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Three into One…

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Three into One…During high school, I made it a purpose to avoid areas of school and the surrounding neighborhood in order to avoid my three tormentors. But it seemed that when ever they wanted to find me it was a simple solution for them to intercept my path.It was on a some what cloudy and dreary day as I made my way through a maze of side streets that I ran head long into the three of them, Daniel Charlie and Bruce. I tried to reverse my path but was blocked and coerced into accompanying them to their destination.Bruce and Charlie on each side and Daniel bringing up the rear, we made our way to an abandoned building with a labyrinth of hallways and boarded rooms. I trembled with fear and misgivings as we made our way deeper into the building.I knew from their conversation that they were intent on having sex with me and no matter what I Did, if I resisted their advances, I would be beaten and still have to participate.Fearfully I moved along the corridors believing that if I tried to run I would be caught and beaten to a pulp. I had been slapped by the three of them once or twice before and did not relish the thought of going through that again.From past experience anadolu yakası escort I knew that the sexual copulation would be rough and brutal, and if we were in what they considered a safe place it would be numerous and consistence till they were satisfied.I knew I would have to endue their initial release of their substance and then their bravo of their sexual posturing. Charlie would try to embrace me and engage in dastardly conversation. He would say something like ‘…don’t worry baby, they wont last as long as I will. I’ll be the one that will have you moaning and begging for my dick…’Bruce would be behind me pinching my buttocks as we moved up the stairs, causing me to jump and try to stay out of his reach. Daniel was content to lag behind as if to assure that we weren’t being followed.Once we reached the very top floor we crossed an opened area were the walls had collapsed and the insides exposed to the elements. We went to the very end and there was one room that wasn’t secured enough as to not allow entry.Charlie entered first, Bruce pushed me from behind as Daniel ordered ataşehir escort ‘…get that bitch inside and hurry up…’ I knew that if Daniel wa in a hurry Bruce and Charlie weren’t going to slag.Bruce had the smallest penis of the three, that is to say his penis was normal size. Charlie was twice as huge as Bruce and nearly ten inches long, Daniel was the largest of the three. His penis was enormous, almost as long as a horse’ penis and twice as big.I still remember the first time that the three of them attacked me. Bruce and Charlie went first and Daniel used their sperm as lubricant to enter my some what virgin anus. Even after Bruce and Charlie had ravished my bung Daniel was so huge that as he entered me he ripped my anal membrane.I was ordered to strip as naked as a new born baby and get on my hands and knees. I slowly removed my clothes with my back to the nearest wall, I watched as Bruce and Charlie removed their pants and Daniel removed all his clothes. I was some what puzzled as to why until Bruce knelt in front of me and said ‘…today is Daniel’s birthday, he wanted to fuck you first while you suck ümraniye escort our dicks…’I panicked and tried to stand only to have Charlie and Bruce knock me to the floor and hold me still while they told me what was going to be done. ‘Bitch if your ass pussy wasn’t so good Daniel wouldn’t want to go first..’ Charlie said. ‘Besides nothings to good for my brother if he wants first go than he gets first go…’ Charlie concluded.Daniel lifted my buns and spit into his hand and smeared the substance over my bung hole. Bruce positioned my head over his crotch and cautioned ‘…bite me and you want have teeth enough to smile with…’ Charlie maneuvered his self so he could spread my buttocks wide.Daniel rubbed his enormous monstrously huge penile glans against my puckering bung hole. Daniel moaned as he pressed hard against me and I felt my anal muscle ring strain to resist the assault. I gritted my teeth as tears begin to leak from my eyes, the pain was intense and multiplying as Daniel and I strained. Daniel strained to enter my bung I strained to resist.With an growl and grunt Daniel lunge forward, I screamed out in agony as Bruce plunged my mouth down around his penis. Charlie gasped and exclaimed ‘…damn, that ass opened up and swallowed that dick and snapped shut around it like rubber band…’Daniel moaned softly as he slowly pulled back and pushed into me again. Bruce lifted my head and lowered it onto his penis encouraging me saying ‘…that’s it suck it just like that, it’ll ease the pain…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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