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The Taming of Amy

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The Taming of Amy“Make sure you are home on time tonight Barry! You know I have my mother coming over for dinner! And for god’s sake put on a better shirt than that old thing! I swear you are such a slob!” Amy said as I was getting dressedI could not help but think of what a bitch she had become in the last year after I married her. She was bossy, self-centered, and worst of all frigid. I had not had sex in almost two months. She always claimed that she was on her period or that she had camps or some other female problem. Today I was going to have the pleasure of not just her but her bitch mother. Now that I knew better I understood that mother and daughter were exactly alike.“Ok Amy….I will be home on time. Do you need me to pick up anything on the way home?” I asked“Yes, pick me up some Kotex and some Midol. And make sure it is maximum formula! Last time you got that teen formula.” Amy said as if she was talking to an idiot servantI went to kiss her and she turned her face away at the last moment so that I was forced to kiss her cheek.“Don’t Mess My Makeup! I swear you are so selfish! Now get to work and remember do not be late!” she saidMy work day went faster than I ever could have imagined and I found myself on the way home. I swung into a d**gstore on the hope that they would not have many people there to witness a man buying sanitary napkins. I quickly saw her Kotex and then I was looking for the Midol but was having little luck. “Can I help you find something?” asked a male voiceI turned to see the pharmacist standing there. He looked at the Kotex package in my hands and smiled. “I’m looking for Midol.” I said as I blushed“Right down here.” He said as he pointed to the elusive item“So does your wife have a lot of female issues?” he asked“Well I think so!” I said out of frustration“Does she find intercourse painful between periods?” he asked“I’m not sure because we have not done that in months!” I said and wondered why I was telling the old pharmacist something so personal“Well maybe she should see her doctor. She may have a health issue.” He said reassuringly“Actually I think she is just a frigid bitch that likes to boss me around and then embarrass me by sending me out to buy her shit!” I said as I tried to laugh about it but deep down I realized just how pussy-whipped I had becomeThe pharmacist then seemed to study me closely as if trying to make a decision.“What if I told you that I have something that would fix your problem?” He asked“What problem is that?” I asked as I suddenly became more concerned that I had said too much“Your wife tells you what to do, treats you like crap and then won’t even give you a hand job is what I believe your problem is. I have a d**g that I discovered when I was in Africa that will change her.” He said with a smile“Change her how?” I asked suspiciously“After she takes it she will become quite submissive to the first man she has sex with. If you continue to give a small dose every month she will remain that way. I would happy to give you the first dose free.” He said with a smile“I don’t know….” I said with suspicion“It is very safe and if you do not continue the monthly dose she will return to what she is now. Here take this. You can just put it in a drink and watch what happens.” He said as he handed me a small vile with a clear liquid in itI quickly put the vile in my pocket and headed for home after paying for the other items. I arrived home just ahead of my mother-in-law’s arrival. Amy’s mom Sandra was just as big a bitch as my wife. Sandra looked like a slightly older version of my wife they both were about 5’4”, blonde, blue eyes and a little on the slender side with B cup tits. Both of them easily turned heads when they walked into the room but they used their looks to get what they wanted and what they wanted was the world to revolve around them. The evening went on eskişehir escort and the mother daughter team spent most of the evening either criticizing me or talking about themselves. Finally Sandra announced that it was time to leave. Amy actually pouted but then hugged her mom. I was cleaning up the dishes as Amy came back in the kitchen.“I swear Barry you are such a pathetic lump on the log! My mom said that she thinks I should have married someone else! You could of at least joined the conversation but no you just sat there! I’m going to go take a hot bath! Bring me a glass of wine and then finish cleaning up out here before you go to bed!” Amy said as she headed to the bathroomI pulled a wine glass down and poured some of Amy’s favorite chardonnay into it. Suddenly I reached into my pocket and pulled out the vile. I looked at it and then opened it. It had no smell what so ever. I grinned as I emptied the contents into the wine. I then carried the glass to her as she sat in her bubble bath. I felt my cock stiffen as I walked in and saw her soaking. She took the glass and sipped. She looked up at me and gave a sexy smile and wiggled her tits in a seductive way. “Ok, you have had your little thrill now go finish cleaning up!” she said as her bitch attitude returnedI went back to the kitchen and put the dishes into the dishwasher and then cleaned up the counters and stove. I had just finished when I heard a moan come from the bedroom. I walked in to find Amy lying on the bed. She was rubbing her pussy that looked to be incredibly wet. Her eyes were glazed over with absolute lust. Her other hand was rubbing over her nipple. I watched fascinated as she openly masturbated herself to an orgasm. “It looks like you have gotten a little horny tonight.” I said as she shook with pleasure“I was in the bath and my pussy just started to tingle and it won’t stop! Oh God I want cum again!” she groaned as she fingered her pussy“Maybe this would do a better job!” I said as I pulled my erect cock out of my pantsInstantly Amy’s eyes locked on my cock like it was the thing she wanted more than anything else. I was amazed out how sexually open she had become. I underdressed and I watched as Amy fingered her pussy and moaned while licking her lips. I had never seen her act like this and I was not going to miss my opportunity to fuck her. I moved between her legs and stroked my cock.“Do you want some cock?” I asked as I looked at her as she humped at the air“Please give that cock! Oh Fuck! What the hell is happening to me?” she pleadedI moved between her legs and I cock and rubbed the head up and down the sloppy wet slit. I watched as she tried to push her pussy on my cock. I realized that she was desperate to feel a cock in her pussy but I sensed that she needed to be shown who was in charge.“If you want my cock you will get on your knees and beg to suck my cock!” I saidI was shocked as she looked crushed but she rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor. “Please! Please let me suck your cock!” she begged and I could see tears in her eyesMy hand enfolded the back of her head as I guided her mouth onto my cock, I watched fascinated as her sexy lips wrapped around my thick cock and then her blue eyes looked up at me as she began to suck my cock deep down her mouth. Suddenly I found myself wondering how one woman could be so sexy but such a fucking bitch. I watched as she swallowed my cock. I listened to the sound of her slurping my cock with abandon.“Do you like sucking that nasty cock?” I asked as I rubbed the back of her head“YESSSSSSS!’ she hissed as my cock slipped from her mouth for just a moment before she opened wide and took me down her throat“Maybe I should fuck you?” I said and her stunning blue eyes flew open“PLEASE! Please fuck my horny pussy!” she begged“Get your ass up in the air!” I ordered and watched as escort eskişehir the sexy slut that is my wife crawled on the bed and offered her pussy to meI moved behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She groaned and wiggled her ass.“Do you want my cock you little slut?” I asked“Oh please! I will do anything you want!” she pleaded“Would you let me put my finger up your ass?” I chuckled as I knew how much she hated the thought of her ass being used“Anything for you please!” she beggedI put my finger against her asshole and lightly applied pressure. I listened to her grunt and moan but then to my delight and amazement she pushed her ass against my finger and I watched as she fucked her ass on my finger. Then I pushed my cock harder against her sloppy wet pussy and watched as my cock slid into her. I slowly fucked her as she sobbed with pleasure. Slowly I picked up the pace as I watched my cock shine with juices as it appeared and disappeared into her pussy. I had never known her to be wetter and certainly never hotter than at the moment. I could hear her breathing harder as I fucked her deep and long strokes while my finger probed her ass. My wife had always insisted that I use a condom when I fucked as the thought of my seamen in her pussy made her nauseous. Tonight she would just have to take it as my balls burned with the need to be emptied.“Ahhhhh Fuck yeah!!!” I grunted as my cum started to fill her pussyI had never seen any woman explode with a harder orgasm than when she felt my cock erupt in her. It was like watching a volcano erupt. First she shook and the there was a deep roar from her inner being and the screamed violently. I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and dripping from my balls. Then she fell forward and curled into a fetal ball as her eyes bulged. Frankly I began to get concerned as she could not even talk but after a few minutes I decided that she was just overwhelmed the intensity of the orgasm.I just laughed as I left her lie on the bed as I returned to the family room. I had no idea what the potion had done to my wife but I had just had the most intense sex of my life. I was lost deep in my thoughts and did not even notice Amy walk nude into the room. Soon I was aware that my cock was being sucked. I looked down to see her looking up at me as she worked my cock. Then she pulled off and looked at me and I could see she had tears in her eyes.“Please forgive me Barry! I have been a bad wife! Please I will be better! I will do anything if you will just make love to me!” she said as she sobbed“Maybe I should give you a spanking since you have been naughty?” I asked as my thumb wiped a tear from her cheek“Yes! I should be spanked….I have been so bad….”She sobbedI pulled her up across my lap and looked at her tight pale ass. I raised my hand and slapped it on her butt, I heard her grunt with pain. I watched as her check turned pink. I raised my hand and slapped the cheek. I heard her groan. My hand slapped first one cheek and then the other. I watched as her ass turned from pale white to pink and then slowly to red. I could hear her sob and could feel her tears drip on my knee. Part of me was glad to hit the bitch that had tormented me for so long but another part of me was sexually aroused. I found my hand as it slapped her round ass slowly massage and spread her cheeks apart to reveal the tight asshole. I let a drop of my spit land on her ass and then I pushed a finger into ass for the second time that night. As I probed her ass I heard her groans change to moans. I let my other hand find her pussy which was sloppy wet. I could still see my own seamen dripping from her pussy.“You have been a bad wife! I think you need to do something special for me!” I said“Anything!” She moaned“I’m going to fuck your ass!” I said as I chuckled“Ok….please baby fuck my ass!” she eskişehir escort bayan sobbed“Bend over the couch you nasty slut!” I said and watched as she bent over the arm of the couch“Spread your ass open you fucking wore!” I said and watched to my delight as she reached back and spread her ass open for meI pressed the head of my cock against her ass and watched as the head sank into her anal passage. I was surprised how easy it was to get into her incredibly tight butt. More and more of my cock slid up her ass. I could hear her breathing harder as my cock bottomed into her. I started to ease my cock in and out of her ass. Then I started to fuck her harder. I remembered all the times she had bitched at me or humiliated me in front of her bitch mother. I pounded her harder and harder!“Please it burns! It is making my butt hurt!” she screamed“Take it your fucking bitch! You tried to fuck me over and now the fucking bill is do! I’m going to fuck your ass whenever I want from now on! I will cum in your mouth or pussy! I own you from now on!” I screamed as my cock pounded her mercilessly“Yes Barry! Please make your slave! Oh please I need to do everything you want!” she grunted“That’s better you fucking whore now get on your knees! I will cum in your mouth and you can have the pleasure of swallowing it!” I ordered and watched as she got on her knees and opened her mouthI had never done anything like this but as I stroked my cock and looked at her open mouth I could not help but be thrilled with the thought of cumming in her mouth. She had always been opposed to this type of sex before but then my cock throbbed as the first jet of sperm flew into her mouth. I watched as she held her mouth open as more and more sperm flooded her mouth. I was amazed to see the big pool of sperm form in her mouth. As I finished she held the cum in her mouth as I admired the sexy sight of her showing me my load in her mouth,“You may swallow it now!” I said and to my delight I watched Amy swallow my seamen Before the night was over I fucked Amy in every room of the house and in every position I could imagine. In the morning I was awaken by Amy sucking my cock. Frankly I was glad to go to work just to get some rest. That evening I was on the way home and I saw the d**g store. I was not planning on stopping but I could not resist seeing if the pharmacist was there. As I walked toward the back I saw him look up at me and smile.“So I would say that you gave my little solution a try.” He said as he chuckled“It was amazing! So how do I get a regular supply?” I asked“No problem you will find that for $1,000 per month the treatment is well worth it.” He said but my heart skipped a beat as I am not a rich man“I do not have that kind of money!” I said quietly“Most of my customer do not but now that your wife is how should we say ‘trained’ there are many ways she will pay for her own treatment.” He said with an evil grin“What do you mean?” I asked“Well first there are a number of men who would love to have an opportunity to experience what you did last night. There is also a few contacts in the porn business who need new talent as well. I assure she will be quite willing as long as you tell her to do it. In fact she will find it all very satisfying.” He said as I thought about Amy being used by other men or being a porn actress. The funny thing was I felt my cock start to get hard at the thought of her being used at my direction. Then I thought about something else and suddenly I was smiling from ear to ear.“I think we could work this out but could I get a better deal if I needed a second dose?” I asked as my smile got even bigger“I think a discount could be arranged under the right circumstances. What do you have in mind?” he asked as he also grinned“How about a mother daughter team?” I said as I held up a photo of my wife and her motherTo be continued….(A word from the author: well revenge is a hot willing pussy and even better with two. Hang on for a follow up. If you enjoyed and want to encourage this type of deviate behavior a thumbs up will do so. As always I look forward to your comments and messages!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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