May 25

The Trip Pt. 01

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How had she ended up in this heavenly situation? Spread out on a vast hotel bed, she was making out with her husband. Their tongues were exploring and caressing each other. Oh, he was such a good kisser. His hands were massaging her breasts and twisting her nipples. Meanwhile, a cock was working overtime in her pussy.

She looked down and saw a gorgeous young man pushing himself up on the mattress to achieve better penetration. She could feel her arousal building. Her pussy started contracting around this foreign cock and she came. Her husband’s mouth on her nipples further heightened the sensation. Indeed heavenly! And neither of the men showed any interest in stopping or giving her a break…

The day had started much more innocently. After a long cross-country flight, she had arrived at their hotel, a typical big city establishment but with swimming pool and large wellness area. She knew that her husband was busy all day at the conference he was attending. So she had taken a short nap and then decided to check out the pool.

When she arrived at the pool deck, there were only a few other people around. She decided to swim laps until she got tired and then jumped into the jacuzzi. The hot water felt great. The water jets created a strong current and a dense layer of bubbles and whitewater at the surface. She had always loved jacuzzis because of how the water jets massaged her body… all of free spin her body. Her husband had been gone all week and she looked forward to making love to him tonight. But she was horny and maybe this could tide her over until the evening.

She turned around, moved her bathing suit aside and positioned herself so that one of the jets was perfectly lined up with her pussy. The water was strong and gave her an immediate jolt. She moved down a little and the jet now caressed her clit.

That is when she saw the man in the armchair. He was watching her, smiling, probably aware of what she was trying to do. But she didn’t care. This was a stranger in an anonymous hotel. She might as well give him a bit of a show.

She focused again on what was happening below the surface of the water. Her clit was being twirled around by the strong stream and there was no letting up. She felt her arousal building. The man was still watching her.

It was the water jet against her clit and she did not stand a chance. Rapidly, her excitement reached a climax and she came, moaning loudly as the water mercilessly twisted her clit. That was when the man stood up and walked over to her.

He approached her and stopped about three feet away from the jacuzzi.

“Hello. It is rare to find a hotel with such a beautiful wellness area, don’t you think?”

She was still catching her breath but bonus veren siteler managed a short reply.

“Oh, yes. It is lovely.”

She noticed the bulge in his skimpy speedo swimsuit and let her eyes focus on it for longer than she should have.

Suddenly, they heard voices approaching. An elderly couple was walking straight towards the jacuzzi.

“Why don’t you join me in here?” she heard herself saying to the man. He obliged and minutes later they were sitting in the jacuzzi, the elderly couple on one side and she and her observer on the other.

Quickly, the four of them were engaged in meaningless small talk. But the exchanges stayed sporadic because the noise from the water pumps was quite load. The water was torn up by the water jets and the layer of foam and bubbles became even thicker now that four people were sharing the tub.

“My husband and I are planning … .”

She noticed how a hand was placed on her thigh, paused, then took her hand and guided it away from her body. The man glanced at her and smiled. Her hand came to rest on his crotch. He was still hard.

Impressive, she thought, after all that meaningless drivel of conversation.

This was a new situation for her. She was sitting next to a man she had just met, with one hand on his erection. What was she supposed to do? Cheat on her husband? She would never do that but maybe deneme bonusu veren siteler she could recruit the stranger for some joint playtime tonight. That was permissible. Her husband had been unsuccessful at setting up a threesome for years. Thus, she decided to take things into her own hands.

And that indeed she did!

She pulled down the stranger’s speedos and freed his erect cock. Not being able to see, she explored it with her fingers, slowly, inch by inch. His cock was thick, a little bigger in circumference than her husband’s penis. It felt hard but elastic. She started slowly stroking him and noticed him firming up even more.

Above the surface, the four of them continued to be engaged in conversation. The features of the hotel, breakfast, sightseeing, and food options were thoroughly discussed.

Meanwhile, her hand was working a steady rhythm on this stranger’s cock. Now it was her turn smiling and giggling. Pearls of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The elderly couple did not notice what was going on and seemed to be uninterested in ending their bath experience anytime soon. But she checked her watch and noticed that she needed to get going. She did not want to be late for dinner.

So she looked the man straight in the eyes, gripped her hand extra tightly around his cock and jerked twice. She had always been a champion at giving handjobs and this was no different. Without warning, the stranger tensed up and came.

She withdrew her hand and whispered:

“Meet my husband and me at 9pm tonight in room 1134. Don’t be late.”

She wished the elderly couple a lovely rest of their stay, stepped out of the jacuzzi and walked away.

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