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Three Domme Happy Hour

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Three Domme Happy HourI opened a bottle of chardonnay, filled three glasses, and placed them on the dining table. I wasn’t quite finished with the hors d’oeuvres when I heard a knock at the door. We had set the time for four o’clock but it was only three-thirty. Oh shit, they were early and I wasn’t ready. I rushed to the door to let them in, but in my haste I had forgotten that I was instructed to be naked when they arrived. I could hear them laughing outside, but their laughter ceased as soon as the door opened and they saw me fully clothed.Mistress Helga was the first to speak, “We must have the wrong address ladies. I was told there would be a naked sub here that would serve us today.”Goddess Bridget chimed in, “Do you know how many men would pay us thousands of dollars to be in your place?”Madame Charlotte just stared with eyes that burned right through me. She was the one who had arranged this, and it was obvious that I had let her down. She had placed me in chastity several weeks ago, and I had blown any chances of getting to use the key that hung around her neck.I begged them not to go, and let them know I had some delicious food and wine ready for them. They looked at each other and then reluctantly entered my home. I knew I fucked up, and that there would be punishment right off the bat.They went straight to the living room to sit down while I stood standing in front of them. Madame Charlotte ordered me to strip, and stand at attention with my arms at my sides with my legs slightly spread. In just a few seconds I was completely nude except for the chastity device which covered my shaft, but not my balls. Goddess Bridget told me to stand still and remain silent.Mistress Helga didn’t waste time. She got up and put her arms on the top of my shoulders so she could pull me forward while she drove her knee into my balls. My knees buckled but someone I stayed on my feet. I bit my lower lip and winced in pain but didn’t make a sound. I could feel my balls swelling from the impact which also caused the chastity device to become uncomfortably tight. Mistress Helga returned to the couch while Goddess Bridget arose to inflict her mecidiyeköy escort punishment. She pinched my nipples between her thumb and forefinger turning one nipple clockwise and other counterclockwise as hard as she could. She told me she wasn’t going to let go under she heard me count to fifty saying “I’m sorry, Goddess” after each number. I started counting, but after ten or so Goddess Bridget changed the direction of her grip on each nipple from clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa. The pain was excruciating, and it seemed to take a lifetime to get to fifty, but I made it. As she had promised she released me from her grip, but the area around my nipples had nail marks and deep ugly bruises. I was worried because Madame Charlotte hadn’t taken her turn at punishment, and she was by far the most sadistic of the three, the biggest, and the strongest. She worked as a professional dominatrix and beat men all day. Her business was inflicting pain and she was good at it. I was already seeing stars from the first two punishments, but I could make out Madame Charlotte taking off her thick leather, metal-studded belt. I was still standing at attention, but I didn’t know if I could take much more.Madame Charlotte instructed me to put my hands high in the air over my head. She said that my hands would need to stay there for ten minutes or I was going to be tied up and beaten much worse. I took a deep breath and slowly put my arms above my head. The other two ladies watched with interest and kept time.She addressed me at different angles. Her goal was to make me hurt all over, as well as leave bruises that would take a long time to heal. She swung the belt freely not really aiming it, but making sure each lash would hit my body hard. It was impossible to remain silent as this was happening, but I tried my best. She whipped my chest, stomach, legs, and back. For some reason, she left my ass unmarked. I was crying in pain, and wanted to beg her to stop but I knew that would only piss her off more. After what seemed like an eternity, Goddess Bridget called out “time”. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because in another mecidiyeköy escort bayan minute I would have passed out anyway. I collapsed in a heap in the middle of my living room floor.Madame Charlotte stood over me, and then spoke. “David, you have been punished and now have a chance to redeem yourself. You have five minutes to get your shit together, and then meet us in the dining room.”Without another word, all three of them got up and went to the dining room where I had wine already poured and waiting for them. I stayed down for a minute or two dealing with the pain and trying to catch my breath. Somehow I made it to my feet and stumbled back to the dining room where they were waiting for me. My tortured body was shaking as I stood in front of them naked with my head bowed. Mistress Helga told me to turn around and I did so. She squeezed my ass once and then had me turn back around to face themMistress Helga looked at Madame Charlotte and asked, “Why didn’t you tear his ass up like the rest of him?”Madame Charlotte smiled. “Because that’s the only part of him that I find attractive. I never whip an ass that I might want to fuck later.” The ladies all roared in laughter as they saw my face blush.They dismissed me to the kitchen to finish cooking, and I have never prepared food with more care. They drank a lot of wine and seemed to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres, and I made sure that all their needs were taken care of. The conversation got louder with each new bottle of wine I would open; however, I got nervous when all of sudden things got quiet except for a few giggles. I could feel that they were talking about me, and I was worried about what they had in store.The ladies summoned me to the dining room. Madame Charlotte had a broad smile on her face, but it was Goddess Bridget who spoke, “We’re going to have to go pretty soon, but Madame Charlotte was serious about what she said earlier. She wants to see how well you take a strapon. It’s her favorite fetish. She going to tie you up and fuck your ass while Mistress Helga and I record videos of you on our cell phones.”I told Goddess Bridget that I didn’t şişli escort bayan have a harness or dildo, and the whole group laughed at me. “Madame Charlotte is always prepared, David”, stated Mistress Helga. “She practically travels with a dungeon in her car.”They took me back to the living room, and in moments I was in the middle of floor on my knees with my hands tied behind my back. They put one of the couch pillows under my head, but my ass was high in the air and vulnerable. Madame Charlotte laid the dildo besides my head so that I could see what was going to be inside me. I enjoy being fucked gently with a small phallus, but the monster that she had brought was not going to be much fun. I was also worried about Madame Charlotte’s large powerful hips tearing me a new one. “Turn your head toward the camera, David. We want to see your facial expressions.”She picked up the dildo next to my head and put it in her harness. I heard the sound of KY being squirted out of a tube. She smeared some on the cock and a little on my hole and she was ready. She told me that it was okay to scream, because the more it hurt me the more she got off on it.And scream I did. There was no foreplay or stretching, just the massive cock being slammed in and out of my ass by Madame Charlotte. I was pleading for her to stop or at least slow down, but she had other ideas. The other two ladies were moving around the room and recording the action with their cells , but both of us were oblivious to their presence. Madame Charlotte set a fast pace fucking me hard while the punishing dildo broke new ground high in my rectum. Her stamina was amazing, and I found myself hyperventilating from the intensity of her thrusts.I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was Mistress Helga slapping my face to try to revive me. Madame Charlotte had finished and pulled out of me. I could feel the KY leaking out of my ass involuntarily. They untied me, but Goddess Bridget had a few final words.“Thank you for the food and wine. We will be making our Domme get together a regular thing, and we will see you at the same time next week. You have no choice unless you want us to send your family the video we took today. Remember to be naked and prepared from the moment we enter your house, so we don’t have to kick your ass like we did today.”And with that they left me sobbing in pain and broken in the middle of my own living room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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