May 26

There’s No Stopping Jennifer

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There’s no stopping Jennifer.

I was going to show Jennifer. She was always moaning and badgering me until I had reached my wits end.

Crude or not I just had to say something really vile to get her off my back. IA newspaper office is forever frantic but with the assistant editor on one’s tail is so annoying.

It is not like I have anything against female bosses. My view is that if they are fit for the job and have worked their way up the proverbial promotion ladder then they are entitled to it.

But her constant butting in and everything combined meant I would have to do something to put a stop to it. So one day I did.

She approached me with the usual grim look on her face and I expected the usually grimacing and the rest of it.

Then it came out. I didn’t care if it meant losing my job, I was qualified to get another being an esteemed investigative reporter. So no problem.

‘Bloody go for it Pete!’ I said to myself and I did.

“You are a moody bitch Jennifer, you really are. I know what you want!”

She was single and unattached, I knew that. I wasn’t surprised either, who would want to take her out!

She replied: “And what is that?”

Surprised she seemed unmoved by my outburst went for it hook, line and sinker.

“You need a great big stiff inside you, that’ll generate better spirit. You are the limit; I am plain fed up to the guts with you, boss or no boss.”

She still seemed unmoved.

“And who’s going to give it to me then” she returned with the hint of a smile on her face.

It was all coming back in my face. What I imagined would veer her off seemed to generate something else. I was lost for words but she insisted on an answer.

“Come on then Peter Robinson, put your words canlı bahis into action, if you make such offers you need to upgrade them. That is the modern term isn’t it?. Maybe I would just like a good stiff to quell my utter frustrations, come into my office and tell me.”

Pete wasn’t sure if any others heard what he had said but he didn’t care. He’d got it off his chest but what were the consequences.

“You know you ought to have taken a degree on how to read people, not for a journalist”

“What makes you say that Jennifer?”

“Well you have hit the nail on the head as far as I am concerned so how about some action then.”

This was a different Jennifer altogether, not the horrible barking and moaning woman I had come to loathe but a very sweet and charming lady who seemed to change my opinion of her and, maybe she was ten years older than I, but she still had that certain sexual lure about her which certainly worked very well on me, so much that I did, yes I did have an actual erection moving in my pants and Jennifer wasn’t slow to notice..

I saw the flush come in her cheeks as she said; “is this the stiff you meant. Peter?”

I nodded. Why hold back. Let nature take its course.

“Well I’m not adverse to a sample of that, so come on then cocky face; you didn’t think I would respond this way did you.? Why do you think I have been badgering you for so long you dope? Now you had better show me the goods. You started it so finish it!”

She was the boss and even now she was still the boss. Who was I to refuse a lady who obviously craved for it.

It was she who undid my pants after locking the office door, so there were just the two of us. Jennifer manoeuvred me against the edge of the desk to pronounce my quintessential bahis siteleri as she called it and the sheer delight of her exploiting touch and the feel of her lips pressing mine was the prefect remedy for good steady foreplay, which I hoped would result in a good deep fuck with this lady so thrilling.

She was hungry for it and no mistake.

“Hope you don’t mind Pete but I have been without far too long, there is no time for anything being in my position, but this is the perfect remedy, to have it on hand as it were, and in the office too, this could be a regular break from the hustle and bustle of newspaper work

“Wow! you have the nicest cock. Baby, just open a bit, I need to take full advantage of this, just let me slip your pants down to your knees you don’t have to do a thing, just leave it all to me, I like it that way.”

She paused her chatter awhile and concentrated on the job in hand, in fact both hands and her mouth seemed to be joining in too.

“Hope you are not adverse to oral sex?” she whispered. I guess my reaction when she took the head in he mouth and gently sucked it, said it all. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of being there. Like that and having a very seductive woman doing what she wanted, and how she wanted. It seemed like she was in world of her own she enjoyed it so much. Soon it seemed like she would swallow me and the method she rolled my balls at the same time was explosive.

That feeling, what she was doing down there knelt between my legs made me want to touch her, but try as I may to get my hands around her breasts or up her skirt was futile. She was going to have her way no matter what but she whispered the fuck was imminent as she put it, for me just to be patient and I will bahis şirketleri get all of her.

“Don’t forget, you are the one who suggested it, I want the feel of this beautiful stiff right into me”

This was a first timer in as much as the woman wanted to so all the action. It was nice of course, all those lovely things she was doing to her heart’s content. Made me feel good too that I was giving her so much pleasure and maybe she would never be so dismal again.

I told her so afterwards.

“Not so long as I get my regular supply of stiff” she chuckled and it seemed I was in there. It certainly made a very agreeable break to the hum- drum of regular work and she promised that one day I could wrap my lips around her pussy and that was a statement I took in gladly, a real hum -drummer of a promise that I would keep her too, when she was done with all the things she did to me every time we were together privately in her office.

But for now that promised fuck was stimulating enough after all the sucking, licking and I don’t know what, all I do know is that she explored every part of me to her pleasure and her fuck was everything she promised, again she was in charge though, on top and doing all the work, which was pleasant enough and very satisfying,

And just the little bonus afterwards when, after the fuck, she slid up to my face and planted her wet fresh fucked pussy onto my face This was going to be standard, one of her idiosyncrasies, covering my head with her skirt which she had rolled up when we fucked.

“Suck me dry sweetheart” she whispered and I was endowed with the scent and taste of feminine ecstasy. He promise had come earlier than expected and I was in my element.

Good job we had a shower unit on hand. And she still wanted to wash me down, There was no stopping Jennifer , and even then she sucked me off yet again.

She certainly got her stiff and forever gets the same treatment; it comes standard now after coffee break.

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