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The Venus

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The first time he laid eyes on her, all he could do was swallow nervously. Though he didn’t entirely understand it, there was something about her that touched every nerve inside him. Just being in her presence seemed to bring his insecurities to the surface, spark his fantasies, and provoke him to try and earn her attention.

At the same time, a sense of shame attended his attraction to her. He had a suspicion for why this was, but what stood out more to him was the strange way this made his yearning stronger. When she looked at him and spoke to him, he got the feeling that she was somehow aware of this, too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hard to guess. It was just who he was. He had stopped growing in middle school once he reached 5 foot 3. The teasing had been merciless back then, but in some respects it wasn’t as bad as when he left for college and went out into the big, wide world only to discover that many women were looking for tall guys.

Some of his male classmates and friends, who were on the shorter side themselves, struck him as angry. They fought to be seen, almost as if they had something to prove to the world. He didn’t feel that, but sometimes couldn’t help being sad or insecure. It wasn’t just his height, either. He’d tried working out for a time, though he eventually resigned himself to the fact that he was small-bodied. A short guy with a slender frame.

And quite hairless, too. He had a full head of nice brown hair, but his arms, legs, chest… all of him was naturally smooth.

He learned one word for what he was when he was 18, under circumstances that still greatly embarrassed him. “Twink,” this person had called him. It came from a man in his 30s who was taller, bigger, and handsome. He wasn’t mean or aggressive about it, but it was obvious he had been interested. And it was that new feeling of being taken in, having your body commented on, that brought such embarrassment.

Nonetheless, he didn’t think he minded the word. He was more attracted to women, he thought, yet the term seemed to click even in spite of the vulnerability it held for him. It was like finding out there was a place waiting for him after all this time.

Being around Venus often brought back memories of his time meeting that other man. She was obviously interested. He could feel her eyes on him. She spoke to him kindly, but confidently, using little pet names like “sweetie,” “boy,” and “sugar” that made him feel small.

But without a doubt, a major factor in it all was her size. It was impossible not to notice at his height, for she was an impressive 6 foot one. She was no twig, either. The woman had curves decorating her like a work of art. Some would call her big, curvy, voluptuous, or full-figured, and she wouldn’t shy away from it, openly talking about who she was like she was totally comfortable in herself.

When she was introduced to him, he quietly marveled at her name. Venus. Of course. It’s perfect.

This evening they had gone out to dinner together. It wasn’t their first date, although it was the first dinner. At the last date, she had put her hand on the back of his head in the movie theater and kissed him. Tonight felt like it was a big night, and he was anxiously anticipating it.

“It’s okay if you’re nervous,” she said tenderly.

He smiled and took a drink carefully, fidgeting in his seat. Noticing her smirk, his smile widened.

“We don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with,” she continued.

“No,” he let out. How to sort the myriad thoughts wandering through his head? How to tell her he wanted to be hers? To feel the comfort she feels? Finally, he went on: “It’s not that. I want to.”

“Good,” she replied with delight. “I’m excited. It’s okay to be a little nervous as long as you’re excited.”

“A-are you nervous?” he stuttered in a moment of weakness.

“Oh, sweetie, no,” Venus laughed. “Not at all. I think we’re going to have a great time. You just try to relax and leave it to me, if that helps. You know what you can say if anything is too much.”

It was true. They had talked things over since the beginning. It did put his mind at ease, but filled it with fascination as well. He knew there was something special about her. She had been the one to ask him out, and when this had prompted him to joke about himself, she minced no words. She told him she loved his height. His skinny figure. Beautiful boy, she had called him.

He had blushed so hard his whole face turned red. Venus pinched his cheek playfully. She was some years older than he was, at 38 to his 20, but the age difference was only one part of the story. It was her behavior that always made him feel small. Although then and there the only thing he could think of was that her hand had touched his face.

“Okay,” he answered at last. “I’m excited, too. But you know… I haven’t done this before. I’m just nervous.”

“That’s okay,” she encouraged him. “You don’t have worry. I won’t hurt you. You won’t disappoint anyone. We’ll have a wonderful time, simple as that.”

Hearing maltepe escort her assurances, he quietly exhaled and resumed eating. She marked his reaction in her mind and went on with dinner.

Some time later, after the check came, she leaned across the table and studied him with her eyes. He remained calm, though his heart began beating faster. Under the table, she gently put her hand on his leg and slowly ran her fingers just past the opening of his shorts. She could see his breathing get heavier and the redness begin to appear on his cheeks.

“Are you ready, sweetie?”

Relax, he told himself. Deep breaths. Say it. Go ahead. You want to.

“Yes,” he said softly. At the sound of his voice, her eyes seemed to penetrate his.

Venus rose first. She straightened her dress and caught a glimpse of him watching her out of the corner of her eye. He stood next, adjusting his pants as he got up, walking with her to the door in time to hold it for her. She could hardly wait to get her hands on him, but every step, word, and movement was careful, observant, and deliberate.

“I’m over here,” she announced, pulling out her keys and clicking the button to unlock her vehicle.

On their last date, she had presented him with a choice. They take separate cars or he would ride in her car. The first option was in case he was too anxious or uncomfortable. The second option was her preference, which she had explained thoroughly.

“I’d like you to ride with me,” she had told him then. “I’d like you to sit in my car and know how nice it is. Talk with me on the way there. But I want you to also get used to feeling a little out of your element. Imagine that you’ll have to ask me for a ride back later. Picture what it will be like to have to trust me to let you have your clothes and keys back when you’re allowed to leave. Think of riding with me as giving up a little control.”

In the parking lot with her, he dutifully followed to her car and went to the passenger side door. As they both sat down and the doors closed, he heard the lock click before she started the engine.

“I’m glad you made this choice,” she said, putting her hand on his leg again before working the gear shift to get moving.

A couple moments of silence passed until she spoke up again.

“Are you nervous?” she inquired. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“I… umm, yeah,” he started softly. “I am nervous. I’m thinking about what you said.”

“Good,” she affirmed. “Don’t be shy. I’d really like to hear it.”

He took a deep breath and silently repeated his mantra. Say it. Go ahead. You want to.

“I’m excited,” he blurted out. “But it’s like… helpless. No, not that. Well, kind of… it’s like I have to depend on you now. I’m not going anywhere until you say.”

“Do you think you made the right choice?” she questioned with a sly grin.

As the words left her lips, he found himself thinking about everything. Their dates, the talks they had had about what she likes in a guy, the kiss she had planted on him, the pinch on his cheek, her little names for him, the inside of the car, and the frequent gestures she had made to check on him and make sure he was okay with where things were heading. The words came easily from his lips.

“Yes. I like this.”

“Mmm,” she uttered teasingly. “The fun has only just begun, too.”

Once they arrived at the apartment, she had him get out first and open her door for her. Then they made their way to the elevator, him in front, as they had discussed. They pressed the button and waited.

The noise outside quieted to a dull hum as he felt her hands around his waist. She drew him to her from behind, until he could feel her body against all of his backside. Her hips touched his back, her chest pressed into his neck, and her chin hovered just above his head. A sinking feeling started in him just as she bent her head slightly down to kiss the top of his. She could sense his body tighten to her touch.

“Shhh,” she said soothingly. “Relax, little boy. We’re almost there.”

A startled and soft, yet very audible gasp exited from him involuntarily. Venus let go of him and entered the elevator as the doors opened. Suddenly, he felt cold, alone, and somehow naked. So he hurried after her into the elevator.

She eyed him suspiciously for a second before laughing. Her hand drifted down to his butt and grabbed a cheek playfully before moving between the cheeks. He returned her laughter nervously.

Stepping off the elevator and walking down the hall to her apartment, she put her hand into the back of his hair. He continued moving ahead of her, feeling her fingers massage and toy with his head. As they came to the door, it appeared large and foreboding to him. He found himself transported back to the teasing, torment, and shame from his younger days. The name calling. The assumptions about his sexuality. The rejections he’d had.

The door opened and she led him inside, shutting and locking it behind her. Venus went about mamak escort taking her shoes off, putting her purse away, and then grabbed a drink from the fridge. She sat down on the couch as he stood frozen in the middle of the room. She leaned back and relaxed.

“Remember what we talked about,” she said in a kind tone. “What’s your safe word?”

His eyes met hers and he swallowed. He shut them and sighed. She’s waiting, he thought. Quit stalling. Out with it.

“S-… s-… small,” he almost whispered.

“Come again?” she asked.

“Small. The safe word is small.”

“Go on,” she instructed, leaning forward toward him.

He had no idea why she had chosen that word, but there it was. Did she know? Was it her way of teasing him?

Not wanting to stall anymore, he proceeded undressing himself in front of her. This was what they’d agreed on. Being here before her now, though, was a different story. He couldn’t escape her eyes following his every move. As his shirt came off, as his belt came off, as his shorts came off.

“Step closer,” she ordered, as he finally came down to his underwear. “Closer.”

Now he stood a foot away from her, his groin right at eye-level and arms-length. His tight little white briefs the only thing preventing her from seeing him.

“Panties too, boy.”

Down they slid to his ankles. She looked him over and saw that he was trembling and trying his best to hide it.

“Turn around,” she commanded firmly. He listened.

As she parted his cheeks with her hands, his body gave a little jump. She held firm and chuckled at his response. It was there, though, inserted all the way inside him. Just like she had instructed him.

“How does it feel?”

“Okay,” he said softly. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Venus got up off the couch. Immediately, he felt her towering over him, taking his body in with her eyes. Again, she noticed him trembling. She ran a hand over his bare ass. One across his chest. Another between his legs. Just when it was becoming too much and the shaking started to intensify, he felt her press against his backside again, like in front of the elevator. She drew him to her, holding him by the waist and kissing the top of his head.

“I told you,” she whispered into his ear. “I like you just the way you are. No hiding from me. Don’t assume you know what I like. Be yourself.”

From there, she led him into the bedroom. She stopped at the foot of the bed and told him to bend over. Once he did, she reached between his cheeks and pulled on the plug. He sighed and flinched. With a little more effort, she brought it all the way out and took it to the sink in the bathroom.

“I’m glad that went well,” she said on returning. “Perhaps next time we’ll have you wear a vibrating one.”

He sat down on the bed and smiled a little anxiously.

“Tell me what my rule is about touching,” she said.

“Umm,” he stammered. “No touching you without permission.”

“Very good,” she complimented him. “And? What about you?”

“My body is yours… but the safe word is for emergencies.”

“Let’s hear it again.”

“My body is yours,” he repeated. “But I have the safe word for emergencies.”

Approving his response, she reached out and lightly touched the side of his face. His reaction reminded her of a puppy, eager for praise and ready to play. As she undressed in front of him, she kept her eyes on her little puppy. His countenance changed quickly to fascinated excitement. She put her hand under his chin and lifted his chin up to make his eyes meet hers.

“My eyes are up here,” she said with a knowing expression.

The look on his face when she undid her bra – it filled her with devious thoughts. She made no effort to be discrete. He heard the clasp, the straps moving about, and a groan as she took it off, waving it around just on the edges of his vision. His eyes stared into hers with desperate curiosity. With a peek between his legs, she could see him getting stiff.

“That’s better,” she teased. “It’s such a pain keeping those stuffed in like that.”

Next, she removed her underwear, making funny noises of relief to be freed from them. She held them in her hand and dangled them near the sides of the bed, behind her back, and finally tossed them on the floor. His gaze stayed fixed on her face.

Now she could tell he was quite hard and it was beginning to be impossible for him to resist looking. With one hand on her hip and the other taking him by the chin again, she spoke to him with an expression of affection he had yet to see on her until this moment.

“You know,” she began tenderly. “When you first told me you were a virgin, I wasn’t sure quite how things might work out. I wondered if you might have lied to me. Or if you’d just be such a horny boy that you’d be too restless and disobedient to bother with.”

For a brief second his eyes drifted off to the corner. Not to steal a glance at her, but for another reason. She caught this and understood, tilting her head and raising ankara ofise gelen escort an eyebrow at him as if to warn him to be careful.

“I know the truth now, though,” she explained. “You are an honest boy. A sweet, shy, honest, and obedient boy.”

She leaned in close, keeping his chin up, and slowly snuck her other hand between his legs to take hold of his cock. A wide grin came over her face.

“And I’m so glad I get to be the one to corrupt you. To fuck your little virgin ass and mold you into the boi I want.”

As she pressed her lips into his, she could see his cheeks turning a bright shade of red, and feel his little cock harden and twitch. All he could think right then was that he felt seen. There was no use hiding now for sure.

“Turn over,” she instructed him. He flipped onto his stomach immediately.

Venus sat on the bed and softly touched his bare bottom. She bent over and kissed it, caressed it, groped it, and bit it gently. He made sweet quiet sounds for her. Then she pulled him towards her and took him over her lap, continuing to play with him.

“What’s my rule about spanking?” she asked him.

“Spanking teaches me discipline,” he responded. “It helps me behave.”

“Yes, it does. A good boy is a boy that gets regular discipline. Daily spankings.”

Instinctively, he laid his head down on its side on the bed. With a smile she slapped his behind, testing to see how he’d react at first. He kept still and she kept going. The slaps turned into smacks. The smacks into full-fledged spankings. It pleased her to see what he could take. The force of her hand began leaving red hand-prints on his pale white tush. He flinched, winced, and fidgeted around slightly in her lap, but did not move or beg her to stop.

After a while, when she had finished admiring her handiwork on his backside, she gave him permission to turn over onto his back. His ass stung even against the cool, nice covers on the bed. He watched her as she left the room. Moments later, she returned.

“Tell me my rule about clothing.”

“No clothes,” he replied, “are allowed without permission.”

“Close. What does that mean?”

“Oh,” he realized. “I have to ask you for them back. But you decide when I get them back.”

“Good,” she commended him. “I put your clothes out of the way. You’ll be getting them back when I decide you’ve earned them. Now get your ass down here.”

Rolling over and crawling toward the end of the bed, he suddenly caught sight of her. There she stood in front of him, tall and imposing, beautifully sculpted and naked like some statuesque Greek goddess. He had not gotten a good look at her like this before now, and it left him speechless and dumbfounded. What snapped him out of his daze were three things: the fire in her eyes, his desire to be in her arms, and the object dangling from her groin that his eyes eventually landed on.

He’d known this was coming because she had discussed it with him on their very first date. Admittedly, it intrigued him, but it was a bit frightening, too. Attached to a harness fastened around her hips was a good-sized pink dildo. Even seeing it from the front and not the sides, he could tell it was bigger than he was. It gave him strange thoughts and feelings, like it did when she had brought it up before.

“You need to know something,” she had told him straightforwardly. “I’m not going to sleep with you the first time I take you home. But I will expect to fuck your ass. If we need to take our time to get there, that’s okay. I just don’t hook up with guys unless they understand and agree to that. I’m not looking for a fuck boy. I’m looking for a boi that puts me first. If he puts me first, he won’t mind doing that.”

At the edge of the bed he stopped and waited for her. Following her direction, he laid on his back. She lubed up her strap-on and had him raise his legs up. First, she took him by the waist and positioned herself. Feeling her hands on him like that, knowing what she was about to do, his face flushed red and she could see in his eyes her little puppy… though this time he was clearly nervous and a little scared.

“Relax for me, sweetie,” she encouraged him. “Open that pretty virgin boi hole for me.”

During the second date, she had given him the plug. Like her dildo, it was a bright pink color. On being given it, he was told to break it in as soon as he got home. Put it in and wear it for 15 minutes, while doing the dishes or something of that sort. After each date, the time got longer – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and finally the hour they had spent at dinner earlier.

He knew the point of the plug was to loosen him up, but it was smaller than the dildo entering him now. She was being gentle, though not letting up. As the head made its way inside, he groaned and shifted on the bed.

“There we go,” she soothed him. “Now we’re opening that hole up.”

She held his legs apart by the ankles and slowly pushed herself in. He whimpered and dug his fingers into the bed.

“Look at me,” were her orders. “I want you to see me take your virginity.”

“Oh my god,” he mumbled in a haze. He looked up at her, standing over him, holding his legs apart in the air. Their eyes locked as Venus thrust inside him. He watched her body move and her lips curl as if in a trance.

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