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The Underground

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The UndergroundHe holds the door open for her, and he smacks her buttocks playfully as she walks by him. They’re leaving the bar where they just had a few drinks. She giggles as she felt his hand touching her buttocks. He just smiles and walks after her. It’s dark outside, it’s the middle of the night as they head back home. The moon is full and it’s warm. He just smiles as he sees her standing there waiting for him. She’s wearing a short black skirt, with no panties. It excites him, knowing that he is the only one who knows what isn’t under that short and sexy skirt she’s wearing. Her black sheer stockings with lace trim go perfectly with her skirt. Leaving a little skin visible between the trim of her stockings and her skirt. Her black top shows prominent cleavage. “You turn me on… so much… I bet you don’t even realize that.” He thinks to himself as he looks at her. He wonders if she noticed all the men in the bar staring at her. But she’s all mine, she knows that, he knows that… and so did they, he made damn well sure of that. He smiles somewhat wider on the inside. Then walks towards her, takes her hand in his, and they walk towards the underground parking garage where they parked their car.“Do you have her phone with you sweetheart?”, he inquires. “Let me see…” she replies. She searches through her purse and doesn’t find it. “I thought I did, but I guess not, no keys either.” She replies. “And what if something happened?” he asks. “I thought it wasn’t a big deal, I mean, you have yours don’t you?”. “No big deal, and yes I do. But this will just save me taking them away from you anyway…” he says jokingly. “What do you mean, ‘saves me taking them away from me’?”, she asks. “You’re not going to **** me are you?” she jokes back. “Of course not sweetheart…” he replies with a smug on his face. “But you do realize we’re headed to an underground parking garage don’t you?”. “What do you mean by that? It’s just a parking garage…”, she inquires carefully. “Well, it’s not like… anyone would hear you scream down there you know? Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be too comfortable letting you walk these streets alone at night. No… I’d be feeling a lot better if I’m with you.” he comforts her and tries to put her mind at ease. They ignore the traffic lights as there doesn’t seem to be much traffic right now. They cross the streets and walk to the pay center of the parking garage. He ignores the ticket machine and they enter the parking garage. Head for the elevator and they go down to the lowest floor where they parked their car.“Just our luck huh? Having to park in the most remote area of the garage.” he sighs. “It happens, but I got you with him to protect me baby, I’m not worried, his feel safe with you.” She replies and kisses his lips. “You do sweetheart, you do. Nothing to worry about…” He looks at her and smiles. She puts her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest. He puts his arms around her and they cuddle the time they’re riding the elevator. The elevator reaches their floor, and the door opens. They walk out, still holding each other. Passing through the doors again he holds open for her. They slowly walk towards their car, parked in the far corner of the floor. Not another car in sight. “See? It’s safe honey, not a single other car. No vans we can be pulled in nothing.” “We?” he asks, “I’m not too worried about myself love, I’m worried about you being snatched away…”. “You’re so sweet honey, putting my mind at ease like that” she replies sarcastically. “But what if your assailant would be someone you know?” he asks her. “What do you mean? I mean.. you would never let anyone touch me, you’d kill anyone who’d look at me funny. You’d torture and kill slowly anyone tuzla escort who would touch me… hahaha…” She laughs as she says this. “Don’t you think the risk of getting caught here is a turn on?” He inquires. “Mmm, in a way, yes his think it is. Actually… Mmmm, thinking about it… I guess so…” She replies while thinking. “What about being forced to fuck me right here?” He asks in a serious tone. “I know right?” she replies playfully.They arrived at the car, but he doesn’t unlock the car. Her hand already on the handle of the door, he puts his hand over hers. “Is something wrong love?” she asks. “No… not really…” he replies dryly. Taking her hand, he gently pulls it away from the door handle. He makes her face him, with her back turned towards the wall. He makes her slowly walk backward until she stands against the wall. “I wasn’t joking just there…” he speaks softly in a serious tone again. “Really?” She asks carefully. “No, pull up your skirt!” he commands her. “But…” she tries. “Now!” He commands again. She does as she is told, and pulls up her skirt, revealing her sex. he lays his hand on her throat, and squeeze slowly. He looks in her eyes, and sees fear and excitement. Pushing her head back a little with his hand. “How does this feel? Are you afraid? Excited? Or both maybe?” He asks in a soft voice. She doesn’t answer, she only looks at him. “I took you off guard didn’t I? Well this time my love, it isn’t about your pleasure, just about mine.” he says as he smiles at her. “So you better do now as I tell you, or I will make you, choice is yours.”He makes her turn around, produces some tire wraps from his pocket and ties her wrists together with them. He makes sure they’re nice and snug and she can’t wriggle yourself free from this bondage. Then he pushes her against the wall facing it. With one hand he keeps her against the wall, with his other hand he reaches between her legs. Feeling how wet she is right now. He can tell she’s excited about this sudden turn of events. He gropes between her legs, not for her pleasure this time, just for his own, feeling her up. Teasing her clit a little with his fingers, he can feel her enjoying this. He pulls his hand back again and force his wet finger up her ass. It slides in nicely as his fingers are wet from her own cum. Sliding in another finger and sliding his fingers in and out of her ass a few times. He hears a soft moan escape her lips. “Oh, I hear you enjoy this don’t you my love? Well I know something that’ll keep you quiet.” He takes a gag from his pocket, and puts it in her mouth. Instead of a ball it’s shaped like the head of a cock. He wraps the strap around her head and close the buckle to it on the front. “That should keep you quiet for a while.” He laughs.She is trying to resist a little and writhe against her bonds. Trying to say something but all she can do is make some muffled sound against the gag. “No be quiet!” he orders her. She stops trying to speak but still writhing against her bonds. “Resistance is futile love, you’re at me mercy now.” He says calmly. He pushes her against the wall again with his body. Feeling up her buttocks, he squeezes it and spanks it with his hands. Every time his hand lands on her buttocks he sees her jump slightly and make a little muffled sound. He smiles, he enjoys this power he has over her now. Completely surrendered to his mercy, a plaything to do with as he pleases. All for his pleasure, all his. He takes her arm, pulls her roughly back to him and makes her bend over the hood of the car. Exposing her buttocks and sex perfectly. He takes a step back and admires the position he put her in. Then makes her spread her legs further so he has full access to both her sex and her ass. tuzla escort bayan He opens the trunk of the car, and takes a plug out of it. Then walk back to her and looks at her ass. First he dips his fingers in her sex, wetting his fingers with her juices. Then slowly inserting two fingers in her ass. He can feel her still trying to resist her bonds. He smiles as his fingers slide deep inside her ass. Then inserting three fingers, he can feel her resisting his fingers entering her ass. “Just let it go love, relax and let it happen.” he speaks firmly. He forces his fingers into her ass. She still resists but he ignores her resisting and forces his way in. After he is satisfied that she can handle it, he forcefully inserts the anal plug in her ass. “Mmmm… nicely filled up that sexy ass of yours…” he says contently. Then he opens his pants and his fly, and pulls his already hard and throbbing cock out. He holds her wrists with his left hand, as he holds his cock in his right. Guiding his cock into her sex, he presses in and goes deep and hard. He can hear her mumble and moan into her gag and feel a tremble going through her of excitement as he enters and goes deep. Over and over he enters her, fast and hard, his balls slapping against her body. He can feel she’s wet and excited, even though she is still fighting him. She knows she’s helpless and no one can hear her or safe her from him. Feeling the excitement building in him, he enters her even faster and harder. Holding her wrists with one hand, his holds her hip with his other. Until he can no longer hold back, and moan loudly as he cums inside her and fills her up, before she had a chance to cum.“Mmm, now if you’re going to be a good girl, I will remove your gag, so you can lick the remaining cum of my cock. Are you going to be a good girl?” He asks her. She nods and mumbles something incoherently. He allows her to stand up. Still plugged up and her hands tied. He slowly removes her gag, revealing her beautiful lips again. He tosses the gag on the ground. “Thank you my Prince” She says softly. “Now that’s a very good girl. Now get on her knees, you know what I expect of you..” He commands her. “Thank you my Prince…” she replies. She slowly bends through her knees, and he holds her, his cock in one hand before her. His other hand on the back of her head guiding her closer to his cock. She takes his cock in her mouth and softly sucks on it, licking the cum off his cock, and swallowing it like a good girl. He moans softly as he feel her warm moist mouth around his cock. Then he forces his cock deeper in her mouth, making her deep throat him. Pushing her head with the speed and rhythm he decides. Not able to do anything but to comply with him, as her hands are tied, and she is on her knees before him. When his cock is hard enough again, he takes her chin in his hand, and make her stop sucking. Holding her throat in his hand again he makes her stand up. “Now if you’re being a very good girl, and not going to scream or make too much noise, his will keep the gag away now. If however you don’t do as his tell you to, I will make you quiet. Do you understand?” He asks with a serious tone. “Yes my Prince, I will be a good girl and do as I am told.” She replies. “Good.”He makes her turn and face the hood of the car, and roughly makes her bend over the hood of the car again and spread her legs. He roughly pulls the plug from her ass. She lets out a soft moan as he pulls the plug out. He throws the plug where he threw the gag. He admires the beautiful ass he sees before him. He smiles, then takes hold once again of her hip, and with his other hand he guides his hard cock, into her ass. Forcing his way into her ass over and over escort tuzla rough and fast. He can hear her moan louder than before. Still trying to resist a little, he holds her wrists and her hip. Forcing his way in over and over as his balls slap against her sex. Over and over. His breathing gets heavier and his moaning louder as his come closer to the point where he can no longer hold back. But he decides not to cum in her ass. He pulls out just before he is about to cum. He roughly pulls her back up again, and forces her back on her knees before him. He holds her neck with one hand, with the other he holds his cock, forcing it between her lips. Still bound he forces his cock into her mouth several times. Then he can no longer hold it back and he explodes in her mouth. She closes her eyes in enjoyment as she swallows every last bit of his cum. Having taken it all in and swallowed his load she licks his cock to make sure she has taken every last bit. “Mmmm… now that’s a very good girl. You please me very well…” He compliments her. She just looks at him and smiles. “And because you’re being such a good girl, you deserve a reward.” He speaks softly. He helps her back to her feet, her hands still bound behind her back. He makes her turn her back to him and presses her against him. His left arm around her, sliding it over her body, letting his hand slide towards her throat. Taking hold of her throat with his hand, he softly squeezes her throat. His other hand reaching between her legs, caressing her thighs. She tilts her head back into him and closes her eyes. He softly kisses her neck over and over, as he squeezes her throat taking away her breath and finding her lips with his other hand. Slowly sliding his fingers between her lips playing with her clit. He can hear soft moans escaping her lips, feeling her body tremble lightly as his keep playing with her lips. Slowly the excitement and tension builds inside her body. As her excitement builds, he can feel her juices tricking past his hands down her legs. Her breathing becomes heavier and faster, her moans become louder as she come closer to cumming. He keeps playing with her clit, until she can no longer hold back and moan loudly as her orgasm explodes around his fingers, and he can feel her juices trickling down her legs. She turns around in his arms and collapse. He catches her and holds her close to him. He holds her for a while, until she can stand again. He reaches in his pocket for a tool to cut off the tire wraps that bind her. As he releases her wrists, she rubs her wrists with her hands.She puts her arms around him again and lays her head on his chest. “I love you my Prince…” she whispers softly. “And I love her my Goddess… my sweet love…” He whispers back to her. “And thank you…” She whispers. “Anything for you me sweet love, I told you, I want to make all your fantasies come true. Just know, I will always be your rock, no matter what. Even when I tie you up and fuck you hard. I am still your rock, everything you need me to be…”.They stand there for a while, in silence, just holding each other. Then he pulls down her skirt again and smacks her buttocks playfully. She picks up the stuff they threw on the floor earlier. Throwing it back in the trunk, she closes the trunk. He opens the car door for her, and keeps it open. She quickly gets in the car and he closes the door. Then he walks around the car, gets in the car on his side and put his seatbelt on. Putting his hand on her leg he turns his head and looks at her. She look back at him, and their gazes meet. “I love you…” he says softly. “And I love you…” she replies.He starts the engine of the car, pulls out of the parking space and drives towards the exit. He lowers his window, pays at the exit and they drive off, out of the garage, into the darkness of night. For their sweet ride under the beautiful glow of the neon lights, holding her hand in his as they enjoy the view…

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