May 25

The Weekend Begins

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It was dusk when we arrived. After a long drive across open countryside and through sleepy villages, we finally swept onto the gravel drive of the country hotel and into it’s welcoming glow. As we left the car, the porter gathered our bags efficiently and disappeared inside. The crisp, cold, December air took our breath away and we made our way hurriedly up well worn stone steps into the warmth of the sumptuous hotel lounge.

As our bags were transported to our room, we dined simply then settled into winged armchairs either side of the flickering fire and sipped Irish coffee as we talked. We enjoyed a lovely evening, just relaxing after the journey and enjoying each other’s company.

Our room was elegantly, yet comfortably furnished. Two armchairs nestled inside the curve of a large bay window, where the richly embroidered curtains had already been drawn. The bed looked inviting, with soft throws and cushions neatly arranged. The present owners had done all they could to lend an air of individuality to each room. It was easy to indulge in the fantasy that this was home, rather than an hotel.

After a relaxing bath we eventually went to bed. It was much later when we finally said goodnight and lay quietly, waiting for sleep’s embrace.

It was wonderful to rest my head against you, my eyes lightly closed as we breathed the same rhythm. Your arm was wrapped around me protectively, warm and heavy, like a blanket and I lay still, hearing your heart beat beside me, your scent surrounding me.

Lulled to sleep, I slipped into a dream I had had many times. It was a little muddled, full of memories and yearnings but at the same time, strangely comforting. I could picture the two of us in an unfamiliar, darkened room, our heads resting on soft pillows, our entwined bodies covered in crisp sheets, sleeping soundly in the knowledge that only a fitful sleep and daylight would wake us.

I drifted gradually into consciousness. A few minutes passed before I realised I was no longer dreaming. I just lay still, listening to your heart, to your soft breathing. They were the only sounds that mattered. Your breath caressed the top of my head, ran through my soft, wavy hair, as your fingers had done many times before. A delicious chill of goose bumps came to me as I recalled your gentle touch, your caresses and soft, warm kisses. I turned my head to kiss your arm lovingly, the familiar warmth and softness of bahis firmaları your skin lingering on my lips.

The early morning winter sunshine filtered into the room through a chink in the heavy curtains, and I blinked several times to allow my eyes to adjust to the light.

You stirred and I sat up a little, freeing your arm, so you could turn and lay comfortably again. You had turned away and I sat perfectly still for a moment listening to the sounds you made as you settled down and your breathing became slow and regular once more. Pulling it closer towards you, I lay my head back against my pillow, sinking my head gratefully into its softness.

I slid my arm around you under the crook of your elbow, resting lightly on your waist, following your contours. The heat from your body was like a magnet, drawing me closer. You breathed a contented sigh and, for a second or two, stroked my arm slowly, before you slipped off into sleep again. With my eyes closed and my cheek pressing gently against your back I felt myself drifting along in a half sleep, my hand on your warm stomach.

The next time I came to, I had slid down the bed a little, so that the pillow was above my head rather than beneath it. My arm was still around you, albeit across your hip now. And my hand.. my hand..! I moved it slowly, barely breathing as I realised where it now lay. I pushed myself up on my elbow so I could watch your face as I lightly caressed you. I blushed wildly, stopping myself momentarily, not sure if I should continue. I didn’t want to wake you, not yet. You needed your sleep. I ought to let you sleep.

I smiled to myself, remembering how we had made love last night. How wonderful it had been, how you had been. I had never experienced anything even close to it. It was so easy, so unhurried. We had lain for what seemed like hours, just touching. By the time we slid under the covers, we were so relaxed, it just followed that our lovemaking would be the same, unbound by the constraints of time.

I gently moved my arm lower, laying my hand lightly against you. My fingers curled around you instinctively. All soft and warm in my hand. My fingertips rested in your hair. I slowly massaged you, feeling a rush of excitement as I watched your mouth open a fraction and your tongue moisten your lips as you twitched in my palm, and my hand became wet with precum. There was a flutter in my stomach and a tingle high between kaçak iddaa my legs as I felt you throb and grow hard the second I tightened my grip and began to move my hand up and down.

Your breathing had changed. No longer slow and regular, I could hear you taking deeper breaths as I kept stroking you. You groaned with pleasure as you rolled onto your back, stretching out your legs and placing your hand on me in your half-sleep. I moved down the bed, and, straddling your thigh, I leant forwards.

I lightly licked the moist tip of your cock, watching as you flinched excitedly at my touch. I did it again, this time with the flat of my tongue, now coated with your precum. I teased you with the tip of my tongue, caressing the little slit as I watched you grow and harden. I moistened my lips and took you into my mouth slowly. You moaned as my lips pulled your foreskin tighter, exposing you to the warmth and wetness of my mouth. Your eyes flickered as I pulled you further in then sucked a little as I drew back.

Growing more aroused as I suckled you, I began to move my hips slowly, rubbing myself against your thigh as my wetness begin to moisten your skin. I was enjoying pleasuring you so much while you were sleeping, yet I was becoming excited just anticipating your reaction. I couldn’t wait a second longer. I carefully lifted your hand and placed it a fraction above my knee as I pushed down against you and took you deeper into my mouth. Your eyes opened as I pulled away, almost to the tip, and I sucked you once more, this time right into my throat. You groaned loudly, incredulous at what was happening. You were hard as rock.

I ground myself against you – now my turn to moan – as your hand moved quickly up my leg, your fingers burying into my soft, wet folds and rubbing gently, insistently. I rocked against them unashamedly, sucking hungrily on your hardness as I cupped and caressed your balls.

Our eyes locked. No words were needed. When my long hair fell forward, blocking my view, you swept it tenderly to one side, holding it in your hand. I could feel my juices run as I imagined the thoughts running through your head while you watched me pleasure you like this. I moaned deliberately, knowing you would love the sensation of my voice vibrating against your manhood. You throbbed and pulsed and my mouth, stretched around you, fought to hold you still. You groaned my name, low and throaty, animalistic. kaçak bahis I was surprised how much that turned me on.

Pressing myself harder against your skilled fingers, I moved my hips to a familiar rhythm. A wave of guilt crossed my mind at my selfishness as I sought to reach that peak, when I had set out with only your pleasure in mind. I sank onto your hand, almost motionless, as I turned my attention back to you, twisting and pulling my mouth away from you, sucking greedily on your hardness. Stretching and teasing you. Caressing and loving you. Your eyes gazed into mine, deeper still as your fingers invaded my centre, pushed into the wetness you created. I felt them forge their way into my tightness and your thumb began to circle my throbbing clit insistently. I drew a deep, sharp breath.

This seemed to trigger something in you, some signal. Your hips rose up towards me, driving your cock suddenly deeper into my mouth, my throat. For a second I almost gagged, surprised at your sudden movement. Then, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of fullness within me. Two centres of pleasure taken care of by the man I loved. As you bucked against my mouth, so I rocked against your strong, yet tender fingers. Over and over until our rhythms merged, became one.

With my eyes closed, my senses appeared heightened. All I could hear was the sound of our breathing, fast and ragged, becoming more laboured. All I could sense was the heat from your body in me and around me. All I could feel was the very start of a wave of pure pleasure deep within me which spread to my toes and back, increasing momentum, just as you bucked hard and fast against me and your hand clenched my hair tight. I knew you were about to explode.

I didn’t want to miss it. The look on your face. I opened my eyes and watched you intently. Your eyes were closed, head pressed hard into the pillows, your face set with concentration as my warm, wet mouth sucked you closer and closer.. faster and faster.. until you came, came in a hot spurt of pure pleasure, filling my mouth, then trickling hotly down my throat as I swallowed your seed, your gift.

Moments later, your fingers expertly rubbed and teased me to orgasm and I fell against you, my body shaking deliciously as the adrenalin rush kicked in.

We kissed then, smiling as we nestled in each other’s arms under the covers. Eventually we ventured out of bed, showered and snuggled into thick luxurious bathrobes, enjoying the winter sunshine as we drew the curtains back. Breakfast arrived and we ate hungrily. Then, drinking fresh orange juice, we made a toast to the weekend ahead.

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