May 24

The Tanya Sessions Ch. 1

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I responded immediately to the knock, knowing whom it was before I even got to the door. I opened the door and there you stood, wearing a low cut blue shirt, which hugged your shoulders and breasts very nicely, accentuating how nice they are. I take one look up and down, which elicits a snicker from you, and then I invite you in. Just as you’re about to pass me, I stick my arm out, placing a hand on your stomach. I then shut the door behind you and gently press you back against it, reaching around you to lock the door. You snicker again and go to put your arms around my neck, but I catch your arms before you do, and I bring them up over your head and I pin them back against the door. You then lean forward slightly as I come near, longing to lock lips with me. I lean in and oblige you for a moment as my hands slide down your arms slowly, then I slowly slide them over the tops of your breasts and around that smooth curve of them.

My hands stop at the bottom and I slide them over the front of your breasts as I pull away, nibbling and sucking on your bottom lip as I do. I back away from you slowly, and I take a seat on the lone chair in my apartment, then I beckon you over with a finger. As you get close, I stand up and embrace you, pulling you close and kissing you deeply, our tongues probing each other’s mouths as we fit together passionately. I manage to turn you around so your back is to the chair, and I break the kiss with you panting heavily, I then put a finger to your lips and you take it into your mouth and suck on it gently, smiling as you do. I then back you slowly into the chair, then I pull my finger from your mouth. I then sink down to my knees in front of you on the chair. I then reach down and pull your shoes off and toss them aside. I then slide my hands over your ankles, then your calves and slowly up your thighs, I unbutton your pants and pull them down slightly, then I lean up and I kiss you just above your pubic bone, right between there and your belly button, I kiss a line straight across from one side to the other.

Your hands find the back of my head and you begin playing with my hair. I then slide my hands to your hips and I begin pulling your pants down off of you. I toss them aside after I get them to the floor. I then noticed that you have blue panties on, and I slide my hands into the sides of them, and I begin massaging your hips slowly as I kiss slowly around your belly button. I pull my hands out and I slide them up to your shirt, beginning to peel it off of you, but then I stop and smile up at you. I then stand up and take your hands, pulling you to your feet, then I lead you into the bathroom, stopping you just before we get to the shower. I then slide my hands to the bottom of your shirt and I peel it off of you slowly, my hands brushing over your breasts as I do. I then bring my hands back down to your panties and I slide my hands into the sides of them and work them down off your hips and let them drop to the floor.

You then kick them off and turn to face me. I lean down and begin sucking on your breasts, first the left one, as I roll my tongue around your entire breast slowly, working a slow spiral from the base all the way to the canlı bahis nipple. Meanwhile you are busy furiously undoing my pants and sliding them and my boxers to the floor. I then put my arms up as you yank my shirt from me. I turn and suck on your right nipple, my tongue playing with your nipple ring as I knead both of your breasts with my hands. One of your hands finds my head and begins playing with my hair. The other hand finds my cock and you begin working your hand on it over and over. I back you slowly into the shower and I reach around and turn the water on.

As I maneuver you into the stream of water coming from the head, drenching your body in the cascading water, I sink down to my knees again and I begin running my tongue over your pussy slowly, eliciting a shiver from you and a slight whimper as I move my tongue to your clit and I begin rolling it around slowly. I move back up on you slowly, running my tongue over you slowly from bottom to top. I then turn you around, to let the water cascade down the front of you, over your breasts, stomach, hips, and thighs as I move up behind you. I slowly slide my cock into your hot, wet pussy and you put your hands on the shower wall. I then grasp your hips and begin to pull you back into me, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from you as I begin working my cock into you deeper and faster with each second.

As the water pours down over the both of us, I lean in and pull one hand up to your breasts and I begin playing with your nipple ring, and standing you up slowly, wrapping one arm around your hips and the other around your breasts. You respond by putting your arms around my neck, whimpering and moaning for me to go harder and faster. I respond by working my cock into you harder and faster, and rolling my hips a little bit, sending my cock in slight circles inside you as I begin to feel myself swell inside you. I feel your pussy begin to tighten around my cock and I continue to thrust harder and faster into you. I hear you crying out “YES! YES! YES! as I continue to work you over with my cock. I keep myself as balanced as best I can.

By this point my hands are on your breasts, teasing your nipples, ring and all. I hear you moan loudly and then let out a scream and I feel your juices coat my cock, and moments later I finally release into you, cum flowing hard into you and after that I slow down drastically. I then pull myself out of you and I turn the water off, then I lead you out of the shower and quickly through the apartment to my bedroom, where I lay you back on the edge of the bed. I kneel down next to the bed and I lean in over you. I resume slowly lashing you with my tongue, working it over you slowly, laying it flat as I run my wet tongue from bottom to top. I stop for a moment to suck on your clit and roll it around with my tongue.

At the same time, I bring one of my hands up and I begin to slowly work my fingers into you as I suck on your clit a little harder with each second. It doesn’t take long for you to go from whimpering lightly to moaning loudly, throwing your head back and playing with your breasts as I work my tongue over your clit and work my fingers into you, first slowly, then faster and bahis siteleri harder with each passing second. You tilt your hips up into me and I plunge my fingers and the tip of my tongue into you. I feel you begin to tighten on my fingers again, and I slide my hand up to your mouth and I let you suck on my fingers as you arch forward, then back against my fingers and tongue as they work into you. You bring your legs up around my head and clamp your thighs together, drawing me into you even deeper, my tongue lashing over you faster as my fingers work into you faster and deeper. I manage to pull back from you a bit as I feel your body begin to tremble and your pussy tightens on my fingers. You let out a loud scream and pitch backward as you cum hard, I slowly pull my fingers from you and I quickly find a towel to dry my fingers, as well as you, off.

You sit up, a ravenous look in your eyes and you grab my hand and pull me back to the bed and force me to lie down. I smile as I know what’s coming next and you respond by climbing on top of me and positioning your still wet pussy over my cock, working the tip with the lips of your pussy and just by rocking your hips in slow circles. My hands palm your breasts, but you grab them off and pin them to the bed. I look up at you in a bit of surprise, wondering what you’re about to do. Slowly you sink down on my cock, working my hardness into you, from the tip almost all the way to the hilt. You then begin bouncing, first slowly, then a little faster and harder, arching your back away from me slightly as you do, causing my cock to bend almost painfully as you begin riding me hard, keeping my hands pinned down as you do. I manage to get my head up a little bit and I begin playing with your nipple ring once again with my tongue, flipping it with the point of my tongue, occasionally taking it into my mouth and sucking on it gently. I keep doing this until you begin bouncing on me harder, drawing my cock almost all the way out of you and then slamming back down on it, causing me to grunt loudly and pitch my head back in ecstasy. It doesn’t take long for me to begin building toward another strong cum as you roll your hips around on me faster and harder. I feel your pussy tightening once again, making the mix of pain and pleasure almost unbearable for me as I try to hold off cumming as long as possible.

You begin moaning and crying out again, begging me to cum inside you, telling me you’re about to cum as well. I arch myself back a little bit, working my cock up into you as you continue to ride me. Finally I can’t stand it any longer and, just as you arch backward violently and cum hard on me, I explode into you hard, my cock spewing cum into you. You collapse down onto me and I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to me, the two of us soaked in sweat and breathing heavily as we lie there.

You roll off of me and then reach over and take my hand. I go to roll over and slide between your thighs once, but you stop me and redirect me to your stomach, indicating that you’d like me to stick my cock between your breasts. You squeeze your breasts together with your hands and I slowly slide my cock inside the hole at the base of your bahis şirketleri breasts and I begin pumping it in and out. You slide your tongue from between your lips and you lick the tip of my cock as I poke it through your breasts. I play with your nipples, and your nipple ring again with my fingers as I work my cock in and out between your breasts and I feel you finally take the head of my cock in your mouth as I slide it in there. You work your tongue over the tip as I work it back and forth into you. It doesn’t take long, with me still being hot as hell, for me to cum forcefully, spewing forth into you.

Afterward, I slowly roll off of you and I lay next to you, placing an arm around you as you turn your back to me and intertwine your fingers with mine as my hand rests on your stomach. The two of us, tired out, decide to take a long, well-deserved nap…

When I awaken, I find you lying on your stomach, face turned away from me. I slide over really close to you and I kiss and suck on your neck gently for a few moments, eliciting a sigh and a snicker, along with a smile as you awaken. By the time you turn to see me face to face, I have already slid behind you and I’ve pulled your hips up and slid over top of your ass, and I begin running my cock along your ass slowly, possibly getting ready to put my cock in it. But then I slide down a little bit and I slowly run the head of my cock over your pussy slowly, making you all moist almost right away. I play with your clit with the head of my cock, rubbing it hard against your clit and then I begin slowly working my cock into you, sliding the head in. I stop after a moment and I then grasp your hips and I pull you back into me hard, plunging my cock all the way into you up to the hilt. This causes you to reach up and grasp the headboard, digging your nails into it as I begin working my cock in and out of you hard and fast, our skin slapping together hard as we slam together, my cock working into you as deep as I can go. I lean down and begin kissing and sucking the back of your neck, then slowly running my tongue down your spine as I keep working into you harder and faster.

I hear you moaning loudly, almost to the point of screaming, as I put you through fits of ecstasy with my cock working circles, ravaging your insides as I keep pounding away on you. My hands are now on your ass, massaging it gently and using it to pull you back into me. I then begin spanking you, my hand creating a sharp smack on your ass, causing you to cry out sharply. I then slide one hand to your mouth, letting you suck on my fingers while I ride your pussy harder and harder, now drawing it from top to bottom and bottom to top with each thrust into you. I feel you begin to quiver within and tighten on my cock as I begin to swell, my cock filling with cum. I close my eyes, grunting as I keep pace. By this time I’ve stopped spanking you and my hands are on your breasts, cupping around them and pulling you back into me with them. Finally I can hold it no longer and I feel you tighten around my cock to the point that it really hurts, and I explode inside you with one last, deep thrust, and as I hold it there, I feel you finally cum hard, collapsing onto the bed. I pull out of you and I do the same shortly thereafter, laying down next to you and putting my arm around your waist, massaging your hip with my fingers as we both lay there, enjoying looking into each other’s eyes…

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