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The voucher (parts 1 & 2 )

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The voucher (parts 1 & 2 )1For the last several months, they had been taking the same bus home from work, and had usually been sitting next to each other. Had started chatting; that is, Anja had done most of the talking. She had slowly told him more than strictly necessary. That she was a trainee and didn´t make much money and that she had a tiny two room apartment. That she had plans about one day opening her own bed and breakfast, that she had broken up with her boyfriend because he was seeing an older woman. That she loved cats, but that is was not allowed where she was living. That purple was her favourite colour and that she would like to go to Ibiza, if she could find the money. Not all at once, but her mouth rarely stood still during the 25 minutes the ride to the suburbs usually took. “But what about you, Paul…Are you seeing any one?” she asked him one Friday afternoon in November.“No, that divorce takes time…he said. There was a slight accent to his Danish. From an English speaking country. She had never asked him where he came from. For once she paused. Maybe it had been insensitive of her. It had been at least three months since he had mentioned that they had decided to separate.“But perhaps I should try…sugar-dating” he added softly. Anja gasped. She had not expected that answer. But is would make some kind of sense. He was at least 40 and had a good job, the money would not be an issue. “But where would I find a sweet young woman that wants to earn some extra money and have fun?She moved in her seat, a bit uneasy. The seat behind them was empty. In the one in front of them, sat a young guy with large earphones on. “Well…i have to do my laundry…” she said, just to break the silence that suddenly had appeared. “I have both washing machine and dryer…She always had the window seat. Now Paul put his hand on her knee. There was at least 5 stops until he had to get off the bus. “Many girls your age have fantasies about a mature lover..” he added softly. “I think that you will find me…boring” she said with a crooked little smile. “Then you really need a mature lover…She giggled. His hand had wandered higher up her thigh, and she put her hand on top of his. “The…whole weekend…? She whispered.“Preferably…She was wearing jeans that Friday. She could feel his fingertips through the fabric. “But I hardly know you, Paul…“Yet, you know that you will regret it, if you let this slip away…One fingertip ran along her zipper. Anja put her hand on his wrist, not pushing his hand away. She had honestly never thought about him in that way. “It is the end of the month…You are probably not going out anyway…Am I right? He asked quietly. That was absolutely true. There was food in her freezer, but her cash was limited to about 200 kroner (about 35$). She kept her knees firmly together, while the toe of Paul´s shoe was rubbing her calf gently. Yet, she did not even try to push him away, not even in the most gentle way. She moved a little uneasy in her seat. The bus was half empty now, yet it was so strange to feel his fingers on her groin, even through the fabric of her jeans. Their stop was coming next, where they usually said good bye; Where Anja would cross the busy street to her tiny, but cheap apartment and where Paul would turn down the quiet side-street with the cozy and expensive single family houses. She leaned forward and pressed the “stop” button and looked at him in the process. “No, don´t look so..scarred…” he said with a wry smile and got up. She followed him to the middle door, while the bus was still moving slowly. The drive was probably trying to not stop at the red light a short distance before their stop. An old lady was sitting up close to the driver and a couple of giggling Arab school girls sat at the back row. Her hip bumped against his leg ever so softly. She had never really noticed how tall he really was. The bus had stopped and as the doors swung open, Paul put his hand on her back, high up, guided her out of the bus, across the busy bicycle lane and onto the pavement. She knew that her jaw dropped, but only for a few seconds. Normally she would turn left, to go to the crossing, but now he gently lead her the other way. “I…can´t remember having said…yes to…to anything…she said, looking straight ahead. “You decide where you want to go, Anja…Now his hand was wandering down her back. She reached for it, before he could place it on her behind on the busy street. She glanced towards her block. It was November, it was already getting dark. Paul was walking a little faster. His street was a few meters away now. Then she took a few almost running step, caught up with him. “We have not even…discussed…details, Paul” she said, still not looking at him.“If you can get time off in January or February, I can get you a trip to Ibiza…I know a guy that owes me a favour…She gasped softly.“I…i think so..” she said,” for one week?“One week…ten days…let me see what he can come up with…The street was darker now, with older gardens on both sides. She took his hand and smile secretive, still without looking at him. “Are you sure that….Well, i´m…not the most experienced girl my age….“And how old is that, Anja?“I´m 21…They turned down another dark side street. She had never been down here, even though she had lived in her apartment for about two years. “…But my…ex was not a very….exiting lover..” she said, hoping to sound more mature. Paul led her up a short, bumpy driveway to a, old 2 story housing in red brick. What looked like a BMW was parked under a carport.“Can you afford this, on your own?”“Yes” he stated with confidence and got his keys out. Disabled the alarm and unlocked both the locks before he let her into the hallway. She stood in the middle of the floor, looking at it all, while he turned the lights on. “So..in short..” he said, suddenly standing behind her and helping her get her vintage coat off her shoulder,” It sounds as if you really need a calm, mature man..that knows what is going on…Anja nodded, meeting his gaze. She had never noticed his grey eyes. He put his hand under her chin, tilting her head a little backwards. “You need a…teacher that can be…demanding, but not all the time…As she slowly parted her lips, he leaned down, kissed them softly. It was brief, but it made her gasp for air. “Demanding..?” she asked.“Don´t worry…i know that the most important thing is that you feel good and secure, Anja..He blinked at her, which made her blush. As she lowered her eyes, he embraced her, held her and kissed her forehead.“Would you like a glass of wine, Miss Anja?” he asked theatrically. His hands were on her hips now.“Yes!…i mean, yes, please….“Then you will need to take your sweater off…She gasped once more, but nodded. Leaned back a little as she pulled the knitted sweater over her head, then she looked up at him and as he nodded, she quickly pulled her shirt over her head. She was wearing a plain white bra. “I did not…expect this…when I dressed this morning…” she said, blushing even harder. “I know, Anja..She looked up at him, and when he nodded, she was quick to open the bra. But Paul had let go of her, had turned around and hurried into the kitchen. She istanbul escort took the bra off and hung it on top of her coat. She did not really know what to do with her self. She could hear Paul opening a bottle, but she did not want to join him, since he had not told her to. Then she leaned up against the wall and carefully folded her arms under her breasts. She did not like how pointy they were and like so many her age, she dreamt about getting surgery done. “I knew you would have perfect tits..He said when he reappeared and handed her a large glass of red wine. She giggled. Pure nervousness. Then they drank. She took a large mouthful and hoped that he wouldn´t notice how nervous she really were. “In fact, I noticed your tits before I noticed…the rest of you…That made her laugh. Paul held his glass towards her, and she took it. Now he had a glass in each hand. “This wine costs a small fortune, so don´t spill it” he said and put his hand between her thighs. She giggled. She stood between the coat hangers and a large probably antique mirror with a golden frame. Eager fingers opened her jeans. “I usually…She began, but he stopped her with a kiss. “It´s all good, I am old fashioned, AnjaHe already had his hand inside her plain white briefs. She tried to part her legs as much as her jeans would let her that was not very much. He had patience. “We are going to have so much fun, Anja” he mumbled softly. Then he kissed the side of her neck. She sighed, then took another healthy drink of wine. She knew nothing about wine; it could have been cheap supermarket wine for all she knew. Then he dropped to his knees in front of her. She closed her eyes. “Let´s see what you have to offer…He began to pull her jeans and briefs down. “I usually shave..She let the rest trail off. After the break up, it had been one of the things she had neglected. Bikini season was many months away and whenever she worked out, she always showered at home. Her jeans were down around her ankles now and she realized that now she could not even walk any more. One hand on her butt, the other on the inside of her thigh and his lips kissing the skin just below her navel. “Mine…all mine…Anja gasped loudly as a curious fingertip found its way into her pussy. She was wet, had been for a long time. Since his hand had been placed on her thigh in the crowded bus. A single finger fucking her slowly. She parted her knees as much as possible and he pulled her hips closer. Only her shoulders and head were against the wall now. “hello..There was no fooling around. His tongue found her clitoris almost at once and she let out a sharp little moan, louder than intended. Her ex had never been much of a licker, but Paul certainly knew what he was doing. “You like?” he asked quickly, then went back to licking her.“Yeah!Two finger were inside her, fucking her slowly, gently. She knew that he was going to make her come. Unlike her ex, who had never learned to master that trick. She realized that she was moaning rather loudly. But it was not really plausible that the neighbours would hear her, unlike at home in her tiny apartment. Then, seconds before her climax came rolling, he pressed a finger up her rear. She made a high-pitched sound. “Cummminnng….Fingers slid out of her he, and Paul slowly rose. Kissed her lips. Their first “real” kiss tasted of her own juices. “I…i don´t usually come that…easy” she said as he took one glass from her hand. “Put your clothes back on,” he said, drinking a little wine,” then go get your laundry and i´ll start making dinner…2Yes, she did think about skipping as she walked home. She could also start staying just 15 minutes later at working, to avoid meeting him on the bus. She also knew that she was too curious to really not come back. Anja took a quick shower, changed clothes and stuffed as much laundry as possible into a large IKEA bag. Then she packed a small backpack with some make-up, her toothbrush and a few clothing items. Anja thought about calling a cab, but decided no, since she was almost broke. Besides, it took her less than ten minutes. She could see Paul through the kitchen window, as she came up the short driveway, A stylish man about twice her age, with more than a few strains of grey in his hair. In the last week or so, he had stopped shaving, and she had complimented him on that. She waited a few seconds in front of the door, wiping the smile off her face. Then she rang the bell. “Did you fear that I might not come back? She asked when they had kissed their hello´s. “No…not really..”She giggled and took her coat off. She was wearing a short, black dress that she had only really worn for last new years eve. The Cut-out was so deep that she could not really wear a bra under it. “I mean, you are obviously young and very beautiful,” he said,” But there is not much going on in your life right now…except…this…spin, so I can see you…Which she did, taking tiny steps in the hallway. She was wearing brown booths with high heels and black stockings. “Pantiehose? He asked, letting his hand touch the side of her thigh as she passed by.“No!”“Good…Because then I would´ve had to spank you…“What?!?”“I see you´ve brought your laundry…I have the wash-room downstairs,” he continued, never skipping a beat,” come, Anja…”She hesitated just a second, then she picked up the large bag and followed him, through the very elegant (and expensive looking!) kitchen, then down a steep staircase to the basement. There was a room dedicated to doing laundry!“Do you know how to operate them?”“Yes, of cause, Paul!”“Good…There is a special rule, just for tonight…“What…?” she asked.“I don´t want you to be wearing knickers under that sexy dress…She giggled, but he was already on his way upstairs again.Anja almost walked sideways up the stairs. The tight dress was not made for steep, old staircases. “Where is your knickers?” he asked without turning towards her. “Downstairs…Want to check?“No, I trust you, Anja…“What´s for dinner?…it smells fantastic…“I´ve put a salmon in the oven…then some veggies and some rice…Ohh, and that is true…I found a voucher for you…it is from one of the large charter companies….5000 kroner…that ought to be enough…“Wow! She said and for once that was all she said. Paul put his hand on the back of her head. She looked up at him with her big, blue eyes. “I had to send my mate an email, then ten minutes later he mailed it back…All we need to do, is to print it..“Thanks, Paul…“It doesn´t come for free…i hope that you realize that, Anja…“I do, Paul…and thanks again..He leaned back against the kitchen counter and took his glass.“I need a blow job, Anja…She gasped. Then she squatted in front of him. When she pulled his apron to the side, she found that he already had unzipped and had taken his cock, semi-hard, out, well before she came back from the cellar. “I…i don´t think I am very good…“Then you need practice..” he interrupted and pulled her face towards his groin. His cock filled her mouth. She began to suck him. Cautiously. Her ex had had a rather short trigger. He had also been significantly avcılar escort smaller.“You´re not doing too bad, Anja..His voice sounded a little different now. She lifted both hands, held around the base, looked up at him, tried to get eye contact. His eyes were closed. “Do you realize that i´ve sometimes fantasized about…ending your chatting with..a penis?” he asked softly. Anja could not really answer. But she could feel how anger began to boil inside“I think most men get the same idea…When they experience a sweet and sexy young woman that talks and talks…Her first thought was to get up and leave. Then she remembered that almost all her delicates was in the washer and would not be ready for at least another two hours. “If you really are a novice at this, you certainly have a rare talent, Anja..Some of her anger began to melt. He could hardly be blamed for the associations he got. She finally got eye contact for a brief moment. “You are gonna make me come any moment now…His hand held her head firmly. She slowed down. It then dawned upon her. That even now, she had the actual power.Not him, with all his strengths, wealth and experience.She moved back slowly. It made a loud, wet sound when the head slipped out of her mouth. “Look at me when you ….come!” she said with a firm voice.“Wow!…She was blowing him again. One hand cupping his balls. He was moaning softly, but he looked down at her every few second.“A starter for my young mistress…Anja made a sound as his ejaculation began. Her head jerked back, but Paul was not going to let her get away, not at this moment. Her forehead became a maze of deep furrows for a few seconds. Then she thought about the voucher. She would not be able to save up that kind of money on her current trainee salary. She swallowed as he pushed her head back a little, letting his cock get out of her reach. She rose.“Not bad at all..” he said and embraced her. She could still taste his semen. He kissed her forehead softly, then let her go and poured her a glass, white wine this time. Anja made sure to let the wine wash her mouth, before drinking it. Dinner was fabulous. She never learned what he had done to the salmon, just that it came out of the oven. They ate in his dining room, at a large oval table with a thick white table cloth on. The entire room was lit by candles. Romantic, and Paul turned out to be a very good conversationalist. Complete different from on the bus, where he always spoke in short sentences. She could almost forget that it was a “job”, albeit a very special and exciting one. “I can´t believe I am doing…this…you know, for money” she said with a tiny smile. “Don´t think of this as job,” he said and took her hand across the table, “consider this as a learning experience…“Yeah, but still…He rose and came around the table. As she rose, he removed her chair and embraced her from behind. She gasped softly when he kissed the back of her neck. She had had a new haircut the week after the breakup, now her blonde hair was cut short, with a parting at the side. She put her hand on his wrist, moved his hand on top of her breast. His other hand pulled the zipper of her dress down a little. “It is some kind of…prostitution” she said, rubbing her butt against him. “You should consider it…trainingHe turned her and lifted her up upon the table. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she leaned back, hands by her side and legs straight. “Will I get a diploma?” she asked, trying to sound innocent, “that is, if I pass the exams…“I can make you a PDF, if you like…But the exams may not all be easy to pass…“Good” she giggled. “Now…show me your cunt, please..She gasped, the began to laugh as she pulled her dress up, “My ex never..“Don´t mention him again,” he interrupted with a sudden sternness in his voice, I may have to spank you if you do…Ania nodded. This was the second mention of spanking. She began to think that she was in the deep end of the pool. She pulled the silky black dress up around her hips and smiled shyly. “Now…part your legs for me…She nodded and did that, putting one leg over the back of one of the chairs. “Are gonna fuck my butt?”“Well, I…“Every one I know has tried that….He took both her hands, held around her wrists with one of his and held them above her head. She realized that she would not be able to get free. Not easily, at least. He kissed her mouth. “Perhaps…if you ask nicely…But it is not really scheduled until next semester…Anja twitched a little when he put his free hand on her pussy. It felt warm and soft against her skin. She noticed that the d****s were not drawn, a neighbour might spot them. “We have plenty of time…no need to rush things…His fingers were gently tickling her cunt lips. Teasing her. Anja lifted her head from the table cloth and nodded quickly. “You´re young, beautiful and sexy as hell…you will have time for…it all..Paul let go of her hands, but she kept them where they were, behind her head. Her eyes were closed but there was a hint of a smile on her lips. She crossed her ankles behind his back. Paul took the time to enjoy the sight of her semi-naked body, while he drank a little wine. “Will you study hard?“Yes, Paul” she giggled, then the giggle turned into a soft moan as he let a finger slide inside her pussy. “Good…She was very wet.“Will you be…a..strict teacher?” she asked.“Yes…when needed…Anja moaned softly. He had two fingers inside her, fucking her slowly, but without even getting near her clit, not this time. Then she opened one eye. He was trying to open his pants with one hand. It took so time. “Look at me…She opened both eyes, even lifted her head from the table. The fingers made a wet sound as they slipped out of her. He held the moist fingers towards her red lips. Her eyes widened as she sucked on them. The trousers made a soft sound as they fell down around his ankles. They had eye contact, but he was out of reach as he slowly penetrated her. She moaned louder. Certainly larger than her ex and with much better control. “First semester will last until Sunday night..“Okay, Paul..Her reply came quick. He put an arm under her knee, lifted her leg up and rested the calf against his broad shoulder. She noticed that she was still wearing the booths. He was fully inside her now, but very motionless, just possessing her. “Lift your other leg…“Yes, Paul..” His strong arms held her thighs tightly. Her mouth was wide open. She had never felt so filled before. Then he loosened the grip around her thighs, began to fuck her slowly. She grabbed around the edge of the table, to avoid sliding all over the place. Deep, slow strokes. Then her phone began to ring. It was still in her coat, out in the hallway, but it was still audible over the gentle classical music and the creaking of the table. “All telephones must of cause be turned off during class..“Yes, I am so so sorry, Paul…“Remind me to find you a fitting…punishment for this minor…fault…“Yes, Paul..”She was certain by now. He was much more advanced than she was. It was one thing to have certain secret fantasies; not all fantasies were meant to come true. Yet, why did it have to be so damn…exciting?She closed her eyes and şirinevler escort moaned softly, as he fucked her, slow, but with deep, hard strokes. His strong hands holding her hips, lifting her butt off the table. Now she really had to hold on, in order to not slide all over the place. “I think you like your new…role..His voice was more hoarse now. She moaned something not exactly intelligible. Then she remembered, maybe this could be another offence.“Yes…Paul..“Most young…women…needs a firm…lover…some one…that knows what….you need…She wanted to tell him off, tell him that is wasn´t so, but it was. After more than four years with the same not exactly perfect lover. She could count how often her ex had made her come. “Just…forget your ex…i am…gonna make you….a real woman…How confident could he get, without trying to walk on water?Except….She reached out for him wanted to pull him close, but he avoided that. She let out a sharp little scream and her back arched. Cutlery fell to the floor and only then, did he loosen the grip, let her leg fall, leaned over and held her tight and kissed her a few times. Then he sat down again while she lay on her back, trying to catch her breath. “Did…did you…come” she asked and got up on her elbows. “No!” he said and drank some wine.“But…you stopped…?Yes…i need to save a bit of energy….She sat up, let her legs swing back and forth. Her ex had always held her close, at least the 2-3 minutes until he would fall asleep. She took the glass that Paul handed her and drank a little. Then he put his hand on her thigh. “You are young and lovely and sexy,” he began in a calm voice,” but you are also very…impatient…You want it all…and you want it now…am I right, Anja?“Well..yes, as I said, I am not very…“And that is why you need a man that can…control you…train you…so that when you leave here, you will be able to satisfy your next boyfriend and hold on to him until YOU let him go…And you do that by being a lady when that is needed and by being a whore when that is needed…Her jaw dropped. Now he really was pushing it!“All you need is a bit of training and a few handfuls of tricks..She jumped off the table. How long before her laundry would be ready?She could bring it back even if it was still all wet. “I don´t like the way you talk….she said. There was a slight tremble in her voice and she knew that she would start crying as soon as she was alone.“But you sure like the sex, don´t you, Anja?“Well…But, it is…“How often did your ex made you come twice in one evening? He interrupted. She was not going to tell him that that had never happened.“I am NOT a whore” she said and turned her back. “I know, Anja…He was holding her wrist and had the other arm around her waist, not letting her go nor holding her too firm. She folded her arms over her breasts. She knew she would regret going home now. “Trust me…i know what you need..“I am not a whole” she repeated, her voice softer this time. “Was I the first, apart from…him?“Well….Her voice trailed off. “Take your dress off, Anja…The sternness was back. Not much, but she detected it. He let her go as she began to reach behind her back, slowly opening the black dress. Stepped out of it, folded it and put over the back of one of the chairs.“No…keep the bra on, you are much sexier that way..She giggled and leaned against the table. Wearing stocking and bra plus the booths, she had never felt more naked with a man. She drank almost a half glass on wine in one mouthful. “Are you going to…spank me, Paul? She asked, blushing heavily. “That is possible,” he said, pretending to suddenly remember,” unless of cause you have any better ideas…Anja began laughing, as if he was a comedian. She put her hands on her buttocks and leaned forwards, still laughing. “But I am such a noob….“I know, that is part of the charm…Can you pull my belt out for me?She gasped but nodded. The smile slowly faded away as she leaned towards him, unbuckled the belt and began to pull it free. “Don´t worry, i´ll go easy on you, since this is a first offence..Anja nodded, trying not to smile. She had recently fallen asleep to 50 shades on her couch. But that had been on a work night, and she had been exhausted, to start with. Then he rose and took the belt in one hand and grabbed both her wrists in his other. “If it will be necessary to…correct your behaviour again, we´ll probably need to tie you up a little…“Okay, Paul..None of her friends had told stories about spanking on a first date. She gasped when the belt landed on her behind. It made a sound, but did not really hurt. “Now, how many do you think will be fitting?“I have no idea, Paul..“Do you want 50 soft ones or 3 hard ones?She gasped. “The last…i think…“Then say it, Anja…“I want three ha…Aaahh….This time she could feel it!When she tried to get free, she found that she could not. That would have surprised her if she could. He did not seem like a man that made such amateur mistakes.“Aaahhh…The belt had kit a different spot. She took a few step, without really moving. More than halfway through it. He leaned over, kissed the side and back of her neck. She heard the sound of the belt being dropped. Then his hand was between her thighs again. She turned towards him, kissed him greedily. Fingers opening her. Why did she have to be so darn wet all the time?Paul could easily get the assumption that she really liked the way he treated her, as if she was his property. She put her elbows on the table. He was still holding her wrists. Two fingers slowly slid inside her. She sucked on her lips, trying not to sound too exited. “I know you like your new role, Anja….He simply stated it. Was she really that easy to read?“It´s all so…different…She said, in a voice that didn´t really sound like her normal voice, “i´ve never been a…harlot before…“So harlot is acceptable…but…who…the other word isn´t….She said nothing, only moved her legs a bit apart, taking tiny steps. His fingers were still deep inside her pussy. Why was he taking so long?Then she quickly glanced back at him. His erection was back. “You must learn to not make stupid mistakes, Anja” he said softly, while holding her wrists as firm as ever.“Yes, Paul” she replied automatically. She had begun to wonder if the whole weekend was going to be like this, with him this dominating. “Because, if you do, I can not let you pass your exams…“Yes, Paul..Fingers slipped out of her pussy. Seconds later his cock penetrated her. She gasped loudly. He was really filling her. “My little…harlot…He was taking her slowly. Not making love, not trying to please her, just using her. This was new to her. Yet, it did certainly not leave her cold or turn her off. But then again, her previous experiences were kind of limited. “Ahhh” she gasped as one finger slid up her rear. “You would like that…..wouldn´t you…?Anja said nothing at first. Then she remembered her new status:“You know you can…fuck my…behind when you want to, Paul…“Not…tonight…His voice sounded odd. Was he going to come, without even asking if she was using any prevention.?Then she recalled, how she had complained about about buying the pill, even though she wasn´t seeing any one. Paul was moaning loudly now, fucking her harder. “My…Harlot…Then her almost collapsed on top of her. For a long time, at least a minute, her just lay on top of her, still holding her wrists. So long that she began to fear that he might have passed out. Finally he moved, sat down heavily on the nearest chair.“Now go and put your phone on mute “he said while pouring a glass of wine.

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