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The weekend part 3

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The weekend part 3I was working on getting the grill good and hot before I threw the meat on. I looked around and Heather was working on the baked potatoes. Getting them ready, putting butter and season and wrap each one in foil. Mickie was making a side salad to go with it. And Trish had pitcher of lemonade. Since she was done she decided to see if Steve was up and see when he was going to join us. Mickie was soon done with her salad and made her way over to Heather to assist her. The grill was finally ready as I threw on some chicken and burgers. After a few minutes Trish had came down and snuck past the girls and when she knew and saw I wasnt near the grill, she had came behind me and wrapped her arms around me for a nice hug. “Want to thank you for all this Zack. Going to be fun.” I turn to face her and wrap an arm around her. “No problem. Know we all been talking about this for awhile just glad its here. Steve awake?” She replied “yea he wanted to take a waking shower.” I nodded my head as Trish then kissed my cheek and she headed over to the ladies. The friendship me and Steve is both of like brothers. We respect each other and know not to do anything to the other persons girl without talking to the other guy first. And since him and I knew what this weekend was about we had already had our “guy talk.” About him and heather getting it on and me and Trish. Some more time had gone by and all the food gets finished and the ladies had set the table. bahis siteleri I brought over the plate of the cook meats. Steve just came out right in time. “Just in time man just finished cooking dig on in.” Everyone easily dished out their plates and started eating. We all got on the top of work and how everyone’s jobs are doing. I sitting at 1 head side, heather on my left. Trish on her other side, then Steve at other end of the table with then Mickie on a side alone. Soon the talking had died down and tiredness was starting to take its toll on me. The long drive and the 3 way fun had before the food and now with a full belly. I knew I wouldn’t be as good as I knew the ladies would expect of me. “I guess I will go and take a nap or relax. Body needs a recharge.” All the ladies where in shock by my words. Heather begged me. “Please babe dont go yet. Still need dessert.” I raised a brow. “Well what’s for dessert.” Heather grinned “got 3 options but you dont get to know what they are till you pick one.” The ladies giggle. Trish spoke to Steve. “Same to you babe. But you can’t choose same as zack.” I had given it thought. And knowing my girl it would be very good options either way. “Alright then I’ll go with option 2.” Steve then spoke “so I took choose 1.” The girls look at each other and then drew some pieces of paper out of a cup. Mickie spoke “awww I’m 3.” Then Trish said “I’m number 2.” Then heather said. “That leaves me as 1.” Then Trish canlı bahis siteleri asked “top or bottom?” As Heather asked Steve “Giver or receiver?” Steve and I looked at each other some a quizzical look but same time fun grin. I spoke up. “Top.” As Steve then said “reciever ” Once we had given our answers Trish had stood up and pushed down her button half and then came over to me and then sat in front of me on the table. She scooted back some and the started to lay back on the table. Mickie had moved the food off the table. As they was doing that I didn’t see where Hesther had gone but saw Steve keep looking down at could only assume that Heather was working his cock or was about 2. When Trish was in full position she spread legs wide open and looked at me. “Eat away babe.” I grinned at her and didn’t want to disappoint so I placed my arms under her legs and hooked her legs and pulled my head in and kissed her inner thighs then moved closer and then kissed her pussy and then slide my tongue over and started to lick and taste her pussy.” Steve was moaning and leaning his head back. “Mmmm yes your mouth is so amazing.” He then looked down and watched Trish looking back at him. “Tell her to suck harder babe. Want to here you moan.” As she then moans loud as I drove into her pussy more so her attention was on me not him. Trish looked at me “fuck. You must really like this dessert.” I moan in her pussy. “Mmm. Hmmm eat this form of dessert every canlı bahis night.” Heather then laughs knowing what I ment by my statement Steve then tells heather. “Suck harder on my dick.” Then she did and Steve grunted big in shock and had almost cummed right there. “Holy shit.” I laugh at his reaction. “She knows how to suck dont she.” Trish then pushes my head into her pussy. “You dont stop till I say so.” I then went more on her pussy. As Trish started to moan louder the more Heather sucked on Stevie dick more. It didn’t take long before before Steve was grunted more and then said. ” I’m cunming.” I then felt Trish hands grip my hair as she was moving her hips and then moaned out. “I’m cumming.” I then licked all her sweet pussy juices up from her fresh cummed pussy as Steve finished grunted. Heather came out from under the table and then took her drink and went behind Steve and downed her drink which ment that his cum didn’t taste all that great. Trish got off the table and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Hope that filled you up.” I grinned. “It did” I then moved up from my chair and stood up. “Alright I’m not calling it a night but will take a break and relax. See you all later.” Heather walked over to me. “Wake you up in a hour or so babe” I smiled. “Yea that sounds good.” Heather replies. “Will do then.” I then walk away and head up to the room heather and I have claimed was ours and laid down on the bed and was easily asleep. Steve had gotten up and went to check out the rest of the place. The ladies sat around talking just the 3 of them as Heather tells them about waking me up and how she does it. Then the 3 had decided what and who should wake me up. Part 4 coming later.

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