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The_PartyThe Party by DCRI was told to dress in a formal gown. This was very strange.Master usually took me to parties in the most revealing costume he had.I’ve been his slave for 4 years now, and never had such a request.I knelt before my Lord.”Stand up, Little Cunt.”, commanded master, “I want to see howbeautiful you look.”I blushed. Master never called me beautiful. He knew I craved to beshamed.Master looked me over, as a groom inspects his bride. I blushed again.Since we’ve met, he’s whipped, slapped, jerked, and hate fucked me. I wasgetting excited, and worried.Master slowly caressed my hair. He looked me in the eye, then leanedin to kiss me. A slow, gently, loving kiss. I returned it with greatpassion. What game was master playing tonight? I didn’t care. It hadbeen a long time since I’d had such romance.”Little Cunt”, he whispered in my ear, “Tonight will be a big test for you.”I wondered at those words. Was this a game? It felt so good,I didn’t care.”Little Cunt”, he whispered again, “Tonight you prove your loyalty anddevotion to Me”.He took my hand, and lead me to a waiting limo. I got in and startedto take my place at my master’s feet. He stopped me. He patted the seat nextto him. “Sit here, little Cunt.”, he said sweetly.I slowly got up and sat beside my Master.”Tonight you will be tested. Obey everything, and you willbe rewarded.”I slowly put my head down on Master’s shoulder. He gently guided it down,and sweetly combed my hair. I felt strange. I wanted to be shamed. I needed theabuse. Why was I melting at this kindness?We arrived at a mansion just out of town. My master turned to me.”I will get out and go to the door ahead of you. You will raise your dress,take off your panties, and give them to the driver.”, he commanded. “Make surehe sees your wet pussy. Then you will follow me to the door.”Before I could think, The door opened and Master got out. I didn’t knowjust how to obey. I finally got out of the car, and stood up. The driverstared at me. I turned to him, and slowly lifted my dress. I lowered mypanties slowly, revealing my pussy.”God! What a Slut!”, shouted the driver.I felt shame run through my body. My little cunt creamed. Yes I am ano good shitty slut, I thought. I am a fuck’n whore!I fought the need to cum. Master did not command it. I handed my pantiesto the bahis şirketleri driver, as if it was a hundred dollar tip.”Come back later, and I’ll give you a tip, WHORE!”, the driver sneered.I slowly lowered my dress, and turned. I had not noticed that severalservants were watching my performance. I blushed. I felt cunt juicestream down my legs. I turned and slowly followed my Master. I neededto experience all the shame.Master was standing, waiting for me. He held out his hand, like agentleman. I took it as a lady. Master leaned near.”Good work, little cunt. You are truely a shame slut. You took off yourpanties, then creamed like a cow, yet did not cum.”I smiled, then I lowered my head in shame. Master knew what I needed.”We will go to the door. We will enter, and I will go on ahead into theroom. You will go to the hat check girl, give her your wrap, open your dress,and let her see your tits. You will pinch your nipples until you cum,then find me.”Without a word, he hurried away. I approached the hat check girl. Shelooked no older than 18. I smiled, then slowly revealed my well used breasts.The girl stared. I smiled as I took one nipple at a time, and rolled itbetween my shameful fingers. I gave a little moan, still staring at theyoung thing. The girl gave a nervous giggle. I felt lust rise.Suddenly a man came over, and took my wrap. He looked on with disgust.”Damn whore! Can’t wait till you get home!”I was mortified. I blushed. I came.As I recovered, I slowly placed my breasts back in my dress and turned.I had not noticed that a group of guests were watching. I could hearthem gossipping. I lowered my head in shame, and came again.I went into the room, and looked for Master. There were at least ahundred couples around the room. I wondered if I was the only shame slut.Suddenly, I saw Master across the room. He was watching me. I smiled,then lowered my head in shame. I moved like the lady I am not. I felt thecunt juices on my bare skin. I felt the fabric rub against my erect nipples.I saw the knowing eyes and talking mouths, each expressing sharp disapprovalof my wanton ways.As I reached master, he held out his hand like a gentleman. I took itas the lady I was not. He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed.My master knows what it takes to make me hot.”Little cunt, you bahis firmaları make me proud.”, he said, “You will do anything for me,Just like a well trained dog. You are a lower than a dog. You are lowerthan a pig. Thank-you for being my bitch.”I smiled. I lowered my head in shame. I creamed. I came.Master smiled. He knew what I craved.He lead me over to a table full of food. I looked at him for approval.There were so many delights that I have not had in a long time. Master madesure I ate only the best dog food and table scraps. This was a forbiddenfeast for a pig such as I.”Choose what you want. Make sure to get at least 4 g****s, and two olives.You may also taste the wine.”, he chuckled.I looked at the feast before me. I choose some chocolates, some caviar,4 g****s, two olives, and a glass of red wine.Master lead me over to a table, politely pulled out a chair for me, andsat down beside me.”I will go the bathroom”, he whispered. “You will take the g****s andolives and stuff them in your pussy. You will hold them in, until I tell you.”Master got up, and went towards the hall.I was so embarrissed, and so turned on. I took a g****, raised my dressand slowly inserted it in my very wet hole. One by one they entered mypiggish hole. I pushed them deep, so they would stay there till Mastercommands.When finished, I lowered my dress, and slowly ate the chocolates. Ifelt the foreign objects float in my womb. I had not noticed that manyladies were looking on in discuss. I blushed. I was ashamed. It was allI could do to keep from cumming and shooting them out my hole.Master returned.”Very good!”, he whispered, “Only a little cunt pig would shame itselflike you. Shall we dance?”I smiled. I lowered my head in shame. I fought back the urge to cum.We got up and moved to the dance floor. They were playing a waltz.Master put his hand on my back. He took the other in hand, and we beganto waltz. He looked me in the eye as I struggled to keep my inserted friendsinside.”You will slowly let them out and fall to the floor. Keep looking at meas you do”, he commanded.I almost lost it. My master was very skilled. He knew what I needed.As we danced, I let the g****s and olives shoot out on the floor. Iflt the shame as others stepped and squished them. Master looked at mewith a knowing smile.The dance ended. kaçak bahis siteleri On the way back to our seat, a gentleman came up.”Sir, I noticed that your lady has had some, episodes this evening.Perhaps she should go home and rest.”Master looked me in the eye.”Thank-you sir”, master replied, “Darling, are you ok? Should we go?”I just lowered my head in shame. I fought back my lust to cum.Master gently helped me up.”You will go to the bathroom.”, he whispered, “You will go to thewash basin, and wait for a big breasted woman to wash her hands besideyou. You will look at her, and say ‘Would you help me please? I ama pig whore looking for a big breasted slut to use me. Will youplease slap my tits?’. Let her do what she wants then return to me.”I entered the bathroom. I waited. I saw a big breasted womancome to the basin. This one I’m sure master would approve of.”Pardon me, would you please help me?”, I asked meekly.”Yes, my dear. Are you ok?”, she replied.I swallowed. The words were coming hard. The shame filling mybeing.”I am a Pig whore.”, I said meekly, with eyes lowered.”Yes, I know”, she replied.Shame shot though me. I blushed.”I am looking for a big breasted slut to use me.””Damn you to hell, sweet pig. I suppose you need to be abused?”,she replied lustfully.I was mortified. Was my need for abuse that obvious?”Yes mistress. Please slap my tits.”I stood facing her. She smiled cuelly, took my tits out of my dress,and slapped them hard. I nearly fell over. Shame filled me. Lustradiated from the wounds. I looked down.”Thank-you Mistress.”, I replied meekly.Neither of us moved for a few moments.”Mistress, Please hit me again!””Damn you to hell, sweet pig. I will hit you only once more.”,she said lustfully, “That is all I will give to a worthless cunt.”The words penetrated my soul. I got wetter. I stood upwaiting for the abuse I craved.The woman gave her final blow across both tits. I felt thepain. I felt the shame. I came.”Damn you to hell, sweet pig. Go back to your pin.”, shesaid as she spat in my face.The woman cleaned up, and left. I stayed for a while, bathingin all the lustful feelings. Suddenly I noticed a group of womenlooking at my exposed breasts. I slowly put them back inmy dress, and left.I looked around for master. He was across the room, near thehat check. I slowly walked towards him, proudly displaying thespit on my face.As I approached, he did not hold out his hand. Instead,he put a dog collar on me, attached a leash.I went to my knees. He lead me out, like the pig I am.Master knows what I need!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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