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The Spice of Life – Chapter 10

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The Spice of Life – Chapter 10Louise had been moved in with Jacob and Holly for about two weeks. All of the events and details around Holly’s dad dying had been cleared up and resolved and the new threesome had begun to settle into a new normal, which routinely included Jacob’s one on one with his wife or mother-in-law and plenty of the three-way variety as well. He considered himself a pretty lucky man. He had readily available sex with two very attractive women with the understanding among all parties that it was good no matter who he fucked or when. Holly considered herself equally lucky in that she and her mother were on the same page about fucking Jacob and could even go out together looking for new cock experiences when they chose to do so. And Louise was probably the most grateful. She was finally getting her needs met with no guilt and no strings holding her down. She was beginning to see herself for what she really was – a slut who simply loved to fuck. The man didn’t need to have a horse dick to make her happy or to make her cum. As long as he was at least half way attractive and had at least an average size cock, she knew she could enjoy fucking him. A big cock like Jacob’s just got her there quicker.And all three of them had time flexibility. Jacob and Holly worked from home with flexible hours and Louise was now independently wealthy enough that working would not be a requirement, freeing her up to spend her time as she pleased, which was mostly looking for sex or having it. She rarely felt the need to go looking unless Holly was also in the mood and they could experience it together, but she knew she could if she wanted to and that made a world of difference.Jacob had just finished creaming Louise in the shower, leaving her to wash the cum out of her hair after an unusually hot blow job, when his phone rang. He was not aware during the shower sex, but his phone had rang three different times from the same number – his sister. He called her right back, because it was not like her be that insistent. Fearing the worst, he called her right back.”What’s up, sis?” he asked as soon as she answered. “Given the number of calls, it must be bad news.””Nothing world ending, Jake,” she said, sounding more annoyed than upset. “Our little brother just got his tit in a wringer again and expects us to bail him out of another mess.”What it boiled down to was that their brother, Trent, had gotten himself tossed in jail, had no money, no cell phone, and no vehicle. This wasn’t the first time, probably wouldn’t be the last, and Jacob’s sister was ready to just let their brother rot for awhile. But their mother was putting pressure on Jacob and his sister, Kim, to go the extra mile to take care of Trent this time and only this time. Jacob’s mother said she would pay for their gas and hotel expenses if they would drive what amounted to two-thirds of the way across the country to retrieve their brother and bring him home. After some lengthy discussions with Holly, then his mother and a couple more with Kim, Jacob realized everyone was in agreement that he needed to do this. He agreed to pick up Kim that afternoon. She lived on the way to their destination about two hours into the drive.Jacob picked up Kim around 11 am and they began their long drive toward the futility of retrieving their wayward brother. Jacob had never been particularly close to his sister or brother. His brother was seven years younger, so they had always been at different stages of growing up. Kim was mostly a pain in the ass, perpetually teasing him, tattling on him and generally seemed bent on making him miserable. She was two years younger than Jacob. Jacob had to admit, however, that the two of them were getting closer now that they were adults.”I wish I could have talked mom into just buying one of us a plane ticket. We could have made this trip less intrusive and time consuming,” complained Kim. “But you know how mom considers flying an extravagance.””Yeah, but I also think she expects us to somehow talk some sense into our brother on the way home.” said Jacob, laughing at the odds of that happening.The two reminisced for several hours as they drove across country from the extreme northwest to the north central part of the country. It was October and there was the constant threat of snow and the temperatures were cold. The longer they drove, and the more they talked, the more they found in common with each other as had matured. They also cleared up some misunderstandings about events while growing up. Kim always looked up to Jacob and wanted his attention. Often, that showed up as teasing or ratting on him. Anything to make him notice. She felt like he just ignored her. That revelation made Jacob feel bad and he explained that he always found her to be a very pretty girl and later, woman, and that too much attention from him might look weird, in his mind. And she was attractive. She was smaller than Holly, more like an adult version of Tinkerbell with slim body, smaller ass and firm B cup set of tits that looked bigger on her smaller frame than they actually were. She was outgoing and her smile lit up any room when she walked in. She always had the attention of the guys around her and Jacob found her constant pursuit of him to be annoying. Once they got that cleared up and began to see each other through a different lens, then they began to click.It was about 9 that evening when they decided it was time to stop for the night. They made sure to select a very modestly priced hotel to keep their mom from getting uptight about the cost. They had asked the desk clerk for one room with two beds. The man looked over the top of his glasses at them in doubt, but said nothing. He looked at his inventory and then informed them the best he could do was a queen bed that had a sofa in it. They didn’t want to move on as both were tired of the windshield time and wanted unwind for the night. They took what he could offer and went to their room. The whole hotel was a little sketchy at best and the room they entered was not any better. The room was small and cramped, the bed was definitely not a queen, but just a double, and the sofa was actually a love seat that not even Kim could make work as a bed. And the room felt nearly as cold as it was outside. Jacob turned up the heat, could hear the furnace come on, but warmth was long in coming. “You know, Sis, I can just go sleep in the car with it running for a few hours so you can get comfortable in here.” Jacob offered.”Don’t be a fuck, Jake. I am sure we can handle one night sleeping in the same bed. It’s not like we are trying to sneak one past our better halves or anything. Just relax. We’ll be asleep in no time.”Kim was prepared for a decent enough hotel that she could sleep in a tank-type snug fitting top and her panties like she normally did. And Jacob just planned on his usual boxers. They pulled the spare blanket out of the closet, spread it out on the bed and kocaeli escort climbed in. But the room wasn’t getting much warmer.”They must only rent these rooms to fucking penguins,” complained Kim. “I feel like a damned snow cone.””It is pretty fucking cold in here, sis. Maybe we should demand our money back and find somewhere else tonight.””Nah, Jake, just do me a favor and let me snuggle into you until I get warmed up.” was Kim’s solution.Kim nestled into her brother like two spoons in the utensil drawer. Jacob had one arm under her pillow and the other wrapped around her waist. She had pressed herself into him as close as possible and her ass rested firmly against his crotch. Under normal circumstances, a woman would be able to tell Jacob was more well endowed than most men, but rubbing her ass against his crotch, Kim quickly realized just how much more gifted he was. He could not help himself.”Oh, fuck, Jake. I had forgotten you were hung like a bull. Am I giving you a boner?””Sorry, Kim, but what did you expect to happen? A woman is lodged up against me with the only thing separating us being two thin layers of fabric. Yeah, you are giving me a boner. Happy?””Well,” she said teasingly, “I’m not mad about it. Feels pretty good, actually. But I cannot imagine that you would allow your sister to get you revved up like this.””I told you earlier that I have always thought you were an attractive woman.” Jacob said, defending himself. “Now, get some sleep. My boner will fade away if I can drift off.”The two of them laid there silently and motionless for several minutes. Jacob had actually fallen asleep and when Kim heard him breathing in that rhythm that only sleep allows, she slipped her hand between her ass and Jacob’s crotch and felt his cock through his boxer shorts. It was not fully soft, but not hard either. He stirred slightly at her touch, but did not wake up. Kim was getting slightly damp between the legs as she felt her brother’s manhood in her hands and let her imagination run with what it would feel like to get fucked by a cock that size. Her hand moved down and she could feel his big, heavy balls and again, Jacob stirred. She stopped. Jacob shifted a bit and when he did, his arm moved up to where his hand was resting near one of her tits. She put her free hand on his and gently guided it to her tit, encouraging him to squeeze it. Her hand still rested on his now hardening shaft. Jacob had actually awakened and the stirrings and had now decided to let her play out this scene to its logical conclusion. In doing so, his cock was hardening. As she squeezed his hand into squeezing her tit, she felt him stiffen just a little more and he more freely squeezed her smaller tit through her snug tank top. Both of them let a little moan slip out and she pressed her ass more firmly against his now stiff prick.Jacob decided it was time to take control of the situation. He reached down and in one motion, pulled his sister’s panties down past her knees and guided his cock to just below her ass cheeks. She quickly guided his cock to her pussy lips mostly to avoid taking his huge rod up the ass, still thinking he was asleep and acting out of instinct. He had just gotten the head of his enormous cock inside her pussy, when she yelped at his size, “Jacob, oh Jacob, uh, stop. Wake up. Do you realize what you are doing?”Jacob stopped and feigned waking up. “What the fuck? Kim, what are you doing?” As he asked the question, he shoved his pole into her further.”Jacob, I…I was just curious about what you felt like and the next thing I know, you are pulling off my panties and stuffing that monster up my cunt.””Isn’t that what you really wanted?” Jacob asked, sliding another inch into her wet pussy.”Well, yeah, sorta, but you are my brother and your cock feels like it is as big as my arm. Just go easy…and don’t tell a fucking soul, got it?””Yeah, now relax so you can get the full effect.” said Jacob.Kim pulled off her top and he felt her smaller tits with the pert, hard nipples as he continually fed her pussy more and more of his very large, very hard cock. She reached between her legs and pulled on his balls. When he could feel her ass against his thighs and she could rub his balls against her pubic mound, they both knew he was all in and she was proud of herself for being able to take that big ass cock fully into herself. Neither of them were aware of the chill still in the room at this point. Kim was now like warm putty in her brother’s arms as he wrapped himself around her and began to handle all of the fucking action while she lay there feeling the length and width of his ramrod sliding in and out of her pussy. His hands cupped her tits as he felt the tight, rough-smooth interior of her body stimulate his cock like nothing he had experienced in awhile. He was pretty sure she had the tightest pussy he had ever experienced and maybe ever would. Her small hands caressed his face as he kissed her neck from behind and she occasionally turned her head to stick her tongue in his mouth. Jacob rapidly stroked inside her for a couple of minutes and it resulted in non-stop staccato moans from his sister as he was pushing her closer and closer to cumming. She finally could hold back no longer. Waiting as long as possible for Kim always intensified her orgasms, but that was not necessary this time. She let it go and came so hard that her back arched, her toes curled, the veins in her neck and arms protruded and her mouth locked open. Her nipples threatened to explode from her tits and she only cried out louder when Jacob sucked on one of them midway through her cum. Her pussy walls convulsed on his rod, stroking his cock naturally without him having to move. As she did, he felt his own cum building up rapidly. He didn’t bother to hold back either, and he flooded his sister’s inner place with spurt after warm spurt of his thick, white cum and gradually began to slip out around his shaft and drool down her inner thigh. They laid there, still arm in arm, and still shocked at what they had just done. Actually, Kim was shocked, but Jacob was no longer surprised at what he had and would fuck. His sister was just another kinky notch on his belt. Kim was waiting for his cock to soften and naturally slide out, but neither happened. And in a few minutes of snuggling, Jacob began humping his sister again. She dismounted him, rolled him over on his back and remounted him, sliding down his pole with more ease this time. The sheets were down and her bare body generated enough heat now to keep her warm as she fucked her brother, this time looking into his face and seeing the familiarity but in a whole new way. Now, he was a man, dedicated to giving her pleasure and desiring it from her. He wasn’t just the object of her attention, but the clear and total focus of it and she wanted him so deep inside her that they would nearly be like one person. Her brother was as deep inside her as a man could get. kocaeli escort bayan She could feel his long cock bumping up against her womb and she winced a time or two, vowing to control his depths with a little more caution. Jacob was enough bigger than her that he could lift her by the ass up and down on his rod and she could relax and enjoy the ride. She let her long, blonde hair sway down into his face and she worked hard at creating for him the sultry, slutty image of a woman who had totally given herself over to the lust of wanting a big cock buried as far as it would go. Then she came again. And again. Then a third time until she was almost exhausted and delirious. Her brother was still hard and wanting to fuck.”Jake, would you mind stopping for now and as soon as I catch my breath, finish you off with a blow job. My pussy hurts and I want to know what you taste like anyway. Please?””Sure, baby. And take your time.” Jacob said, soothingly while he ran his hands over her ass and down her legs. She slid from him and lowered her face to his rigid cock and began to lick and swirl her tongue around his cock head. Jacob wondered to himself how many men she had sucked off to develop her head giving skills to this level. Both of her small hands slid up and down his rod as her mouth and tongue labored on his knob as if she were priming a pump to get the water flowing. She used both hands to stroke his cock and to hold it close to her torso. He could feel his balls rubbing her pussy mound while at the same time, his cock head was touching the base of her tits while darting in and out of her mouth. He wondered at the sight and the comparison of his cock size to that of his sister’s body and marveled that she could even take half of him into her pussy. She rolled over on her back and he rolled over to be on top of her and continued to stroke into her hands against her body and still sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. It amounted to him giving her a full body massage with his cock and balls, but it would be him that would cum. When Jacob did cum, he splattered her chin, neck, tits and hands with his thick white jizz. A couple of shots did find their way into her open mouth and Kim licked her lips and began to gather his cum with her fingers to taste his male juice. She even lifted a couple of cum covered fingers to his lips to see if he would taste it himself and she was delighted that he did. They drifted off to sleep and were later waking up than they had planned. They would have another full day of driving, another hotel night, and 3-4 hours of driving before reaching their brother. Now they were beginning to wish he was farther away. They hit a rural stretch of highway just after lunch the next day and Kim undressed in the car and then pulled her brother’s stiff cock from his jeans and began playing with it so intensely that he decided he had better pull into a rest area to finish the job. He parked at the far end and she straddled him so that she faced him and slid down on his pole. Neither of them seemed to care that they might be seen. The had left the engine running for the heat, but that also kept the windows from fogging over and it wasn’t long before a couple of guys in their late 30’s noticed the action and approached the car for a closer look. As they were bold enough to walk right up to the driver window, Kim simply pressed the window button to open the window and give them a clear picture.”If you like what you see, pull out your hardware and let’s see what you got.” she said. The two men looked around and when they decided they could probably do so without getting arrested, they freed their stiff cocks and showed them to her.”Now,” she said, “reach down between my legs and feel what he’s got. If you think you are bigger than him, I’ll fuck you. If you are not, you have to suck his cock. Deal? Otherwise, you can jerk off on me while I fuck the cum out of him.” The men looked at each other and, knowing she already had the answer, decided they were better off just jerking off and cumming on her through the window. Jacob looked at the men stroking their cocks and found himself lusting after their meat, but he was not going to give up fucking his sister to get them. Kim saw him staring and suggested that she jerk one and he jerk the other while she continued to fuck him and he agreed that sounded like a fun idea. The two men moved in closer and Jacob reached out and began stroking one man’s cock while Kim began jerking the other. The two men reached in and felt Kim’s tits and ass and the one who could reached down and explored Jacob’s balls and the lower portion of his shaft.”Fuck! You have a big cock there, buddy! Could we see the whole thing?”Kim lifted off of her brother’s cock and watched as they admired the length and girth of his rod, easily almost twice what either of them were packing. “Make him cum.” Kim ordered. “I don’t care how you do it, but I want to see you make him cum.”One of the guys began to tentatively stroke Jacob’s cock and other rubbed his heavy balls. Then one said to the other, “Fuck this, I am just going to admit I want that up my ass, Tom. Stand here so no one on the road can see what is going on. I am sitting on this prick until it gushes up my ass.”Jacob was more than a little surprised at the sudden shift in plans, but was just as happy to fuck a man ass since he doubted his sister could take him up hers. And Kim was thrilled at the unexpected action. She guided her brother’s massive fuck toy to the man’s ass and watched intently as her brother’s rod disappeared into the man’s ass. The man grimaced and groaned, obviously never having had one that big up his ass. Kim began stroking the brave man’s cock and letting him feel her wet pussy and tight little tits while getting impaled on her brother’s heavy pole. The other man stood there as a shield to disguise the lustful scene playing out in front of him. Kim began to suck his cock as she stroked the other and as her brother pounded the man’s ass. The man getting Kim’s mouth came, flooding her throat with more cum than she expected. Soon thereafter, the other man shot his cum all over her tits and abdomen. She slowly milked the remaining cum from his balls when Jacob grunted and pumped a warm flood of cum up the man’s ass. Everyone managed to wipe up the cum spills and get dressed just before a highway patrol car pulled up next to them for a rest break of their own. Kim and Jacob laughed at the near possibility that their mother might have had to travel cross country to bail all three of her k**s out jail.They stayed the second night in a little better quality hotel and agreed that they would pay part of the bill if mom objected. They asked for a king bed this time and the middle aged man behind the counter quickly set them up with exactly what they asked for. When they arrived in their room, the heat worked, the bed was the correct size, and they were ready to pick up izmit escort where they left off at the rest area. They shed their clothes quickly and showered off together, running for the bed as if his erection might expire if they waited any longer. Kim quickly began giving him a vigorous blow job. Jacob thought she must want to make him cum quickly so that he would last longer when they fucked, but that was not the case. She was highly turned on by her brother ass fucking the guy earlier and was just fucking horny. She brought him near the point of shooting his load and would stop, frustrating him. She did that two or three times and he finally threatened to fuck her up the ass she didn’t either fuck him or finish the blow job. She laughed and got on her hands and knees, propped herself on the headboard and spread her legs so that he could take her from behind. He got himself started and then grabbed her narrow hips and began pumping his meat deep inside her.The man who had checked them in was now in the back office, watching the scene unfold before him on his computer monitor. He had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched his guests begin to fuck. He liked to watch women’s tits bounce and he loved big, hard cock, he loved to watch ass fucking, and he loved to watch a man cum. He hoped against hope that Jacob would pull out and shoot his load at the end, but if not, the man was thrilled with Jacob’s big dick. The man stroked harder as watched Jacob pounding Kim from behind. The man had rigged most of the rooms with cameras at different angles so that no matter where his guests fucked, he could see it all. He usually managed to get off to or three times a night between 10 and 2 am, and he knew he could get off on this couple at least twice. The man pulled off his pants and began stroking his own meat with one hand and playing with his balls with the other and nearly shot all over himself when Jacob pulled out of Kim’s pussy. Expecting a cum shot, he was mildly disappointed but only briefly as he could not believe his eyes when Jacob moved in again, this time going for Kim’s asshole.”You sure you want to try this, Sis? Your pussy is tight enough as it is. I can’t believe your ass can handle me.””I have to try. I have taken it up the ass a few times. True, never from a cock like yours, but I have to try. Fuck my ass, bro.”The man in the back office got wide-eyed as he watched that huge cock press into the small woman’s ass. He was getting two of his top dreams fulfilled: a big cock in an ass. He could only hope for the “money shot” at the end.Kim was questioning her intelligence as Jacob began packing his cock into her asshole. He was about to cum just from the tightness and the struggle, but he managed to hold back, stopped and gave her time to relax a little. Each time he felt her relax, he stuffed some more meat in her tight back door. “I am not going to last long when I get fully inside you, Sis. You want me to cum inside you or pull out?””I want you to cum inside me, bro. I have come this far, I might as well know what it feels like to have a bull shoot a half gallon of cum up my ass along with it.” Then Kim did something Jacob did not understand. She looked to one side and stuck out a finger and curled it several times the way a mother does when summoning a c***d to her. Then she resumed her posture for Jacob to continue ass fucking her. Moments before Jacob shot inside her, the hotel room door quietly opened and closed and Kim heard footsteps approach the bed. Jacob heard nothing because he was on the verge of cumming and had shut out virtually everything else.Kim looked in the direction of the door and saw the clerk who had checked them in. He stood there watching as the biggest cock he had ever seen in the flesh was fucking this pretty young woman’s ass. The man stood there rubbing his cock through his pants as he heard Jacob tell Kim he was about to cum. She began bucking on his cock, fucking back on him even though her ass was getting sore and tired. She felt her brother cum deep inside her bowels. His cock twitched, throbbed, and spurted for some time before all went quiet.Jacob finally saw the hotel clerk standing there when he pulled out. “What the f…””It’s okay,” assured Kim. “I noticed the telltale signs of cameras installed in the room and signaled for him to come to us.”Kim turned to face the hotel clerk. “Alright, you have a choice, I can call the police and they can lock you up forever for all kinds of rights violations and kinky behaviors, or you can eat the cum out of my ass and clean up my boyfriend’s cock. Your choice.”The hotel clerk moved in the direction of Kim’s ass and she turned it to him. Jacob’s cum was starting to run out of her back door and the man moved in to lick it up, taking several minutes to get it all. Then he moved to Jacob’s semi hard cock and took the shaft in his hands and used his tongue to lick all of the juices, his and hers, from the hung man’s cock. By the time the man was done with Jacob, Kim was dressed and instructed the man to take her to where the cameras displayed their images. Once there, she made the man pull out his cock and Jacob watched as his sister stroked the man’s cock until he shot a large load of cum all over the monitor screen where he earlier been watching them fuck. “You go ahead and watch us fuck. We aren’t done yet for the night. But it would be more fun for all of us if you had someone you could bring to our room and we watch each other fuck.”About 30 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Jacob answered. He was naked and hard, but since he looked through the peep hole and saw the hotel clerk with a cute, well stacked brunette with him, he opened the door and let them in. The woman gasped at Jacob’s cock and warned him that she wasn’t willing to fuck him. He assured her that was not the plan, that they were just going to parallel fuck and watch each other. She relaxed, stripped and quickly got her pervert friend to jump her and begin fucking her. Kim laid down next to her as Jacob mounted her. No words were exchanged, but the women did enjoy feeling each other up some and the brunette did allow herself the satisfaction of feeling Jacob’s stiff rod. The hotel clerk whispered something in her ear, she nodded and whispered something in Kim’s ear. Kim smiled and nodded.Kim got Jacob on his back and took him inside her again. Then Jacob felt the woman on her hands and knees take his balls into her mouth and she began to suck on them while the hotel clerk continued to fuck her. Jacob felt her larger tits and the woman clearly enjoyed that, came after a few minutes and then the hotel clerk filled her pussy with his second cum of the evening. Kim felt the warm breath of the brunette on her ass as the woman sucked Jacob’s balls and then Kim felt him quietly shoot stream after hot stream of cum into her pussy. The evening wound down, the invited couple left. Kim and Jacob knew that this would be the end of their brief romance. Tomorrow they would retrieve their brother and head home. Both were sad, but vowed they would find a way to get together more often and include some hot fucking as part of the package.

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