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This is one you Studs need to read.

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This is one you Studs need to read.Having some famous friends can be an erotic encounter, as expressed in one of my stories about ‘E’, a famous and gorgeous female model, whom I met at school, long before she became a desirable body, as depicted in my horsey tale, where we both discovered our lustiness for all thing large and phallic.Of course E’s younger female sibling, ‘M’, although quite a looker in her own right, became disillusioned, by her sisters’ success, growing instead in the opposite direction, humping all the men that wanted to hump E, in short she became a douche bag.One guy in particular, called himself ‘The King’, started to secretly film himself shagging M, very debasing home made videos, where he had a habit of dominating and overpowering her, making her moan out loud and pretend to cum, always positioning himself to show maximum penetration and embarrassment, to anyone watching from her family.Of course this asshole had a self belief, that if her older sister saw these home made amateur pornos, she somehow would be turned-on and want to meet him for some of the same, at worst, failing that, she would be blackmailed into fucking him to save her any embarrassment, or pay him for his silence. I received a call from E, to meet her at her parents home and M was there also. E was livid with M and had reduced her to tears, for her involvement with this trashy brain dead beat of a man, who actually thought he could be of a service to M.This is where I could help her to deal with this dick-head, his own vanity would be his downfall, and together we would rebalance the playing field, and inflict humiliation on his manliness, and satisfy our need for revenge and justice, and a little titillation as an added sweetner. I had gone out to the local pub with M for a drink, where we knew he hung out with his friends. We waited until late before entering, as he and his male friends were downing loads of booze, so when M and I entered, we made an instant impression.Of course this douche bag, thought he had what it took to sweep us off our feet, his domination of M was complete, sarıyer escort even though she had broke it up, with his internet exposure of their sex tapes, so he assumed he had what it took to ingratiate himself on us, ignore M and seduce me.Of course I was compliant, which impressed the shit out of his mates, sitting back there watching their Alpha-male friend go to work on me, in front of his ex girlfriend, but of course I had other plans, indeed we all had.Being sober and chatted-up by a drunk man can both be fun and boring at the same time.He thought of himself a Sex King, smarmy and ‘two-fingers-down-the-throat’, sort of guy, my description, but it was my job to lead him along, and be seduced, so I succumbed to his verbal diarrhoea and admitted to seeing him and M, and added my own take on what turned me on sexually, so the stage was set and he prepared to add another scalp to his growing bedpost, as he went back to excuse himself and boast to his friends, they would be seeing my cunt satisfying him. M left the bar, in apparent feigned jealousy, thereby removing her from our next stage of the plan.On the journey back to my house, a house on the outskirts of town, loaned by another friend, I sat in the back of the cab, working his cock, making sure he was primed and ready, holding him off and keeping him keen, so when we arrived he was tearing his clothes off, desperate to dominate me and eventually lead me down the same route as M.However there was to be a twist in the tale, I was a girl who need a different kind of stimulation, I was a dominatrix who liked to discipline naughty boys, and in my eyes he needed to be secured and spanked.Thankfully the idea appealed to him and the big four poster bed made for secure binding and I must admit seeing him secure and spread-eagled between those four posts, set my pussy flowing.Pulling a bag over his head allowed us to set-up the cameras, quietly and well rehearsed placements, we were ready for action within minutes of him being secured.I donned a strap-on, a esenyurt escort good ten-incher then removed his head covering so he could see my intentions. There was a noticeable increase in pitch in his voice when this man-stud realised he was to be on the receiving end of something much bigger than his, and a further increase, when the hood was replaced and a ball inserting into his mouth and tied, gagging him as our sexual revenge was about to start.I took the lubrication tube and stuck it in between his ass cheeks, squeezing just enough to lubricate, as pain of insertion, was one of the main aims.Of course his powerful sphincter muscles refused my finger access, so E stepped out of her viewing place, undid her chain belt, and whacked him across his buttocks, with both force, drawing blood and a stifled scream from his gagged hood.Her mouth had a snarl look to it as another and another rained down on him, she had an ecstatic look on her face, her eyes glazed and her lips were constantly being licked, I honestly thought she was working herself into an orgasmic state of mind.Our subject was squirming and writhing in absolute pain. His bum had large welts all bleeding and he was sobbing and retching, ‘Fucking bastard, screamed E as the chain belt landed between his shoulder blades. His sobbing stopped, not through recognition, but sheer fear was now in his voice, he was being beaten naked and helpless, I wondered if his penis was erect now and half expected to see shit come out of his ass.M stood back as I moved onto the bed and resumed employing my finger to lubricating his asshole, ‘Thats a good boy’, I said softly as I slid all the way inside him, making sure I opened and relaxed the ring of gristle that protected his opening, readying him to be fucked, preparing him for someone else’s pleasure.He was trying to speak, probably wanting to beg to be released, but we girls wanted more pain on him and as I looked at E, she beckoned me off the bed and out of the room.’Meet Max’, she said, a six foot four inch guy, jet black with a bluish cock avrupa yakası escort bigger than the plastic one adorning my crotch, ‘Let him have some fun’, she said with a wry smile on her lips, as Max, a genuine gay showman entered to room, and mounted the bed, cameras, roll, action, as I watched absolutely fascinated, black on white, and cock right up his ass, an extra twist that I was not aware off, and then I laughed, this would be a fitting revenge, Alpha-Man gay butt-fucked by a bigger black-stud, not a tape he would want to post on the Net.Of course he got it in the ass, thinking it was me, but when the fuck was over the hood was removed and the look on his face was priceless, we had the tie-in and then I saw a piece of movie magic as the black guy rein-enacted E’s whipping, so the finished product only showed him and the black guy, from start to finish.He lay there a broken man as E ordered everyone out, myself, M and E, were in the room when E opened a bottle of champers, took a long deep drink, and filled-up three glasses.She crept onto the bed and inserted the empty bottle into his cream-pied ass, pulled her short denim skirt around her waist and climbed onto his bloodied ass.None of us spoke as she slid around on his buttocks, crushing them between her thighs, bunching them up as she slid forward. Her look was serious and glassy-eyed, she was fucking him and we all knew it, he was in pain with her robust shagging and occasionally, as she pushed forward, her knickers and flesh, showed blood stains, as he bled for her.Her deep grunting heralded her orgasm and she reached behind taking hold of the champers bottle neck, pulling it in all directions, blending his cries of abuse with her cries of pleasure, and as she abated, she fell forward and brushed his hair from his ear, whispering, ‘Dont ever Fuck with me again’.She dismounted him and hiked the front of her short skirt up to show blood soaked panties, ‘You want a go’, she asked casually, ‘How long do I have’, I relied?E looked at her watch, turned to M and said, ‘Go out to the car and bring in some more bottles’, then looking steely-eyed at me, smiled and said, ‘We have all night, maybe six hours’, and started to undress, she meant business and what followed, showed woman in he nastiest, needless to say this asshole disappeared from the scene, too frightened to entertain females, but that is another story all you studs might not want to hear

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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