May 26

Tiffany , Roger Ch. 2

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Tiffany awoke from the deep sleep and gazed at the sleeping man beside her. It had been a long time since that happened, and the feeling between her legs told her it would continue for a while. She pulled back the covers slowly, and stared at the “morning wood” standing tall and thick at his crotch. She wanted more of that, and gently took it in her hand. It jumped at her touch and she looked to see if he was still asleep. The steady breathing told her he was, and she lowered her lips to the pulsing shaft.

The hot flesh felt strong in her mouth, the steady beat of his heart coursed through the stiff organ. She had half of Roger’s eight-inch penis in her hot, warm mouth when he stirred. Tiffany stopped and checked. Roger still slept, so she continued to devour the swollen member.

Roger felt the warm, moist pressure on his penis, as if in a dream. He opened his eyes a little, and saw the silky blonde hair of his lover moving up and down his belly. Her talented mouth was stirring his juices, but he knew he wouldn’t cum until after he peed. He moved a bit, and she stopped, so he lay still and enjoyed the eager attention Tiffany was giving him.

He finally could take no more, he wanted to cum for her. He put his hand on her silky hair and softly said “Good Morning, Tiff.”

She jumped when he startled her, but smiled at him soon after. “I couldn’t resist.” She stated.

“Let me go relieve myself, and we can pick up where you left off, okay?”

Reluctantly, she let go of the massive penis, and allowed him to take care of it. Thoughts of her kept him stiff, and he had a little trouble, but finally managed to tame the inner pressure. He returned to the bed, and lay next to the sexy girl who had captured his desires.

Tiffany took his semi-hard penis in hand, and quickly restored it to full erection. Once more, her hot mouth took it in, and slid it deep into her throat. Roger asked if he could have some “breakfast” too, and she laughed. She spun around, and placed her thighs on either side of his head, and lowered her kitty to his mouth. Roger could smell the aroma of her arousal, mixed with the remains of their love sharing from the night before. A heavy sexual scent, which he found quite exciting, and proceeded to apply his soft tongue to the wet, swollen flesh.

Soft moans vibrated around his penis when he centered on her erect clitoris. Her nectar flowed freely, and his penis was swelling in her hot mouth. Their releases came almost simultaneously, Tiffany’s just before Roger’s. Her kitty gushed its fluid, and he took all he could in his hungry mouth. Tiffany likewise received his offering with relish, cleaning his shaft with her tongue as she withdrew it from her throat. “Mmmm. That was good!” she exclaimed while licking her lips.

“You’re not bad, yourself, Tiff.” He commented with a grin.

They kissed and sampled themselves on each other’s lips, and both agreed. They also decided that coffee was the next item to address. Walking nude through the ranch style house, they got to the kitchen, and Roger sat at the table while Tiffany made coffee. Outside the kitchen window, Roger could see the extensive gardens out back. Lush vegetation and beautiful flowers covered all he could see. Pathway meandered through the many beds of plants, and he was impressed.

“Did you do all that?” he asked, pointing out the window.

“Uh-Huh! It’s what keeps me busy on lonely afternoons.” She replied.

They finished coffee, and Tiffany told Roger she needed to do some work in the gardens, and she could use dome help. Roger wasn’t much on working with dirt, but agreed to assist. He put on his jeans and boots, while Tiffany dressed in a tied halter top and short cut-offs with sandals. She opened the back of the garage and directed Roger to the barrow of material she needed for the flowerbeds.

After setting her up near one of the raised beds, Roger wandered around the paths admiring her handiwork. He also discovered a small gazebo with a hot tub set up inside. He went back to the first bed, and approached Tiffany from behind. She was kneeling over the edge, with her tight little butt up in the air. Not able to resist the temptation, Roger walked up as quietly as he could and put both hands on her hips.

As he rubbed his front across the back of her naked thighs, she stopped what she was doing and moaned softly.

“Hey, there! You might start something, if you keep that up!”

Roger put on a gravel voice and a contrived accent while he continued to rub her up. canlı bahis “Aye, me pretty! That I might be starting something you’ll have to finish!”

Tiffany caught on right away, and feigned shock and fear. “Oh! No, sir, please don’t hurt me! I’m just an innocent maid!”

“We’ll see how innocent, me dear. Lets have a look, shall we?” He untied the halter top and let it fall into the flowers. Tiffany made like she was covering herself for protection as he spun her around. “We’ll have none of that me pretty! Show me what’s there!”

As meekly as she could pretend, she lowered her hands, exposing her small breasts to the “pirate”.

He placed his rough hands on the soft flesh, and squeezed them. She gasped as he tweaked her nipples and took one between his teeth.

“OH, sir! You mustn’t..I can’t have this happen to me!” she protested. Roger grabbed her by the slim waist and pulled her to him.

“Aye, this will happen, and much more you’ll see!” He growled in his best leer.

Tiffany’s eyes were sparkling in anticipation for the rest of the game. She had to concentrate on her “part” even though she was more than willing to give in to Roger’s intentions. His lips mashed on hers, and she felt his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. His hands pulled her belly close to his belt-line and he told her to kiss him “proper”. Her tender lips parted, allowing his tongue to explore her hot mouth, and she returned his efforts with her own.

“Aye! That’s better! Now ye need to feel of this!” he said as he placed her hand on the growing bulge in his jeans. She `resisted’ while really enjoying the feel of his massive organ through the rough cloth, and knowing that it would soon fill her body.

“Have ye ever had one of these put to ye?” he asked.

“My! NO! Never has any thing like that been near me, before!” she swooned. With one hand, Roger unbuckled his pants and dropped the zipper. He thrust her hand inside, telling her to pull it out and look at it. She wrapped her small fingers around it and gently removed the dragon from its denim prison. The clear pre-cum was already seeping from the swollen tip. His full erection reached past his navel, standing at near eight inches, and almost an inch and a half wide.

Tiffany gasped in `surprise’ at the sight of it, hoping he would `demand’ she take it in her mouth. She caressed the hot flesh, and worked the loose foreskin up and down the shaft. She didn’t resist when she felt his hand on her head push her to he knees.

“Taste it, girl.” Tiffany put out her tongue and licked the fluid from the tiny hole.

“More than that! Put it in your mouth and taste it all!”

Trying to stay in character, she slowly put her soft lips around the purple crown, and took the helmet in her mouth. Roger groaned as her mouth closed over his penis, and let Tiffany please herself with her efforts for the moment. Not wanting to end the game too soon, Roger pulled her away before she had him too worked up to stop.

“Now we’ll see what you’re hiding under there!” he said, pointing to her tight short shorts. Not much was left to see, as the fabric was cut so short her butt cheeks were already visible, and the front barely covered her puffy mound. They were tight enough that the centre seam was pulled up between the outer lips of her vulva. A quick twist of the brass button, and the fabric flew apart, as if by magic. The well-worn zipper pulled halfway down by itself took little effort to push the rest of the way. Soft tufts of the slightly darker fur over her mound peeked out the opening.

“You’ll pull them off, now, my sweet pretty!”

“Oh, but I can’t do that! No man has ever seen that before!” she protested.

Roger hooked a finger in the thin crotch and pulled her shorts down quickly.

“Aye, now I have!” he tried to keep up the show, “Now take them away!”

Tiffany lowered her shorts, and stepped out of them where they lay. She now stood completely naked in her garden with her lover. Without a word, and leaving the game behind, she took hold of his pants waist and pulled his jeans to his knees. Roger helped her remove his boots, and piled his clothes on top of hers. They stood close and began to kiss hot. Like Adam and Eve in the garden, they felt alone in the world. It was just the two of them to share love together among the lush vegetation. Tiffany’s fingers held his penis and his found her slit. She was dripping wet with her sweet nectar, hungry for his penetration. She turned, leaning against the edge of the raised bed, bahis siteleri offering her kitty from behind. Roger stepped up behind her and placed his throbbing erection at her entrance. She pushed back and slowly impaled herself on the hot, thick flesh. Soft moans accompanied the filling of her body as her butt touched his belly.

“OHHH, RRRooogeRRR!”

“You feel so tight, Tiff! So hot!”

“Mmmm … feels soooo biiiig . ahhhh .. Fuck it for me! . Make it cum in mee.!” She coaxed.

Warm sun on their naked flesh, outside in the garden, Roger started to thrust slowly into the hot, wet vagina. Tiffany met each thrust with her own as the passion increased. He could feel her hand near his penis, guessing that she was frigging her clitoris as he plunged into her sweet body. Long, steady strokes brought them both to a peak. Her digital stimulation had her kitty creaming a thick froth of her nectar.

“Here .. It .. Cummmss! He hissed through clenched teeth.

“OOHH DO IT!!! . CUM INNN …MMMEEE!” she cried back.

“OOOH..AAAHH..Y..Y.YYEssssss! OHGODYESSSSS!!!” he shouted as he swelled up and spurted his hot seed deep into the writhing girl.

“CCC.CC..CCUUUMMMMINNNNGG T.TTOOOOOO!” Tiffany shrieked as her release followed his. Their bodies slammed together hard as the waves washed through them. Quivering and shaking throughout the orgasms, he held her tight to his belly until the flashes slowed.

Tiffany slipped off the spent shaft, and splashes of their juices formed a puddle on the ground between them. She turned and sat against the timbers and pulled Roger to her. She took his penis in her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue.

“Mmm, Roger. You are right. We do taste good, together!” she exclaimed when she had finished.

“That was hot, Tiff!” he gasped, still out of breath.

They went into the shade for a while, and Tiffany brought out cold drinks for them as they recovered from the “pirate attack”. It was a good game play for them, and they decide to try some others later. Returning to the task at hand, Roger and Tiffany finished the garden work late in the afternoon. They washed each other in the shower, and elected to grill outside for dinner.

Steaks and corn with some wine, relaxing on the patio, it felt good to Roger. He told Tiffany how nice it was, and she agreed. She did worry, for a minute, about him leaving. She knew it might happen someday, and hoped it wouldn’t be too soon. Shaking off those thoughts, she asked Roger if he would like to try out the hot tub. They were about to go back outside when the phone rang. It was Tiffany’s mother wanting to come over to get some more clothes for Johnny.

“We had better put on some clothes before she gets here!” Tiffany exclaimed after hanging up the phone. She went back to the bedroom, and quickly put on a string tie bikini. Roger had no swimsuit so Tiffany gave him a pair of her panties to wear. It did appear to be a well fitting Speedo at first glance, but it outlined his substantial equipment all too well!

The silky fabric felt strange to Roger, as it had no liner that a swimsuit would. His penis reacted to the feeling, and bulged nicely in Tiffany’s opinion.

“Maybe you should go ahead and get in the tub.” She remarked. “I’m not sure what mama would say if she saw that!” pointing at his firmness.

Roger went on and settled into the warm water while Tiffany started the jets of water running. She had brought their wine, and sat on the edge with her feet on either side of Roger. A few minutes later, her mother calling out followed a knock on the door.

“We’re back here, Mom!” she shouted.

She told Tiffany what she needed, and they went to Johnny’s room to fetch it. A short while later, Roger heard the front door close, and Tiffany re-joined him at the tub. She sat behind him, letting his head rest between her thighs. He rubbed her smooth legs and massaged her feet in the warm bath. She in turn, rubbed down his muscular shoulders and arms.

Roger turned, and his face was inches from Tiffany’s mound. The valley of her vulva was clearly outlined by the tight garment she wore, and he noticed it was very damp even though she hadn’t been in the water yet. The heavy aroma of her sex wafted into his senses, arousing him further. He kissed on the wet spot through the cloth, and tasted her sex juice.

Pushing the thin material aside, he applied his tongue to the exposed labia. Tiffany inhaled sharply when he found her clitoris with the flat of his tongue. He took the tie strings bahis şirketleri at the side loose, the bottom of her suit fell in, and began to float around in the churning water. He kissed up her belly as he rose from the pool. Tiffany had loosened the tie on her top and removed it just as his lips sought out her breasts.

While Roger suckled her mammaries, Tiffany pushed down the panties and freed his raging hard-on. She slid off the edge of the tub and rubbed her belly all the way down his body until she felt the hard flesh poking at her vulva. A little wiggle allowed the hot member to separate the folds and begin to penetrate her inner labia. Roger helped align their sexes and soon felt her warm tunnel surrounding his erection.

“That feels sooo goood!” she whispered. “Let’s not hurry? Okay?” she asked.

“No, no hurry, Tiff. Nice and easy, this time.” He replied.

Barely moving, they shared love for what seemed like hours, each reveling in the heat and passion of one another’s sex. She was feeling the fullness in her belly, he was experiencing the texture of her vagina surrounding his flesh. Long strokes, followed by grinding pelvis movements accentuated their desires repeatedly.

“Kiss on it, again? Please?” she whispered inn his ear.

He pulled out slowly, and let her body float up to his face to receive the oral attention she requested. He soon had her hips humping the air as her orgasm built to a climactic peak. Tiffany’s scream split the quiet night air as he took her over the brink to release. Spasmodic jerking took over her entire body while the intense orgasm seared her insides. She managed to pull off his mouth and rapidly turned over to kneel at the edge.

“OHMIGOD! ROGER! … PUT IT INMEEE.FILL ME…ohmigod..FUCK MEEEEEE!!” She panted through her release.

Roger rose from the water and grabbed her shaking waist, driving his erection to the hilt in one swift plunge. Her quivering kitty gripped his hard flesh and pulled his fluids from him instantly. The hot jets pulsed deep inside Tiffany’s body, causing her to begin cumming anew. Multiple cums coursed through her as they splashed water out of the tub, onto the patio. Uncontrolled humping and thrusting continued the heavy cum for both of them for an eternity. It seemed like gallons of cum was filling her small body Breathless, they collapsed in the shallow water and held each other tight. They cuddled tenderly in the bubbling froth and sipped wine while they laughed at their clothes floating in the water. Giggling and teasing led to soft touches and hot kissing. Tiffany floated over Roger’s lap facing him, and she wrapped her strong thighs around his waist. They shared love again in the water, and finally decided to go inside when the air turned cool around them.

Tiffany watched Roger dry himself, admiring his body as he flexed each set of muscles. She thought again of how good it was to have a man like him in her life, at last. He treated her well, with kind thoughts and deeds. He had a marvelous outlook on life, and a well-tuned libido that matched hers. His equipment wasn’t lacking either, and he knew how to please a woman. She could easily get spoiled, with Roger around.

Roger finished drying off, and wrapped the towel around his waist. He looked over at Tiffany, sitting cross-legged on the bed. Her hair was awry and a dreamy look covered her face. He walked over and started to comb out her long yellow hair. She stared at him as he straightened out the tangled mess and braided it loosely at her neck.

“Hey, Tiff! Where are you?” he asked.

“Thinking about how wonderful you are. How good you are to me. How much I love you.”

She blurted out the words without thinking. Her face took on a look of shock when she realised that she had said it out loud. `Now I’ve done it’ she thought. `That will scare him away, for sure.’

Roger didn’t respond to the words right away. Tiffany began to tremble inside, her stomach was in knots. He reached out and held up her face, then kissed her softly on the mouth. Tiffany’s trembling lips parted as she returned the kiss. Her arms circled his neck and held him. The towel had fallen from his waist, his penis hung low, still semi- hard as the kiss deepened.

He pulled away and looked into her eyes. He saw the worry, the faint shadow of her tears at the corners. He walked around the bed and climbed on. Leaning against the heavy headboard, he held out his arm for her to come to him. Still shaking inside, she moved over and curled up at his side. His hand slid down her tight body as he rolled over to kiss her again. When his fingers reached her mound, Tiffany’s thighs parted to welcome his advance.

Roger entered her tiny body slowly, and began the lover’s dance.

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