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Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XXXIV Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their fty/donate.html Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations accurate. There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XXXIV jacoblion@tutanota The story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters Quietly Ethan slid beneath the covers. Kyle and Justin were snuggled between Jake and me and whispering questions about the trip to Pisa. It was perhaps 3 or 4 minutes when I felt Ethan reach his arm across my chest. I knew he felt a closeness to me but I was not ready for this; it was wrong and I had to stop him. I was just about to reach for his hand when ……. Ethan reached over and tapped Kyle and Justin and said ……. “Kori, … I know you and Jake really want Justin and Kyle to snuggle but I just read this amazing exciting story about this Dark King and his dragon and I know how the rug-rats ……” Geez two 9-year-old Korean boys sat up quickly looking at Ethan and in stereo asked . . . “What about the dragon Ethan? What did he do?” . . . . then Justin said . . . . “we’ll be quiet tell the story, please, please”. Ethan poked me in the side gently and said to the rug-rats . . . “Well, …. if you really want to hear the story then let’s grab a snack and you can jump in my bed just make sure the snacks go in your mouth not the bed `Kyle’.” I looked at Jake he had a big grin as the rug-rats scrambled from our bed out the door and down the hall never even saying goodnight to me or Jake. The last we heard from Justin and Kyle was them hollering to Ethan . . . “hurry up” . . . . . Ethan looked at Jake and me with a rather sly smile and as he closed the door and said . . . . “Have a very good night.” I looked at Jake, Jake looked at me and …. Well, the rest is better left to prying imaginations ……………………! Jake and I slept soundly after being excited and all tangled up and the next sound I heard was this loud obnoxious pounding on our bedroom door. Jake said . . .. “Justin and Kyle if you hit that door one more time ……” then we both laughed as we heard ….. “Sorry” in little Korean voices ….. then it was the amazing aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Jake was out of bed first, into shorts and t-shirt and said . . . “take your time Kori but I need a cup of coffee” then came his exclamation . . . . “The damn sun isn’t even up! Kyle, Justin, Ethan!” as he tore through the door. I listened for a minute ……….. everything was quiet and I pulled on my shorts and t-shirt only to find Jake and the boys sitting at the table all smiles eating pancakes with fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup topped with whipped-cream. I looked toward the pool it was still dark then at the clock …..5:15 then at Jake and well, ………. Ethan handed me a cup of very strong tea and set a nice plate of pancakes with all the fixings on the table. There was not much I could say and Ethan had been very good to Jake and I last night and I was so foolish to think he was ……. Geez just put that out of my mind! We all talked about the day and the trip from Naples to Pisa. With breakfast finished Ethan said . . . . “I’ll help Kyle and Justin pack while you and Jake take showers (cocky, sly, devious grin on his face) it’ll save time, (maybe) and we can be on the road before traffic gets bad. Ethan was directing Kyle and Justin to put this bag here and that bag there don’t crush the snacks and as Jake took the wheel and I riding shotgun (passengers seat front) Ethan already had the rug-rats strapped in with their new Nintendo 2DS-XL, with super Mario Kart 7 pre-installed. Justin’s is blue and Kyle’s is purple and sometimes they even let Ethan play, sometimes not often just sometimes. With the trip only 347 miles (560km) it would be just over 5 hours. We decided to travel to Rome then take the route along the Mediterranean for better views. Jake was driving and trying to answer about a thousand questions at the same time from Justin and Kyle when it seemed to get very quiet. I turned to look at the three boys to find all 3-sound asleep. The weather was perfect and the windows were down as Jake and I talked about the findings at Pompeii. We arrived in Pisa and 3 mouths began moving with ….. “what’s that? Oh look at that, there it is the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Wowww!” . . . We were looking for the Hotel Bologna when in an a very excited high pitched panicky voice we heard . . . . “Dad I gotta pee, I gotta pee bad like now.” Jake pulled up right in front of the hotel bursa escort just in time. Ethan grabbed Justin pulling him from the Range-Rover and the doorman recognized the emergency and open the hotel door as Ethan now just about dragging Justin to the restroom. Jake, Kyle and I were laughing as we unloaded our bags and to be honest we had thought it would have happened earlier than this. Soon a smiling and happy Justin appeared exclaiming . . . . “Wowww I made it, thought I was gonna pee my pants.” . . . we all laughed including the doorman who obviously had seen this type of emergency before. We were greeted by some of the best staff we have ever had at any place we have stayed. They were welcoming, polite and very helpful, oh and very young. We checked in and then were helped to our rooms by 2 very cute Italian boys about Ethan’s age. It was very plain to see that not only had we been checked in but were also being checked out; well, let’s say Ethan was being checked out. We had adjoining rooms and Jake and I noticed that when the younger looking Italian boy handed the room key to Ethan his hand seemed to linger a little longer before letting go. The smile on Ethan’s face resulted in the Italian boy grinning ear to ear and turning slightly red. Ethan noticed Jake and I looking at him and his comment was . . . . “wish we were staying more than one night.” . . . . I just had to tease Ethan and said . . . . “Ethan we could leave you here and pick you up just before we fly back to the states.” Now Ethan was turning red. Jake had made a great choice with The Hotel Bologna as it is right in the heart of this city that combines the natural beauty of its setting with an atmosphere that remains highly evocative of its medieval heritage. We had everything including Wi-Fi, TV in four languages and an amazing view. The hotel also featured an amazing restaurant. With no time to spare and everyone having had a turn to pee we were ready to start touring. It was off to city center and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The only difficulty was trying to keep our little cherubs close but Ethan appeared to have that, them those little rascals that they are, under control. We walked the city streets just a little more than half mile before arriving at the great wall around the square and our entrance to the cathedral and the Leaning Tower. The city streets were amazing and crowded with people from around the world. As we were just about to enter the square, we ran into an American family visiting Italy and France; they had 2 boys one Ethan’s age the other 9 like Kyle and Justin and so they joined us on our adventure of this medieval world heritage site. https://www.youtube/watch?v=72twJlCSBao Meeting the Roberts was perfect as Jake and I had adults to visit with and share the experience and the Ethan, Kyle, and Justin had someone their age to have fun with as we spent the next 3 hours exploring. It was now a little after 7 and we were all starved. Rug-rats and Ethan were showing signs of fainting if they didn’t eat soon. We asked a few locals and the pointed us to this place and Wowww, were they right and the food was outstanding. https://www.tripadvisor/Restaurant_Review-g187899-d10165171-Reviews-Il_Ristoro_della_Pe-Pisa_Province_of_Pisa_Tuscany.html ….. Ok nothing to look at but atmosphere fantastic. A very happy singing staff and only 10 minutes from our adventure at the Leaning Tower. The pastas were amazing and Jake, Ethan, Justin, and Kyle hardly said a word while shoveling the food down. My favorite was the pasta with anchovies and pine nuts! Oh, we ate so much, but were so happy as we wandered the streets of Pisa back to the Bologna Hotel. We were again greeted by the 2 Italian boys and the younger cute one called for the elevator and was happy to show us to our room; ha, he was happy to show Ethan to his room. He opened the door to Ethan’s room and immediately his face showed disappointment as he looked at Ethan and said . . . . “Oh the piccoli they stay with you?” . . . . Ethan looked equally disappointed as he said . . . . “Yes, Justin and Kyle stay with me.” . . . . The Italian boy nodded and said . . . . “Oh, Ok please you have a goodnight and dream nice things.” Jake and I had a good night and morning came all to quickly. We had to shake Ethan and rug-rats awake. We had showers and packed for the next part of what would be quite an adventure. We headed down for our breakfast ….. https://www.youtube/watch?v=9S2GWpcX0w4 ….. Oh, this is just an awesome hotel and I hope we might be able to stay one night on the way back to Naples. bursa escort bayan Breakfast finished Jake headed to the front desk while Ethan, Kyle, Justin and I packed the car. The car was packed and I ran back to see where Jake was and spotted him as he was putting his phone away. He just said it was a text from Alina asking if we had a good time. It looked to me as if there was something more. As Jake pulled away from the hotel, I noticed a familiar boy waving and it was his beautiful smile that caused a grin on Ethan’s face as we drove away. We passed a group of people walking toward the Leaning Tower when Kyle asked . . . . “Ethan are you feeling better you were in the shower for a long time last night?” . . . . It was very quiet for a moment then Ethan replied . . . . “Yes thanks for asking Kyle I think it was just from walking up the stairs and then how much I ate.” . . . . hmmm, Jake had a devilish grin as he was driving and so did Ethan and I’m beginning to think Ethan had company in the shower and that is why he is so happy this morning. Well, could be that he wasn’t the only one that enjoyed company in the shower last night because I sure did. We had decided to ride along the coast and passed Genoa and on to Nice where we stopped for a late lunch at Papilla a local favorite and it so good and so much to select from and our lunch was only $35.00 for all 5 of us. We were back in the Range-Rover and Jake pulled away and made a wrong turn that had us heading north. Ethan and rug-rats were busy on their Nintendos almost non-stop when I spotted the sign that read Valberg 85km https://www.youtube/watch?v=VE3iomKfqFI …. it was then and only then that I realized what Jake had planned for a us. I looked at Jake and he read my lips as I silently said . . . . “Peter, Neil” . . . Jake looked at me with this incredible naughty smile and shook his head yes and said . . . . “and you’re driving back to Naples.” I was so excited that I said . . . . “I need to pee” . . . . Justin heard that and he was right there with me chanting “pee stop, pee stop.” We were only about a mile from a rest stop. We all needed a 5 minute break and while everyone was peeing Ethan had found a map and then the secret wasn’t a secret anymore. The ride was just another hour. Valberg is set in the heart of the southern Alps at 1,700 meters’ and at the gateway to Mercantour National Park. We pulled into Valberg and found “The Resort” where Peter and Neil have their shop. https://www.valberg/GB_presentation-valberg-hiver.html ….. Valberg first opened its slopes to visitors in 1936 and is the longest-established mountain resort in the region. It is so easy to see why Peter and Neil chose Valberg. The position of this village gives a fabulous westward view over Saint Honorat mountain chain as well as the meadows of Beuil and Couillole pass. The SUV hadn’t even fully stopped before I was out and on a full run up the steps where I was met by Peter and Neil. Peter tall and handsome wrapped his arms around me and we stood hugging for minutes. Jake told me later that Kyle, and Justin wanted to know what was going on but Ethan had figured it out and sat quietly explaining that this was Peter my best friend when we were 11 and 12 and through high school. Jake and the boys sat for some time to give Peter and I a chance to hug and greet each other. We finally broke and turned and waved and that was the signal for `The Twins” to run up the steps to meet Peter. Just as Justin and Kyle reached the top step Neil stepped forward and that stopped the rug-rats dead in their tracks. Then Neil smiled bent down and gave Justin and Kyle a big hug. That was Neil’s mistake. The Korean tyrants started with the questions and never let up. Jake turned and pulled the two boys away from Neil long enough to introduce Ethan. Neil and Peter invited us in to see their shop here at the resort; it was typical of a mountain resort with exposed wood beams and large picture windows overlooking the snow-covered mountains and ski lifts. The shop was full of tourists and the two cash registers had people waiting. Neil and Peter had made arrangements for the rest of today and all day tomorrow to show us around and give us all an unexpected thrill. With all the excitement Jake and I suddenly realized that there were two kids we hadn’t met yet. I looked at Peter, Jake looking at Neil and I finally asked . . . . “So where are they?” . . . . Neil and Peter had adopted two Swiss/French boys, twin 10-year-olds, and Peter said . . . . “Double trouble, seriously! Their father was swiss and escort bursa mom is French they really take after their father. A mountain climbing accident left the boys alone. ” Neil opened the door to what looked to be the most amazing playroom in the world and we were introduced to Lars and `Lukas’ not Lucas. Jake looked at me, Ethan looked at Neil, rug-rats looked at each other and we all said at the same time . . . . “How do you tell them apart?” . . . . Lukas and Lars stood and politely shook hands with us and explained . . . . “They don’t, you see we are really identical twins in every way from head to toe; I’m Lars” …. said one boy and continued, . . . “see this mark on my shoulder now look at Lukas he has the same mark, even our …….” . . . . Peter cut Lars short but, big mouth Kyle jumped right in with . . . . “Oh their penises are the same too just like me and Justin wanna see?” . . . . Ethan could not help himself and began to laugh and that started everyone laughing but not in time for what Lukas had to say………… “Ha, you guys show yours n me and Lars will show ours and I bet we’re bigger too.” . . . . Jake was about to fall on the floor in a fit of laughing I thought Ethan was going to be sick from laughing so hard and Neil was all red just like he always gets and now I understand that the rug-rats aren’t so bad after all. It wasn’t over Neil and Peter’s twins didn’t stop till Neil really put his foot down. I really thought it was going to turn into a show and tell in the French Alps. Things settled down and Peter and Neil thought it was time to head up to their chalet for a typical Swiss/French dinner. I drove and followed Neil for about a mile up the mountain while Jake had a talk with Justin and Kyle about how they were to behave or there would be consequences. Ethan had all he could do not to laugh as it does appear that tonight and tomorrow will have its challenges with 2 sets of twins. I pulled in behind Neil and as we got out of the SUV we could not believe the amazing view. The boys were behaving and we followed Neil, Peter, Lars, and Lukas up the steps to the porch that surrounded the chalet. The view was much more than I ever could explain to my friends at home nor could any picture. Dinner was grand with German potato salad, and swiss sausages, and a baked squash with brown sugar that was more like a dessert. We talked till late and found that we were to go mountain biking in the morning then a short hike in the afternoon followed by summer tobogganing; when Ethan, Kyle, and Justin heard that it was like they were going to Disney World. The boys were shown to their rooms and Jake and I were not sure it was a good arrangement as rug-rats were to be with Lars and Lukas in their bedroom. Ethan had his own bedroom and Jake and I had a big room with everything including some personal items including lube but Jake and I really just prefer a warm hot shower we really like the oral thing, for me it always has been. Jake and Neil sat on the porch and Peter and I went for a walk and talked about things we did as kids. The sleigh, skinny-dipping in the pond, Liam and Ning. Peter became very quiet then looked at me and said . . . . “Kori I don’t think Neil wants me to tell you this but it’s not fair to not tell you …… I know how much you love Jake and how much he loved the farm and all the fun we all had there. Well, Kori the farm is for sale …….” I think I nearly jumped out of my skin when Peter told me. I loved the farm as much as Jake but it was what Peter said next that stunned me. Peter said . . . . “Kori I think Neil is going to buy the farm.” . . . . I didn’t know how to respond just the sound of it had shook me, I wanted the farm. It didn’t belong to anyone else we never should have sold it in the first place I’d rather have the farm than the boat. I turned away from Peter and he knew I was hurt by what he had said. He grabbed my arm and turned me around and he saw I was angry and said . . . . “Kori don’t be angry with me I already told Neil I thought it was a bad idea and he should have told Jake as soon as he knew.” . . . . I was so pissed I just said . . . . “I want to go back Peter I’m tired”. Peter and I approached the porch and could hear Jake and Neil laughing. As we got closer, I could see the smiles but I was so angry I couldn’t even look at Neil. What could be so funny? … Obviously Jake had no idea that Neil was going to stab him in the back by buying the farm. I walked up the step and glared at Neil and said …………………. To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XXXV” Please E-mail me at …. jacoblion@tutanota Web Page …. bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html Readers comments ……. bly/journal Please remember the Story is fiction, names fabricated.

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