May 25

The Wife is the Boss

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My phone pinged I opened the message it was from my wife, reminding me that I was to pick her up from work at 6.30pm. We were going out for a meal, the table booked for 7pm. I quickly responded saying that I was just about to leave and would be with her in about an hour.

The traffic was light and I arrived early, making my way up to her department I was met at the reception desk by one of her staff who was in the process of leaving, exchanging greetings she informed me that my wife, was getting changed and that I should just go through to her office, she followed me through, stopping outside the bathroom door, knocking on it, telling my wife she was away and that she would lock the doors to the department on her way out, adding that I had arrived and that I was waiting for her in her office. My wife’s muffled thanks coming from behind the door. I settled into a chair beside her desk, picking up a magazine and began thumbing through it.

“Hi Darling, your early” she said as she approached me.

She looked amazing, the simple black wrap over dress was clinging to her in all the right places, showing off her cleavage, the wrap over front parting slightly as she walked towards me, allowing a glimpse of inner thigh encased in barely black nylon, her black patent stilettos clicking on the floor as she moved towards me.

“Wow Darling you look fantastic, what have you done with my wife?”

“I take it you approve,” She laughingly said as she did a pirouette, her dress slightly flaring as she turned, I stood up as she reached me, opening my arms we embraced, her perfume filling the air, she planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You look amazing.” I responded, as my hands lightly grasped her sides, feeling the coolness of her silky dress. She smiled, reached up and gently adjusted my silk tie.

“Your looking very nice yourself, darling,” as her hands slipped to my upper chest, we kissed again, this time on the lips, we savoured the moment and both continued the kiss enjoying the moment, I felt my cock stirring, rising rapidly, filling out my shorts beneath my trousers, she felt me against her leg, slipping her hand down my chest, our kiss intensifying, her hand slipping between our bodies, she soon reached my rapidly growing cock, caressing it gently through my trousers. I moaned through our kiss, she fondled my cock harder, increasing my pleasure.

Breaking our kiss she looked at me and smiled.

“I take it you approve of my outfit,” as she continued to fondle me.

“You look amazing, so sexy,” as I let my hand slowly slip down the back of her dress and onto her ass, she quickly fended off my hand.

“You need to behave darling,” she responded, as her other hand released my cock from her grasp and she walked over to her desk picking up a bunch of keys.

I looked at her aghast, my cock straining in my shorts, tenting my suit trousers, clearly visible.

“You’re not going to leave me like this darling,” I gasped. She smiled.

“I need to check that the department is locked.” She went on, reaching a hand out to me.

“Come with me.” Taking her hand we left her office and moved through the department, switching off lights and closing doors, I placed my hand around her waist gently caressing her as we walked, my cock clearly tenting my trousers. I was desperately trying to find out what was beneath her silky dress, however she seemed alert to my motives deftly moving away from me at just the right moment, leaving me further frustrated.

“Will you stop teasing me please,” I asked her as she broke away from me as we entered a consulting room.

“I’m sorry darling,” she responded, “but I need to ensure that everything is shut off and disconnected,” as she bent down to remove a plug, “this is the last room.”

“Well if that’s the case,” I stepped towards her as she rose back up, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her back into my chest, allowing my cock to push into her butt, gently kissing her neck, trailing my my lips up to her ear and gently nibbling on it, whispering to her, ” I want you now, my sexy wife,” my hands gently stroking her breasts through the silkiness of her dress, feeling her bra holding them, it felt lacy under the silk, my cock responded, she ground her ass into it, letting out a moan.

She turned in my arms, we kissed slowly, she pushed me back against the wall, grinding herself on my leg, her breasts pushing into my chest, her hands grabbing mine, holding them to the side, I was desperate to fondle and caress her, she knew this, she broke the kiss, and stepped back, her face was flushed.

“Stay there and don’t move,” as she headed for the door, closing it and clicking the lock, she then moved to the other side of the room, keeping her eyes on me, a finger raised as a warning to stay where I was. She stopped in front of the examination couch, turned and faced me, hands on her hips.

“You are terrible,” she moved her hand and undid the tie on the side of her dress, I was mesmerised, canlı bahis my cock jumped in anticipation, she saw it and laughed, I went to move towards her desperate to get my hands on her.

“Stay where you are,” she scolded me. I retreated to the wall as she slowly undid and opened her dress, placing her hands back on her hips the dress held behind her, I gasped in awe at her beauty, her breasts in a c-thru black lace balconette style bra with a deep plunge allowing plenty of breast exposed, a deep matching suspender belt, framed a tiny pair of matching lace panties, the suspenders attached to her lace topped black stockings, I was entranced with her beauty, my hands straying to the front of my suit trousers I was about to fondle myself when she yelled at me.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself, take of your jacket,” she instructed me. I obliged as I saw her remove her dress completely, draping it over a nearby chair, she walked towards me, my eyes glued to her, as I too draped my jacket over a chair.

I went to embrace her, “hands behind your back!” she ordered, I looked at her, shock on my face, as she stood in front of me hands on her hips. “Well do it.” She ordered, I moved my hands behind my back, as a smile crossed her flushed face, she raised her hand to my face, gently stroking down my chin and beard with the back of it.

She continued stroking my face, with one hand whilst her other hand began to slide up and down my chest, I was experiencing great pleasure from this foreplay, my cock hardening even more in my shorts, my trousers tenting obscenely.

“As you are in my department darling, I am the boss, you will do as I tell you or this,” As she grabbed hold of my cock, “will not get its usual warm bath, do you understand me?” as she released my cock from her grasp.

“Eh yes mistress,” I whispered, “ouch,” as she had pulled on one of my braces, releasing it so it snapped back, catching an erect nipple beneath my crisp white shirt.

“I didn’t hear you properly,” she retorted, “again!!” As she pulled on both of my braces.

“Yes mistress, you are the boss,” I replied, waiting for the stinging on my breasts when she would release my braces.

“That’s better darling,” she smiled going on, “now,”

“Argh,” I yelped, as she let go of my braces,

“As I was about to say,” she carried on, as she gently ran her fingers over my erect nipples, easing the stinging effect with her delicate touch. “As much as I enjoy the sight of you, so impeccably dressed, I’m afraid that this will have to go,” her hands moved towards my silk tie and began to undo it, her eyes never leaving mine, her mouth, the lips framed in her red lipstick, opened, her tongue seductively began to run over her lips.

She left my tie, untied draped down my chest as she slowly began to undo my shirt buttons. I was aching to take her in my arms, to run my hands over her body, feel the silk and lace of her lingerie.

She leant forward I thought to kiss me, wrong, she moved her head and her tongue found my earlobe, she slowly licked around it, before gently kissing it, nibbling gently on it. She then whispered in my ear.

“These will have to go as well,” as her hands slipped under my braces, rising up to and over my shoulders, pulling them down my arms, I helped by moving my arms to the side so they could slip off, she took my hands and pushed them backwards, I dutifully responded returning them to behind my back.

She began to pull my shirt free of my trousers, returning once it was free to undoing the last of the buttons. Finishing she smiled at me, as she ran her hands up my shirt, gently placing them around my neck. Holding me she leant forward, this time she brushed the side of my face with her lips, before again whispering in my ear.

“Undo your cufflinks darling,” she then again seductively licked my ear lobe, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body, my cock twitching in the tight confines of my boxers. I hurriedly undid my cufflinks.

“Undone mistress,” I managed to stutter as she continued with her assault of my earlobe, she had slowly slipped a hand under my shirt and was gently dragging her long red nails over my upper chest, flicking my nipple when she came across it. The sensations running through me were immense ending at my cock which was in a perpetual state of twitching.

“Undone Mistress.”

“Well done darling,” she complimented me, as she moved back from me slightly, “now I’ll take this,” as she slid my silk tie from around my neck and placing it around her neck. Moving around behind me, I felt her breasts touch my back, her perfume filling my nostrils with her scent, as she leant into me and continued her assault of my earlobe. I felt her body move forward slowly, my hands were level with either her garter belt or panties, I couldn’t decide as she again whispered sternly in my ear.

“Do not touch me with your hands, you will not touch my pussy until I tell you to. Do you understand darling?”

“Yes bahis siteleri Mistress,” I replied, the disappointment in my voice, I could feel her heat on my hands, she was teasing me, I felt her shift forward I quickly moved my hands downwards and outwards, they landed on her stockings, I left them there they were trembling, holding my breath, I was in some state, she pushed her thighs forward, trapping my hands between her thighs and my own. I breathed out, I was relieved no chastisement from her. She wrapped her arms around me slipping her hands under my shirt and gently began a parallel assault of my chest and breasts simultaneously catching my nipples with her long red nails as they moved up and around my upper torso slowly the pressure from her nails increased, as did my breathing as more and more waves of pleasure mixed with pain enveloped me.

“I think we had better take this off darling,” as she pulled off my shirt from my back and off my arms as she stepped back, “we don’t want to get this messed up do we?”

“No mistress, thank you mistress,” as I felt cool air on my back, but not for long as she returned from placing my shirt on a chair, her hands and nails were now attacking my back, down my spine, across to my sides, I trembled at this, she knew I was ticklish there, slowly she repeated her assault, as she reached my sides she would lean in and gently kiss the back of my neck. She seemed to be enjoying this as she moved in closer to me, I tried to move my hands outwards again, but she stopped, stood back, her hands grabbed mine.

“Clasp your hands together darling,” obeying her immediately I was wondering what she had planned, “good darling”. It came to me as I felt the coolness of silk on my wrists, she was tying my hands together with my tie. “Now keep your fingers straight,” as she placed my hands together wrapping my tie around them to keep them in place. I felt her come closer to me, I panicked, I couldn’t get my hands out of the way, I felt the silk of her panties graze my fingers, as she leaned into me.

“You will not move your hands, my pussy is aching for some relief, and your hands will give me the stimulation I need. Remember darling displease me and no warm hole for your cock to fill.” I felt the pressure on my hands as she moved closer to me straddling my hands pushing her pussy down onto them, wrapping her arms around me she began to grind her panty clad pussy over my hands. I could hear her breathing increase, moaning, her nails digging into my chest as she humped my hands, it wasn’t long before I felt the warm moisture running through my fingers, her juices were making their way through her panties and my tie and onto my skin. Her gyrations increased, she was close to cumming then I felt her tremors as she came on my hands, her arms tightly wrapped around me were holding her up as her body convulsed, in the throes of her orgasm. I felt her collapse onto my back slipping of off my hands, she clung to me her breathing slowly calming down. Several minutes went by, before she released me from her arms and she walked around in front of me.

Kissing me gently she stood back from me, smiling, at me

“That my darling was intense. Now let’s get you ready for the next stage, shall we?” as she reached for my trousers waistband. Unbuttoning and unzipping my trousers she then pulled them down, crouching down, so as to slip them over my shoes, placing them on the chair with the rest of my clothes. Returning to stand in front of me she had clearly regained her composure. That gorgeous smile, the sexy way she ran her tongue over her lips, the gentle stroke of the back of her hand down my cheek, her other hand, her nails scrapping down my chest, I breathed in as her hand went lower, her nails scratching my skin.

“Now my darling, I think it’s time that we release, you don’t you?”

“Oh yes mistress, please mistress,” her hand slipped beneath the waistband.

“I do love you in silk darling, your cock always look so good like this,” her other hand was now caressing my cock from the outside of my shorts,, her nails teasing along my shaft, her hand rubbing the silk over the head of my cock. Oh I was getting close to spewing my load.

“Oh mistress please I’m going to cum if you continue rubbing me like that.”

She stopped rubbing me, grasping the base of my cock still in my shorts, she squeezed, watching my face, contort in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She held on till my breathing slowed.

“Is that better darling?”

“Oh thank you mistress,” I gasped out, “I am sorry.”

“Well I think that you need to clean my fingers for me, don’t you?” as she raised her hand towards my face, moving her fingers, I could see my pre cum sticking too her fingers. I opened my mouth, she was watching me intently as I stuck my tongue out, greedily seeking her fingers, she knew I loved the salty taste of my pre cum, one at a time, she offered me up a finger, gently licking them clean, before I engulfed bahis şirketleri it in my mouth sucking and licking each one clean, all the while her eyes on mine, her smile broadening, moaning sexily as I sucked and played with her fingers. Her clean hand was all the while, nails scratching at my chest, teasing my nipple, my cock was aching again, I so wanted it to be in her warm pussy.

She started to move backwards, her fingers still in my mouth, I shuffled after her, she stopped in the middle of the room, pulling her fingers from my mouth, wiping them dry on my chest as she caressed her hand down my torso.

“Wait here.” She ordered. Spinning on her heels, she turned and walked away from me towards the examination couch, allowing me the pleasure of seeing her gorgeous ass, framed by her suspender belt, her black lace and silk panties were in fact a thong, the silk fitting snugly up between her butt cheeks, the triangle of silk pointing alluringly down towards her crack. She stopped, looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, brought her legs together and bent over from the waist, her hands slowly sliding down the outsides of her legs, smoothing the nylon of her stockings, she then slipped them between her legs and slowly she caressed her inner legs, letting her hands rise up her calves ever so slowly, teasing me, she knew that I loved looking at her legs, especially if she was in high heels and stockings.

As she reached her stocking tops, she removed her hands to her hips, as she simultaneously moved one leg outwards about 2 feet and stood back up. She was really putting on a show and by the look on her face as she looked back at me, she was enjoying herself. Whereas as I was in absolute torture, my cock was rock hard, soaked in my precum, straining for release from its silk prison.

Her hands disappeared from sight, I could only guess what they were doing, her thighs opened further, my god!, I could see the shape of her pussies lips through the soaked silk of her thong, she was really turned on by the look of it, her hands suddenly appeared between her legs, a red nailed finger slowly running across the silk from front to back, she was watching me again, smiling as she slowly fingered herself, her tongue suggestively running over her red lips.

Thankfully she stopped turned back around, with her legs still apart she leaned back, her butt resting on the couch, one hand was covering the front of her thong, the red of her nails a striking contrast to the black lace and silk of her thong, her middle finger was gently stroking up and down on her pussy, as her other hand slowly moved up to her lace covered breasts and began to slowly caress them. She teased like this seemingly enjoying seeing my tortured state, for what seemed ages.

“Darling,” she called out, breaking me out of the trance her seductive show had me in. “Come here please,” I moved forward stopping in front of her. “On your knees please,” I dropped to the floor, eager for what I hoped was to come. Taking my head in her hands she tilted my head up. “Now darling you know how much I enjoy your oral skills, I do hope you won’t disappoint me, I’m feeling so horny just know,” and with that before I could answer my face was pulled in to her crotch.

The smell of her sex was intoxicating, her thong was soaking, as I let my nose rub down her, feeling her lips parting under the silk, I snaked out my tongue as I moved back up, tasting her beautiful juices, my teeth began to gently nibble at her lips, I know she loved this and sure enough her thighs tightened around my head, her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her. She was moaning loudly above me, I wished I had my hands free to help support me, but also to feel her stocking clad legs.

I managed to get my nose to the edge of her thong, dragging it over with the aid of my teeth I had managed to expose her lips, now using my tongue I managed to get it under the silk and onto my goal of between her engorged lips, this resulted in a huge moan from her and a further clamping of my head, as I began to insert my tongue down and into her. She was writhing above me bucking her crotch into my face as I licked, sucked, nibbled my way into her cunt. Suddenly her legs moved landing on my shoulders, her heels digging into my back, her moaning increased, her fingers grabbing my hair kneading my head, her thigh muscles gripping me tighter, I was starting to get light headed, as her writhing increased, she was close to cumming again, and then her body went rigid, clamping my head even tighter, then releasing as quickly as her orgasm took hold, my face flooded with her juices, I had to swallow quickly, she tasted delightful.

I was stuck on my knees, head still buried in her crotch, her heels slowly scraping my back as her legs trembled in the aftershock of her orgasm. She held me like this, as her breathing came back to normal, I could feel her juices trickling down my face and into my beard, she was gently massaging my scalp with her hands, I could just about hear her moaning and purring above me. Minutes passed as she recovered, before I felt her legs come off my back, her hands grasping the side of my head and guiding it back from her crotch.

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