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The witch and the Dragon Part 4

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Chapter Eight Zak walked to Anniel’s quarters, just a few doors away from his own. The look on Anniel’s face when she greeted him at the door didn’t bode well. ‘She wants to leave,’ Anniel sighed into his mind. “Like hell she is,” Zak snarled and made to storm into her rooms, but Anniel gripped his arm and jerked him to a stop. Zak frowned at her. “She’s been crying for the past ten minutes, Goliath. Go easy on her,” Anniel insisted, brows drawn. Zak blinked, eyes wide. His precious girl? Crying? Tearing his arm from Anniel’s strong grip, he finished rushing into her living room. Alluna sat in the middle of the circular seating area, her back against the deep fuchsia sofa and toes buried in the furry white rug below her. His pretty girl had her arms wrapped around her middle with her knees drawn up and head bowed. Her hiccupping little sobs tore at his heart. Leaping over the back of the sofa to land sitting on the cushions, he reached for her. “Baby, tell me what’s wrong,” he crooned pulling her onto his lap. Startled, she resisted a moment, but he gentled her with soft kisses all over her face and mouth. With a shudder, she finally gave in and clung to him, burying her face in his neck. Zak rocked her in his arms, one arm wrapped around her back, the other buried in the silky hair at her nape. He brushed a kiss to the top of her dark head. “Why are you crying? Tell me, sweetheart.” “I know… about you now,” she hiccoughed. Zak stiffened, dread making his heart almost stop in his chest. “What do you know about me, baby?” She sniffled, her sweet body trembling with distress. He felt her little fingers fist a lock of his hair. He pressed her tighter against his body. “Y-you’re a famous rockstar,” she finally got out. Zak frowned. That was the last thing he’d expected her to say. Disentangling her arms from around him, he set her back to look into her eyes. Her eyes were swollen, her nose red and runny. Alluna’s eyes brimmed with fresh tears as she stared at him, her lower lip quivering. Zak wiped the two fat teardrops that made their way down her splotchy cheeks. “You’re crying because I’m a famous rockstar?” he asked incredulously. She nodded her breath hitching in her throat as more tears began rolling down her cheeks. Again, he wiped them away, shaking his head with a smile. “Baby, that doesn’t mean anything.” Her eyes suddenly flashed as she pushed his hands away. “Why did you rescue me? Am I like some pathetic little animal you took pity on? If it hadn’t been for Remien Fyre… damn it all. I’m so stupid.” Zak felt anger shoot through him. He’d wanted to be the one to show her the things she had no knowledge of. Zak gripped her arms and gave her a little shake. “Don’t ever refer to yourself as stupid, Alluna.” He grated, making her flinch. “You’re just an innocent girl.” Her moment of shock passed, her gorgeous golden eyes lighting with hot anger. She tried to wrench free from his hold. “I’m stupid. Stupid-stupid-stupid, and…and pathetic. I mean nothing to you…“ Zak flipped her over his knees so fast she screamed in surprise. He pulled the long, pink t-shirt Anniel had loaned her up to bare her sweet bottom. She screamed in outrage when he flattened one palm over her back to keep her down. Her pretty ass squirmed making him grin. “You beast. Let me up,” she cried out. Zak caressed her tight, round ass; so pretty. “When you refer to me, you will do so with respect.” “Fuck you,” she spat making his brows shoot up to his hairline. He wanted to laugh. She had spirit, he’d give her that… and this too… He lifted his hand and smacked her right ass cheek with a stinging slap. She jerked in his hold as he delivered five more slaps, alternating between cheeks. Her caramel-colored buttocks were warm and red now, making his cock grow stiff between his legs. “Furthermore, you will never—ever-ever use derogatory words when referring to yourself,” he punctuated his words with slaps to her ass, “nor defy me,” smack “nor tell me” smack “fuck you.” Smack-smack. “The only” smack “word” smack “that will follow fuck” smack-smack “from your lips” smack “is the word me—as in fuck me, Zak.” Smack-smack-smack. “Do you understand, Alluna?” She sobbed brokenly, making his chest tighten. He hadn’t hit her hard enough to cause her real pain. He was sure her pretty little ass just stung from his attentions. “Answer me.” “Yes,” she snapped in anger. “Yes, what?” She tried once more to wiggle off his lap, but he pressed his palm harder against the small of her back. She finally went limp with a shuddering sob. Her head bowed, the gloss of her hair a spill of black satin on the furry white rug. “Y-yes, sir,” she cried brokenly. Her tears melted his heart. He smoothed his hand over her reddened rump, one finger following the seam until he slid one finger into her tight heat. Alluna gasped and bucked on his lap. He almost groaned, feeling how wet she was. He frowned looking at the back of her head. His punishment had aroused her? Hope surged in his heart that she might be inclined to his kinky lifestyle. “Open your legs for me.” “No, please…“ “Alluna,” he warned in a low voice. With a shudder, she spread her thighs. He cupped her pussy, feeling her wetness and heat in his palm. Her hand wrapped around his ankle. She whimpered as a shiver ran through her. Zachariel lifted his hand and this time delivered the slap closer to her pussy. She cried out when he gave her four more. Again, he slid his finger through her folds. Alluna was drenched. Zak pumped his fingers into her and she rotated her hips with a throaty moan. Her inner muscles gripped his fingers within their quivering depths. Hell, fucking her would be pure heaven. His cock ached to be buried in her tight cunt. He strummed her clit making her buck on his lap. He could feel she was close to the edge. Zak spread her honey back to her rosette. She tensed when he began to tease her rear opening. “No. Please, not there,” she begged. “Give me one good reason why not.” “It’s… it’s… dirty,” she whined. “Not good enough. Your little pucker is clean. The hygiene unit in my room cleaned both of us a while ago.” “But-but…” Again, she jerked in his hold when he teased her clit and anal star simultaneously. The pleasure made her arch back making him grin when the muscles of her sphincter loosened. Alluna escort avcılar let out a low groan when he finally breached her ass with one finger. He sank into her knuckle deep before giving her a few light slaps with his other hand over her spread pussy. Her wetness dripped from his fingers. He strummed her clit again, feeling his balls ache for release. She was panting, moaning and begging. He struck her pussy again and she came apart on the third slap, screaming his name. She trembled, shudders wracking her sweet little body. He gripped her arms and pulled her up to sit on his lap once more. She could barely hold herself up. Alluna was still panting, her cheeks and lips flushed and face wet from her tears. Her dark hair tumbled about her shoulders like a silken veil as she stared at him with her luminous eyes. So fucking beautiful. “Also, don’t ever say you mean nothing to me,” he finished feeling every inch of his cock throb painfully in the confines of his leather pants. He gripped the back of her neck, fingers tangling in her tousled hair and dragged her to him. He took her mouth, his tongue spearing into the heart of it to plunder the sweetness within. She clung to his shoulders while he devoured her. He felt her fingernails digging into his meaty biceps as she pressed her breasts into his chest. His desire for her was a living inferno running through his veins. Fire. Zak pulled away from her. Control. He needed to keep control of himself. He had a bad habit of igniting things in the heat of the moment. Most times he’d lost his head, he’d been tangled up in his bed with a dozen or so women in the dead of night. Consequently, when some random part of the space station went up in flames, everyone always assumed it had been Remien Fyre having some bad dream. He ran the pad of his thumb over her quivering lower lip. Her mouth was swollen and wet from his kisses. He knew another part of her was in the same state and bit back a growl of lust, his cock twitching in his suddenly too tight pants. “Let’s get you cleaned up. I think this time I’ll fill up the sunken tub. You’ll enjoy soaking a while in some nice warm water.” He scooped her up in his arms and strode out of Anniel’s quarters. His Alpha Angel sister had left them alone. A good thing for her because Zak wouldn’t have changed a single thing he’d done had she chosen to stay. Having an audience didn’t faze him in the least.Alluna clung to Zak’s thick neck as he strode through the corridor carrying her as though she weighed nothing at all. She sniffled, her eyes taking in the bulging muscles of his biceps, shoulders, and chest. It wouldn’t surprise her if he could carry her with just one arm. She’d sit on the palm of his hand and he’d hold her up like a tray. His eyes darted to hers and reflexively hugged her tighter to his chest, nuzzling the top of her head. It felt so safe, being in his arms…so right. The memory of her belligerence had shame heating her cheeks. She buried her face in his neck and breathed his comforting scent deeply. His heat warmed her to the core. As she twirled a golden lock in her fingers, she began to wonder about mama. They were so far away. Maybe the sorceress wouldn’t be able to reach them here. Zak carried her into his quarters, past the first two chambers into the hygiene room. He approached a mirrored wall that parted, revealing another smaller room. Alluna’s eyes widened. It was as though they’d stepped out into space. The room was round, protruding from the side of the space station and made of glass. Sitting in the center of the glossy black floor was a pool of steaming water, its glowing blue rim the only source of light. All around, through the thick glass bubble covering the pool, glittered trillions of stars, taking Alluna’s breath away. The moment felt surreal when he set her down. She couldn’t stop gaping at the vast expanse of star dusted black yawning into eternity before her. Zak stood behind her, his hands wrapped around her waist. He nuzzled her hair, his warm breath fanning her temple and sending a shiver through her. “Lift your arms for me, baby.” Alluna obeyed, a shiver going through her when he lifted the soft t-shirt Anniel had given her up her body. Her nipples immediately tightened. Zak cupped them in his hands, the material of his clothing raising bumps across her skin as she pressed back against him. Being completely naked while he remain clothed made her feel naughty. Unfortunately, he stepped away to lift her and lower her into the sunken tub of warm water. With a sigh, she sank to her neck in the soothing water and turned to stare up at him. He was stripping. Alluna couldn’t tear her gaze away as he revealed every inch of his amazing body, inches of rippling muscle beneath supple sun-bronzed flesh. His hair spilled like molten gold over one shoulder when he bent to pull his pants off, displaying his powerful long legs. With an impish smile, he joined her in the tub. Alluna’s heart sped up when one big hand gripped her around the waist and hauled her against his hard body. She went limp in his hold, and tipped her face up, eager for his kiss. He only chuckled and began soaping her. Zak washed her down diligently and thoroughly. Her face burned with embarrassment when he lathered her between her legs and turned her to soap her ass. By the time he lifted each foot out of the water and washed in between every toe she was panting with need. He only placed his hand on her head and, much to her shock and annoyance, dunked her beneath the water. Alluna came up sputtering, her passions replaced by indignation. She pushed her soaked hair from her face and glared at him. Zak stared at her, one brow raised in challenge even though a slight smirk graced his too handsome face. Alluna bit her tongue to keep from giving him a piece of her mind. He nodded slowly, as if approving her restraint. He reached out and took her hand. “Now it’s your turn to wash me.” Her jaw dropped as he pressed the cake of soap into her palm. “I wouldn’t drop that if I were you,” his deep voice purred. Alluna stared at him with a gulp. Zak’s grin was pure evil. She wanted to ask why, but dreaded the answer. Remi’s growly voice answered into her mind—because as soon as you bend over, he’ll fuck your pretty little ass, sweetheart. Alluna escort bahcesehir gasped, her eyes going round. She didn’t know what shocked her more, the picture that popped into her head of Zak piercing her rosette with his huge male part, or… “I can hear Remi in my head.” Zak’s grin vanished as he rolled his eyes and sighed. “So can I, unfortunately. Just ignore him.” “He can hear what I’m thinking?” The thought had her heart racing. Zak shook his head. “He hears what I’m thinking. I hear you.” Alluna felt heat shoot into her face. Zak cocked his head to one side. “Do you want to link your mind to us?” “Link?” It was a stupid question. She already knew the Alpha Angels were linked to each other, mentally and emotionally. She shook her head emphatically. The idea of having all the Alpha Angels in her head scared the shit out of her. “I don’t hear all of your thoughts, I block them out because Dev taught us to respect the privacy of others, but I can feel your emotions, and when you respond to me I can’t help listen to what you’re thinking.” I want you too, Alluna. There’s no shame in desire, sweetheart. Mama thought so. She’s going to hurt them. I don’t want her to. “Alluna, she can’t do anything to harm you anymore… or us. We’re Master Guardians.” “You’re not invulnerable,” Alluna sulked, her mind going over all the facts she knew about how Utuduodian Hunters had captured them in suspended animation orbs. Her mother had even managed to turn Remi into a miniature dragon once. It was her way of capturing dragons. No matter how far she was, Alluna was still afraid she’d find her and hurt her new friends—sadness squeezed her heart—her only friends ever. Zak stroked her cheek, interrupting her train of thoughts. “Remi looked adorable as a little beast. It was actually a hell of an improvement. He couldn’t talk.” Alluna heard a deep growl in her head and whispered conversation. Zak laughed. The noise in her head went silent. Zak stepped closer to her, gripped her hand with the soap, and purred, “wash me.” Alluna let him place her hands on his neck as he settled himself low in the pool. His hands slid down, pulling her to straddle his lap as he sat on a ledge in the pool. Closing his eyes with a sigh, he tipped his head back. Alluna now had free rein of his body. She wet the cake of soap, placed it on the edge of the tub, and put her palms on his cheeks. She allowed her soapy fingers to learn the chiseled strength of his face. His lashes looked dark in the dim lighting of the room. She caressed his cheeks, letting her fingers tease the slight indentations of his dimples. Longing filled her when she traced around his full lips. Alluna continued down the strong column of his throat, her fingers smoothing over the lump of his Adams apple, and then she used both hands to cup water and gently rinse his face. He smiled a bit when she used her thumbs to wipe the water that pooled around his long lashes. Again, she soaped her hands and began to work on his chest and shoulders. His pecs jumped beneath her fingers making her marvel at the strength in his body. He was an exotic creature. Her fingers swept over his flat nipples and they tightened to little points. Unable to resist, Alluna pinched them. He flinched, making her gaze dart up to his face. He peeked at her from beneath wet lashes. His lips were slightly parted, showing just a hint of his white teeth. “Don’t stop,” he whispered. Something nudged her belly. She looked down to see the tip of his cock rising out of the water that swirled around their waists. She reached for it, but he stopped her. “So soon? You haven’t finished washing my arms or my torso.” He voice was so deep it was almost a growl. Zak redirected her hands back up to his chest. Her fingers splayed over his meaty pecs, the feel of his tight nipples like two beads against her palms. When she squeezed to test how hard his pectorals were, he arched a bit, much as she did when he caressed her breasts. Alluna’s gaze darted back up to his. Did he feel the same pleasure she felt to have this part of his body touched. “The soap is drying on me,” he whispered. Tearing her gaze from his, she focused on his upper body again. Her fingers slid down his ropey arms, feeling the strength in them. He could snap her in two if he wanted. His hands were huge, with long, thick fingers. She shivered remembering the way he’d spanked her and then pushed inside her. What was that called? Oh, yes, finger f— “What are you thinking?” She jumped, staring at him with her cheeks flaming. Why did she keep forgetting he could hear her thoughts? “Tell me,” he insisted. She didn’t want to. One thing was thinking…about erotic things, another, was giving voice to them. “Alluna.” His hand gripped the back of her neck, forcing her to look at him. She took in a shaky breath. “I was remembering how you’d spanked me.” Tightening her lips, she glared up at him in hopes he wouldn’t press the issue further. His lips twitched, as if trying not to grin. “And what else?” Her glare died, replaced by chagrin. He pinched her chin and forced her to look into his eyes as he drew her closer. “What else, Alluna? Your nipples are tight and your cheeks flushed in arousal. What else were you thinking?” She gripped his wrist with both hands to pull his fingers from her chin. It was like trying to move the arm of a stone statue. “You can invade my thoughts. Why do you bother to ask?” she snapped hotly. “Because I want to hear you admit it with your mouth. Say it?” he said in soft tones. Alluna bit her lip and then blurted, “Your spanking turned me on.” “And?” Her eyes widened. She shook her head. “Alluna, what else?” “I…I enjoyed the way you…” she couldn’t bring herself to say the rest. “You enjoyed the way I fingered you. Say it.” Her jaw dropped. He finally laughed at her shocked expression. He put his mouth over hers then, kissing her softly, making her ache for him. “Soon, Alluna. You’ll be telling me exactly what you feel without hesitation.” She wanted to wrap her arms around him and ravish his mouth, but he put her away from him and began to rise. He looked like a god rising from the water, his body glistening in the starlight. For a moment sadness invaded her soul when she thought he was getting out of the tub, but he only rose upon the ledge to beylikdüzü escort perch himself on the edge of the pool, pulling her to kneel on the ledge before him. “You can’t finish washing me sitting half in the water.” He gestured to his magnificent body, drenched locks clinging to his wet flesh. “Now you can lather the rest of me easily.” With trembling hands, Alluna continued to wash his torso. His abdomen was packed with hard muscles that rippled under her fingers. She felt the indentations of his ribs, traced the line that curved over his hip as he leaned farther back, giving her access to his pelvis. The suds licked down his chest and six-pack to swirl around the base of his cock and drip off his heavy balls. He had no body hair as she had before the hygiene unit removed it from her. She now knew this was a common trait for weredragons. His engorged shaft rising up the middle of his belly was next. Excitement filled her at the prospect of wrapping her hands around it. The same sun-gold bronze as the rest of him, it curved up, ending in a red-hued meaty head that twitched as if begging for attention. Alluna bit her lower lip, her hand going for his cock, but he stopped her. “You don’t need to use soap there. I’d rather you use your mouth,” he said, his voice like velvet as his finger circled her lips. Alluna had acquired the knowledge to know about oral sex. Going down, giving head, sucking off were terms she had learned from having the Gorgison cap on for a few minutes. The information was there as well as the practicalities of how it was done. She stared up at him as he pushed his finger into her mouth. She nibbled on the tip and suckled before he pulled it out with a pop and arched his hips. The request couldn’t have been clearer if he’d demanded it of her. Alluna licked her lips nervously, her eyes lowering to his erection. Sliding her hands up his thighs, she was surprised when she felt a tremor quiver through them. She looked back up into his face, but it was hidden in shadows. His chest was moving a little more rapidly, though, giving proof of his obvious excitement. Alluna gripped the base of his cock and took a tentative lick at the crown. The head was smooth against her tongue and a bead of clear liquid emerged from the slit at the tip. Curious, she lapped it up and was surprised at the sweetly tart taste. More fluid oozed out and she put her mouth over the entire tip and sucked. His body went rigid and she saw him clench his fists. Feeling more brazen, Alluna slid her mouth farther down his shaft until he hit the back of her throat. There was still plenty of him left on the other side of her lips. Alluna gripped him tighter with her fist and pulled back. When she sucked him down again, she brought her fist up his cock to meet her lips. Zak’s hips bucked as he groaned above her. Pride swelled in her heart that she was giving him pleasure. She wanted to go deeper; it was called deep throating. “Alluna, don’t. It’s too much for you, baby,” he moaned, putting his hand on her head. She used her other hand to cup his balls and roll them in her palm. Zak hissed and spread his thighs more. He panted and bucked as she continued to suck his cock. For a moment, she abandoned the engorged shaft to lick down to his balls and suck each one. Zak cursed, his knuckles going white as he used both hands to grip the edge of the sunken tub. Fuck, I’m going to cum. Cum so hard it’s going to kill me— his voice growled in her mind. Alluna took a deep breath and took him back into her mouth. He began to shoot before she’d barely put her lips on him, filling her with mouthfuls of salty cum. Relaxing her throat and dipping her tongue toward his balls, she sank all the way down on him. “Fuck,” he shouted, his hand going to her wet hair. Alluna twisted her head sideways and swallowed convulsively around his erupting shaft. His shout turned into a roar as he continued to pour down her throat, the heat of his seed warming her belly. He shuddered over her, until his hands gripped her arms and pulled her off his dick. “Can’t take anymore,” he gasped. Zak slid off the ledge into the water with a splash, panting. He looked at her, astonishment clearing written across his features. “God, Alluna. You might hurt yourself. Are you okay? No female has ever taken me all the way.” Alluna chewed her lip nervously. Had she done something bad? He came. He’d enjoyed it… didn’t he? His fingers touched her throat gently. “Did you hurt your throat, baby?” “No.” Her voice came out as a croak startling her. He pressed her against his chest, murmuring her name into her hair like a mantra. Alluna heard his heart thundering beneath her ear. She snuggled closer, closing her eyes as a sense of…rightness settled over her. After a while of just holding each other, he lifted her out of the bathing pool and stood with her beneath the hygiene unit’s blue ray. Once they were dry, he carried her to his sleeping chamber and set Alluna on his round bed where he fed her more food and drink. He smiled, his eyes glowing with male satisfaction as she swallowed the last drops of water from the goblet he held to her lips. “It’s still too early to go to sleep. How’d you like to cruise around with me? There’s this little place the boys and I go to relax and kick back a few beers.” His words were strange, yet she understood him. He stood. Once again, she heard the whispers in her mind, signaling he was telepathically speaking to one of the Alpha Angels. “Remi’s going to loan you one of Rowie’s outfits for tonight.” As Zak spoke, he pulled on a pair of black leather pants and boots, which was what he usually wore from the waist down. Instead of his usual long sleeved black shirt with the silver wings over his left pectoral, he pulled on a sleeveless black vest made of the same supple leather as his pants. Armbands that covered his forearms were buckled on next. Lastly, he smoothed his hands over his hair and she watched mesmerized as the thick strands wove into a heavy braid that fell to the middle of his ass. He looked like a dark angel. She wrapped her arms around herself, glancing at her hair and eyes in the reflection of the glass wall before her. She felt so plain compared to him. “Tomorrow I’ll order some clothes for you. Tonight we’ll just relax and get to know each other a bit more,” he said holding up the garment Remi had teleported to them. Alluna looked at the tiny, red, patent leather dress and wondered about the woman it belonged to. Rowie was the lead dinger of Angel of Retribution, and Remien Fyre’s mate.

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