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The Versatility of Fire Pt. 02

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(Shout out to Migbird for writing two lovely reviews for me that made my day! Also if you’re here for sex, I’m sorry but this chapter is pure backstory and introspection. Keep your eye out for Part 3 though which will premiere sometime in March. That’s when things get spicy 😉 )

“Love is a burning thing

And it makes a fiery ring.

Bound by wild desire,

I fell into a ring of fire.”

– Johnny Cash

“I don’t think you should pursue Hassan.”

Rachel halted mid-makeup. It was a Saturday night and the two girls were about to meet up with friends and head off campus to a nearby college’s party.

“What did you say?”

Elena zipped up her jacket. “I said I don’t think you should go after Hassan.”

Rachel emitted a nervous laugh. “Since when are you so interested in my love life?” she teased. She watched as Elena stood in front of their full-body mirror and looked herself up and down.

“I’m serious. I think you should take a break from dating, considering you just broke up with Brayden. Plus, no offense, but I really want us to have guy friends and, well… You know.”

Rachel capped her lipstick. “No, I don’t know. And I think you’re forgetting Erik.”

Elena’s eyes met hers. “Erik’s gay, Rae.”

“So? He’s a guy friend.”

“I think you know what I’m getting at.”

“I don’t think I do,” she challenged. “Look– if you’re calling me a whore, just come out and say it.”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t –“

“You know what? I think I should meet up with the girls and Hassan by myself.”


“We’ll talk about this later. I just… need some space from you right now.”

“Wait, okay? Hang on a sec.”

Hastily, Rachel threw her makeup bag in her purse and fished out her keys.

“Rae, I think we should talk about this before you go.”

“We’ll talk later,” she snapped.

But they never did. Sure, Rachel escorts in london received a long text later that night with a half-hearted apology, but the very same text unintentionally dug Elena into a deeper hole.

“If Elena thinks I’m such a slut, she can find herself a new roommate,” she told Paige. “Not only that, but she’s like, super clingy.”

“Why don’t you come live with me?” the other girl asked. “My roommate just became a commuter.”

“Let me think on it.”

But in Rachel’s mind, there’s very little thinking to be done.


To say that Rachel is pissed is an understatement. She doesn’t know what to do. First her former best friend is at the same party, and now she’s kissing her?! Fuck no!

Elena goes back to her spot at the table like nothing happened– the only hint is that her eyes now occasionally flick over to Rachel’s baffled face.

“Was that Elena?” Kyle asks innocuously.

Rachel opens her mouth to speak but just then the door handle rattles (an unreliable guarantee that the person behind it isn’t an RA).

“That must be Erik,” says Jia. “Rider, will you get the door?”

Rachel’s anxiety is suddenly soothed with relief at the mention of Erik. She can’t wait to tell him about that absurd kiss!

The partier who hollered the loudest during Rachel and Elena’s kiss gets to his feet. The door swings open to reveal a lanky young man with a backpack on. “Hello, my dears! I bring gifts!”

Jia grins. “Erik, my love, come in! What did you bring?”

“I brought– drum roll, please?”

When there’s no drum roll, Erik continues regardless: “I have… Can I use that table?”

Jia moves the corona bottle off its surface. “Sure! I think we’re all Spin the Bottled out after that last one.”

Elena scoots away from the table so Erik can make his way through.

“I have…” He puts down three tiny bottles, a Escort in dubai tall one and a small white container. “Nips, some wine and an eighth of pot. Anyone wanna come outside with me and help me smoke it?”

“I’ll go,” Rachel blurts out.

“Doesn’t weed give you anxiety?” Elena chimes in.

“You give me anxiety,” she snaps. A few people who don’t know the situation laugh, most likely assuming that the two of them are friends. Erik pockets the weed as Rachel stands up, takes a nip and follows him and a few others out the door.


Rachel wishes she wore tights, the wild brush scraping at her legs as the small group finds a safe place to smoke.

“You missed it, Erik. Elena had the nerve to kiss me! In front of literally everyone! She has some fucking nerve, I swear to God.”

“Elena Bernardi?” Erik turns on his phone’s flashlight and puts it down to see, then takes out a shiny red cylinder. “Also, way to take my Fireball without asking, Rae Rae.”

Rachel cracks a smirk. “You made it sound like they were up for grabs.”

“I mean, they are, and I also brought them specifically for you.”

Rachel’s face softens. If Erik weren’t gay…

“Do you want the first hit? It’s Indica, by the way. When you had that bad reaction I think it was Sativa.”

“I don’t care. I just needed to get away from her.”

“What happened between you two?” asks Kyle.

Rachel raises an eyebrow, the soft sound of grinding weed coming from Erik. “Um? None of your business?”

“Is she that girl you told me about who was obsessed with you?”

She rolls her eyes. “If you must know, yes– that’s Elena, who I’m starting to think was in love with me the entire time we were friends.”

“I mean, is that really a surprise?”

Rachel’s eyes go back to Erik. The only light source of the four college students was the moon and Erik’s flashlight, and Rachel Dubai Escorts could just barely see him packing the weed in the darkness of the night. “It’s easy to fall in love when you’re that close to someone, and based off my recollection, you two were attached at the hip.” He hands her the pipe and the lighter. Rachel struggles with it, her thumb scraping against the button fruitlessly.

“Here, I got you.”

The lighter flicks to life as Rachel puts the pipe in her mouth. “Suck and hold.”

Rachel takes a long drag, keeping it down her throat for a few seconds before coughing harshly.

“Not that big of a hit! Jesus Christ,” he laughs.

“Can I go next?” someone asks.

“Sure,” says Rachel. The four of them pass the pipe around for awhile, and Rachel no longer coughs, taking smaller hits than her first one.

Once the second bowl is finished, Erik dumps out the ash and slides it back into his coat pocket.

“Rachel, do you like Elena back?”

Rachel’s rubbing her sugar cookie hand sanitizer into her palms as they walk back, desperate to get rid of the reek of pot. It takes her a second to process the question. “If I’d known she liked me things might’ve been different, but what’s in the past is in the past. She needs to move on.”

“How would things have been different?” Erik questions.

“I mean… I guess we could’ve had a fling? I don’t know, I’m bi and I’m high.”

“And sometimes when you’re high, you’re more in tune with your desires.”

“Says who?”

“Says me. You should really talk to her tonight, get some closure.”

“Just thinking about talking to her makes me so mad, though.”

“And you should listen to your emotions and follow them. Don’t you want to at least tell her off? Let her know that what she did wasn’t okay?”

Rachel thinks over Erik’s words carefully. Since when has taking Erik’s advice fucked her over?

“I totally agree,” says one of the stoners. “You should let her know how you feel.” Rachel can make out the other quiet one nodding in the dark.

When they return, she finds her sitting on the couch talking to Jia.

“Elena… Can we talk?”

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