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The Trials and Tribulations of Life

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I Need to say thanks to a couple of friends Robyn and Randi, they have been a wonderful help. Without their help and thoughtful editing this would be terrible. Any mistakes are mine because after their wonderful editing I couldn’t help playing with it again.

WARNING: This story comes with a warning. It contains themes about wife sharing and also gay sex. If this is not your cup of tea, then keep scrolling and I hope you find something more to your taste.

Life can be wonderful, exciting, intriguing and yet confusing and frustrating.

My life was going through a period of absolute joy. My wife Raine and I only recently purchased our first home. Okay, it wasn’t a big mansion, just an old villa that needed a lot of work. Buying a fixer-upper was the only way we could get a foot on the property ladder.

We started the renovations with the energy of the enthusiastic novices we were. We started as I suppose everybody does, with a hiss and roar. Two months in and the gloss was starting to wear off. We found ourselves immersed in nothing but demo and repairs.

Raine was amazing, I sort of figured she would be the first one to fall. I expected she wouldn’t last more than a few weeks before the gripes and grumbles started, but if anything, it was exactly the opposite. She was the one driving us, up early every morning without fail. Even on days she worked she got up early, putting in an hour or so before going into work; she was a bloody dynamo. Then when I got home, I often found her covered in dust, working her arse of sanding, scraping, swinging the sledgehammer like a pro, and it was her unbending, undying enthusiasm that kept me motivated.

Weekends were a total bust. I mean we went in with eyes open, but until you actually jump in, you never fully understand. Prior to buying the house we were quite a social couple, but the house, man it just sucked us in. Sometimes though, it just got to me. We both knew the house had to be our focus or we wouldn’t finish. From the moment we started our social life vanished. No dinner parties, no days off lazing at the beach. No concerts, nothing, it was work, work, fucking work.

As they say, out of adversity grow wonderful relationships. Raine and I already had what I called the perfect marriage, but this, wow, I saw a new side to her that had been hidden by her glossy exterior. Raine and I dated off and on through Uni, we liked each other’s company, but with studies taking the higher priority our relationship was casual, at best. It got a bit rocky when we bumped into each other one night whilst I was on a date with another chick. She looked a little pissed off when she saw us together. She was out on a girl’s night out, but finding me out with another bird didn’t go down too well.

The next time I asked her out I got stonewalled and told in no uncertain words that she was busy.

It was months later when we met again at a party and she grilled me about what happened. I explained at that point we had no commitments, no promises made.

“So, you’re gonna be okay with me dating other guys?” she snarled.

I nodded. “Yep, no problem. I mean unless you want this to go up a notch, I can’t complain.”

We ended up in bed making love, which led to other nights. Just like that, we were dating again. It was casual and she made me promise that if I was going to go out with anyone else I had to tell her to save the embarrassment of accidently bumping into each other.

It was she, though, who called me first, “Marty, I thought I better tell you, I’m going out on a date tonight, sorry.”

“Hey, no need for apologies, have a good night.” When I hung up my heart gave a little flutter. Damn it, for some reason it pissed me off. Yeah, I know, call me a hypocrite, I had dated a few chicks recently, nothing serious, but with the shoe on the other foot I didn’t feel so good.

The problem with her date, well it turned into a series of dates, was he became her main squeeze, and I became the other man.

In the end she cut it off and I was back to being a free man. All good, except that I missed her like crazy. It was a few months later when her friend Emma called me and told me that Raine’s burgeoning relationship with the other guy fell through and she was miserable.

When I explained that she made her choice, I got a shock, “Don’t be a fool, Martin, she actually has a lot more affection for you than she lets on. All she has talked about recently is how she fucked up. Give her another chance; do yourself a favour.”

It took me a couple of weeks to talk myself into it and put away my pride. Yeah, it was stupid pride. I didn’t like the idea of being second best, so when I knocked on her door, I was still feeling a bit reluctant, but the moment the door swung open and her huge beaming smile greeted me, I melted, “Marty… what are you doing here?”

I chuckled, “Well a little birdy told me you might be single again.”

She sneered. “Bloody Emma.”

I nodded. “Yep, got it in one.”

The istanbul travesti next phase of our relationship moved quickly, we were lovers, then committed, engaged and married.

It all happened so quickly it scared me. Still, here we were domiciled in our new house and living in what seemed to be wedded bliss.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but I missed my sexy cute wife. Living with a “dusty dirty builder girl, in builders’ coveralls” didn’t feel half as much fun, and to top it off, we were constantly exhausted, what with work, shopping and now renovations, we didn’t get amorous time together. To put it bluntly, our sex life sucked.

House wise, we decided that one of our priorities had to be a decent driveway and a gate; the neighbourhood dogs kept wandering into our property to do their business and it pissed us both off.

I set about digging the gate post holes after watching a video online. I mean I had no skills; all my knowledge came from the internet. It was hot and sweaty, the sun was scorching. With the holes dug and trying to put the posts in, I was lost. I swore softly under my breath swapping between scooping out soil and holding the post when I heard a laugh behind me, “Hey dude, do you need a hand?”

I glanced over my shoulder to find a young guy holding a dog’s leash staring at me. I didn’t really want to embarrass myself in front of somebody, but I was stumped, “Yeah, that’d be cool. Thanks, bro.”

He tied the dog up and took over. He pulled the post out, and then set about digging it deeper, I watched in awe as he managed to get the hole deeper without getting too wide. He put the post back in and then made up a couple of braces to hold it vertical while we mixed the concrete. With the concrete mixed, we went back to the post, he picked up the level and said, “Okay, dude, shovel some concrete around it.”

He adjusted the post and added another support, making sure it was perfect.

Just then Raine wandered out giggling. “You found somebody who knows what they’re doing, huh, Babe?”

I gave her a petulant glare. I noticed, though, that she watched my new friend intently. I knew she didn’t care about the gate post insertion technique; she was drooling over him.

Her staring made me take an appraising look as well. He was younger than me by a few years, but wow, what a body. He had muscles on his muscles and they positively rippled as he worked the shovel. He was handsome, clean cut, no facial hair, dark eyes and long hair that flew around wildly as he worked.

Once it was ready, he stood the shovel up against the fence and reached out his hand, “Hey, I’m Drew.”

Raine walked up and finished the introductions, “I’m Raine and this is um… um… oh yeah, Martin.” She forgot my damn name. He laughed, “Hey, Martin, pleased to meet you, do you need a hand with this one as well?”

I nodded, thankful, but a little pissed. “Yeah man, that’d be cool.”

We set about mixing the concrete, Raine disappeared and we chatted. He told me a little about himself, “I didn’t mean to butt in, dude; I’m a builder by trade, and I figured you looked a bit lost.”

I laughed. “You’re on the money there, bro, I’m only learning, we can’t afford to pay anyone, so I’m trying to do it myself.”

“No worries, dude, no worries, I’m happy to help. I live up the road.” Just then his dog came over and nuzzled up to him, “Oh yeah, this is Buster, my dog.”

I gave Buster a friendly pat and he gave me a lick. We were just finishing up when Raine came out carrying a couple of beers. We moved over to the grass and sat down with our drinks. Buster jumped on Raine, much to my delight, and started humping her leg. I laughed. “Well looks like you’ve made a friend.”

Drew grabbed him and made him sit as Raine pulled herself together. We talked a bit as we sipped our drinks. I was used to guys drooling over Raine, I mean, she was a hottie; usually guys fell over themselves to get close to her, to talk to her, or just ogle her. Drew didn’t even seem to take notice, and when I looked at Raine I could see she had changed and was wearing this cute little halter top that exposed her midriff and a pair of Daisy Duke cut-off jeans. She looked hot as hell.

It made me chuckle. She, on the other hand, seemed peeved. She liked guys coming on to her, making a big deal out of her. Drew’s ambivalence was a new experience for her.

After finishing the gate, Raine led him inside to show him what we had been up to. He looked around, assessing the quality of our work. He seemed maybe not impressed, but satisfied we hadn’t done anything stupid to make the place unsafe.

As we all wandered around Raine asked, “Would you like to stay for dinner? It won’t be much, but it’s the least we could do.”

He glanced at me before accepting, “Yeah I would love to.”

I went back outside to gather and clean my tools before putting them away. I untied Buster and led him around the back by the shed while I put away all my tools. I hunted around and found istanbul travestileri an old tin to fill with water for him. He sure was a friendly beast, all slobber and licks.

When I went inside, I found Raine and Drew at the table chatting like old friends, I felt like I was interrupting when I sat down. Raine jumped up and got me a beer. As she passed it to me, I muttered, “I brought Buster around back, he’s by the shed, in the shade.”

Drew nodded, “Thanks, dude, that’ll make him happy.”

Over dinner we all fell into conversation about life and what not. Drew mentioned he was living in a dingy little flat, sharing with some guys so he could save some money. His passion was kick boxing and he wanted to open his own gym. At the time, he was teaching at a mate’s, but although it made him some extra cash, he wanted his own.

Raine started rabbiting on about her job at the radio station, which led to stories about all the concerts we had attended. That really impressed him, and Raine was pleased she had finally found something that lured him in.

I brought the conversation back to the house, “Next weekend if it’s fine, I’m going to fix the roof and paint it.”

He gave me a quick glance. “How are you painting it?”

Shrugging unconvincingly, I said, “Brush, or roller I suppose, I have to replace a couple of sheets of iron first.”

I saw a concerned expression wash over his face, “Dude, if you want a hand, I can get some gear from work and we could spray it. If you, do it by hand, it’ll take all weekend.”

Stunned by his generosity, I muttered, “Hell yeah, but I mean only if you aren’t busy, and we can’t afford to pay anything.”

Raine joined the fray with, “I can help you know.”

He laughed, “Roofs are not for the inexperienced, no place for a novice.”

She huffed, “Bloody Marty has never been on a roof in his life, he’s a learner, too.”

Drew gave me a confused grin. “Then I’m definitely doing it’ you buy the beers and the paint and I’ll spray it.”

We moved out onto the veranda at the back of the house where we had a few beers before Drew disappeared.

After he was gone, Raine gave me a whistle. “Wow what a hottie. God, did you see his bod, talk about muscles.”

Laughing, I murmured, “Seems like somebody has a crush!”

She smiled back with a pretend shiver. “Oh, Babe he is yummy he could have me if he played his cards right.”

“Judging by your drool, he wouldn’t even need cards.” I replied.

She grinned wickedly before sniggering. “Babe, I’m just winding you up, you know that, plus he didn’t seem very interested in me; he seemed more concerned about your arse.”

I sniggered. “Bullshit, just because he didn’t fancy you doesn’t make him fucking gay.”

With a smirky frown she added, “We’ll see, won’t we?”

True to his word, Drew turned up early Saturday morning with buster slobbering all over us and a trailer full of tools. He quickly put up a small scaffold and some ladders before we went up to inspect the roof. The building inspection we got when we brought the place highlighted all the sheets of corrugated iron that needed replacing, and I already had replacement sheets delivered.

Drew wasted no time, and soon had the rusty sheets ripped off. It was hot, bloody hot, and we both stripped off our shirts. I was almost embarrassed to remove mine in front of him. Man, he was ripped. Six-pack was an understatement; you could see the muscles rippling. Me, I was an office worker, not fat or even flabby, but no comparison.

He seemed oblivious to my stares, going about the business of replacing the sheets. Once fitted, I had to help him lift a water blaster up onto the scaffold. Raine stood watching and the drool pooled at her feet as she gawked at his body. It not only made me laugh, but nervous’ she seemed fixated with him.

With the water blasting finished, Raine called us for lunch. Sandwiches and beer: the working man’s staple. We ate out on the veranda so no shirts were required and Raine couldn’t stop staring admiringly at his physique. “Shit you must work out a lot,” she mumbled like a besotted teenager.

With a cheesy grin, he replied, “Yeah, I guess I do; teaching kick boxing is pretty intensive.”

“Do you get hurt when boxing?”

He nodded, saying offhandedly, “Sometimes, yeah. Some guys get a bit carried away when we spar, but I do all right.”

She nodded, smiling with a deep sigh, “Yeah I bet you do.”

She peeked at me as the flattery dripped out of her mouth.

We finished painting the roof before nightfall. Done in one day, and I was expecting it to take at least two or three weeks.

Dinner was good, A nice balmy evening, we ate out on the deck and by the fourth beers Raine was feeling it. “Do you have a girlfriend, Drew?”

He spluttered. “No, I’m single.”

“Good choice.” I added much to his mirth.

Raine wouldn’t leave it. “Is that by choice, or you just haven’t met the right girl?”

He shrugged, murmuring, “Guess travesti istanbul I’m not really looking for a partner. I am focused on getting my own gym and getting out of that damn flat. Girl, those guys are driving me crazy.”

She accepted his statement with a giggle. “Yeah, I can understand that, we shared a flat for a while; it was bloody horrid.”

By the fifth beer we were all pretty wasted, Drew stood up and mumbled, “I better get going.”

Raine grabbed his hand, “Whoa, steady on, you’re not going anywhere, you can’t drive in your condition.”

He chuckled, “I was going to walk.”

“Hell, no, bro!” I countered, “Stay here, the sofa is comfy.”

Raine led him inside and made up a bed on the big sprawling sofa.

In bed, she was quite the excited little beaver, her hands quickly finding my raging erection, “Hhhhhmmm somebody’s excited,” she whispered wetly in my ear.

My fingers quickly found her molten gasping pussy, open and inviting. The foreplay was fast and furious, I was buried cock deep in her slippery slit, my arse rising and falling quickly driving the squeaking bedsprings into oblivion, it was primal, brutal, but god, the release was volcanic. Our orgasms were only seconds apart; afterwards, the sultry warm night meant we laid naked with the blankets cast aside, panting in the humid air.

“Something got you all hot and bothered,” I whispered.

Giggling she purred, “God, you don’t want to know.”

I did, actually, but I could guess, I assumed that it was Drew, carefully disguised as me who just ravished her. Ah well, we are all allowed to fantasise, and if that was the reward then long may it continue.

The next day we were awakened by the smell of breakfast, or food cooking. Ah, the smell of toast; god my nostrils flared and twitched. Raine was out of bed in a flash, pulling on her skimpy robe and headed for the door, “Whoa, hang on babe, we have a guest out there, you can’t wear that.”

She giggled. “Oh, don’t be a stick in the mud, I’m sure he’s seen others.”

She was gone before I could get dressed, I heard the wolf whistle followed by giggles and laughter, they wafted in from the kitchen floating in on the aromas of freshly cooked toast.

By the time I got out there they were both at the table, there were eggs as well as toast. Drew smiled. “I thought we should eat before we get started.”

Confused I mumbled, “What?”

His smile stiffened into a serious more direct look. “Marty, I don’t want to offend you, but dude, you need help. Mate, that wall you’re talking about taking out is load-bearing. You can’t just take it down; we need to put in a supporting roof beam.”

Embarrassed at my naivety I grumbled, “Oh, I see, but I don’t have one here.”

He nodded. “We will have to get one. Don’t worry, we can use my trailer and I get a trade discount, as well.”

Feeling a little deflated, I moaned, “Drew, you don’t have to help; it’s not that I’m ungrateful but you must have a life, and I can’t afford to pay you.”

He laughed, “Dude, settle. I’m not looking for payment, I mean I know we’ve just met but I like you guy’s, and the truth is it gets me away from that bloody flat and those morons I live with.”

Raine gave me a nasty glower, “Drew, we’re really honoured that you want to help, and Marty could definitely use the guidance. We could offer you food and beer.”

Drew Laughed, “Look guys, I’m a builder and I can see you need help; I like you, so feed me and give me beer and we’re all good.”

The day disappeared quickly, the roof supports inserted, the wall knocked down and a huge wooden beam inserted to support the whole structure. We worked side by side, and Raine watched enthralled and excited, and not just by the progress, Drew was again down to his shorts as we smashed and bashed our way through.

It was quite comical watching Raine. She again went to a lot of trouble with her appearance, she looked hot in her tiny shorts and almost non-existent T-shirt. Her hair was carefully coiffured and her makeup perfect she looked hot, damned hot, and I was ready to bang her right there and then. Drew, although he noticed, didn’t fawn over her like most guys would. She should have been happy because she had many times complained about guys ogling her.

So, yes, she should have been happy, but if anything, she was miffed.

The job done, we showered and sat down to a wonderful dinner, Raine kept the beers flowing and the conversation bright and bubbly. I liked him, and it seemed he liked me. After knowing each other only a week we were like old friends. We talked about our jobs and hobbies and it was very cool.

In bed that night I knew it was going to be hot, Raine was hot to trot.

We lay together, her hand stroking my fat cock, up and down her smooth hand went stroking me to a bigger fatter erection.

She rolled me onto my back, her head resting on my shoulders, “Well, it seems you’ve got a fan,” she whispered wetly, that damn hand stroking my rampant throbbing manhood.

“Really…” I moaned, confused by her words.

“Drew.” She breathed, her heavy words condensing in the humid air, “He likes you, and by that, I mean he likes, likes you. His eyes never leave your cute little arse… I think he wants it.”

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