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Thrill 13

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All girls flirt. Little girls go, “Oh Daddy please.” Teens flirt because their hormones are out of control. Adults flirt because they like to.I think we need some background to the Thrill series. My wife Carol is a stunning woman, about five-foot-two, yes, eyes of blue, firm 38C tits and an awesome ass. Her skin is soft and unblemished, almost translucent. She has a voracious appetite for thrilling sex. She is also a brilliant technical programmer.Carol flirts because she loves the danger of sex and she loves teasing men. Let’s start at the beginning. I worked at an IT company as a junior systems technician. Carol worked at the same company. She was a senior systems project manager. The company was full of eccentric technical nerds. I had just started there and Carol was assigned to welcome me and show me around. When she was introduced to me she shook my hand and looked directly into my eyes. bahis siteleri She smiled and introduced herself.Carol took me around and introduced me to a number of people. Everyone seemed to be delighted to meet me and happy to see Carol. A lot of the men seemed to be checking her out. Once we made the rounds she asked me if I would like to have lunch with her. We went to a small Italian place across the street. Carol kept the conversation going with small talk about the company and the people who worked there. I imagined there was a flirtatious nature but pushed the thought aside. After lunch, she logged me on to the system, showed me the basics, and told me if I needed any help to see her.During that first week, Carol came by my office several times to see how I was doing. Soon we were hanging out together and talking about our lives. She told me she was in a long-term relationship with a married canlı bahis siteleri man. I told her I too was in a long-term relationship.Carol rode to work on a bicycle, wearing short skirts or dresses, flashing her panties at anyone who cared to look. When I asked her about it, she turned a little red, and whispered “I really love to flash men.” The thought aroused me and made me think of her in a sexual way. We continued having lunches and long talks, with a little more flirtation coming on.One day there was a snowstorm during work. Carol came to my cubicle and asked if I could give her a ride home. I drove her home and once we got there we sat in the car and talked for over an hour. We talked about relationships, romance, books, and adult sex. We were clearly flirting. She finally ended the talk, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and asked if I could drive her to work the next day.The next canlı bahis morning I came to her apartment. She greeted me in a skirt and a kimono house jacket. She said she wasn’t quite ready and invited me into her bedroom while she finished dressing. When she took the kimono off she didn’t have a blouse on and she was wearing a very sexy black see-through bra. I sat on her bed waiting, aroused by her blatant exhibitionism. She stood up facing me and slowly buttoned her sheer black blouse. I was struck dumb looking at her, aroused and silent.She said, “Let’s get going to work.”On the way out the door, she gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I was smitten, and in lust. The evening I drove her home and she invited me up to her apartment. She opened a bottle of rose wine and sat with me on her couch. We talked for a while getting more and more flirty. She put on some music and we danced in her living room. We both got more sexual in our dancing. She pulled me to the couch and we started making out. We were getting more sexual with each kiss. I attempted to cup her breasts but she pulled my hand away and murmured too soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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