May 12

The Sons Club Ch. 01

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Well let me introduce myself and my family.

I’m Marie, a 45 year old Woman living with my husband Chet, who is 48, and my wonderful young son Alex, who is 18. My husband, son and I have lived happily now for a long while in our quiet suburban neighborhood and everyone sees us as a normal, happy, clean cut all American family. Which we surely are although we are rather different in a few respects from most.

Over time I have made friends with many of the other women in my area. One of which though I have become closer too for some unknown reason. She and I seem to have developed a closeness that made me a bit nervous at first. I found myself becoming sexually attracted to her which was very odd for me since I have never had any desires to be with another woman before. There was just something about her and her family that rubbed me as odd. A good kind of odd though. A kind of odd that on occasion made me lay alone in my bed and masturbate thinking of her and her boys.

I’m a very busty, short, long haired blonde woman. Well educated, friendly, well adjusted, outgoing and extremely sexual and sultry. Never have had any problem turning men’s heads or getting laid when I desired it. The last several years though I had calmed down quite a bit and now usually only had sex with my husband… and son.

Recently I’ve become very friendly with the woman I mentioned whose name is Sara.

She is a mature woman as well, red headed, probably around 43 years old, lives with her husband Mason, who is 47 and their son Keith who is now 18 as well. Keith and my son Alex have started hanging around a lot recently and are giving off some rather gay vibes to be honest. My sons been walking around our house naked lately, with massive hardons , which I have taken advantage of (I’m a good Mother), but I know they were not always exclusively because of me. I’m very open minded though and as long as he is happy I will be happy for him.

Just like my family though Sara’s was closer than most and no one knew their actual relationship with one another and to be honest both of our families didn’t feel it was anyone elses business anyway. If we’re all happy then that’s simply our business.

So with the introductions out of the way lets move on…

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Sara and I were lounging in the back yard of my house next to my swimming pool in our skimpy bathing suits, sipping iced tea and soaking up some sun. Sara had just emerged from the pool and come over to lay on the lounge next to mine and I couldn’t help but notice her enlarged nipples poking through her dripping wet bathing suit top. They were just barely inside the material and her dark brown aureolas were in plain sight above the top on both sides. It was taking all of my effort not to stare at her breasts. She obviously noticed and smiled. “I see you like what you see Marie”, she whispered.

Torn between embarrassment and lust I simply nodded. Shit. This isn’t like me. Normally I’m a massive cock hound slut. Extremely aggressive and pounce on the meat I desire and that meat has always been male. This was another woman though which put me way out of my comfort zone.

She moved her lounge closer to mine before laying down on her canlı bahis şirketleri stomach and opened the back of her top. “Be a sweetheart dear and rub some lotion on Mommies back”. I had to smile since I always insisted my son call me Mommy as well. Having him call me Mommy while he pounded my pussy made me a million times hornier. Not being able to help myself I squirted lotion onto my hands to warm up and began to rub her back with long smooth strokes. She sighed a long pleasant sigh. I worked the lotion into her delicate flesh for several minutes while she, and now I, made little cooing sounds.

Something I didn’t know though was that our sons were both in the house watching us through the back window, Something else I didn’t know at this time though I had suspected was that the two of them had already become rather close. They each rubbed the others crotch while watching us. Sara’s son moaning as Alex stroked him through the fabric of his own bathing suit and my son half closing his eyes while Keith rubbed him.

Both had giant hard-ons bulging the front of their suits.

Both of our sons stood there watching while their mothers became obviously sexually excited right there in front of them.

Sara rose up and turned towards me. Her beautiful breasts staring me in the face. She smiled knowingly. “Here darling, let Me do your back as well”.

I purred uncontrollably and dropped my bathing suits top. My own breasts standing tall in front of her (and our sons who I had just spotted) as she moved behind me and started rubbing the warm cream all over my hot flesh.

What the Hell is going on with Me I thought. I have never been turned on by a woman before. Yet there was something about Sara that made my pussy tingle. I actually started to grow damp in my swimsuit.

Both boys noticed my wet spot and Sara’s son Keith let out a gasp. “See babe. I told you” My son whispered to him as he continued to stroke Keith’s hard meat. “My Mom and Dad and I fuck all of the time. My Moms a total cock slut”!

Keith stared at me growing even wetter through the window and told Alex “My family does as well”… Moaning under Alex’s handling. “We all fuck very often”.

“Mmmmm… that’s great babe…” My son softly whispered.

Sara leaned over my shoulder a bit, took my breasts in her hands fondling me gently and surprised me with a soft kiss on my cheek. That was all it took. With no idea why I turned towards her and locked lips with another woman for the first time in my life. My pulsing pussy all but exploding in passion while she returned the kiss happily. We fell back onto one lounger facing one another, our bodies pressed together. Our breasts squashed together firmly. My wet pussy pressing against her now equally wet pussy?

Pulling back I paused as she and I both stared at one anothers crotches. Touching each others wetness with our fingers. Both equally surprised. Both gasping and then giggling. We then resumed our kiss even more intensely than before.

“See”, My son said to Keith as he released his large cock from his shorts and moved it towards his hungry mouth. “I said our Mom’s would hit it off”.

“Hopefully our dads will too”, Sara’s son said as My son swallowed the throbbing canlı kaçak iddaa cock.

Keith smiled while Alex sucked him and he watched their two Mothers beginning their sexual friendship before him.

My hands were now exploring Sara’s body like I had never felt another persons body before. Her kiss was so deep and her moans so pure I swooned under her embrace. Her hands felt every inch of my body. We all but fell onto the deck unable to control ourselves. This was incredible. My new friend was another slut Mom! This was great! I still wasn’t sure though if she did everything with her boys that I did. I really wanted to find out now though.

Breaking our kiss I gasped “lets go upstairs darling”.

She Whispered “The boys are in the house” while she struggled to remove more of my clothing.

“I know honey. They’re watching us”. She laughed softly… nodding…

“I know they are. You okay with that?”

“Very much so baby” I said. “We’re all going to have so much fun. Both of us and our families as well.”

Things really looked positive.

We both stepped completely out of our bathing suits and wiggled our way into the house. Smiling at Keith with his cute wide eyes and his big cock buried in Alex’s face as we passed.

Keith tapped Alex’s shoulder and he came up for air just in time to see Sara and I walked by them. Feeling each other and smiling at them both lustfully as we headed up the stairs. I gave my son a little wave and a thumbs up and smiled approvingly at him. Keith’s dick glistened and bounced with a thin liquid trail hanging over to Alex’s lips. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw them both scurrying to the bottom of the stairs while Sara and I reached the landing and turned into my bedroom.

My husbands clothes was sloppily tossed onto the bed which I immediately threw across the room and fell laughing onto the mattress with my new lover and girlfriend. Our sons crept up the stairs and peeked into the room.

“They’re gonna want to fuck us you know” Sara whispered as she nibbled my ear. “This may be inappropriate of me to ask but do you fuck your son? I do.”

I covered her mouth with mine as I said “Yes darling. My son fucks me very often.”

“Dads too?” She asked breathlessly.

“Dads too” I grunted.

She moaned softly while stroking My throbbing swollen clit and my hand searched for hers.

Both of our sons had ripped off their clothing as well and Keith was rubbing his cock into My sons ass crack while they watched their mothers. Both boys were on the verge of exploding just watching us and I could see my son begin to push his ass back at Keith’s advances.

Sara and I reversed our bodies. Our luxurious perfumed flesh joining each others in our first of many sixty-nines. I engulfed her engorged pussy lips in my mouth while I felt my own drawn in deeply by her wonderful red lips.

The boys, unable to hold back any longer entered the room and stood near the doorway watching their Mothers eating one another out. Our moans becoming louder and our quivering flesh glistening now with sweat. The bed bounced beneath us as we ground into one anothers mouths.

Hearing the boys passionately moaning I whispered to Sara. canlı kaçak bahis “Lets put them out of their misery and make this official shall we baby?”

She grinned and released my vulva just long enough to say aloud “Marie, please let your son fuck me.” I laughed “As long as yours fucks me as well sweetheart”.

We lewdly chuckled “Come get us you motherfuckers!”

We then both devoured the others mounds with no intention of letting one another go until it was all over.

Both boys groaned. Stroking their hard dripping cocks they walked around the bed behind one anothers mother. Sara and I squirmed onto our sides to allow access to our sons who each climbed onto the bed behind each of us and began rubbing against our already wet dripping pussies.

Sara’s son Keith slid into my moist pussy with no effort at all. The feeling was magnificent and I thrust wildly against his beautiful young manhood. The feeling was heavenly. My son Alex also slipped into Sara’s hot pussy. This took a tiny bit more effort but she certainly didn’t seem to mind at all and also went wild as his cock violated her deeply. Both of our sons thrust into one anothers mothers cunts wildly. The room filled with the sound of grunting, moaning and screaming and slapping flesh.

Sara and I both shared an intense Motherly pleasure. Being taken by one anothers son while eating another woman out at the same time. The pussy in my mouth, belonging to another slut Mother though was more than I could take and I screamed… “Fuck me Keith!” I struggled not to cum too fast. I was so turned on by the sinfulness of our act that I could barely hold back what was going to be a very intense orgasm.

“Yes Alex, Fuck Me hard too” Sara screamed. “Fuck your mothers boys! Oh Marie your sons fucking my cunt so good”. I would have agreed verbally but my mouth was full of hot pussy.

The boys thrust over and over and over into our willing bodies. Staring at one another across their respective pulsating mothers bodies as they thrust constantly while their hands ravaged their two mothers beneath them. Sara and I screamed again and again and again as our sons fucked us. Unable to hold back any longer I screamed so loud the windows shook and I shot a giant gush of girl juice into Sara’s loving mouth. Almost instantly Sara screamed as well and my mouth was flooded with her delicious liquids. We both began gulping like two starving women.

Hardly missing a beat both of our sons filled our hot cunts with their massive loads of man cream. Sara and I struggled to swallow all of one anothers juices and lay quietly while our sons fell onto us. Their loads leaking out of our cunts as well. Soaking the bed and our lower bodies. I turned and began licking my sons cum from Sara’s cunt. while my son went down on my pussy and licked out Keith’s deposit.

We all lay there for at least half an hour before the boys started to stir again and Sara and I smiled knowingly at one another. Locking again into a passionate kiss.

Our families were going to get along just fine.

“Just wait until our husbands get home” I giggled to Sara.

She smiled and licked her lips clean as the boys switched places and started fucking us again.

This time my son slid into my pussy and fucked me while Sara’s son slid deep into her.

“Can’t wait sweetheart” she sighed.

She and I kissed again while our sons took us for the rest of the afternoon.

Kisses, Licks and Lust – Mommy Marie

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