May 24

The Tease Ch. 01

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I’m horny so I decided I shall write some erotica.

Its my first time writing, and I hope its okay for you guys, but I am definitely open to comments! Please let me know, always happy to hear from you guys 🙂


I see you there. I see you sitting down on the armchair, looking at me with your dark eyes and smirk of a smile. Your hair is tossed back from the shower and all you have are your white boxer shorts. Yours arms are placed on the sides of the armchair, one hand with a glass of wine, the other hand casually placed on your chest. You rub your chest sensually as you see me walk in.

Me? Well, I’m in the mood for fun. Fun and pleasure and just straight carnal lust. But my idea of carnal lust would be a long torturous session of teasing and playing… Your dick will be hard and begging for release, and all I’ll do is stroke my long nails along it and kiss your helmet while staring back at you with my glazed eyes.

I saunter into the room and I give a slight smile when I hear you gasp silently under your breath. My hair is done up bahis firmaları in a bun on my head, locks falling down naturally along the sides of my face. I’ve put on the pair of earrings that you gave me, dangling ones with butterflies and flowers. I’m wearing a leather jacket, and a black satin push up bra that gives me a marvellous cleavage, and the necklace that im wearing leaves a trail down the cavernous valley. Down there, I’m wearing my jetblack stockings and a pair of high stilletos. You love how the stockings wrap around my legs, yet still showing enough of my curves to drive you crazy.

I take my hand and trace it from my collarbone, to my breasts, in which I slightly push my hands together pushing my breasts forward till they threaten to spill out of those black cups. I then slowly turn around so my back is facing you and squat down on the ground, pushing my stocking-clad ass and arching my back. My hands go to my ass and I squeeze it slightly, and then with my fingernails, trace it slowly up the curves. I hear you moaning, “Damn, girl…” and I smile again to myself. It always kaçak iddaa turns me on massively when you moan, when you are under the mercy of my ministrations.

Eventually, I stand up and cat-walk towards you. By this time, you have that seductive smile on your face that I always love, that always makes me want to be your slut your whore your bitch forever. I walk over to you and stare at you right in the eyes, and lower my body down so my hands touch your lap. My boobs are hanging downward, short of spilling by my bra and I can see your eyes look at me and then move downward to those two hynotising globes. I notice your movements, and start to move my hands to my boobs and push them together. You gasp, and you see that the areoleas of my boobs are already starting to peek out from the cups of my bra. I start pulling at the straps of my bra rapidly, setting my boobs into an endless jiggling motion, waves rippling through the flesh and at that moment, I place my hands at the bottom of my bra and begin to tug. It’s nearly out, my nipples are just beneath the edge of my bra cup, and I see you kaçak bahis panting uncontrollably. You want to simply yank off my bra and let those puppies free, but I made a deal with you that you can’t touch me unless I say so. I smile at you and at that moment, I tug at my bra with one sharp swift movement and my boobs bounce out, nipples hard as hell. You gasp and moan “God, those are the finest boobs I’ve ever seen…” and I lift my boobs up again press them together, pinching my tits and pleasuring myself with them.

All this while, my leather jacket is still on. I start to remove myself from your lap, and I notice the tent in your boxer shorts getting more and more apparent. There’s a slight stain on the tip of it where the precum has leaked, but that only served to make me even more aroused. I start to do something that has always turned me on and something that i always wanted to do. I look at you straight in the eye, and start to zip my jacket up. Slowly, higher and higher… and i fall short just below my breasts. My boobs are now spilling out of the jacket with the jacket pushing them together naturally. I’ve turned into the blackest and dirtiest slut you’ve ever seen. You moan loudly “FUCK hell, Jamie, let me touch you, please…” buT I chuckle and give you a sympathetic smile. It’s not over yet…

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