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This doesn’t make me gay right? Part 2

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This doesn’t make me gay right? Part 2So after my experience with John in the tent things got a little weird. He obviously knew that he enjoyed shooting his cum in my mouth but also knew that what we did was against everything that society had told us was normal. It was really awkward.A few years later when I was 20 and he was 21, I had been out in the pub and he had come in. We stayed away from each other because we both clearly felt strange about what had happened.When closing time came about I stood outside and had a cigarette (a terrible habit that I’m proud to say I’m over now), he came out and asked me if I had one. I did so obliged. He asked how my night had been. I was drunk so by this point I was feeling less awkward and more able to talk to him without feeling weird. I told him that my night had been ok but I was too drunk now to go home and I felt the night was young. He asked me how drunk I was, I said pretty smashed. He laughed. He asked if I wanted to come and carry in drinking at his friend Robs house. I didn’t know who Rob was so I was cautious but drunk enough to not really care. We walked the half mile to Rob’s. It was a war, clear summers night. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt and John was in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a matching hoody. We arrived at Rob’s. The first thing I noticed was that he lived in the ‘poshest bursa escort bit’ of the area we live in. He had a BMW on the drive and a space next to it for another car.John knocked on the door and it was quickly answered by a slightly overweight man who I would imagine was in his late 40’s. He let us in quickly and showed us to our seats in the living room. It was a nice house with a big sofa with one of those corner sections. He asked if we’d like drinks. Being a 20 year old pissed up young lout I accepted a glass of vodka and Coke. John had the same.The night went on and I was feeling more and more tipsy. The conversation as always had turned to sex. Rob said that he had some porn if we wanted to watch it. Us being two horny young lads agreed. He out the dvd in the machine and some on screen was a blonde woman with big tits on all fours as two men took turns to fuck her in the arse. The room was silent as we took in the spectacle. Rob jokingly I thought said that we could wank if we wanted. I thought it was a joke but within seconds John’s cock was in his hand and he was working his semi into a full on erection. I couldn’t take my eyes off it again. Rob asked why I wasn’t doing the same. I said that I didn’t feel like it. He got up and sat next to me in the sofa. Now I had John on one side wanking and Rob in the other with his hand on my leg and the bursa escort bayan other on his cock. John looked and me as he rubbed his cock and suggested that I put it in my mouth, I didn’t need asking twice I was drunk, horny and inhibitions were gone. I went to work on the tip of his cock and licked the salty taste of cum off it. I then started to suck him taking the length in my mouth. In all of the horniness of me tasting his cock I hadn’t noticed that Rob had undone my trousers and was pulling them down to my ankles. I was now I’m my boxers and tshirt with my bum half up in the air sucking on John. I felt Rob grab both hips and push his was into the crack of my arse through my boxers. I could feel his hot breath on my arse hole. His tongue working through the fabric of my pants.While that was happening I kept sucking John’s cock he was rock hard. Behind me Rob had pulled both of my arse cheeks out of my boxers and had buried his face in my bare crack. He was inhaling hard taking in my scent before he buried his tongue in me sending tingles running up my entire body. I responded by sucking John harder and he responded by grabbing my neck and thrusting into my mouth as he had months ago in his tent. I felt Rob move as I carried on sucking. My arse hole missed his tongue as soon as he removed it. I carried on sucking oblivious to the fact that escort bursa Rob was removing his stiff cock from his trousers. I thought it was his tongue as he rested the tip of it against my anus. I felt the pressure and pain as he grabbed my hips tight and pushed his rock hard cock into my arse. I screamed out in pain. As my mouth opened John took the opportunity to push his cock further in my mouth, I gagged and thought I would be sick. I clamped my lips around his cock. He soon found his rhythm as he made love to my mouth in time with Rob’s slow then quicker thrusts into my virgin arse hole. I heard John say to Rob that he had told him this would happen. I had been set up. I had a 48 year old man balls deep in my arse and one of my best friends in my mouth and both of them were holding me in place so my only option was to let them finish.This felt incredible. My cock was solid. I felt every thrust as Rob started to speed up towards orgasm. His thrusts had gone from steady and deep to fast and erratic. He let out a moan that I thought was a sign of him shooting his cum inside me. But before he could johns cock twitched and he shot his cum in my mouth and onto my face. With that sight Ob moaned loudly and I felt the slippy warm sensation of my man cunt filling with cum he slowly pulled out and I felt his spunky follow his cock. He said I should get dressed and go.John had already dressed and was out of the door before I could find my trousers.Rob said I needed to hurry up.I left.That night as I lay in bed I wanked and came hard. I’ve known that involve cock ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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