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Tiffany’s first kiss part 1

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Tiffany’s first kiss part 1This is a true story based on real people and events, names have been changed of course…You could say I grew up very sheltered. Even when I started high school I was not allowed to date, go to parties or even listen to secular music. My parents were very religious and quite strict. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys by myself. I go to an all girls catholic school. It’s a lot of fun, but it sucks not having any guys around. But I like my friends and enjoy going to school.I’m turning into a woman now, and usually get quite a bit of male attention on the streets I have wavy dark brunette hair that falls to my mid back, big hazel eyes and full pouty lips. But my most prominent feature are my tits. They are a natural 34D with perky nips. In fact I use them to get what I want, like if I need a better grade in a class and the teacher is male, I just bend over a let a perky nip slip out and just like that I get what I want.I masturbate frequently and I’ve always fantasies about men fucking me and sucking my tits, but then I also started fantasizing about fucking women of course I never thought I’d actually do it. Then one day I started hanging out with a new girl, Jade. She was 17, in the 12th grade and had just been kicked out of her old school and was known to be kind of a trouble maker.I was a shy freshman, well we ended up hitting it off and she taught me how to smoke, and we used to do it at the back of the school at lunch time. Jade had ebony black hair that went down a little past her shoulders and icy blue eyes I could just stare at forever. She had perky, puffy relaxbet güvenilirmi nipples and you could see them through her shirt cause she never wore a bra especially on cold days, they were perfect c-cups.One Friday, She invited me to stay over the weekend at her house, it was a three day weekend and my parents were going to be out of town, so I was allowed to go. Jade told me her parents were always out and they let her do what she wanted anyways so we had nothing to worry about. We entered her room, it reeked of weed and I laid down on my stomach and suggested we start getting ahead on homework Jade groaned and sat next to me on her bed but she had different ideas.”Let me massage your back, Tiff you seam kind of nervous..”I was startled.. “uhh.. we should really get started on this, you know how strict sister Mary Helen is..” “fuck that old cunt.. I say we play a game of truth and dare” she whispered to me. “Ok.. but, I choose truth.” Her face was so mischievous. “Alright, then I’ve always wanted to know, are you a virgin?” “um.. no..” by this time I was lying on my back “uh huh, I bet you haven’t even been kissed..” “yes I have!” I said defensively. “Prove it then!” Suddenly Jade got on top of me and started straddling, she held my hands down and gave me a long deep kiss, I could feel her tongue was pierced. My face got all hot and I could feel my panties getting wet. I couldn’t help letting out a moan. “please Jade, I’m not like that, we should really get back to our homework. I turned back over and went back to solving quadratic equations. But Jade was so relaxbet yeni giriş eager, she started taking my clothes off “C’mon aren’t you hot in here, I’ll only give you a massage, promise” she hissed in my ear. I relented “Ok, just a massage, then we’ll get back to work..” She stripped me of my uniform, except my panties and then stripped herself, I supposed a massage would be nice… “lie still now.. you’re going to love this..” She started massaging me, her hands on my back felt so good, but then she started touching my tits, I thought it was an accident at first but her hands lingered and she started groping them. “Jade, what are you doing, this is really weird..” “Tiffany, This is what boys will do to you, and I’m going to teach you, so you know what to expect and you won’t be scared, you don’t want to be a virgin forever do you?” I sighed a soft “I guess not..” Her hands pinching my tits hard “and.. there’s another thing Tiffany, I’ve always wanted this to happen ever since I first saw your tits in the locker room, I really wanted to suck them… I saw other girls looking at them too, but I knew you’d be mine” “ow, Jade that kinda hurts..” But it also felt really good. She turned me over held my arms down and started sucking my fat tan nipples hard making soft slurping sounds. “oh my gosh, Jade this feels so strange..” “You’re going to love it, you’ll see..” she gasped pinching my nipples. I let out an exasperated moan, my whole body was hot an trembling, I was tried of repressing myself… I needed this. Jade went back to hungrily sucking my tits alternating relaxbet giriş between the two grabbing and sucking greedily. My tits felt very swollen I felt myself exploding into orgasm, I moaned loudly. “Ohhh.. jade.. this feels so good” I said gasping with pleasure she continued on like this for another half hour then heaving she said “Tiffany, when we get pregnant and start lactating promise you’ll let me breastfeed.. “Oh, anything you want, Jade..” “thanks” she said pinching my tits.I loved when she surprised me like that. she was completely nude lying next to me our legs intertwined, she was grinding her sexy pink shaved pussy on mine, our tits rubbing against one another as well, mine swollen and wet from her suckling. hers pink and puffy like always. They looked so lovely and delicious. I grabbed her titties and started caressing them, rubbing my thumbs over her puffy nipples. She was moaning softly and biting her lip. Our pussies were still grinding and getting very wet together… My pussy was throbbing I felt like I was going to burst as I grinded harder and harder into her wet cunt. Our pussies making soft squishy sounds. She grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me even closer. Grinding harder and faster, my eyes were closed but I could feel her mouth on my tits and her tongue swirling and flicking at my nipples.She spit on her fingers and started rubbing my clit hard and fast I just lost it I was cumming, I could feel wetness just pouring out of my tight shaved pussy. I let out a loud moan it was the first orgasm I’d ever had with someone else as I climaxed I pinched and twisted her puffy little nipples, she seamed to love that. She orgasmed and afterwards kissed each of my tits deeply I felt her bite them softly and we fell into each others arms, her hands still massaging others tits. She whispered in my ear “next time, I’m going to eat out your delicious cunt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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