May 24

The Sitter Ch. 03

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For those of you following the story of the first night I fucked my nubile young babysitter, Katie, you should know that after a vigorous sex session on the couch and against the wall, (culminating in some incredible anal and arguably the largest cumshot I’ve ever experienced), we repaired to the shower, where we slowly soaped each other up and rinsed each other off, accompanied by plentiful kisses and caresses. With my wife safely ensconced in her sister’s for the night, we stole off to my marriage bed, where we slept off our arduous fucking, Katie’s head against my chest and her damp hair spread out over my wife’s pillow. During the night we drifted in and out of sleep, emerging to indulge in mild foreplay; touches and kisses in a sleepy haze, before letting sleep claim us again. Overall, I’ve had worse nights.

The next morning, two things awoke me early from a deep, restful sleep; a growing heat and tingling in my cock and the jarring ring of the phone by the bed. Rising from the fog of sleep, I pushed off the comforter to reveal Katie, laying between my spread legs, busily sucking my cock, eyes closed in sheer bliss. I took a moment to enjoy the sight, stroking Katie’s long black hair as I reached out for the phone, putting it to my ear before grunting out a groggy “Hello?”

“Hi, baby… it’s me,” came my wife’s voice, and the events of last night flooded back into my conscious mind in a rush; the planned romantic dinner, the chance meeting with a slut from work, tears, accusations, and me finding solace in the willing arms of Katie. Jen’s voice on the other end of the line sounded contrite; nevertheless, I trod warily, and not just because I didn’t want anything in my voice betraying that my dick was being expertly gobbled by a horny teenager in her bed.

“Hi darling… are you OK?”

“I’m fine, I guess… I’m calling to say I’m sorry about last night, Griff. I was out of line accusing you the way I did, just because that girl said hi to you.”

Part of my mind wanted to confess everything, as I looked down into Katie’s loving eyes while she slurped and bobbed on my rod; ‘you were right, Jen — that girl was all over me because I sucked her pussy and came all over her tits at a work party, and she’s been wanting more ever since. Oh, and by the way, last night after our fight I had what was probably the best sex of my life so far, and you’ll never guess who with?’ Thankfully though, I relented and kept my dark secrets to myself for now, reaching down to hold Katie’s head and pump my dick deeper into her hungry mouth as she worked, wet and sloppy, on my shaft and balls.

“Griff? Are you there?”

I shook my head, trying to return at least half of my attention to the conversation. “Yes, baby, I’m here, sorry. Just thinking.”

“Do… do you forgive me?”

“Of course. You’re only human, after all,” I said, smiling. “Girls throw themselves at me all the time, I can’t blame you for being jealous. Last night I had to fight Katie off with a stick.” As I said this, Katie slipped my dick from her mouth with a wet pop, pumping the shaft and kissing the head, grinning up at me wickedly as her tongue circled my cockhead.

“Fibber,” Jen’s voice teased, and I could tell she was smiling too, crisis averted. “You know that kid thinks of you as a father.”

More like a Daddy, I again thought but thankfully didn’t voice, choosing again to reply much more safely: “She’s a sweet kid. She sends her best wishes.”

“How did she get home last night? You couldn’t drive her and leave the baby alone…”

“I gave her cab money,” I replied glibly, surprised at how easily the lies were coming; was this my life now?

Katie again relinquished her lip-lock on my cock for a moment to murmur “That’s not all he gave me, Jen…”

I bit my cheek to stop from laughing as Jen continued. “So, I know you’re traveling canlı bahis şirketleri to that conference tonight anyway… I was thinking I’d come and pick up the baby and go to visit my mom this week, so we can both get some time away.”

“That sounds great, babe. I think we could both do with it.”

We worked out the details and I think I even remembered some of them as Katie began working harder on her blowjob, slurping and moaning on my cock for all she was worth, drooling onto my balls, hollowing her cheeks to suck with a frenzy, and humming low in her throat, making my cock so stiff it hurt. When I got off the phone, I tossed it aside, placing both hands on Katie’s head and pumping my hips, fucking her mouth with as much intensity as she was sucking my dick.

“Uhhhhh… fuck, Katie baby… I have good news… and better news…”

Katie wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pumped, flicking her tongue against the head. “Tell me, Daddy,” she said devilishly.

“In an hour, my wife’s coming to collect the baby and go out of town for a week.”

“Ooooh,” Katie crowed, suckling on the swollen head, spitting on it. “And the better news?”

“That’s the best part. Right after that, you and I are going on a trip of our own, just the two of us.”

“Oh, Daddy!” Katie cried, her little fist pumping fast, and the joy in her eyes tossed me over the edge; long streams of cum began to shoot from my hard cock, and Katie positioned herself to catch every jet in her open mouth, relishing each rope of cum that spattered her tongue, jerking my shaft to get it all. When she was done (and she was very, very thorough,) my cock lay, wet and semi-hard, against my thigh, and she was licking her lips, wiping stray drops of jizz from her full, red lips.

“So… tell me all about this trip… Daddy Griff.”

Three hours later, I was pulling up to Katie’s house, watching her make her way down the driveway, a happy grin on her face and a suitcase in her hand. She was dressed simply but still cut a stunning figure in a light blue summer skirt that fell almost to her knees, black boots, and a simple white t-shirt, her tits bouncing enticingly as she practically skipped to the car.

As I got out to help her put her case in the trunk, she gave me a chaste peck on the cheek, mindful that her parents may have been watching. Once I had helped her into the passenger seat, however, her hand was gripping my inner thigh, close to the heat of my growing hardon.

“Miss me, Daddy?” she said, her vixen-voice working overtime, dripping with pinup-girl lust. Her hand moved to the bulge in my crotch, and she squeezed gently, causing my prick to give an answering pulse.

“You know I did, babygirl,” I answered as we pulled away into traffic. “So, what did you tell them?”

“Piece of cake,” the pretty brunette said with a smile as she turned more to face me, one hand still massaging my hardon through my jeans. “I got the chance to go away with a few girlfriends on a trip to Daytona, all expenses paid. “Aren’t I the lucky one?”

“They don’t have a problem with you running off all week, skipping classes?”

Katie made a derisive sound in her throat. “I’m way ahead and they know it. I’m a good girl… don’t you remember?” she added, leaning in to lick my earlobe, her soft breath tickling my neck.

“How could I forget?”

“How about you, Daddy? What’s your… cover story?” Katie giggled, leaning in now, kissing my neck, her fingers busy as my cock stiffened and lengthened along my pants leg. I tried hard to keep my eyes and mind on the road as I spoke.

“Piece of cake,” I echoed, smiling. “She’s going to be at her mother’s in Texas all week while I visit the conference. And since nobody there knows me or has ever met me before, they won’t be shocked or surprised that I brought my beautiful young wife along canlı kaçak iddaa for the trip. Especially when they see you; then they’ll understand why I couldn’t leave you behind.”

“Daddy, you’re so naughty!” Katie exclaimed in a shocked tone, but she was laughing, and her nimble fingers began unbuckling my pants now. “It’s so hot that I get to play your wife all week… but won’t I be bored when you’re off doing who-knows-what every day?” Now she was reaching into my boxers and drawing out my hard cock, stroking the length up and down, cooing over it as I fought harder to drive straight, and making the airport exit by sheer luck.

“I can blow off most of the events, just show my face from time to time,” I said. “There’ll be so many people there nobody’s going to know how I spent my time, and I can download any notes I need later. Besides, if anyone calls me on it, I’ll say I couldn’t get away from our room because I was fucking your brains out, baby. Looking at you, they’ll believe me.”

Katie smiled wolfishly at that. “Flatterer,” she said, leaning down to take my cockhead into her hot, soft mouth. “Now,” she said, muffled, “speaking of blowing off…”

Minutes later, we were pulling into long-term parking, luckily finding a spot close to the terminal, a feat I’m still not sure how I managed, since for the entire drive Katie was slurping on my cock and my hand was under her skirt and insider her panties, eagerly fingering her tight hot little cunt. I had already made her cum once, almost steering the car into a concrete wall as I did so. As I stopped the car, I pulled Katie’s head roughly off my dick, pausing only to put it in park before slipping my hand from between her legs and shoving my slippery fingers into her mouth. Katie held my wrist and licked, sucking her own sweet juices from my fingers, taking one, then two fingers deep into her mouth, showing me her impressive lack of gag reflex, her eyes burning into mine. Sliding my fingers free, I pulled Katie to me, locking her into a deep soul-kiss, tasting her tongue, her lips.

“MMmm,” I moaned as we broke free, her fingers claiming my hard cock again, stroking gently. “God, I love the taste of your pussy, babygirl.”

“Such a sweet Daddy… I mean, such a sweet hubby I have, who treats me so nice,” Katie declared. “Why don’t you put that beautiful cock away… for now, anyway… and take me away from all this?”

“Nothing I’d rather do.”

Airport security isn’t known as the most romantic of locales, but with Katie there it flew by in a blur; we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, stopping every few feet to kiss or clinch, each of us thinking about a week in an expensive hotel room, and the possibilities therein. Before I knew it, we were on the

plane (having stopped off at one of the terminal stores for a realistic-looking but fake engagement diamond and wedding band for Katie), taking off and watching the earth fall away behind us.

A short while into the flight (I think the attendants quickly started to avoid the horny couple in row D, as nobody interrupted our makeout session with offers of peanuts or pillows) I had my hand up Katie’s skirt again and she was once more stroking me through my jeans (our tray tables down to block prying eyes) when Katie broke off, panting.

“God, Daddy… how long till we get there?”

I checked the display on the overhead TVs. “About another hour, baby.”

“Ohhhh, that’s too lonngggg,” Katie whined, kissing me, sucking on my lower lip. “I want you nowwww.”

I smiled, looking around at the quiet, midafternoon flight. I gestured with my chin to the passageway a few rows ahead, my voice low. “See that restroom, Katie?”

She had my gist aleady, I could tell, but Katie played along, nodding. “Yes, baby?” she said, eyes wide and wondering.

“Go in there, and in 2 minutes, unlock canlı kaçak bahis the door when I come knocking.” I mimed on the tray table, my knuckles rapping twice, then once, then twice again. “Got it?”

“Got it!” Katie said, her voice full of joy, and she kissed me once more, longingly, before heading up front. I noticed more than one pair of eyes on her tight ass as she sashayed up the aisle, but it was me she tossed a wink before slipping into the tiny restroom, dutifully locking the door behind her.

That was a long two minutes, and I knew as I made my way to follow her, my hardon would not only be visible but painfully obvious as it tented my jeans, but I was growing increasingly heedless about a lot of things that would have worried me 24 hours previously. I slid from my seat and slipped into the side passageway, a row of small closets and service hatches behind me and 2 restroom doors ahead. I knocked on the engaged cubicle, after a quick head-check to see that no eyes were on me; twice… once… twice.

After a long moment, I was debating whether or not to knock again when the bolt was slowly slid away, and the red OCCUPIED sign on the door became a bright green VACANT. With one more look over my shoulder, I stepped inside, to find Katie sitting on the sink, skirt around her waist, panties wadded in a ball on the tiny ledge next to her, fingers busy as she diddled her clit, her face flushed and eyes wide.

“I couldn’t wait, Daddy,” she said as I closed the door hurriedly, standing before her in the tiny room. “You’ve got me so fucking worked up, I need it so bad…”

No more words were necessary; I shoved down my jeans and boxers, my cock springing free, raging-hard from the attentions she’d been giving it since we left her house. In one movement I reached behind her, cupping her ass and sliding her to the edge of the sink as I held the base of my dick with my other hand, slipping it between the lips of her waiting pussy, sinking it deep.

“Oh YES!” Katie cried out, arms around my neck, legs around my waist, her feet pressing into the opposite wall as my cock found its home inside her juicy cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, big Daddy…”

My cock was already obeying her instructions, pumping in and out of her tight snatch, making the small metal sink shudder. I pulled her tight t-shirt up, exposing her sweet tits, standing pert and firm with no bra, and my mouth savaged her nipples as we rocked our hips, fucking faster and deeper. Katie ran her fingers through my hair, holding me to her chest, a stream of dirty talk coming from her beautiful mouth

“Ohh that’s it Daddy, suck those tits, you like those, don’t you, you’ve been looking at them so long, now they’re all yours… oh god, god, GOD, that’s it, fuck me like that, just there, YES…”

I kissed her tits, her neck, her soft lips, and dug my fingers into Katie’s succulent ass, driving my cock into her over and over. If this wasn’t a worthwhile first entry into the Mile High Club, then nothing was. Katie scratched her nails down my back, digging them into my ass, urging me to take her, fuck her deeper, and I did, hammering into her, balls slapping , her slick cunt enveloping my dick with each stroke, driving us both toward release.

“Oh DADDY…” Katie cried, clinging to me as we fucked wild and wet, “Don’t stop… please don’t stop, I’m gonna cum… cum with me? Please?”

I nodded against her neck, too far gone to speak, and after a few more strokes we could both feel it, her pussy gripping me tight as my balls tightened, our lips finding each other, stifling our cries, my cock held deep inside Katie as it spurted its load of thick, hot cream. Our tongues played and mingled as we held together and rocked against the wall, each spurt of cum sending a shockwave through our bodies as our hearts slowed. After the last aftershock, our kisses grew softer, more tender, though I could still feel Katie’s heart pounding through the soft flesh of her breast.

“So, Daddy,” Katie said, touching my face, my lips, a smile on her own. “How long now till we get there?”

To be continued…

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