and chin. When she had cleaned off the last drops he collapsed next to her, and they both smiled exhausted, satisfied smiles.

“That was intense,” she smiled as she rolled over on his shoulder and threw an arm across his chest.

“You never fucked me that hard before,” she added.

“You never let me see your little sister naked before,” he responded with a mischievous grin.

She smacked him with a soft, playful hit that let him know he wasn’t in trouble for mentioning Kristi. Then she reached down and rubbed his softening dick, and he knew the night wasn’t over yet.

“Want to take a shower with me?” She asked as she walked toward the bedroom door?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gary’s parents house sold a few weeks later, so they lost their private sex abode. Lisa’s dad lost his job so she had to drop out of college. Gary graduated and started working full time while Lisa found a decent job. In short, life happened.

After four years their relationship was rocky and had only two phases – fighting or fucking. Gary wanted to be in love with her the way he had been with Kelly years earlier. Unfortunately, this was a different feeling – not bad, but not amazing. He thought of moving on, but he really couldn’t pinpoint anything about the relationship that was unbearable so they were married their fifth year together.

Four months after the ceremony Lisa reconnected with a friend, Andrea, she had grown up with in Michigan. Lisa had no close friends so Gary thought it was good for her to have someone to hang out with. They went out many nights each week, and after a few weeks of reliving the good times in Michigan they decided to visit the old crew.

When they got back things were very different. Lisa took a second job waiting tables at night so was never around. When she wasn’t working she was at Andrea’s, and the rare times she was home the one thing they had in common, sexual willingness, was gone. Gary did some snooping and found letters from multiple guys she had hooked up with on their trip.

When he confronted her she didn’t try to deny anything and immediately moved in with Andrea. But after a few more weeks she started hanging out at their house more, then she eventually wanted sex again. Things were mostly back to normal, but Andrea was still in the picture. Gary took the sex when it was offered, but it was no longer amazing, and he wasn’t comfortable that they would be together much longer. When Lisa and Andrea took their second trip to Michigan he was sure the marriage was over.

Lisa had been in Michigan for over a week when her mom called and asked if Peter, the Dad, and Kristy could stay for the night. She was having a women’s retreat and needed the house to her self. Gary agreed and did some light house cleaning.

Peter and Kristy showed up that evening with take out for dinner, and after the plates were put away Gary and Peter had a couple of beers. Peter then went to bed and Gary had a couple of more beers while talking to Kristy. The topic of Michigan eventually came up, and Kristy asked if he had heard from Lisa. He said he hadn’t, and with four beers under his belt casually added that she had cheated on him the last time she had gone to visit. He added he was pretty sure she was doing it again.

“She’s really jealous of you,” he added after opening beer and taking a long sip. “Would you be OK if I told her I cheated with you?”

Kristy enthusiastically güvenilir bahis siteleri replied she was fine with that idea. Gary hadn’t really thought at all about making on move on his SIL since her dad was asleep in the spare bedroom, but the enthusiasm of her response changed his mind. His desire had nothing to do with her sister/his wife cheating on him and he wanting revenge. It did have everything to do with this cute, possibly-willing blonde with a great ass and amazing tits sitting next to him carrying on excellent, flirtatious conversation.

At some point they brought up Lisa’s brief modeling career. She had done a couple of shoots and even been on an insert in his credit card bill when he was still in college. Her parents made her quit when she had done some sexy but non-nude pics for a supposed agent who did nothing more than get his rocks off taking pictures of her in lingerie. She did give Gary a few bikini and lingerie shots that were more professional looking but less sexy than the full nudes she had done with him. He brought the professional shots out and showed Kristy.

“This bikini shot is pretty hot, but it would look so much better on you,” he said handing it to her.

“I LOVE that suit,” she replied as she took in every inch of the picture. “It’s so cute!”

“Well, you’re in luck. She still has it in our bedroom. You wanna try it on?”

“Yeah, I do!” she responded.

She followed him through their bedroom to the master closet and slid the floor-to-ceiling mirrored door open. He turned on the light and opened a few drawers until he found it. He handed it to her and sat on the side of the 2-person jacuzzi tub not sure what she would do or even what he could do to encourage her. She stepped in to the closet and closed the door. A few minutes later she reopened the door and stepped back in to the bathroom wearing her sister’s bikini that was noticeably too small for her.

“Wow, that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” Gary said taking in every curve of her 19-year old body.

He studied how her boobs were so much bigger than Lisa’s and that the triangular patches of fabric barely covered her nipples and left lots of bottom and side boob exposed. Her hips were also curvier than Lisa’s so the bottoms rode low exposing the top of her butt. He wanted to memorize as much of her as he could in case his plan didn’t work and he was later responsible for his own orgasm.

“You like it?” she again asked as she studied her own image in the mirrored door.

“Oh yeah,” he replied. “You look amazing in it. If she can be a model, you should definitely be one.”

She turned to face him as he finished his compliment.

“Anything else I should try on?”

“Yeah, just a second…” his mind swirled as he wondered what other sexy outfit he could come up with to help get Kristy closer to naked.

He disappeared back in to the closet, opened a few drawers, and came out with some of Lisa’s not-sleazy but somewhat sexy pajamas. They weren’t the kind she sometimes wore during their sexual encounters. They were cute but still sheer, with a flimsy top with equally sheer and flimsy bottoms.

“How about this?” he asked hoping the sheer (but not see through) material wouldn’t end their dress-up date.

“Sure – I like that!” she replied taking the flimsy items from him and disappearing again into the closet. A few minutes later she reappeared proudly displaying her body in her sister’s pajamas.

“How’s this?” she proudly asked again studying her reflection in the mirrored closet door. When she was happy with what she saw, she faced Gary.

“Holy shit, that is so HOT!” he muttered, unable to take his eyes off of her.

He could see the outline of her nipples pushing against the flimsy material. The straps weren’t as revealing as the top of the bikini, but the thinness of the material made it seem much sexier. The top didn’t fully reach the bottoms so her stomach peaked out, and he could see some of the detail of her pubic hair through the satiny material. She giggled and turned back once again to look at herself in the mirror.

“What next?” she asked.

“There’s one other thing she sometimes wears that I would love to see you in.” He again entered the closet and reappeared with clothing. This time he was holding only a man’s dress shirt.

“It’s so sexy when she wears one of my shirts with nothing under it. Would you try that?”

“NOTHING under the shirt?” She sounded a little unsure about the ‘nothing’ part of the statement.

“Yeah, she doesn’t have anything on under it but buttons a few buttons. She teases me by slowly undoing the buttons.”

Kristy was hesitant to wear nothing but said she could try it with some panties. She was even OK with slowly undoing the buttons. So Gary went back in to the closet and reappeared with a very flimsy pair of Lisa’s panties. He handed them to Kristy and closed the closet door. She had been revealing more to him than he expected and was hoping she would just change while he watched. But she went past him back into the closet. When she reappeared she had the shirt on with the bottom three buttons closed. The top of the shirt plunged down between her cleavage reassuring Gary she hadn’t slipped on a bra. She undid the top button as soon as she was in front of him, then the second.

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